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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Ahiran Order
Ahiran Order
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Zarkushod Fringe
Capital system Ahiran Singularity
Capital planet Aitha (50790254FC54)
Coordinates 0453:0081:0D4E:0079
Founded by fractalform
Federation member Research Affiliate
Platform PS4
Release NEXT
Disambig.png This article is about the NEXT version of the Ahiran Order. For the Atlas Rises version, see Ahiran Order (Atlas).

The Ahiran Order is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Ahiran Order is a civilized space research community, a scientific community working within the Galactic Hub and surrounding systems that is dedicated to engaging and documenting Portal travel and exploration. Often referred to as the "Portal Archaeologists," the members of the Ahiran Order are extremely interested in the scientific and cultural origins of the portal network and are also deeply invested in the scientific function of portals, and in celebrating the distinct features of planetary geology and biology on the worlds they visit in their travels.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Ahiran Order is a research community currently based in the Zarkushod Fringe, a region in the Gamma quadrant of the Euclid galaxy. The Order originally began during Atlas Rises in the Ahiran region (which remains as an ancestral location). Members of the Ahiran Order typically settle in the Gamma quadrant, or within the Galactic Hub, though some are dedicated nomads who never occupy one system for very long. But in any case, Ahiran Order researchers make portal travel and planetary exploration throughout the fringe their primary focus. Unlike other civilized space communities, the Ahiran Order is not concerned with collecting territory or defining borders, per se; rather, their goal as interlopers is to document and share knowledge of the unknown through the investigation and use of the many portals networked throughout the galaxy. Still, members are welcome to settle in the Zarkushod Fringe and the surrounding regions.

The Ahiran Order is welcoming to any visitors or travellers who would enjoy or benefit from their collective discoveries (see the Ahiran Order Discoveries page). As the existence of the Ahiran Order extends from disciplinary practices instead of territorial belonging, membership in the Ahiran Order is open to anyone who abides by the Order's approach (see "Disciplinary Protocols" below). Essentially, if you like taking pictures around the Euclid galaxy as you explore planets, you like to share your findings with others so they can go and visit places you've seen, and you would enjoy doing this by way of portal travels, then your calling is contributing to the Ahiran Order.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Ahiran Order was founded by the interloper "fractalform" during the era of time known as Atlas Rises, when several ancient planetary monoliths suddenly became active. This discovery of the active Portal network gave rise to the dawn of the age of portal travel. The Ahiran Order embraced Portal travel, recognizing the power that this ancient technology placed in their hands. Exploration and discovery was no longer limited to the light year distance jump capabilities of a starship's Hyperdrive. The Ahiran Order was established to facilitate finding more portals on worlds throughout the Galactic Hub, in the fringe, and beyond, as well as navigating distant systems and planetary bodies to observe and document interesting astrobiology and planetary geology for the sake of expanding knowledge and experience.

Portal Technology[edit | edit source]

According to the Ahiran Order's portal physicists, the beings who created the portal network designed these ancient monoliths to create a stable singularity -- a wormhole -- between two fixed points in the galaxy. The wormhole itself acts like a subspace bridge that permits matter to be transferred from one side to the other. A traveller who enters a portal is not technically moving faster than light in the way that Hyperdrive technology permits; rather, the portal warps all spacetime within the active wormhole into a subspace field. This means that either end of an active wormhole inside the portal monoliths exists in relatively close proximity in normal space, despite the fact that the physical monoliths facilitating the active wormhole may be on opposite ends of the galaxy.

Wormholes are, in their essence, a vacuum of matter within subspace. The conditions within subspace are much like normal space, and the temperature of subspace has been theorized to be near absolute zero (−273.15 degrees Celsius). While no matter could survive in true subspace, the matter introduced into a stable wormhole only passes through subspace briefly as a charge of energy, dematerializing as the opposite end of the singularity draws it forward. Whatever energy surges matter through a wormhole quickly sends it back into normal space so that the subspace field can return to a state of equilibrium. Since time is relative during this transition, a trip through subspace from one side of a portal to another has been perceived to take anywhere between ten and sixty seconds. This variability of perception depends on each portal trip, and on each traveller.

It is unknown how the portal creators were able to harness the power of volatile wormholes, but it is believed that the stable singularities created by portals function similarly to the subspace within a Black hole; however, a black hole is an unfixed singularity with no established exit from subspace. Portals have fixed entry and exit points, and thus with mastering the glyph systems, they can be manipulated for direct travel.

Spacefaring civilizations, such as the Travellers, the Vy'keen, the Korvax, and the Gek have been able to approximate the creation of fixed singularities with teleporter technology that functions similarly to portals. In space stations throughout the galaxy, teleporter terminus gateways can send a traveller to a unique and encrypted base ID, and remember the previous four teleporter jumps, but the travel within a teleporter terminus gateway is limited and slow as compared to portal travel. Additionally, a terminus does not possess the necessary power to dial every location in the known galaxy. Many among the Ahiran Order believe that terminus technology could potentially be dangerous, as it harnesses subspace for travel without a broader understanding of how fixed singularities actually work.

The history of portal technology is largely obscured, but manipulating the Glyph systems has become more commonplace recently since the activation of the portals themselves. Glyphs are read and entered from left to right, requiring twelve glyphs to complete a planetary address.

Once a fixed singularity between two portals has been opened, it remains open and stable, presumably as long as the galaxy remains stable. When a portal is activated, any currently stable wormhole is deactivated in anticipation of the traveler's new glyph address. Entering addresses to specific regions in space and specific planetary bodies requires portal addresses and knowledge of navigational conventions.

