Aeble I

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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Aeble I
Galaxy Euclid
Region Poulwulus Adjunct
Star system Aeble (Plamidian)
Weather Toxic Dust
Flora Sparse
Fauna Infrequent
Discovered by 12-28-16, SnakePlissken19
Updated Pathfinder

Aeble I is a planet in the Aeble (Plamidian) system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Common name[edit | edit source]

Aeble I

Location[edit | edit source]

Planet type[edit | edit source]

Atmosphere and climate[edit | edit source]

Occasional heavy acidic toxins will rain down on the landscape, storms are typically infrequent. Toxin Suppressor suit is recommended

Moons[edit | edit source]

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

  • Eajeka Wetlands
  • Obhaze Crossing
  • Deceetzj Swamp
  • Ijolez Swamp
  • Ielos Wetlands

Notable locations[edit | edit source]


Life[edit | edit source]

Plant[edit | edit source]

Name Color Discovered by   Brief description

Animal[edit | edit source]

Name Height Weight Discovered by   Brief description Gender Temperament Diet
Giant Snazzele 7.12m 291.98 kg SnakePlissken19 Giant, Gazelle looking creature with the head of an apparent insect Exotic Amenable Absorbed Nutrients
Bio Jaeger 3.09m 145.73 kg SnakePlissken19 Yellow looking, large cat with a rounded head. There are also a series of 'bulbs' protruding from its back Alpha, Rational Unconcerned Grazing Creature
Alkaline Crab 1.53m 105.91 kg SnakePlissken19 More the look of a spider having 8 legs. Very Skittish and easy to alarm Female, Vectorized Shy Grazing Creature
Spike Wolf 1.09m 97.32 kg SnakePlissken19 Yellow, goldish looking hound. The female variation has a platted back with tiny spikes, whereas the vectorized variation has fins like a shark would. Female, Vectorized Cautious Absorbed Nutrients
Aeble Thunderbird 2.18m 100.86 kg SnakePlissken19 Massive, golden colored bird with immense wingspan Prime Unpredictable Vegetation
Yana Retriever 0.97m 68.48 kg SnakePlissken19 Dog-looking creature that is gold in color with crimson colored paws and face. The indeterminate gender boasts a set of wings, not sure if used for flight Indeterminate, Symmetric Defensive Oxide Elements

Intelligent[edit | edit source]

Name Height Weight Discovered by   Brief description

Sentinels[edit | edit source]

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