Achasrakkin 1-OTUR

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Achasrakkin 1-OTUR
Achasrakkin 1-OTUR
Galaxy Euclid
Region Hiigarme Anomaly
Star system CF8Afg6G-078 Bleestkel
Biome Irradiated - Gamma-Intensive
Weather Reactive Rain
Resources Occasional
Sentinels Minimal
Flora Abundant
Fauna Typical
Discovered by Metagon
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

Achasrakkin 1-OTUR is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shot of the planetary surface

Achasrakkin 1-OTUR is a medium-sized planet in the star system of CF8Afg6G-078 Bleestkel on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Its distance to the system's station is about 98 ks.

Environmental data[edit | edit source]

39.3 °C 6.4 Rad 2.1 Tox
14.5 °C 5.6 Rad 3.2 Tox
6.3 °C 11.2 Rad 19.3 Tox
24.6 °C 9.1 Rad 18.0 Tox
8.9 °C 0.1 Rad 16.3 Tox

Notable Resources[edit | edit source]

Achasrakkin 1-OTUR features Gamma Root, Aluminium and Nickel.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Achasrakkin 1-OTUR houses 11 species of fauna. A full zoology scan awards a 275,000 Unit bonus.

Name Image Genus Rarity Temperament Diet Gender Weight Height
Loperaeum Eswe CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa06 Asm.jpg Tyranocae Rare Hunter Carnivore Asymmetric 159.75 kg 2.76 m
CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa06 Ind.jpg Indeterminate 150.12 kg 2.71 m
Osereothusia Uale CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa08 Asp.jpg Felidae Uncommon Unconcerned Oxide elements Asymptotic 79.85 kg 1.67 m
CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa08 Ort.jpg Orthogonal 67.72 kg 1.65 m
Hamosusima Reze CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa01 Non.jpg Tetraceris Uncommon Cautious Oxide elements None 63.46 kg 1.56 m
CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa01 Ort.jpg Orthogonal 69.10 kg 1.58 m
Uvushiumium Itta CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa05 Asm.jpg Tyranocae Uncommon Stalking Meat-eater Asymmetric 94.04 kg 1.50 m
CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa05 Rad.jpg Radical 85.07 kg 1.47 m
Ryiijiaociae Loepu CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa03 Ort.jpg Ungulatis Common Calm Herbivore Orthogonal 63.42 kg 1.10 m
CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa03 Unk.jpg Unknown 61.67 kg 1.06 m
Xenoea Leopu CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa02 Exo.jpg Procavya Common Submissive Grazing creature Exotic 39.50 kg 0.76 m
CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa02 N-U.jpg Non-uniform 50.15 kg 0.79 m
Nidfalliumica Dukka CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa04 Rad.jpg Agnelis Common Bold Vegetation Radical 67.29 kg 0.93 m
Uklarumima Eswerc CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa07 Alp.jpg Rhopalocera Common Migratory Grazing creature Alpha 49.10 kg 0.33 m
Kimoeum Tezura CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa09 Asp.jpg Ictaloris Common Asymptotic Grazing creature Asymptotic 41.93 kg 0.78 m
Ayziamerumica Tezura CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa10 Ind.jpg Ictaloris Common Cautious Herbivore Indeterminate 40.14 kg 0.33 m
Feoffaeum Gones CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa11 Ind.jpg Bos Uncommon Predator Insect-eater Indeterminate 38.72 kg 0.77 m
CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fa11 Sym.jpg Symmetric 49.19 kg 0.88 m

Flora[edit | edit source]

At least 16 flora varieties exist on Achasrakkin 1-OTUR.

