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Galaxy Euclid
Civilized space Interstellar Syndicate of Tasks
Release Atlas Rises

Acvicew is a region.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Acvicew is a region in the Beta Quadrant of the Euclid galaxy, and lies rather close to the Delta border.

This area resides two regions above the galaxy's plane, yet the current location coordinates have been made at the top of the sector.

Discovered systems[edit | edit source]

  • Fury XVI - a Vy'keen system providing plenty of Hazmat materials
  • IST Aggress - a hostile weather system with an abundance of life
  • IST Arsiter-1 a star system with a peculiar world of purple population
  • IST Byrrusterni-1 - the first red star system investigated in Acvicew that harbors an Aurora world
  • IST Caerulusrem-1 - the first blue star system discovered in Acvicew, sporting a giant red sea world
  • IST Externuslivens-1 - a blue star system with an exotic sphere world
  • IST Fauxparadiso - a star system that seems rather splendid
  • IST Festivus - a system with large amounts of green and red
  • IST Herboconnatus-1 - a green star system with a boiling world and a traveler at the space hub
  • IST Juxtaposition - a system of contrasting, yet interesting, design
  • IST Nero-1 - a lawless Vy'keen system with a giant oceanic world
  • IST Oasi-1 - a life sprawling desert system
  • IST Outerconvergence-XVI - the upper bridge to the outer arms of the Euclid
  • IST Pristinavita-1 - a star system near the highest point of the system
  • IST Radixabyssi-1 - one of the, if not already, lowest points of Acvicew
  • IST Seara - a low conflict Korvax system, with one sweltering world
  • IST Solaviridi-1 - a green star system with a solitary planet
  • IST Solaviridi-2 - the secondary lonely green star system discovered in Acvicew
  • IST Solus-1 - a blazing solitary system, with a world of tiny deer chickens
  • IST Vacivus-1 - a star system looking out to a minor void
  • Theoritical - a star system discovered by a, believed, smurf account

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

This region is currently being explored by the Interstellar Syndicate of Tasks, or IST for short.

The Forgotten Colonies are the closest agency from the Galactic Hub Project. The Galactic Consortium's Lair of Eternal Light may be closer, but it has yet to be proven in literal distance thus far. All other agencies seem to be too great of a distance to be considered close.

Navigator[edit | edit source]