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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.

The Artifact Research project purpose is to observe and document all discovered Artifacts.

Database[edit | edit source]

The Artifact Database is maintained by GORLA, while the top 5 discoveries on the pages of each artifact type will be updated as needed.

For new discoveries please provide a screenshot of the information panel, which was taken in the inventory, and upload it here.

Further assistance can be provided by editing the screenshot page and adding a filled-in Artifact template, see the Usage and Parameters section below.

The edited screenshot only shows up in the database after a purge of the Artifact Database.

Usage[edit | edit source]

| name = 
| image =
| id = 
| type = 
| rarity = 
| modifier = 
| value = 
| release =

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Screenshot showing the minimal required information for documentation.
Name of the artifact.
Full URL of the uploaded image.
ID of the artifact. It is a 5-digit number and it is indicated by the NMSSaveEditor. For example: 00001, 99999
Type of the artifact, which is indicated under the name of the artifact. Please use one of the following term: Biological Sample, Delicate Flora (FARM) (mutated genes), Delicate Flora (PLNT) (years), Fossil Sample, Historical Document, Lost Artifact, Unearthed Treasure, Aquatic Treasure, Terrifying Sample, Excavated Bones, Salvaged Scrap
Rarity of the artifact, which can be determined by the color of the header. Please use one of the following term: Common (blue), Uncommon (purple), Rare (orange)
The modifier value of the artifact, as indicated in the game description. For example: 100 (lifetimes)
Total Value of the artifact, with the tenth value. Format: 516,118.8
From which release the image was taken (must match these spellings): Release, Foundation, Pathfinder, AtlasRises, NEXT, Abyss, Visions, Beyond, Synthesis, Living Ship, ExoMech, Crossplay, Desolation, Origins

Observations[edit | edit source]

Buildable.pavingtall.png  Note: This section is under development.

  • Delicate Flora consist of two separate categories (with FARM and PLNT denotations as per the extracted mbin file). Presumably more categories were planned before the release of NEXT, but scrapped and these were combined into one.
  • Delicate Flora (FARM) and Delicate Flora (PLNT) use the same name generation, therefore they have the same naming order.
  • Biological Sample, Delicate Flora (PLNT), Fossil Sample, Historical Document, Lost Artifact and Unearthed Treasure with the same identification number have the same age related modifier and the same value.
  • Artifacts can be named the same, but their identification numbers, modifiers and descriptions will be different.

Update changes[edit | edit source]

  • NEXT - Biological Sample, Delicate Flora (FARM), Delicate Flora (PLNT), Fossil Sample, Historical Document, Lost Artifact and Unearthed Treasure added.
  • Abyss - Added Aquatic Treasure and Terrifying Sample. Hidden changes: Names were regenerated by either adding or taking away prefixes, but other data were unchanged. The value range were changed for the rare type of Delicate Flora (FARM), previously it was possible to reach a maximum value of 20,000,000 Units.png. Due to this both the modifier and the value were regenerated as well.
  • Visions - Added Excavated Bones and Salvaged Scrap. Hidden changes: The specified base value ranges of all types are multiplied by 1.15, this total value is indicated on the information panel of each artifact. The information panels are colour coded by rarity and an additional icon indicates its purpose.
  • Beyond - Hidden changes: DropWeight property values changed for Excavated Bones and Salvaged Scrap.