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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
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Summary[edit | edit source]

AGT President is the top leadership position for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers and AGT Archival Council. As leader he or she serves as chief for many roles:

  1. Chief of state: Representative for all members of the AGT and serves at their will to inspire community
  2. Chief executive: Manager of all volunteer AGT Council Members
  3. Chief administrator: Management, lore, strategy and overall operation of AGT Facebook Group and all other AGT sites
  4. Chief diplomat: Negotiation, collaboration and partnering with other NMS Civilized space civilizations and in the real world.
  5. Commander in chief: Should the day arise that NMS becomes multiplayer the president is authorized to build and command an allied force.
  6. Chief legislator: The AGT Council brings ideas to vote and the president enacts them.

The AGT President is the final authority for all AGT matters and leads with input from the AGT Council.

Election[edit | edit source]

The AGT President must first serve on the AGT Galactic Council, in any capacity.

An Election is held quarterly and requires all 3 current AGT UAC members and at least one Council Member to vote. President is elected by majority vote.

AGT Travellers are only granted the right to vote if they are members of the AGT Council.

A President may serve unlimited terms if re-elected, but no more than two consecutively.

Voting[edit | edit source]

The AGT President is required for all votes pertaining to administration of the AGT.

The AGT President is not required, but welcomed for votes pertaining to AGT lore. He or she has the power to veto lore decisions back to the council for ratification.

Unincorporated Association Constitution[edit | edit source]

The AGT President serves as leader of the AGT unincorporated association with DRAFT Constitution Draft 1.1 in effect. Contact AGT-UAC for more information.

Census[edit | edit source]

The AGT President is responsible for administering and maintaining the ongoing AGT Census of participants in our community.

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