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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Aslees Boundary
Aslees Boundary
Galaxy Eissentam
Updated NEXT

Aslees Boundary is a region.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Aslees Boundary is a region in the Eissentam galaxy in the PS4 version of No Man's Sky.

It is approximately 700,000 light years from galactic core. Aslees Boundary is neighbored by the Nexoviduc Fringe and Zecaici Conflux regions.

Galactic Coordinates[edit | edit source]

Aslees Boundary has a galactic address of:


Each star system in the region has a unique four-digit code (known as a Solar System Index) that can be concatenated to the end of the galactic address to create the 16-digit address of the portal in that star system. For example, Aaberg-Rac has a Solar System Index of 016F, so its portal's address is


Each star system on the Discovered Systems table below has all of this information given on their individual pages.

Documented systems[edit | edit source]

System Color Distance Faction Planets Moons Platform
Aaberg-Rac Green 695980 Korvax 2 0 PS4
Aaberg-Ram 695975 Korvax 2 1 PS4
Aforts 695973 Gek 4 2 PS4
Biyrjun-Chkar 696052 Vy'keen 1 0 PS4
Famine-Bize Vy'keen 3 0 PS4
Gormler XIX Yellow 695994 Korvax 2 1 PS4
Iokitut-Ont 695914 Vy'keen 1 0 PS4
Ivfukttil Yellow 696025 Vy'keen 2 0 PS4
Luyluet 695970 Gek 2 1 PS4
Mutandu XV 695916 Gek 6 0 PS4
Ohlmarki XII 696056 Korvax 3 0 PS4
Paatoftar 695831 Gek 1 0 PS4
Pikatane Korvax 4 2 PS4
Tahond-Viagr XIV 695967 Gek 3 3 PS4
Viganeren 696001 Vy'keen 2 0 PS4

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

Aslees Boundary is being extensively explored by user Roytheodd. He has left behind the following player bases:

Name System Planet Builder Builderlink Game release
Auragi Sector XVII Overlook Ivfukttil Utto XVI NEXT
Exocamp Crater M29-P Tahond-Viagr XIV Gotap NEXT
Point Owdene Research Station Aforts Glor NEXT
Point Unjian Castrum Aaberg-Rac Roas V NEXT
Vitae Vitrum Viewpoint Gormler XIX Arvosami XII NEXT

Visitors Guides[edit | edit source]

Two guides exist for players looking for something specific in the region: Aslees Boundary Shopping Guide is a catalog of the location of S-Class wares, and Aslees Boundary Resource Guide is a catalog of resources and planet types that exist in the region.

Navigator[edit | edit source]