Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT
Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT
Star system CF8Afg6G-049 Hebelther
Region Hiigarme Anomaly
Galaxy Euclid
Biome Abandoned
Weather Highly Variable Temperatures
Resources Uncommon
Sentinels Minimal
Flora Generous
Fauna Scarce
Discovered by Metagon
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Release Atlas Rises

Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shot of the planetary surface

Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT is a medium-sized planet in the star system of CF8Afg6G-049 Hebelther on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Its distance to the system's station is about 982 ks.

Environmental data[edit | edit source]

24.9 °C 0.3 Rad 11.8 Tox
-58.8 °C 0.2 Rad 14.4 Tox
117.8 °C 0.3 Rad 4.5 Tox
12.0 °C 1.4 Rad 4.7 Tox

Notable Resources[edit | edit source]

Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT features Cactus Flesh, Gold and Iridium.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT houses 9 species of fauna. A full zoology scan awards a 225,000 Unit bonus.

Name Image Genus Rarity Temperament Diet Gender Weight Height
Inkusiae Lubou CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa01 Rat.jpg Ungulatis Rare Amenable Herbivore Rational 285.53 kg 7.17 m
CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa01 Sym.jpg Symmetric 283.13 kg 7.07 m
Tatomiae Yuzan CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa06 Asy.jpg Tyranocae Rare Submissive Oxide elements Asymptotic 124.44 kg 2.95 m
CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa06 N-U.jpg Non-uniform 125.75 kg 3.08 m
Bedrisosa Wagal CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa05 Rad.jpg Procavya Uncommon Fearful Grazing creature Radical 81.89 kg 1.34 m
CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa05 Unk.jpg Unknown 83.02 kg 1.48 m
Filiticae Ouaso CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa09 N-U.jpg Procavya Uncommon Stalking Scavenger Non-uniform 90.45 kg 1.37 m
CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa09 Pri.jpg Prime 92.27 kg 1.56 m
Nehokimae Ouaso CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa07 Mal.jpg Procavya Common Predator Insect-eater Male 90.19 kg 1.12 m
CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa07 Unk.jpg Unknown 78.38 kg 0.93 m
Ucareusus Ezium CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa03 Non.jpg Tetraceris Uncommon Defensive Vegetation None 72.75 kg 1.18 m
CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa03 Vec.jpg Vectorized 90.98 kg 1.22 m
Iftanteroeum Ezium CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa02 Exo.jpg Procavya Common Timid Herbivore Exotic 72.68 kg 0.68 m
CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa02 Fem.jpg Female 72.91 kg 0.70 m
Droicidoea Vosa CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa04 Rad.jpg Agnelis Uncommon Erratic Vegetation Radical 103.54 kg 1.19 m
Pahthiosicae Coneum CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fa08 Ind.jpg Cycromys Common Erratic Absorbed nutrients Indeterminate 79.08 kg 1.12 m

Flora[edit | edit source]

At least 17 flora varieties exist on Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT.

Name Image Age Root structure Nutrient source Notes Elements
Cacti (large)
Weggima Hundum CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl09.jpg Sapling Heat Seeking Buried Carbon Migratory Carbon
Erquium Licinima CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl04.jpg Regenerating Fungal Ultraviolet Radiation Crystalline Flowers Carbon
Ubruoe Katalea CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl06.jpg Sproutling Mobile Air Leaching Luminous Bulbs Carbon
Yularium Frofui'ummeum CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl08.jpg Fully Grown Widespread Fermented Corpses Migratory Carbon
Suspendera Bajulanii CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl10.jpg Moderate Voluminous Soil Bacteria Hallucogenic Bark Carbon
Cacti (small)
Yixidium Sudexteum CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl05.jpg Ancient Many-Limbed Proton Recycling Irresistible Seeds Carbon
Emcinnum Eplensortum CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl07.jpg Infant Significant Atmospheric Moisture Vigorous Carbon
Riridoe Duplium CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl01.jpg Seasoned Heat Seeking Fungal Symbiosis True Neutral Carbon
Acanseus Meluvea CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl03.jpg Infant Unfathomable Geological Energy Toxic Thorns Carbon
Lilangis Ronemea CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl02.jpg Decades Global Photosynthesis Hypnotic Perfume Carbon
Austis Layrhyphus CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl17.jpg Perpetual Branching Fungal Symbiosis Drought Resistant Carbon
Carnivorous flora
Orfoe Zabutii CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl12.jpg Sapling Capacious Photosynthesis Wailing Roots Carbon
Marrow bulb
Lundia Aumagum CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl14.jpg Timeless Bi-directional Infrared Radiation Toxic Thorns Marrow Bulb
Punariae Fotumnoe CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl15.jpg Fresh Many-Limbed Carnivorous Hive Mind Marrow Bulb
Resource flowers
Ockum Doloia CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl11.jpg Indeterminate Localised Cosmic Radiation Carbon Dense Carbon
Izinzum Eizarima CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl16.jpg Sapling Unfathomable External Maintenance Translucent Nuts Zinc
Oschium Piaeetulius CF8Afg6G-049-3-Fl13.jpg Fully Grown Narrow Free Radicals Mouldy Bulbs Platinum

Minerals[edit | edit source]

There are 16 known mineral formations on Aldcheangasorm 3-SECUT.

Name Image Metal content Formation process Notes Elements
Above ground
Racitrite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi03.jpg 72 % Metamorphic Infested Detritum
Mahoffite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi09.jpg 43 % Petrification Durable Detritum
Edundamite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi06.jpg 41 % Comet Fragment Melts Easily Iron
Oaramite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi16.jpg 50 % Ancient Tidal Erosion Water Resistant Iron
Eatmangite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi04.jpg 69 % Salt Bonding Powerful Heat Source Iron
Yakinorite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi01.jpg 44 % Atmospheric Metal Complex Crystals Iron
Wuelriite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi07.jpg 64 % Evaporation Moss Habitat Iron
Oirigite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi08.jpg 64 % Diagenesis Frozen Centre Iron
Pedriite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi02.jpg 70 % Ancient Tidal Erosion Molten Core Iron
Goniotine CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi15.jpg 78 % Explosive Magma Sulphurous Iron
Azherauite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi05.jpg 80 % Evaporation Geode Rich Iron
Punomaite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi14.jpg 52 % Reductive Boiling Artificial Iron
Koladkeviite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi11.jpg 56 % Tectonic Recently Formed Detritum
Yettricite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi10.jpg 58 % Bedrock Expulsion Audiophobic Iron
Mopigeite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi13.jpg 58 % Comet Fragment Pyroclastic Iron
Nadoloite CF8Afg6G-049-3-Mi12.jpg 58 % Low Energy Reaction Potentially Synthetic Iron

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