Alone Amidst the Stars

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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.
Alone Amidst the Stars
Mission type Primary
Mission series Artemis Path
Preceded by: Awakenings
Followed by: Ghosts in the Machine
Starting point: Crashed Ship
Requires: N/A
Implemented Atlas Rises
Description Artemis, the Explorer
First mission of the Artemis Path proper

Alone Amidst the Stars is a primary mission.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Alone Amidst the Stars is the second story mission of the Artemis Path, starting immediately upon the end of Awakenings. The mission tasks the player with contacting Artemis and attempting to find their way to them.

Full Outline[edit | edit source]

  • Search for clues about Artemis
  • Investigate the Space Anomaly
  • Locate a long distance transmitter
  • Reach the long distance transmitter
  • Speak to Artemis
  • Triangulate Your Position: Place First Beacon
  • Triangulate Your Position: Place Second Beacon
  • Triangulate Your Position: Place Third Beacon
  • Return to space and contact Artemis
  • Locate and activate a Holo-Terminus
  • Speak to Artemis
  • Calibrate the translator
  • Visit the lifeform and locate yourself on the starchart
  • Increase your standing with the alien lifeforms
  • Visit the lifeform and locate yourself on the starchart
  • Return to space and contact Artemis

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Transition from Awakenings[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to space after consulting with a Monolith in Awakenings, the player will be contacted by a mysterious entity. Once the conversation ends, the player must follow the new waypoint to a Crashed Ship and repair its Distress Beacon to gain the hailing frequency of Artemis, the crashed ship's previous pilot. The beacon will also grant the player the Advanced Mining Laser blueprint for free (if the player already has that blueprint, they will instead be given another Multi-tool blueprint such as the Personal Forcefield blueprint).

At this point, Alone Amidst the Stars will have begun in earnest (the last portion of Awakenings is included here because it provides useful context for the events of this mission).

The Space Anomaly[edit | edit source]

I received a set of mysterious coordinates from an unknown source. I followed the signal, and found the wreckage of an abandoned starship. There was little to be gained from the wreck, but the distress beacon contained the hailing frequency labelled 'ARTEMIS'. There is nothing for it but to continue exploring.

As the player departs the planet, they will need to answer an incoming transmission from a Korvax lifeform which goes by the name Priest Entity Nada. Once the conversation ends, the mission The Space Anomaly will begin and the Space Anomaly will appear in front of the player's starship. To progress, the player must investigate this mysterious object and complete the objectives of its mission until they gain the ability to summon it in space using the Quick Menu.

First Contact[edit | edit source]

After returning to my ship, a stranger identifying themselves as Artemis contacted me. Static and interference rendered communication difficult, but it is clear that Artemis needs my help. I must find some way to boost the signal before it is too late.

As the player departs the object, they will be contacted by Artemis, who only has enough time to deliver a troubling revelation before the transmission ends. At this point, the player must travel to a Holo-Terminus (found using the Starship's scanner in space) and charge its Power Condenser with Sodium (2%/unit) or Sodium Nitrate (5%/unit), then use it to get back into contact with Artemis.

Triangulation[edit | edit source]

I made contact with Artemis, discovering that they are stranded on a sunless world. They asked me to triangulate my position so that we might figure out a path towards meeting.

During the resulting conversation, the player will need to upload their data in order to progress the mission --- once the data is transmitted, Artemis will ask you to triangulate your position by placing Signal Boosters and logging their positions using the Triangulate Position function available during this portion of the mission. Signal Boosters are temporarily unable to perform nearest-location scans or accept Drop Pod Coordinate Data until the triangulation has been completed.

The location for the first Signal Booster use is not specified --- any location near the Holo-Terminus will work. The second and third Signal Booster uses, however, must both occur immediately adjacent to the Observatory marked by the mission waypoint. The same Signal Booster can be utilised for all three parts of the triangulation.

Once the triangulation has been completed, the player must return to space and receive a transmission from Artemis there, then locate and activate another Holo-Terminus so that they can transmit the triangulation data. In exchange, Artemis will transmit data about the stars in the skies at their location and ask the player to find their location with the help of aliens.

At this point, The Space Anomaly will update, allowing the player to discuss Artemis' situation with the Space Anomaly's denizens.

Artemis' Star Chart[edit | edit source]

Excited at the prospect of meeting, Artemis has gathered records of the stars visible from their world. They wish for me to bring this chart to a space station and determine a route between our locations.

Artemis will give the player a blueprint for a technology called Artemis' Translator to help them understand aliens. The player must install this technology in their Exosuit, then calibrate it by learning three words of the local alien language.

Once the translator is calibrated, the player must then travel to a specific lifeform on a nearby planet's Trading Post and speak with them to discover that they are unwilling to help the player until they have performed two actions which raise their standing with the lifeform's community (Vy'keen, Korvax or Gek). The easiest way to do this is to buy the items that the respective races like -- for example, Vy'keen effigies and daggers -- from starship pilots and give them to the lifeforms on the post.

Once the actions have been performed, the player must return to the lifeform and have them inspect Artemis' star chart. The player will be told by the lifeform that Artemis' sector of space does not exist.

Bad News[edit | edit source]

When I showed Artemis' starchart to the local species, they claimed there was no such arrangement of stars in existence. Something appears to be very wrong... I must return to Artemis and tell them the bad news.

The player will need to go back to space and contact Artemis once more to deliver the news. The resulting conversation will end strangely, with the player left only with the ID of another being called Apollo.

Upon this conclusion to Alone Amidst the Stars, the next mission, Ghosts in the Machine, will begin automatically. As well, The Space Anomaly will update again, allowing the player to discuss Artemis' disappearance with the Space Anomaly's denizens.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]