(ESS) Unischel Suhcr

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
(ESS) Unischel Suhcr
(ESS) Unischel Suhcr
Galaxy Euclid
Region Abikov Anomaly
Star system ESS-K-112 Northern Star
Atmosphere Misty
Terrain Irregular
Biome Lush - Paradise
Weather Sweltering Damp
Resources Au, Cu, Hr, Sb, Ap
Sentinels Typical
Flora High
Fauna Rich
Claimed by Euclidean Scholar's Society
Discovered by Edgarsoft
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

(ESS) Unischel Suhcr is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

(ESS) Unischel Suhcr is a planet in the ESS-K-112 Northern Star system of the Abikov Anomaly, on No Man's Sky.

It is a beautiful Paradise planet covered in mist and with occasional hot rainstorms.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

All Original: Unischel Suhcr
PC Current: (ESS) Unischel Suhcr

Discovered Date[edit | edit source]

7/5/2018 (22:07) on PC by ESS's scholar Edgarsoft.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Unischel's resources scan info

The scan of this planet shows that resources are Average. There is abundance of rich Resource Deposits such as Gold and Copper. Zinc flowers are aplenty too, which helps with the protection system of the exosuit against the occasional hot rainstorms that occur on this planet, as it is one of the minerals that can be used for the recharge of its protection technology. Plutonium is also in abundance.

Albumen Pearls can also be found on this planet. However, Travellers have to be careful in harvesting this resource, as taking one of them would grant a 3 star wanted status, and Sentinels will attack immediately.

Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

Image Resource Form Rarity
Unischel - Gold - Shot.jpg Gold Vertical Pillars Common
Unischel - Copper - Shot.jpg Copper Vertical Pillars, Rocks Uncommon
Unischel - Heridium - Shot.jpg Heridium Vertical Pillars, Rocks Common
Unischel - Star Bramble - Shot.jpg Star Bulb Star Bramble Uncommon
Unischel - Albumen Pearl - Shot.jpg Albumen Pearl Clamshell Uncommon
Unischel - Plutonium - Shot.jpg Plutonium Crystals Common
Unischel - Umfum Arvia - Shot.jpg Thamium9 Flower, Rocks Uncommon
Unischel - Pristipii Swaisii - Shot.jpg Platinum Flower, Rocks Uncommon
Unischel - Lustus Waulurae - Shot.jpg Zinc Flower, Rocks, Sentinels Remains Common
Unischel - Haganii Nasgrae - Shot.jpg Marrow Bulb Flowers Common (In caves)
Unischel - Titanium - Shot.jpg Titanium Crystals Rare
Unischel - Chrysonite - Shot.jpg Chrysonite Crystals Rare
Unischel - Emeril - Shot.jpg Emeril Crystals Rare
Substance.neutral.common2.png Nickel Rocks Common (In caves)
Substance.neutral.common3.png Iridium Rocks Uncommon
GAS.1.png Sulphurine Plants Uncommon
SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.png Carbon Plants Common
Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron Rocks Common
NmsResource Detritum Icon.png Detritum Rocks Common
SUBSTANCE.SUBCREATURE.png Mordite Animal Corpses Common
SUBSTANCE.PLANT.POOP.png Coprite Animal Feces, Plants Uncommon
SUBSTANCE.ROBOT.1.png Pugneum Sentinels remains Common
NmsResource Armadium Icon.png Armadium Colonial deposits Rare
Note: For more details see Flora and Geology sections.

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Typical fauna at (ESS) Unischel Suhcr

Fauna at (ESS) Unischel Suhcr is Rich. Most unique species is the Sireraeum Noteum, a rare flying creature of the Ungulatis Genus. This planet also have two megafauna species, two flying creatures and three kind of fish-like species.

Zoology Scan Completion[edit | edit source]

PC: 100% (13/13)

Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]

Name Genus Rarity Notes
Unischel - Boceumia Obvi - Alpha - Adult - Shot.jpg Boceumia Obvi Tetraceris Uncommon Aggressive
Unischel - Buketicaeum Ocrana - Rational - Mature - Shot.jpg Buketicaeum Ocrana Felihex Rare Megafauna
Unischel - Clerumineae Soodone - Orthogonal - Constant - Shot.jpg Clerumineae Soodone Ictaloris Common Aquatic
Unischel - Eumereusera Rehe - Male - Mature - Shot.jpg Eumereusera Rehe Procavya Common
Unischel - Hesteramiae Rehe - Male - Elderly - Shot.jpg Hesteramiae Rehe Felidae Common
Unischel - Kuhrumpeusium Rehe - Prime - Fluctuating - Shot.jpg Kuhrumpeusium Rehe Ungulatis Common
Unischel - Lulaea Ocrana - Non-uniform - Constant - Shot.jpg Lulaea Ocrana Ungulatis Rare Megafauna
Unischel - Noseserae Bedom - Female - Elderly - Shot.jpg Noseserae Bedom Agnelis Uncommon Flying
Unischel - Oforiumum Soodone - Prime - Mature - Shot.jpg Oforiumum Soodone Ictaloris Common Aquatic
Unischel - Onixonoea Noteum - Rational - Adult - Shot.jpg Onixonoea Noteum Felidae Uncommon
Unischel - Rugiariatiumia Bedom - Indeterminate - Adult - Shot.jpg Rugiariatiumia Bedom Agnelis Common Flying
Unischel - Sireraeum Noteum - Non-uniform - Fluctuating - Shot.jpg Sireraeum Noteum Ungulatis Uncommon Rare, Hovering
Unischel - Zubettamiae Dask - Symmetric - Elderly - Shot.jpg Zubettamiae Dask Prionace Rare Aggressive Eel-Type

