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AGT Steering Committee
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AGT Senior Leadership Team is a company documenation.

Summary[edit | edit source]

AGT Steering Committee
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The AGT Senior Leadership Team provides managerial and administrative support for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers and oversees the constituent departments of the AGT.

The Senior Leadership Team reports directly to the AGT Steering Committee. The AGT Steering Committee is the final authority for all AGT matters.

Appointment[edit | edit source]

To serve on the SLT a member must first participate in the AGT Facebook Group and/or the Discord group, in any capacity. The existing Steering Committee will extend an invite based upon merit selection for those exhibiting a sustained long term contribution and active involvement in AGT activities.

There is no limit to service on the SLT and a serving member can only be removed by the AGT Unincorporated Association.

SLT Membership (Origins Era)[edit | edit source]

Member Platform Gamer Handle Discord Reddit Twitter
afWngs PC afwings afwings
zazariins PS4, PC zaz_ariins
zazariins#6001 zazariins @zazariins
HollowpOiNt_80 PS4
Halogengirlie PS4 Halogengirlie
Halogengirlie2#6764 Halogengirlie
ProjectMayhem598 PS4
drizzleditch PS4
Vercana PS4 Vercana _Vercana_
Ogre magi mutly toad PS4 ogre_magi mutly#2317 ogre_magi_mutly
Bufalo04 PS4 Bufalo04 Bufalo04#7375
celab99 PC celab99 celab99#8676 celabgalactic @celabgalactic
Zep1976 PS4 Zep1976
TalinWind PC TalinWind Talinwind#8936
Patholas86 PS4, PC Patholas86 Patholas#8677 patholas8
Khazidia PS4 Khazidia Dudeberg#3490 dudeberg
Ghuyajil PC Ghuyajil SABvdF
Dusk118 Ps4 Dusk118 Dusk118#3842

Note: SLT Membership accurate as of 6-Oct-2020.

Voting[edit | edit source]

Each member of the SLT receives one vote. All SLT voting matters require the AGT steering committee members to participate.

At least two steering committee members must be present to enact a vote into AGT Lore or to veto a council majority vote.

Unincorporated Association Constitution[edit | edit source]

The AGT SLT Committee serves under the current under the AGT Steering Committee per the DRAFT Constitution Draft 1.1 in effect. Contact AGT-UAC for more information.

Bureau Oversight[edit | edit source]

SLT members may (but not necessarily always) serve as heads of individual bureaus of the AGT. (See AGT Organization Structure)

The SLT does however oversea all bureaus and appoints leaders to each bureau after consideration of interested applicants and conducting security checks on those applicants.

The bureau heads can be appointed when 3 members of the SLT support a nomination, with no SLT member marking a vote against. If a single vote against is lodged then a majority vote of the SLT is required. Removal of the head of a bureau is accomplished in the same manner as an appointment.

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