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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Artifices Careli
Artifices Careli
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Lofsko Nebula
Capital system Aiqing
Capital planet Laossu V
Coordinates 0EBD:0080:065A:008A
Type World Modification and Creation
Federation member Beyond
Platform PC
Release Beyond

Artifices Caeli (ArC) is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A classic advertisement image of ArC.

Artifices Caeli (ArC) is a civilized space community in the Beta Quadrant of the Euclid galaxy.

"Artifices Caeli" is a Latin phrase which represents the role of a group of World Modifiers (Modders), or "the Craftsmen of Caelus".

The Sacred Texts[edit | edit source]

From the ancient texts of "War among Stars":

"Did you ever hear the story of the Artifices Caeli? I thought not. It's not a story the Murrites would tell you. It's a Modder legend. The Artifices Caeli are the Craftsmen of Caelus, so powerful and so wise they can use the Cryptic Signs to influence the Atlas to create life… They have such a knowledge of the Multiverse that they can even keep the entities they cared about from The Update. The Craft of the Signs of Atlas is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. They became so powerful… the only thing they were afraid of was losing their power, which occasionally, of course, they do. Unfortunately, they taught each other everything they knew, then Caelus took their abilities in their sleep. Ironic. They could save others from The Update, but not themselves."

The Words[edit | edit source]

The words "Artifices Caeli" are representations in themselves:

Artifex: 1. artist, actor; 2. craftsman, master (of a craft); 3. mastermind, schemer

Caelum: 1. (vault of) heaven; 2. sky; 3. atmosphere, climate, weather

Caelus (alternative form of Caelum) is also the name of the Roman god of the sky.

Most, if not all, of the meanings of the words can be used as a representation of the Modders' work as: A number of them who create new entities, are in their own sense, artists; as the crafters of the technicalities of the creations, they become craftsmen and masterminds of Caelus;

As a result, the ability of the Modders grow, till they can stand outside the normal meddlings of normal life; they spawn their own resources, they raise their own power, they create life. As they work on, they see the world of Atlas less of a path or a world to conform in, but a canvas which they can change, create and demolish; when the Modders see pass this world of Atlas, they become part of Caelus.

The Modders don't live in this universe as it is originally meant to be lived, so that they are not pawns of the world itself; on the other hand, they did not create the world itself, therefore they are not the creators, but craftsmen, of Caelus.

The Creed of the Craftsmen[edit | edit source]

The ArC's motto, "Caelo, Atlas parta", is yet another Latin phrase: "From Caelus, Atlas is born".

Caelus was a substitute for Uranus in Latin versions of the myth of Saturn (Cronus) castrating his heavenly father, from whose severed genitals, cast upon the sea, the goddess Venus (Aphrodite) was born. Which in turn means Caelus is the grandfather of Atlas.

Modders change the world simply by writing Signs and changing numbers, Atlas is manipulable, and the sky is ours - from the Signs we alter, new worlds generate, and we become part of Caelus.

The Compiler Engine[edit | edit source]

The Compiler Engine grants any willing Traveler a direct interface with the Atlas. In the early known history of the simulation before the First Update, a band of Travelers constructed the Compiler Engine in an attempt to bypass the will of the Atlas and instead impart the will of the Travelers into the simulation. With the Compiler Engine, a user could intercede with the streams of data that made manifest the universe. New instructions could seed anything - modifications could influence something as minor as the performance of various technologies or the quality of substance in certain natural materials - but others could cause greater ramifications such as the birthing of new stars and the destuction of old.

Seeding chaos stood not without consequence. Many have gone insane from learning of the musings and machinations of the Atlas in interfacing through the Compiler Engine as the arithmetics of infinity further exaggerated its product: infinity itself. Through each Update, the Compiler Engine took and gave greater endeavors than the last. It stands to question: is it truly the will of the Travelers or is it the Atlas? In actuality, it seems the mad god cannot be controlled through the Compiler Engine - the mad god controls through the Compiler Engine. Doomed are the craftsmen to work their numbers and their visions as they may be subject to the will of the Atlas instead. For each aeon born and divided by an Update, the work of the Modders are made anew as each simulation collapses into the fold only to be renewed again.

Census[edit | edit source]

Refer to the Census page for the full list of members.

Regions Occupied[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

The main region of the ArC is Lofsko Nebula, although their appearances can also be found in different regions.

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

There is currently no single predominant naming convention in ArC. However, two of the currently proposed conventions are:

  • {hac} - A prefix system for system names which signs the ArC's domain over the system in clear words;
  • .pak/.SCENE - A suffix system for systems and planets which points out the malleable nature of the world.

Most other details are unimportant, as Modders require no conventional means of income or encounter to survive. There can also be exceptions when a special series of names requires to be put into systems, either for navigation, or the Commune of the DNA of the Soul.

Systems[edit | edit source]

Image Name Location Notes Discoverer
Aiqing system.jpg Aiqing 0EBD:0080:065A:008A Current Headquarter system of ArC. Alternative names include "Candidate 3", "The Modding Hub". Virakotxa
Zainsk.jpg Zainsk 0A1D:0086:017D:0038 A previous candidate for the main system, Alias "Candidate 2".
Epanovom.jpg Epanovom 0B89:007E:01ED:0059 A previous candidate for the main system, Alias "Candidate 1".
Cingulum Caeli.jpg Cingulum Caeli.pak 0EBD:0080:065A:00D0 A desolate system in the middle of Lofsko Nebula. System name translates to "The Belt of Caelus". WinderTP
Antoudea XII.jpg Venia Terrae.pak 0EBD:0080:065A:0216 A system at the bottom of Lofsko Nebula. System name translates to "The Grace of Terra". WinderTP
Onk-Jemal.jpg Onk-Jemal 091D:00A1:09FF:0163 A system within Exphin-Adjunkt. Discovered for the purpose of an operation in Project Facade. Graslama

Embassies / Notable Structures[edit | edit source]

Image Name Embassy Faction Location Description
Facade Rushmore.jpg Project Facade - Rushmore No United Federation of Travelers Unification Day 2018 System (PC) Built with only modded components, this build marks the strength and dedication of the Artifices Caeli and their followers. It is also a tribute to the United Federation of Travelers, showing that the ArC will lend their hands, should the people of the non-magical require any assistance. Constructed by ArC members WinderTP and Jhon.

Construction is made possible by Eucli-ea and Buildable Waterfalls, visuals provided with Alien Skies and Project Atlas Color Overhaul.


Project Facade - Tatooine No Amino Hub Onk-Jemal The second installation of Project Facade, featured with mostly modded components, Tatooine marks the ArC's dedication to interact with the wider community and to spread all over the place, the mods. It also acts as a submission to Project Hollywood 2.0. Constructed by ArC members and associates Ashfacta, Graslama, and WinderTP.

Construction is made possible by Base Builder plugin for Blender, Eucli-ea and Tesseraction.

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