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This page contains a growing list of tips and tricks to help you as you start your adventure in No Man's Sky. Many of these tips and tricks have been collected from other guides and resources, but feel free to add your own tips to the list!

General[edit | edit source]

  • Take time to loot containers. There could be lots of goodies.
  • Don't overheat your Mining Beam. The fastest way to continue mining resources is to hold down the beam button until you receive a warning of overheating (watch the mining Beam bar on top right corner of player's screen), and then attempt to use beam again . The Mining Beam will automatically cool down completely and re-accumulate heat.
  • If you press the melee button after run a little. You'll get a quick boost to help you get around faster. Best way to do so is reach to the top of a hill, save a short distance to enable run, run to the tip and melee off the tip (aim in the air), you will be launch straight into air. This way, with jetpack button coordinating, you could glide through a vast area with astonishing speed.
  • Like many games, falling hurts! Master the jetpack to ensure soft landings!
  • If you die, go back and find your grave. You can recover your loss inventory this way. Note that if you do not go to grave before you decides to reload last save or close the game, grave will be forever lost!
  • Take your time to enjoy the parts of the game that are most suited to your play-style. Being an open-ended game, there's no need to rush around or complete specific tasks if you don't want to. Enjoy the game however you want to. That said, keep moving!
  • Especially when starting out, you'll want to collect a lot of resources with your multi-tool. Be careful not to run out of isotopes or you may find yourself physically bashing rocks and plants to charge up your tool again.
  • Take the time to learn the symbols that represent different elements so you can recognize them to mine quickly when you need them. When your Hazard Protection Suit, Jetpack or Life Supports Module are about to run out of juice isn't the time you want to have to look up the symbol for the needed elements to repair it!
  • The wildlife isn't always friendly. Keep an eye out for the hunting symbol (red circle with paw within, arrows indicates the direction). You can either keep your distance, or turn and kill them before they strike.
  • Practice inventory management by transferring items to your starship to free up space in your Exosuit. You can stack twice as much of an element in your ship.
  • You can expand your inventory at Exosuit Station on planets or Space Stations (Required Atlas Pass). Use Signal Scanner to find the Shelters and look for Drop Pod signals. Upon entering the drop pod and interacting with an Exosuit Station, it will offer you an extra Exosuit inventory slot. Be ready to pay for them because only the first one is free of charge.
  • Speak to every alien you encounter, as many will give you interlopers gifts! (assuming you make the right conversational choices, obviously) If you spend Carbon x20 to speak to them again, they can provide other options and benefits.
  • Space Stations occasionally "refresh" allowing you to reuse the backpack upgrade station and have a new interaction with the alien. Make sure to stop by regularly while exploring a system.

Scanning[edit | edit source]

  • Earn units quickly by using the Analysis Visor (L2 on PS4 or F on PC) on wildlife, vegetation and rocks to discover them. Don't forget to upload all your discoveries, including new planets and star systems, to the Atlas. To access Discovery page, simply press Menu on PS4 or Esc button on PC. You can also re-name star systems, planets, moons, waypoint sectors, plants, and wildlife in this section prior to uploading. Filling in all of the entries for a planet will also yield a large bonus of hundreds of thousands of units. Note re-name is just a feature of fun, you will not earn additional units by naming every individual planet.
  • When looking for specific buildings, Monoliths, crash sites or other sites on a planet, use your Analysis visor, just as if you were scanning for flora or fauna. Without scanning anything else, get in your ship and fly around the planet. You will see white dots on ypur HUD of POI's associated with that building. Scanning a Transmission Tower will show white dots on other Transmission Towers and Crash Sites.
  • Use scanner often (Click in L3 on PS4 or C on PC). Since No Man's Sky heavily consists of lore instead of single story lines - Knowledge Stones, Plaques, Ruins and Monoliths are your best bet to get the most fun out of the game and learn about the history of the various lifeforms. This will further aid your bartering, negotiations and relations. Interacting with knowledge stones will help you communicate better by learning different alien languages.
  • Keep an eye out for gear symbols while scanning the environment. They are indicators of where Damaged Machinery is located. When you activate them they will show you new blueprints (or learned ones if unlucky) to help upgrade your equipment.

