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This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

History of Alliance
AGT Founding Flag

Summary[edit | edit source]

AGT History comprises Section 500 of the AGT Galactic Archives

No Man's Sky gamers afWngs and -HollowpOiNt_80 met in a NMS Facebook Group Chat and founded the Alliance of Galactic Travellers on 14 April 2017.

The newly minted Facebook Group for the AGT filled quickly with gamers who shared a mutual love of discovering and visiting interesting NMS destinations. Both afWngs and -HollowpOiNt_80 soon recruited Travellers Bufalo04, Guzaboo, drizzleditch, imajortm and Blacksun3129 into the alliance. Within a couple months membership in the group grew to over 200 Travellers and a leadership committee. The AGT Archival Council was then formed to formally manage the group as an unincorporated association.

To celebrate their growth, the AGT commissioned the manufacture and release of 100 lapel pins. They were quite popular garnering over 4000 impressions on Twitter after a reshare by Hello Games.

On 4 May 2017 (May the 4th Be With You) the AGT Archival Council voted to enacted the date as 3733 set in sync with the real day and time and so began the lore of the Alliance of Galactic travellers.

Lore Timeline[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

An ancient AGT Data Core circa 2078 containing the earliest known history of the Alliance of Galactic Travellers and iVc Project has been discovered on the Planet AGT Cambuch in the Pictor system near the Euclid galaxy`s center. Initial data recovery includes information on an AF-21 prototype starship that was used as a precursor to the Embassy PPUs.

The AAAM Expeditionary has sent an Archival team to the discovery site and a full data extraction is underway.

Before the Rift[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the history of the AGT before what many elders refer to as The Rift. There was a time when the AGT and iVc Project were one civilization. The two worked hand in hand, traveling the universe and charting unknown territory. Several iVc Interlopers grew weary of a nomadic life, and made a pilgrimage to The Pilgrim Star system. While wandering with little more than an Exosuit full of resources, afWngs sat and watched the Pilgrim Star move across the sky. He went on a sabbatical from the iVc to author the iVc Navigator's Guide. While working on it, he had an epiphany: he no longer wanted to roam from system to system, creating transportation corridors; he wanted to take the time to explore and document the inner workings of the universe and it's planets. The leaders of the iVc were devastated. afWngs' own son, acting President of the civilization, argued against his father, refusing to leave the iVc. However, there were several other Travellers who shared the vision of afWngs, and so a Rift shuttered the ranks of the iVc.

Fearing that more members would jump ship, the iVc agreed to release afWngs from his employment contract under the condition that he share his findings and occasionally work on contract for the iVc. An independent explorer for the first time, afWngs surfed the Black Hole Ring until finding a beautiful planet in the Keleibniug Mass. He opened a trading post with the help of a local Gek and prospered in his new life. afWngs was refueling a starship when he noticed the iVc logo on the side of a Hauler. His son climbed out of the cockpit and smiled at the sight of his father. The two men shared a laugh and swapped stories of their misadventures. One would never guess that over ten years had passed since they last spoke. Needless to say, the rift had mended and the two have been in close contact ever since.

After the Rift[edit | edit source]

3700 Galactic Travellers afwngs and -HollowpOiNt_80 met together in the Keleibniug Mass of the Euclid Galaxy and founded the Alliance of Galactic Travellers under a mutual love of discovering and visiting interesting destinations. The two soon recruited Galactic Travellers Bufalo04, Guzaboo, drizzleditch, matthew71nsw,imajortm and Blacksun3129 into the alliance.
3712 The iVc Project signed a trade agreement with the AGT. AGT provides iVc with data and iVc returns charted maps of the galaxy.
3725 Three members of the iVc heard rumors of a potential large scale alliance with other hubs. They split off from the iVc to form the AAAM Expeditionary. The splinter group is hired by AGT for occasional experimentation and clandestine operations.
3733 AGT partnered with the Galactic Hub Project as a founding civilization of the United Federation of Travelers but the alliance was short lived. The AGT disolved its relationship with the Federation and once again became an independent coalition of Travellers.
3733 AGT and the Solarion Imperium form an alliance and become mutual partners.
3733 The AGT Archival Council was officially formed.
3733 The AGT Archival Council agreed to conduct AoGT Census1. The AGT has grown to over 100 Travellers

Age of Enlightenment[edit | edit source]

3733 The AGT Galactic Council is fully staffed for the first time and a new age of discovery is welcomed in the AGT.
3733 AGT Traveller Bufalo04 discovered aMonolith in the Calypso Galaxy with clock-like movement. afWngs travelled to the location and conducted a research study. Upon report publication the site was determined to be of significant historical value to all Travellers and was the first discovery to be given the title of AGT Heritage Site
3733.19.05 22.51 The time code exemplified to the left has been established for AGT Lore. The current date by this standard is the year 3733, 19th day of 5th month and time is 10:51 PM. Basically it follows current UTC time + 1716 years
3733.23.05 AGT Traveller Blacksun3129 discovers a cluster of 15 star systems. Within the star systems are 15 Garden-Type planets, all with future habitable bases. To date this is the highest concentration of garden worlds yet found.

Age of Expansion[edit | edit source]

3733.01.06 20.00 A group of nomads met with the AGT Archival Council and asked to transmit livestreamed discoveries to locations across the universe. After setting up transmission stations Alpha and Beta word of the Alliance spread quickly and fostered significant increases in membership. A central hub for all Travellers was designated for Alliance of Galactic Travellers to quickly find information.

Age of Upheaval[edit | edit source]

3733.09.08 21.00 In the beginning we were all alone. Stranded. Crawling out of the wreckage of our ships. Stranded on strange worlds strewn across the Galaxy. No knowledge of who we were or from where we came. Alone we used our wits to survive and rebuild. Taking to the stars in search of answers. That is where we found each other. Travellers banding together in an alliance. Supporting one another in our quest in solving the questions in front of us. Then in an instant everything changed. In the blink of an eye it was all different. Worlds in upheaval. Whole planetary ecosystems destroyed or completely changed. Things once familiar now unrecognizable. Even the AGT Embassy world was not left untouched. The once paradise planet is now an irradiated hellscape. Nobody knows how or why it happened. Many suspect the strange Atlas interfaces are at the center of it but no one knows for sure. Now it is a time of rebuilding. Once again we climb from the ashes but this time we are not alone. We rebuild together. Mysteries await us both old and new. We shall seek the answers together. Strange new worlds await and we will explore them together. Long live the AGT!

The Dark Ages[edit | edit source]

3733.12.12 15.30 Membership in the Alliance has soared since The Upheaval but the focus of our efforts has splintered. Where are we as a group, where do we go from here? Do we embrace the darkness or find the light?

Spark of Hope[edit | edit source]

3734.07.07 16.27 A glimmer of hope has emerged from the darkness in the form of the AGT Senior Leadership Team and AGT Steering Committee. With over 2000 Travellers now participating in the AGT there has been an emergence of leadership from the ranks of the AGT Facebook Group. Together the new leadership is preparing for whatever comes NEXT.

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