There are two key tools currently prized among the Ahiran Order for navigating portals:

Glyphs Conventions and Portal Addresses[edit | edit source]

The Ahiran Order depends on portal travel based on viable Glyph coordinates. As there are sixteen glyphs known to the monolith portal network, researchers and analysts have adopted the convention of assigning an alphanumeric symbol system to identify unique glyph addresses, 0-9,A-F, as shown in the following chart. Some have proposed that each glyph symbol have a name based on its pictographic depiction, but this is a less utilized practice, and tends to be less practical when documenting and sharing portal addresses (see the following chart).

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
sunset bird face diplo eclipse balloon boat bug dragonfly galaxy voxel fish tent rocket tree atlas

Each portal address contains twelve symbols in total, each a unique arrangement that connects the user's portal to another portal on a specific planetary body within their galaxy. It is imperative that members of the Ahiran Order are familiar with portal theory and how to dial addresses to navigate throughout the galaxy.

Essential Protocols of the Order[edit | edit source]

  • Be kind to other interlopers; respect the space and autonomy of others in the galaxy
  • Explore portals and travel to a variety of addresses
  • Mark discovered portals with beacons, preferably colored orange
  • Document planetary addresses, regions, conditions, weather, life, and geology
  • Share information freely and be willing to help others in need
  • Spend time on planets exploring other signs of life and civilization, and mark interesting features with comm stations
  • Take plenty of pictures using your exosuit's photo mode, to document your journey

Detailed Cataloguing Procedures[edit | edit source]

The primary goal of interlopers among the Ahiran Order will be to place an orange beacon at Portal locations, and endeavor to seek out new lifeforms and wonders of planetary geology, documenting these discoveries with pictures and notations that can be shared on the [[Ahiran Order Discoveries]] catalogue as well as the Galactic Hub subreddit. Interlopers are encouraged to keep a local log of their discoveries, as well as pictures; all of which can then be shared with other galactic interlopers.

Each Ahiran Order discovery should be accompanied by a planetary address and any information that accompanies their discovery. When traveling to worlds discovered by other interlopers, it is customary to abide by their rules and protocols. For example, when traveling to any new regions occupied by other civilized areas, such as the Galactic Hub, an Ahiran Order member should abide by the local naming conventions (for example, see Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines). When in the primary or secondary regions connected to the Ahiran Order, convention has been to follow standard guidelines for the Order. The main requirement is that Ahiran Order discoveries in the primary and secondary regions should be preceded with the symbol "/*\" and then tagged with a region and coordinate string, such as "[AO#-0###]." For example, the Ahiran Order's capital system is named "/*\ [AO1-0079] Ahiran Singularity."

When visiting a new world, it is often useful to build an exocraft near the portal entry point, and spend a healthy amount of time in the field. As of NEXT, Portal leylines are powerful enough to carry Starship transponders through to the other side, so Portal travellers can navigate around the star system of the planet they visit. However, the Portal leyline disrupts galactic warp navigation, so Starship travel is limited to to the system.

In any case, take plenty of pictures of the local flora and fauna, if there are any. Take a note of the planet's features, its weather, the existence of caves, oceans, or any other features, the presence of Sentinels, the existence of rare or exotic materials, and any other notes of interest. One might even note the location of the portal relative to other nearby vestiges of civilization, such as habitable bases, crashed ships, drop pods, or other ancient monoliths.

Discoveries can be placed in the Ahiran Order Discoveries page noting relevant features. Always begin the entry with a twelve-digit portal address, and follow with other pertinent information. An example entry might look something like this:

Portal Address Planet Name Planetary Features Planetary Resources Notable Creatures Geological Features Elements of Civilization
30AF02557C4E Ascendancy Homeworld Heimal Planet, Weather: Frost Frost Crystal Stalking tentacle predator Tall mountain ranges Crashed A-Class Ship, fractalform's Pre-Next Base

Finding Ahiran Space[edit | edit source]

Important Note: On July 24, 2018, a cataclysmic event known as NEXT occurred, causing the Ahiran Order, along with the Galactic Hub Project to relocate. Glitches in the universe caused the Ahiran region of the Gamma quadrant to become unstable, and former worlds uninhabitable. As a result, the primary hub of the Ahiran Order moved to the Zarkushad Fringe and began to explore the region and the surrounding space.

The Ahiran Order's Protocols remain in effect. If you want to visit the current homeworld "Aitha," dial 50790254FC54. Aitha is a Verdant world, and anyone is welcome to spend time there or on any world in the Ahiran Singularity system. There are several other worlds in this system. Additionally, the Zarkushod Fringe black hole is located in this system. For more information about the primary and secondary regions of Ahiran space, see the Ahiran Order Discoveries page. The coordinates for each region of Ahiran space are listed below.

The entry point for each region of Ahiran space are the Black hole systems, which can be found by replacing the final "###" of the coordinates with "079." The worlds in these singularity systems are designed for aiding interlopers in arriving in Ahiran space, and should not be permanently claimed.

Primary Regions[edit | edit source]

Secondary Regions[edit | edit source]

Ancestral Regions (Unstable)[edit | edit source]

Ahiran Order Additional Protocols[edit | edit source]

  • DO NOT build in a system where there is already another player base
    • When visiting an already discovered world through a portal (or via space travel), be respectful of that claimed space by scanning for bases. Most interlopers should take note of every planet in an already discovered system to be sure there are no bases before making a claim on a habitable base. Visit bases of other players and leave notes of interesting findings, but do not claim an already claimed world.
    • Failure to comply will typically mean you are undoing the hard work of others. Don't do this!
    • You can do this in the Ahiran Order Discoveries page.
    • Failure to do this simply means you are not representing the Ahiran Order in your exploration and discovery.
    • Use the Ahiran Order naming guidelines for our primary and secondary regions as noted above.
    • Failure to do so represents a breach of decency and respect, and will be met with disavowal.