Are all Elements on every Planet?

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The subject of this article is from the initial release.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 26 November, 2016.

Are all Elements on every Planet?

As far as im aware, no. As i have traveled the current galaxy I am in, i have been on certain planets that have not had any sign of a certain element.

The date that I made this page, I was adventuring a planet and came across a ship that had one more space than my previous ship, so as anyone would do i took the crashed ship and attempted to fix it, when I came to the point of fixing my main boosters, i saw that i needed 20 zinc.

So i went out to find a Zinc plant, but i could not find any plants anywhere. yes the planet was moon like, there was hardly any plants at all. but there was caves, like most planets. even though ive searched the caves, i still could not find any Zinc. ive also seen another case where another player was searching and almost couldn't find any Plutonium.

he did what i did, walked to the nearest encampment and bought plutonium from the galactic market.

if anybody else has seen this happen on a planet they have been on, please share.

Answer: no, each planet has different resources.