Name Image Age Root structure Nutrient source Notes Elements
Zakus Xaequeium CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl06.jpg Still Growing Widespread Meditation Umbral Sprouts Carbon
Radia Aemiumera CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl05.jpg Fresh Linear Gas Clouds Genetically Diverse Carbon
Xualea Sinycica CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl08.jpg Infant Substantial Aerobic Digestion Potentially Medicinal Carbon
Tentacle Bushes
Oarisis Utlagasae CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl07.jpg Centuries Regular Sublimated Nitrogen Choking Scent Carbon
Xilegium Tamenera CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl10.jpg Millenia Extendable Underground Bubbles Nesting Moths Carbon
Yocnopii Dovinnica CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl02.jpg Mature Voluminous Thermal Capture True Neutral Carbon
Okmanum Agmenexis CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl14.jpg Mature Many-Limbed Fermented Corpses Liquidises Soil Carbon
Erobiteus Orkarvergae CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl01.jpg Regenerating Stunted Anaerobic Digestion Multicolour Wood Carbon
Ugentera Cudimeum CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl13.jpg Fully Developed Sentient Atmospheric Moisture Infrequent Flowering Carbon
Tryia Fetoreum CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl12.jpg Infant Restricted Thermal Capture Hallucogenic Bark Carbon
Carnivorous flora
Lintium Othnima CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl04.jpg Centuries Substantial Photosynthesis Hidden Tentacles Carbon
Marrow bulb
Yuziamia Zunumacitima CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl15.jpg Still Growing Invasive Rock Enzymes Covered in Tiny Eggs Marrow Bulb
Laynteheum Gonusceus CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl11.jpg Sapling Not Present Nitrogen Fixation Faintly Singing Marrow Bulb
Resource flowers
Courtii Putorium CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl16.jpg Ancient Far Reaching Conjuration Durable Fruit Thamium9
Ricorus Enagiumvia CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl09.jpg Old Complex Sunlight Fragile Bulbs Zinc
Alessusae Nionareum CF8Afg6G-078-1-Fl03.jpg Still Growing Extensive Electron Donors Spreading Tubers Platinum

Minerals[edit | edit source]

There are 28 known mineral formations on Achasrakkin 1-OTUR.

Name Image Metal content Formation process Notes Elements
Above ground
Guyanite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi10.jpg 78 % Tectonic Faint Life Signs Detritum
Erblatiite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi08.jpg 41 % Atmospheric Metal Parasite Host Detritum
Jafflorite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi11.jpg 42 % High-Pressure Shatter Resistant Detritum
Metzianite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi19.jpg 67 % Low Energy Reaction Yeast Colony Detritum
Yococciite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi12.jpg 71 % Gas Humidity Slow-Forming Iron
Gummiite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi20.jpg 54 % Fossilisation Quasi-Ferrous Iron
Ohdanbahite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi07.jpg 54 % Spontaneous Faint Life Signs Iron
Okshinite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi06.jpg 40 % Fossilisation Porous Iron
Ikosnite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi24.jpg 43 % Gas Bubbles Inedible Iron
Suriacite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi01.jpg 60 % Spontaneous Oily Coating Iron
Sakhovite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi02.jpg 80 % Wind Erosion Frozen Centre Iron
Igrameite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi03.jpg 63 % Calcium Secretion Contains Organic Matter Iron
Iwhitlite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi09.jpg 73 % Comet Fragment Bonelike Iron
Ozoisiite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi05.jpg 64 % Hydrothermal Electromagnetic Iron
Mobophite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi25.jpg 53 % Cementation Oily Coating Iron
Opundite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi21.jpg 50 % Animal Deposits High Density Iron
Baevaite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi28.jpg 41 % Soil Compaction Molten Core Detritum
Tozianite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi27.jpg 77 % Ammonia Groundwater Molten Core Detritum
Luquistibe CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi18.jpg 65 % Calcium Secretion Nutrient Rich Iron
Tahewite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi17.jpg 68 % Metal Vapour Infested Iron
Awlereite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi13.jpg 70 % Volcanic Elastic Iron
Petewite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi16.jpg 42 % Petrification Molten Core Iron
Attniite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi14.jpg 50 % High-Pressure Audiophobic Iron
Vishamite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi15.jpg 69 % Sublimation Molten Core Iron
Hewettice CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi26.jpg 41 % Explosive Magma Partially Invisible Iron
Neggarnite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi23.jpg 74 % Salt Baked Sulphurous Detritum
Aadesite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi04.jpg 57 % Ammonia Groundwater Potentially Explosive Iron
Neauxaite CF8Afg6G-078-1-Mi22.jpg 78 % Fossilisation Potentially Synthetic Iron

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