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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Mission type Primary
Mission series Artemis Path
Preceded by: N/A
Followed by: Alone Amidst the Stars
Starting point: N/A (when starting a new game)
Requires: N/A
Implemented Atlas Rises
Description First story mission and introduction to the game's mechanics

Awakenings is a mission.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Awakenings is the game's very first story mission and also acts as an introduction to the game's mechanics for new players. The mission tasks the player with finding and repairing their starship, then tracking a mysterious signal throughout the galaxy.

Initial Description[edit | edit source]

My Exosuit has directed me to a crashed starship. The controls react to my touch, and I can only assume it belongs to me. But I have no memory of it, no sense of a before.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The player will spawn on a hazardous planet (valid Biomes for the planet: Toxic, Scorched, Frozen, Irradiated). They should mine 75 Ferrite Dust as soon as possible to repair the Scanner, as they will spawn with low Hazard Protection and finding Sodium without a functioning Scanner can be difficult. Players are advised to stockpile Sodium from yellow sodium rich flowers and/or hide in caves if/when storms occur.

Repairing The Starship[edit | edit source]

The player should next seek the signal of their crashed Starship. Entering the starship will then prompt them to repair their starship. The player will need Metal Plating and a Hermetic Seal to repair their starship. Metal Plating can be crafted with 50 Ferrite Dust, then used to begin repairs on the starship's Pulse Engine. Afterwards, the player will be suggested to check the Distress Beacon after they repair the starship and reenter it, for coords to an abandoned building where they can find a Hermetic Seal. They cannot craft the seal yet as the player does not start with the blueprint unlocked.

The beacon will be interrupted by a strange message from a red glowing sphere before you are given navigation data. Craft and use a Signal Booster using 1 Metal Plating, 1 Carbon Nanotubes (using 50 Carbon) and 15 Sodium to find the coords of the Hermetic Seal (found within a Shelter building) and return to the starship once it is obtained. A storm is guaranteed to occur during the trip to acquire the Hermetic Seal, so keep an eye out for caves or shelter while you travel so you are prepared when it arrives.

Repair the starship's Launch Thrusters using 50 Pure Ferrite and Di-hydrogen Jelly. Pure Ferrite can be refined from Ferrite Dust using a Portable Refiner at a 1:1 rate, and Di-hydrogen Jelly can be crafted from 40 Di-hydrogen. Use the scanner to locate sources of Di-hydrogen, which are blue coloured crystals.

Once repaired, the player can get in their starship and finally leave the planet. Upon entering space, the player will have their starship's communications interrupted by a mysterious transmission. Afterwards, they will be directed to the source coords of a mysterious signal located on a neighboring planet in their starting star system.

Following Signals[edit | edit source]

After landing on the second planet, the player will be tasked with following the signal to its point of origin. Flying there via starship instead of walking on the planet's surface may preferred to cut down majorly on travel time, unless the player prefers scanning the planet's minerals, flora and fauna for Units/Nanite Clusters and discovering Knowledge Stones for learning languages of the Gek, Vy'keen or Korvax.

The player should be aware that, after they arrive on this second planet, Sentinel Drones will begin to appear on the surfaces of all planets. These robotic beings will open fire on the player if they catch them harvesting minerals or flora or killing peaceful fauna, so the player should take care not to harvest resources around Sentinel Drones.

Upon arriving at the signal source, the player must examine the nearby Damaged Machinery to unlock blueprints for a Terrain Manipulator and a Base Computer. After building a Base Computer, the player will then receive their first base-building blueprints in the form of wood base-parts.

A storm will begin shortly after the player obtains the wood parts blueprints (even if the planet would normally never have storms). Before it arrives, the player must build a basic hut with the blueprints within which they can wait out the storm. Once the hut is built, they must then return to their Base Computer and look through its archives for a plan by the previous owner to obtain Salvaged Technology, unlocking a Blueprint Analyser blueprint for the player.

The player must build a Blueprint Analyser (this requires 20 Magnetised Ferrite and 1 unit of Carbon Nanotubes), then interact with it to receive advice on how to proceed. After that, they must dig up Buried Technology Modules for their Salvaged Technology, then unlock at least two base-building blueprints at the Blueprint Analyser. Afterward, the player must return to their Base Computer for more archive retrieval. The computer's next batch of archives will be interrupted by yet another mysterious message involving the number 16.

