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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
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Disambig.png This article is about the NEXT version of the discoveries page. For the Atlas Rises version, see Ahiran Order Discoveries (Atlas).

Ahiran Order Discoveries are a catalogue of Ahiran Order findings.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Cataloguing discoveries for the Ahiran Order is intended to provide a reference for portal travellers to explore interesting planets and see largely undocumented lifeforms, planetary geology, and remnants of civilization. These discoveries are not intended to be redundant with other civilization information cataloged through the Galactic Hub Project (indeed, members of the Ahiran Order are encouraged to participate in those catalogs by participating where applicable). Rather, the discoveries here are a building reference centered around portal addresses and portal exploration, as explained in the Ahiran Order civilization page. When adding to the discoveries here, keep in mind that portal addresses are the central component of note, and portal-based planetary discovery is the mandate of the Ahiran Order.

Procedures for Cataloguing Discoveries[edit | edit source]

The primary goal of interlopers among the Ahiran Order will be to place an orange beacon at Portal locations, and endeavor to seek out new lifeforms and wonders of planetary geology, documenting these discoveries with pictures and notations that can be shared on the Ahiran Order Discoveries catalogue as well as the Galactic Hub subreddit. Interlopers are encouraged to keep a local log of their discoveries, as well as pictures, all of which can then be shared with other galactic interlopers.

A secondary goal of the Order is to aid other travelers, by placing technology, notes, and other important helpful tips on the worlds they visit. This includes the documentation using exosuit technologies, as well as communicating outside these pathways. Both primary and secondary goals can be catalogued in part here on this page as well.

Each Ahiran Order discovery should be accompanied by a portal address and any information that accompanies their discovery. When traveling to worlds discovered by other interlopers, it is customary to abide by their rules and protocols. For example, when traveling to any new regions occupied by Galactic Hub space, an Ahiran Order member should abide by the Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines. When in the primary regions connected to the Ahiran Order, convention has been to follow our own protocol (see the Ahiran Order main page).

When visiting a new world, it is often useful to build an exocraft near the portal entry point, and spend a healthy amount of time in the field. Take plenty of pictures of the local flora and fauna, if there are any. Take a note of the planet's features, its weather, the existence of caves, oceans, or any other features, the presence of Sentinels, the existence of rare or exotic materials, and any other notes of interest. One might even note the location of the portal relative to other nearby vestiges of civilization, such as crashed ships, alien outposts, Traveller Graves, buried artifacts, or other ancient monoliths.

Ahiran Order Singularity Entry Planets[edit | edit source]

Specific planets in the Singularity (Black hole) entry systems of the Ahiran Order.

Portal Address Planet Name Planetary Features Planetary Resources Notable Creatures Geological Features Elements of Civilization
50790254FC54 Aitha Verdant Planet, Weather: hot storms Albumen Pearl, Star Bulb bountiful flora, small fauna Tall mountain ranges
10790254EC54 Flames of Eannossee Burning Planet Cactus Flesh Strange predator Incredible geology
10790254FC53 Omega's Silence Desolate Planet, no weather Empty No life Amazing rings view
10790254DC54 Shorat's Forgotten Tome Dusty planet with storms Cactus Flesh Unknown Epic geology
10790254EC53 Sands of Errors Hot planet, sand storms Cactus Flesh Unknown rolling geology
10790254FC52 Gubri's Viridescence Viridescent Planet, abundant Gravitino Ball? Large fauna Beautiful tree-covered hills Aggressive Sentinels

Planetary Discoveries with Portal Addresses[edit | edit source]

Always begin each entry below with a twelve-digit portal address, and follow with other pertinent information as suggested in the header row.

Portal Address Planet Name Planetary Features Planetary Resources Notable Creatures Geological Features Elements of Civilization
30AF02557C4E Ascendancy Homeworld Heimal Planet, Weather: Frost Frost Crystal Stalking tentacle predator Tall mountain ranges Crashed A-Class Ship marked with Comm Station, fractalform's Pre-Next Base

Specific Sites of Interest with Portal Addresses[edit | edit source]

Beyond the basic location notes that are a part of the above chart of planetary portal addresses and features, a member of the Ahiran Order may wish to log additional information on a planet, and share a picture or two. Add pictures taken on various worlds here, with a portal address and a brief descriptive note. There can be multiple sites of interest for any given planetary body. The goal here is to organize points of interest based on type and portal address, and link that address to the planet notes above.

Flora[edit | edit source]

Image Planet Name: Portal Address Notes
Ascendancy Homeworld:


Fauna[edit | edit source]

Image Planet Name: Portal Address Notes
No Man's Sky 20180703194121.jpg Ascendancy Homeworld:


Chrome teeth, necessary for survival on this world apparently

Notable Planetary Geology[edit | edit source]

Image Planet Name: Portal Address Notes
No Man's Sky 20180702213641.jpg Ascendancy Homeworld:


Incredibly symmetrical large rock formation
No Man's Sky 20180702214827.jpg Ascendancy Desolation:


Incredibly symmetrical large rock formation

Elements of Civilization[edit | edit source]

(e.g., player bases, buildings, crashed ships, buildings, monoliths, or beacons)

Image Portal Address Notes
Ascendancy Homeworld: