Aufetaeum Ruboryp

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Aufetaeum Ruboryp
Aufetaeum Ruboryp
Planet Mesanqiu Chast
Gender Alpha (pictured), Radical
Temperament Passive
Diet Vegetation
Height 6.20 m
Weight 276.57 kg
Genus Rangifae
Discovered by Kildynn
Updated Atlas Rises

Summary[edit | edit source]

Aufetaeum Ruboryp is a species of Fauna in No Man's Sky. Individuals of this Rangifae (diplo) species can be found on the planet Mesanqiu Chast in the HUB1-A9 Dabindarf III system.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Both genders are mostly brown-green in color, have short and thin tails, and "standard" diplo feet with three white, possibly bony toes.

The Alpha gender displays a reddish-black crest on the top of its head, which seems to be made of a hardened material. Smaller, spiky scales of the same material and color extend halfway down its neck. Yellowish red lumps can be found on its torso, mostly on the upper half. Its eyes are yellow and don't have an obvious pupil visible.

The Radical gender is basically identical to sauropods from Earth biology, with the exception of a large, somewhat butterfly-shaped crest which protrudes from where its neck meets the shoulders. This gender's eyes have black sclera (the white part in human eyes), red irises, and goat-like horizontal slit pupils.

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