Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL
Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL
Star system CF8Afg6G-085 Vorirril
Region Hiigarme Anomaly
Galaxy Euclid
Biome Decaying Nuclear
Weather Radioactive Damp
Resources Fair
Sentinels Passive
Flora Full
Fauna Numerous
Discovered by Metagon
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Release Atlas Rises

Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shot of the planetary surface

Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL is a large planet in the star system of CF8Afg6G-085 Vorirril on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Its distance to the system's station is about 1093 ks.

Environmental data[edit | edit source]

26.3 °C 6.6 Rad 18.4 Tox
5.9 °C 5.2 Rad 14.1 Tox
32.4 °C 0.2 Rad 15.3 Tox

Notable Resources[edit | edit source]

Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL features Gamma Root, Emeril and Copper.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL houses 7 species of fauna. A full zoology scan awards a 175,000 Unit bonus.

Name Image Rarity Gender Temperament Diet Weight Height
Uksetticusum Gehess CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fa06.jpg Rare Orthogonal Calm Vegetation 258.38 kg 6.19 m
Miruae Xium CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fa02.jpg Rare Indeterminate Passive Oxide elements 167.84 kg 3.45 m
Eyteiameneusera Kosile CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fa04.jpg Uncommon Asymptotic Submissive Oxide elements 75.19 kg 1.76 m
Irciaeum Dunoscut CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fa03.jpg Common Prime Anxious Absorbed nutrients 84.34 kg 0.63 m
Rutalaea Inmon CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fa01.jpg Common Vectorised Migratory Oxide elements 88.26 kg 0.73 m
Igmareoteumea Kosile CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fa07.jpg Uncommon Asymptotic Calm Absorbed nutrients 113.69 kg 1.73 m
Ibyxeusosa Huisne CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fa05.jpg Uncommon Asymmetric Volatile Insect-eater 60.96 kg 1.10 m

Flora[edit | edit source]

At least 14 flora varieties exist on Aldustnyakold 3-GADAL.

Name Image Root structure Nutrient source Notes
Lumumfii Agrenica CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl10.jpg Transferrable Carnivorous Cloud Generator
Eustrica Ocombiatica CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl04.jpg Extensive Photosynthesis Neurotoxic Pollen
Pixidea Yodagia CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl06.jpg Not Present Atmospheric Moisture Drought Resistant
Tentacle bushes
Isremosa Libaetumia CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl01.jpg Heat Seeking Buried Nitrogen Toxic Bark
Eheneus Sutatioe CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl05.jpg Circular Carnivorous Combustible Fruit
Curvea Vigarosa CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl02.jpg Limited Sublimated Nitrogen Unripe Fruit
Rafluoreum Nelae CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl03.jpg Transferrable Underground Bubbles Choking Scent
Akesium Icervareus CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl08.jpg Restricted Thermal Capture Itchy Pollen
Carnivorous flora
Guyrnae Witarii CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl14.jpg Complex Electron Donors Edible Seeds
Marrow bulb
Bimonia Cudiustumae CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl11.jpg Irregular Sunlight Ticklish Stamen
Stheum Cuyclaus CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl12.jpg Extensive Buried Carbon Flakey Coating
Resource flowers
Tafinosa Paxeria CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl09.jpg Branching Heat Recycling Multicolour Wood
Mecovii Ursecae CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl13.jpg Balanced Thermal Capture Edible Seeds
Loereum Cavetia CF8Afg6G-085-3-Fl07.jpg Simple Theft Airborne Seeds

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