Trading[edit | edit source]

  • Galactic Trade Terminals can be found at varies locations such as trading outposts, observatories and space stations and enable you to buy and sell items. However, you can often earn units more quickly by visiting trading terminals at Colonial Outposts on planets.
  • Be on the lookout for Trade Commodities, especially when you're near a trading post. You can net a large number of units very easily. Bear in mind that these commodities do not stack and that inventory slots often run out quickly. On a side note, although they offer great sum per item, their values often swing heavily up and down. Sell wise and right.
  • Different trading posts will offer different prices for resources and items. Accordingly to a handful of players, the same trading terminal does not refresh or restock after 30 minutes. Scout around for the best deals to make the most of your time.
  • Specific occupations in each of the NPC races will carry similiar inventory collections. If you frequent a specific space station, track the names and ships of the traders that fly in and out. The same ships will return on a regular basis, and with inventories of the same general composition each time.

Crafting tips[edit | edit source]

  • Crafting Bypass Chips can be very useful because it will permit you to bypass systems that allow you to scan regionally in depth and find out where Monoliths, Colonial Outposts, Transmissions and Shelters are located. All you'll need is some Iron x10 and Plutonium x10, which are fairly easy to come by. You can stack bypass chips at Transmission Towers to reveal all these locations on the planet. Just go back and forth mining Iron and Plutonium, crafting Bypass Chips and then using them on the tower. Chips do not stack as well.
  • Craft the Boltcaster in your Multi-tool inventory to gain the combat-side ability.
  • Craft the Plasma Launcher in your Multi-tool inventory to unlocks Plasma grenades. They are very powerful and with correct upgrades, lineup with Launcher or adjacent to associated technologies will grant you small damage bonus! Look for those combo boost pink color frame. Grenades are best blasting open Manufacturer Factory or Locked Outposts' Door or tearing up terrain.
  • Use (x on PC, ∆ on PS4) to pin craftable items/upgrades in inventory (install technology window) so you can easily keep track of what you're doing.

Starships[edit | edit source]

  • Trust your starship! The ship will basically land itself on a planet (square on PS4 and E on PC). The only thing it definitely won't automatically avoid are asteroids and fleets.
  • You can always find your starship on your Heads-Up Display (HUD), but be careful about wandering too far on harsh planets. You may need to get back to the safety of your ship in a hurry.
  • Before buying a new ship or multi-tool don't forget to reclaim resources for the extensions installed on your old. It helps refitting the new slots.
  • When buying a new ship, don't forget to transfer items to the new one before. If you forgot and your old ship is still around as an abandoned ship, you can go to your old ship reclaim it, than go back to the new ship and transfer your inventory before you reclaim the new one.
  • Crashed Ships can be an excellent source for upgrades and materials. They can be found by solving Transmission Tower puzzles. Each site will yield one of the following:
    • a tech blueprint from Damaged Machinery, usually located at the left of the crashed ship when facing it
    • a chance for an additional blueprint or a multi tool from Distress Beacon located at the rear of the crashed ship
    • a crashed ship either slightly better or slightly worse than current one

These can be farmed for upgraded ships or you can temporarily take it over to salvage all the components for materials. The ship will generally have a similar number of components as your current ship.

  • Using a bypass chip to summon your starship to a Landing Pad or post may be quicker than walking back to it.

Resources Gathering and mining[edit | edit source]

  • Craft the Analysis Visor as soon as possible! This will allow you to flag resources in the area and save you a lot of time lurking around and memorizing element symbols.
  • Careful when Sentinels are around. They may attack you if you're found guilty of overharvesting and destroying planetary balance!
  • Heridium is very important early in the game for crafting materials. Look out for huge blue monolithic rock column.
  • A tip on making units quickly: Mine Emeril. It is a valuable element often found in the form of green crystals below surface and sometimes takes the form of golden sphere on surface.
  • Another tip on making units quickly: If you find a planet with toxic flora, you might see venom pods that you can collect. Mining these will alert the sentinels, immediately giving you 3 stars. However, the sentinels are not very clever and will not chase you into buildings. If you find a planet with lots of venom pods, simply find a outpost with a direct link to the galactic trade network, empty out as much inventory space as you can, and make quick runs for pods, ducking back in to escape the sentinels and sell the pods. Often, just clearing out the area around an outpost as far as the basic scanner reaches can net several million units, as each pod sells for ~25,000 units.

Exosuit[edit | edit source]

  • Don't jump into water without first upgrading your exosuit or else you'll likely drown. Without the upgrade, a player usually can last about one minute under water before stamina is depleted and it begins to damage your health.
  • Jumping back in your ship will fully re-charge your Hazard protection, so you can always retreat there if need be.

Just for fun[edit | edit source]

  • Feed the animals! Different creatures eat different materials depending on the planet and climate, but once you figure it out you can feed the animals and make friends. Feeding them correctly will yield different results per species, such as mining for you, protecting you, becoming pets, alerting you to rare loot, or pooping valuable resources.

Sources and guides[edit | edit source]