Arcadia 12

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Arcadia 12
Arcadia 12
Galaxy Euclid
Region Marmor Spur
Star system Tionemu ( HUB8-B6 )
Planet Red Elysium
Builder Razgriz-12
Game mode Survival
Platform PS4
Updated Atlas Rises
Farm Geobay
Yes 1
Landing pad Arena
Trade terminal Racetrack
No No

Arcadia 12 is a player base.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Arcadia 12 is a base in No Man's Sky, created by NMS Player Razgriz-12.

The base is located on the moon Red Elysium in the star system Tionemu.

This base is a decent farm and a place where you can enjoy some of the best sights.

Farms[edit | edit source]

With 8 working Bio-Domes you can craft up to 6 Living Glass every 30 minutes and 1 Circuit Board every 120 minutes plus some extra resources.

Exocraft[edit | edit source]

This base contains a Wayfarer exocraft stationed just outside the base (to save on base building limits).

Portal Access[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Beams and bolts were flying everywhere, but Razgriz was certainly not about to let these pirates get away. There were 3 of them down the hall in this large freighter, but this traveller decided to fight anyways. Razgriz, hiding behind some boxes with some odd animals drawn on the sides, hoped to hit at least one pirate, then quickly moved out from cover to shoot bombs out at the pirates. The firing stopped, and the traveller relaxed, the last thing seen was a blaster bolt and then darkness, followed by waking up somewhere unfamiliar.

The planet, or perhaps a moon, had orange grass and a mix of grassy areas and rocks, but that appeared to be all. The dazed traveller had no idea what happened, the fight on the freighter was definitely not a win, as much as Razgriz wanted to deny this, but the pirates were murderers. However, they were known for kidnapping some, that is why Razgriz had been fighting the Vy'keen pirates, actually. They had kidnapped Korvax, Gek, and even their fellow Vy'keen from several systems in a string leading to Tatorioki III, the system in which Razgriz had cut them off, but the traveller assumed they were simply to be sold, but that doesn't seem to be the case, at least not with travellers. Well, I'd better not sit here and think for too long without finding resources.

After a few hours collecting what was necessary to survive, Razgriz felt content and looked for somewhere to stay overnight, since there were no signs of life yet. As it got dark, the weather luckily felt fine and the massive planet that this place seemed to orbit loomed over the horizon, already partially blocking the sun for some time. The planet was beautiful. The grass looked red in the dusk light and the sky had an orange tint to it with dark clouds walking across, as aimless as the traveller who walked the surface. Razgriz was a little discouraged by the lack of life thus far on the planet, but felt eager to sleep and get to the next day to continue the search and find a way off, there's always a way, the hopeful traveller thought.

After a long time, Razgriz was feeling empty and afraid that there was no way off the planet. Lately, the traveller had been hearing noises, especially during the night, but knew that they were not truly there. The only thing keeping this traveller sane was the planet. As Razgriz walked, thoughts about the planet's beauty were never-ending. The planet seemed, somehow, to be encouraging. Even after a long time searching for anything and finding nothing, the simple rocks and grass that were spread everywhere on the planet felt new. It felt like there was more to discover, although every bit of logic in the traveller's head said there was nothing. As Razgriz walked, something green glinted in the distance, and the excited traveller ran.

A ship? Someone else? A settlement? What would land here after so long? Maybe it's a simple monolith, but those were always dark, not the bright green I saw. This was a fraction of the traveller's thoughts during the run to the light.

The traveller's heart, filled to the brim with hope and excitement, deflated and fell to almost nothing upon seeing that this shining light of hope was a small, simple box, even too small for any form of interstellar communication. Razgriz slumped over next to the box, feeling the cold grip of despair that had been there since the beginning finally take hold. Head in hands, the traveller sat there in the grass, feeling, for the first time, completely hopeless. The traveller's thoughts were slowed to almost nothing, and the hope turned to anger and frustration that there was nothing left to do here, that there was nobody to find and nothing to discover. Then, the traveller noticed the sound of something tapping on the box and with eyes raised to the box, watched as it moved.

Razgriz, with nervous eyes wide and multitool set on low power, carved one of the sides of the box out, and as soon as it separated, a small, hairless, four-legged creature hopped out and onto the traveller. Pushing Razgriz to the ground, despite it's small size, the creature ran across the floor that was the exosuit, and off its helmet, leaping into the grass and scurrying around, exploring a new planet for the first time. Still laying on the ground, Razgriz could hardly even see the creature due to its size, but after sitting up, it was very visible with its golden-yellow skin. The lonely traveller felt a smile approaching while watching this little creature. Even if it wasn't anything to escape, this meant that there really was more here, and that somebody was still aware of this little place lost in space.

After another long while, the traveller had discovered that there was more life than there used to be. Soon there were three creatures to be seen, one larger one with three flat tails, a spiked back, and a flattened horn on its head, one type of simple fish, and lastly, the species of Zeck, that first creature from the small box. Zeck had grown more and now had many quills on its back, a small tail, and purple skin, with three horns starting to grow from its head. These creatures were incredibly rare, still, and finding any of them happened purely by chance, but then, so did finding the place where Razgriz knew answers would come from.