Flora[edit | edit source]

Typical flora at (ESS) Unischel Suhcr

The flora of this planet is High. As in most Paradise planets, (ESS) Unischel Suhcr is like a beautiful garden. Ground is covered in beautiful green grass. Trees are tall and colourful, and flowers are aplenty.

On its lakes, crimson color algae cover the bottom of its waters, and several kind of tentacled sponge-like plants can be found. It also presents weeds of long leaves.

Star Bramble can be found or grown on this biome, and its byproduct Star Bulb can be used in crafting several valuable products and technologies.

Discovered Plants[edit | edit source]

Name Root Structure Nutrient Source Primary Resource
Unischel - Altae Aycialicecium - Shot.jpg Altae Aycialicecium Regular Moonlight Carbon
Notes: Genetically Diverse. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Amdium Daulusis - Shot.jpg Amdium Daulusis Grasping Membrane Compression Carbon
Notes: Wailing Roots. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Amletia Coymerera - Shot.jpg Amletia Coymerera Omni-Directional Fermnted Corpses Carbon
Notes: Biologically Inert. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Haganii Nasgrae - Shot.jpg Haganii Nasgrae Linear Theft Marrow Bulb
Notes: Crimson Seeds. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Hegibia Lakeum - Shot.jpg Hegibia Lakeum Balanced Radio Waves Carbon
Notes: Pleasing Aroma. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Heymera Oatareyae - Shot.jpg Heymera Oatareyae Heat Seeking Sublimated Nitrogen Carbon
Notes: High Internal Pressure. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Horsia Guysii - Shot.jpg Horsia Guysii Significant Lost Insects Marrow Bulb
Notes: Choking Scent. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Keveum Okmanae - Shot.jpg Keveum Okmanae Polygonal Atmospheric Moisture Carbon
Notes: Golden Sap. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Leustia Elsus - Shot.jpg Leustia Elsus Unsupported Gas Clouds Carbon
Notes: Ocular Irritant. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Lustus Waulurae - Shot.jpg Lustus Waulurae Swamped Buried Carbon Zinc
Notes: Psychotropic Leaves. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Mootae Mivushkia - Shot.jpg Mootae Mivushkia Many-Limbed Autotrophic Carbon
Notes: Semi-Liquid Bulbs. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Paytilica Buzous - Shot.jpg Paytilica Buzous Balanced Gamma Rays Carbon
Notes: Infrequent Flowering. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Pristipii Swaisii - Shot.jpg Pristipii Swaisii Irregular Carnivorous Platium
Notes: Fragile Bulbs. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Ragous Feofficanium - Shot.jpg Ragous Feofficanium Linear Soil Bacteria Carbon
Notes: Calcifuge. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Rehea Rabasneseus - Shot.jpg Rehea Rabasneseus Widespread Fungal Symbiosis Carbon
Notes: Self-Healing Bark. Secondary Resource: Sulphurine
Unischel - Rikoe Uaenima - Shot.jpg Rikoe Uaenima Regular Cosmic Radiation Carbon
Notes: Self-Healing Bark. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Ruyllium Eyrogensia - Shot.jpg Ruyllium Eyrogensia Capacious Underground Bubbles Carbon
Notes: Suspicious Odour. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Star Bramble - Shot.jpg Star Bramble N/A N/A Star Bulb
Notes: N/A. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Umfum Arvia - Shot.jpg Umfum Arvia Unsupported Ultraviolet Radiation Thamium9
Notes: Semi-Liquid Bulbs. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Ushereum Bisumeum - Shot.jpg Ushereum Bisumeum Widespread Photosynthesis Carbon
Notes: Ocular Irritant. Secondary Resource: Sulphurine
Unischel - Xusseum Euiarengii - Shot.jpg Xusseum Euiarengii Omni-Directional Moonlight Carbon
Notes: Flowers Once. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Yazancima Letusosa - Shot.jpg Yazancima Letusosa Many-Limbed Proton Recycling Carbon
Notes: Self-Healing Bark. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Zeynea Aerium - Shot.jpg Zeynea Aerium Knotted Proton Recycling Carbon
Notes: Succulent Tubers. Secondary Resource: None

Geology[edit | edit source]

Topological features of (ESS) Unischel Suhcr

The terrain of (ESS) Unischel Suhcr is irregular, featuring plains, hills, mountains and low deep lakes.