Fly to the star system's space station and ask a few NPCs about the message, most will act shocked and confused and then shun the player away and which only one of them can answer it. The correct NPC's dialogue will then be interrupted by the same mysterious message, which will then give the coordinates of a Distress Beacon back on the player's starting planet (this can also instead be on a third planet). If the player spoke to any merchant-NPCs during this part, they will not be able to buy anything from those merchants until they leave the star system.

The Hyperdrive & Warp Fuel[edit | edit source]

Return to said planet and seek the beacon's location within a Crashed Freighter. Accessing the logs will give the player a blueprint for a Hyperdrive, which will require 125 Chromatic Metal (refine it from Copper at a 2:1 rate) and 5 Microprocessors. Said technology will be the player's means of jumping between nearby star systems. The player can buy Microprocessors from a Space Station trade terminal or search for and repair Damaged Machinery for a chance to obtain Microprocessors.

Once the player has the materials, they must install the Hyperdrive on their starship, then return to space and receive another signal. Beyond this point, all future starships, crashed or otherwise, will now generate with a Hyperdrive pre-installed in their general inventory (before this point, starships encountered by the player would never generate with a Hyperdrive --- this ensures that the player is unable to skip this portion of the mission and miss out on essential blueprints).

Returning to the newly obtained signal on the player's starting planet will lead them to an Abandoned Building with a Haunted Terminal, and be careful not to disturb the Whispering Eggs near the base. Destroying them will spawn Biological Horrors, which are dangerously overpowered for a starting player and spawn endlessly, anyway. Interact with said terminal to obtain a unit of Antimatter and the blueprint for Antimatter Housing.

Antimatter Blueprint[edit | edit source]

Antimatter Housing can be crafted using 30 Oxygen and 50 Ferrite Dust. Once this component is built, then the player can combine it with Antimatter to produce a Warp Cell, an energy source for a starship's Hyperdrive. After the player fuels their Hyperdrive, they will have to fly to space and pick a nearby yellow coloured system to warp to.

Upon arriving, they will find the anomalous signal origin on a nearby planet in the system they warped to. Following the signal to its source, a lifeform on a Trading Post, will lead the player to yet another mysterious message. They will then be given the recipe for Antimatter, allowing the player to craft it using 25 Chromatic Metal and 20 Condensed Carbon. After crafting more Hyperdrive fuel, the player will be guided to return to space and be prompted to warp to another yellow coloured system once more.

The Monolith[edit | edit source]

Upon arrival in this new system, the starship's Hyperdrive will be drained of any remaining fuel, and the starship's guidance system will be interrupted by a mysterious message. The player will then need to travel to a new waypoint on a nearby planet. Upon approach, the marked structure turns out to be a Monolith, and interacting with it grants a Warp Cell as well as some more cryptic messages.

Upon leaving the planet, the player is compelled to decide whether to follow or ignore the cryptic messages. The decision made at this point has no lasting effect on the storyline --- regardless of which option is chosen, the mission will temporarily disappear from the mission log.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After making a decision on whether to pursue the story, the next warp made by the player will be into a space battle. If the player destroys all pirates and answers the communication afterward, they will be able to obtain their first Freighter for free, starting the Frigate tutorial mission Freighter Command.

Warping to yet another system will cause the player to receive a mysterious message; after responding to this message, they will be given coordinates to a Crashed Ship, concluding Awakenings and beginning the mission Alone Amidst the Stars once they have repaired its Distress Beacon (requires 25 Chromatic Metal and 5 Sodium Nitrate) and obtained its multi-tool blueprint (Advanced Mining Laser blueprint normally, Personal Forcefield blueprint if the player already owns the Advanced Mining Laser blueprint).

Regardless if they followed or ignored the messages, the player will eventually be led to the Space Anomaly, either in the system with the Monolith (if the player chose to follow the messages) or in the system with the crashed ship (if the player chose to ignore the messages). In the former case, the player must perform a scan to reveal the Space Anomaly; in the latter case, it will already be visible upon arrival into the system. In all cases, the mission The Space Anomaly will begin. Boarding the Space Anomaly will allow the player to upload their current Milestones to Priest Entity Nada for 50 Nanite Clusters per milestone completed. Near Specialist Polo, the other lifeform in the Space Anomaly, is a purchasable multi-tool, one that will have varying quality and price.

Rewards[edit | edit source]