A facility. For the first time on the planet, Razgriz found sentient life. The traveller was simply following the trail of a creature one day, and it lead to a large set of buildings and metal domes. In with everything there, was a landing beacon. That feeling of hope poured back into the traveller's hopeless heart, making it feel close to bursting with excitement, but then, as Razgriz and Zeck peered over the top of the hill they stood upon, they saw a few flashes of light, and the hope sank, just a little bit. Pirates, the traveller knew. The same pirates responsible for bringing me here, I know it. The traveller felt so much anger towards them, and immediately began to think of a plan to get rid of them.

Once in a while, there was a ship that would come, and out would come a Korvax who would proceed into the buildings. This time, Razgriz went towards the ship overnight, tinkering with the engines to prevent it from taking off again without the necessary parts. The door was shielded, but whenever the opportunity had come up, Razgriz had trained Zeck to learn to destroy the technology that held the door shut by bringing him to the door and showing him, as well as even drawing pictures in the sand by the water to show what it was and to teach him to break it. Now that he seemed ready, Razgriz cut open a vent just above the door, big enough for him to slip through, and once he was in, Zeck bit into it with his many sharp teeth and smashed it with his horns. Good boy, Razgriz thought. Now that the door was open to anyone, the traveller and the creature made their way inside and got ready for some improvisation, or at least the traveller did and Zeck followed behind. One of the domes held members of all three primary species in the galaxy, ones who seemed to be held prisoner. "I'll help you get out," Razgriz whispered, then freed them from their restraints. A quick look into some of the other domes showed plenty of GekNip being grown, which shouldn't have been much of a surprise for pirates.

The two companions went up the ladder in the middle room, hoping to surprise the Korvax and the Vy'keen who owned this place, since it was dead silent, but instead it was the infiltrators who were surprised. The round-headed Korvax and the two yellow Vy'keen were all pointing their multitools at Razgriz and Zeck, which the small creature visibly did not seem too fond of. "Take this traveller and its pet down to the others," the Korvax said to the Vy'keen in a cold and calculated voice. The two Vy'keen nodded in agreement and went to grab the traveller's arms, but Razgriz quickly lunged forwards into the Korvax, grabbing it's multitool and getting behind it to hold it hostage in the small room. This only bought Razgriz a second of time, because Zeck jumped at the Vy'keen as quickly as Razgriz did the Korvax, preventing any talking from being done. The free Vy'keen pulled on Zeck, simultaneously causing his quills to stab into his hand, and pulling the Vy'keen that Zeck had latched onto down through the hole where the ladder was, dragging all three of them awkwardly down the hole. "Come back here again and you won't live to regret it," Razgriz said, coldly, to the Korvax, who was already shaking. Honestly, Razgriz just wanted to get down to help Zeck. It was pure luck that he had distracted both of the Vy'keen like that. Wanting to finish the night, Razgriz shot both of the Korvax's knees and left him laying on the ground, incapacitated, then jumped down to help Zeck.

Landing with ease, thanks to the exosuit's jetpack, Razgriz looked around, turning to see that one Vy'keen stood, holding Zeck with a gun to his head, and the other recovering from being knocked down, and clearly being the one who had its hand stabbed. Razgriz felt afraid. Afraid that Zeck was going to die and that all this time spent on this planet had meant nothing, but then, shocking the traveller, two Korvax, some of the prisoners, came behind the Vy'keen and head-butted them both, cracking the glass on their heads, but knocking the pirates out too. Razgriz smiled again.

Some local bounty hunters came to deliver the pirates all to prison soon after, and others came to pick up all the prisoners. Razgriz tried to help repair the Korvax's screens, helping a bit, but didn't really have anywhere to go. After looking through the pirates' things, Razgriz found that there were twelve types of species brought to this planet, now known to be called Elysium. Razgriz had grown fond of the planet, despite being stuck there for so long, and maybe partly because of it. Not wanting to leave anymore, Razgriz decided to bring more of each species to the planet to populate it. The Korvax pirate had been seeing how long each species could survive with monitors on them, including one on Razgriz, but luckily it hadn't had any visual scanners of any sort, only monitors for the creatures themselves as the Korvax, judging by its notes, seemed enthused at the idea of trying to figure out, only based on this data, what creatures or hazards killed each animal, sickening, Razgriz thought. The idea to bring more animals came from here. Instead of being condemned to death here, they could start a new life that was much more forgiving. Razgriz brought the animals in large groups, finding their homes using the pirates' information, and within no time the planet was teeming with life. The small bodies of water were filled with fish and the land was filled with new life too, even trees started to grow, though Razgriz never brought them to Red Elysium, now named for its newfound bright red grass. To study new plants, Razgriz changed the old pirate base into a farm, maintaining some NipNip, but adding in new plants and glass domes to replace the metal ones, and finally building a landing pad as well. The final addition was the traveller's favourite; an additional floor was built, two stories higher than the second floor, which was already two stories higher than the first, with simple supports between each. This new floor had two glass domes to simply look out of. Razgriz watched the partially obscured sunset light the sky up red with the grass reflecting more redness into the dome. Animals ran around everywhere around this new Arcadia.