One of its most notorious features are its huge floating plateaus.

This planet also has long cave systems that can protect the Travellers from its stormy climate.

Discovered Minerals[edit | edit source]

Name Metal Content Formation Process Primary Element
Unischel - Aclasite - Shot.jpg Aclasite 51% Pyroclastic Iron
Notes: Inert. Secondary Resource: Thamium9
Unischel - Crawfite - Shot.jpg Crawfite 78% Soil Compaction Iron
Notes: High Density. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Gachacuite - Shot.jpg Gachacuite 66% Hydrothermal Iron
Notes: Geode Rich. Secondary Resource: Nickel
Unischel - Keladsite - Shot.jpg Keladsite 54% Magnetic Attraction Detritum
Notes: Radioactive. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Kettiite - Shot.jpg Kettiite 43% Localised Black Hole Iron
Notes: Audiophobic. Secondary Resource: Platinum
Unischel - Loflagite - Shot.jpg Loflagite 48% Calcified Fauna Iron
Notes: Unexpectedly Buoyant. Secondary Resource: Zinc
Unischel - Loliffeite - Shot.jpg Loliffeite 77% Gravitational Iron
Notes: Slow-Forming. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Nabelyaite - Shot.jpg Nabelyaite 65% Coalescence Detritum
Notes: Quartz Core. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Nukucite - Shot.jpg Nukucite 47% Old Bones Detritum
Notes: Frozen Centre. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Ocirchite - Shot.jpg Ocirchite 59% High-Pressure Iron
Notes: Complex Crystals. Secondary Resource: Iridium
Unischel - Puhthiite - Shot.jpg Puhthiite 49% Gas Bubbles Detritum
Notes: Infested. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Seudoite - Shot.jpg Seudoite 43% Low Energy Reaction Iron
Notes: Frozen Centre. Secondary Resource: Heridium
Unischel - Sodoroite - Shot.jpg Sodoroite 66% Jet Pressure Iron
Notes: Hydrophobic. Secondary Resource: Nickel
Unischel - Sorocite - Shot.jpg Sorocite 79% Water Transport Iron
Notes: High Surface Temperature. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Udiaoite - Shot.jpg Udiaoite 48% Calcium Secretion Detritum
Notes: Contains Dark Matter. Secondary Resource: None
Unischel - Utarcite - Shot.jpg Utarcite 63% Comet Fragment Iron
Notes: Electromagnetic. Secondary Resource: Copper
Unischel - Xowellsiite - Shot.jpg Xowellsiite 43% Reductive Boiling Iron
Notes: Molten Core. Secondary Resource: Heridium
Unischel - Yiheelite - Shot.jpg Yiheelite 59% Metal Vapour Detritum
Notes: Quartz Core. Secondary Resource: None

Atmosphere & Climate[edit | edit source]

Atmosphere is misty

The atmosphere of (ESS) Unischel Suhcr is covered in light mist. Hot rainstorms are occasional and its temperature levels are high enough to activate the protection systems of the exosuit, which will be depleted at an accelerated pace. Protection against high temperature is recommended.

During the day, the sky color is blue. At night the color turns dark green and clear enough to allow the sight of the turquoise nebulas of this system.

  • Maximum Temperature: 22.8 ºC (during the day)
  • Minimum Temperature: 15.8 ºC (At night)
  • Temperature Inside Caves: 31.5 ºC
  • Temperature of Water: 27.0 ºC
  • Temperature During Storms: 114.5 ºC
  • Radioactivity (Rads): 0.2 - 1.9
  • Toxicity (Tox): 10.7 - 15.3

Notable Locations & Waypoints[edit | edit source]

Some places of interest marked with Communications Station are:

Image Name Description
Unischel - Dreams of Ebatan-Buhae - Shot.jpg Dreams of Ebatan-Buhae Portal at (ESS) Unischel Suhcr
Unischel - Stkumalyg Outpost - Aerial.jpg Stkumalyg Outpost Base near a river, ready to be reclaimed
Unischel - Trading Post.jpg Trading Post Good place to shop for starships.
Unischel - Rusted Freighter Wreckage - Shot.jpg Rusted Freighter Wreckage Crashed Freighter Site
Unischel - (ESS) Exploration Outpost.jpg ESS Exploration Outpost Base camp of the ESS for this planet exploration.

Crashed Starships[edit | edit source]

Crash site Name Type Class Slots

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