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Approaching an Atlas Interface Space Station.

Space stations are large alien space ports that can be landed on with a starship and serve as trading centres, refuelling stations and more. NPC starships fly in and out, giving the player a chance to trade or possibly purchase a ship.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Globular space station

Space stations can be found in planetary systems throughout the game. Each system will have at least one, although some may have more than one. Sean Murray has stated that the appearance of these space stations will not be one and the same; some may look like the Death Star while others are similar to a Borg cube.

Details[edit | edit source]

Visiting a space station provides the opportunity to buy a new ship, trade/purchase/sell resources and blueprints, and possibly talk to NPC characters.

To dock at a space station all you need to do is get close to the blue shaft of light coming out of the space station opening. A tractor beam will automatically pull in your ship and land you onto one of the nine landing pads. There are two ramps in the back of the space station each leading to a door.

Right Door: Leads into a room where you can talk to the manager of the space station, access a Galactic trade terminal, and hire NPC charaters to perform research for you that will unlock new blueprints. There are also doors requiring the AtlasPass V3, giving access to common resources/item.

Left Door: Leads into a room containing a teleportation gateway that will teleport you back to your home base. There are also doors requiring the AtlasPass V3, giving access to common resources/items.

When leaving the space station your warp engines will not work until you are a safe distance away.

Space station classes[edit | edit source]

Pre-release information indicated that there would be five classes of space stations in No Man's Sky; the actual number is unknown.

Each space station is marked with a set of symbols somewhere on the outside walls.

Special[edit | edit source]

There are special space stations that show up as a spacial anomaly, they appear in addition to the regular one.

  • Atlas Interface: Will open up Alien Anomalies, you'll need to find a monolith that will change your Atlas's guidance co-ordinates to an Atlas Interface.
    • This space station has a long walkway to an altar where you can talk with the atlas, some Atlas Interfaces will have two warp cells at the foot of the altar. You can also learn some new alien words by walking around the station onto the glowing dots.
  • Space Anomaly: this space station includes 2 NPC's named Polo and Nada, that speak your language rather than that of their race.
    • The small one will give the player bonuses if they have reached certain progress on their in-game achievements, and can be talked to afterwards using 20 Carbon to buy a blueprint for a choice of ship, suit, or multi-tool.
    • The tall one will ask you where you want to go and you can respond:
      • Put you on the Atlas path, guide to an atlas interface,
      • Provide tech blueprints to aid you on your journey.
      • Shortcut to the center: where he will give the player coordinates to a nearby black hole that connects to a location closer to the center of the galaxy.
    • On the right side of the station, there is a new multi-tool on offer for the player

Buying and Trading[edit | edit source]

NmsMisc Trading Terminal.jpg

One of the many things you can do in space stations is trade with the NPC characters inside. You can trade items for currency or buy items, ships, etc. from them. These transactions can be carried out in person, or electronically using a trade terminal. Although you can find resources and items on planets, sometimes you will only be able to buy them on a space station using Units. Space stations with smaller runways will have more traders than ones with longer runways.

Attacking[edit | edit source]

While you can attack a station, they cannot actually be destroyed. If attacked, their capabilities may be reduced and the quality of trading goods diminished. However, as an integral part of the game, they will always remain in orbit around their host star system.

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