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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

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Aybess Terminus
Aybess Terminus
Galaxy Euclid
Civilized space Galactic Hub Project
Release Atlas Rises

Aybess Terminus is a region.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Aybess Terminus is a region in the Euclid Galaxy of No Man's Sky.

Discovered systems[edit | edit source]

  • Not all systems in this region are listed here; others can be found on the Aybess Terminus category page.

Gek systems[edit | edit source]

System name Spectral
Platform Economy Conflict Planets Moons Discovered by
[HUB10-1CA] Kaitsja Yellow PS4 High Tech // Comfortable Intermittent 5 0 Kaitsja
[HUB10-A3] Utashi (Space St. Blueprints) Yellow PS4 Research // Balanced Low 2 1 hollyworks
HUB10-1D-Castaway-Star (BPs,AS,VC,Base) System Yellow PS4 Commercial // Sustainable Unthreatening 4 0 hollyworks
[HUB10-D2] Ebinoku (1 lush,Portal Marked) System Yellow PS4 Scientific // Developing Gentle 5 1 hollyworks
[HUB10-$X-1F3] Polaris (H. Sh,bip,unicorns) Yellow PS4 Prospecting // Low Supply Unthreatening 5 0 jbharrison
[HUB10-20] Dazaifu VI (Highest Point of the HUB) Yellow PC Metal Processing // Medium Supply Stable 4 0 Ezegnegch
[HUB10-F1] Seiyod-Bli Yellow PC Experimental // Medium Supply Unruly 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F5pf] Guchuore (Ra) Yellow PC Mining // Comfortable Low 1 1 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-!-F3f] Etajimi Yellow PC Nano Construction // Satisfactory Critical 2 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F6p] Adomanis Yellow PC Mining // Comfortable Peaceful 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F0] Konank-Lis (X. Ships) (GB) (AP) (Ca) Yellow PC Mercantile // Balanced Medium 4 2 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-!-F9f] Toigar-Wac (VC) (Mfauna) Yellow PC Metal Processing // Satisfactory Critical 2 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-!-F9] Gayasebo Yellow PC Fuel Generation // Medium Supply Alarming 1 0 LordFrobozz
Abaraz Blue PC Trading // Promising Lawless 1 0 Peafield
Sozavo-Las VIII Blue PC Prospecting // Opulent Mild 2 0 Zubilay
HUB10-E7p Betsush Yellow PC Trading // Developing Fractious 2 0 LordFrobozz

Korvax systems[edit | edit source]

System name Spectral
Platform Economy Conflict Planets Moons Discovered by
[HUB10-F0f] Sarats-Kato Yellow PC Fuel Generation // Destitute Boisterous 1 0 LordFrobozz
Kuwana-Kuhden IX Yellow PC Nano-Technology // Flourishing Testy 3 2 Gideon
[HUB10-!-F9F] Jiideraba Yellow PC Struggling High 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-E7pf] Hachiz (MFauna, VC, Traveller) Yellow PC Energy Supply //Developing Boisterous 2 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F4p] Ibetsu Yellow PC Scientific // Advanced Relaxed 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F1] Buspul (VC) Yellow PC Prospecting // Unsuccessful Mild 2 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-!-F5p] Toyoak (Aq) Yellow PC High Voltage // Adequate Belligerent 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-!-F2pf] Kadano VI (AP) Yellow PC Power Generation // Balanced Dangerous 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-E7pf] Gifsne (Ca) (Mfauna) Yellow PC Power Generation // Struggling Intermittent 2 0 LordFrobozz
HUB10-!-O9f Butsu (MF Gear AQ GB SB VC) Blue PC Research // Comfortable Intermittent 4 1 LordFrobozz
HUB10-!-Vomit-Verse PS4 Energy Creation // Balanced At war 3 3 counterpunch 1990
[HUB10-150] Oichim (LG Farm, Traveler) Yellow PS4 Nano-construction // Medium Alarming 3 0 SHasan119

Vy'keen systems[edit | edit source]

System name Spectral
Platform Economy Conflict Planets Moons Discovered by
[HUB10-91] Beta Eeduri Yellow PS4 Power Generation // Comfortable High 5 1 eddyjl
HUB10-!-49 AGT Galactic Hub Embassy Yellow PS4 Scientific // Developing Lawless 5 0 Matthew71NSW
HUB10-99 Hamats (GenBra Outpost) Green, E7p PS4 High Tech // Balanced Sporadic 3 2 GenBra Space Corp
[HUB10-!-1B5] Hullport (Calium, FungMould) Blue PS4 Mathematics// Adequate Aggressive 3 0 DJuanez
[HUB10-178] Ugalos II Yellow PS4 Research // Balanced Tranquil 1 1 ButterForTheKing
[HUB10-!X-186] Shadowverse Green PS4 Mining // Sustainable Aggressive 3 2 ShadowStefan
[HUB10-F8f] Mitoya-Gabo Yellow PC Alchemical // Developing Lawless 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-BA] Batamatsu XIII Yellow PC Energy Supply // Promising At war 6 0 Samadhi82
[HUB10-$-F6] Sennumas (e.ships) Yellow PC Mining // Prosperous Low 1 1 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F7f] Kawach Yellow PC Trading // Declining Fractious 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-X-O5] Nawasai (Loops) Blue PC Fuel Generation // Med Supply Untroubled 2 0 LordFrobozz
Nichih-Enkye XVI Blue PC Mathematical // Opulent Mild 2 0 Zubilay
[HUB10-$-O5] Anzakit (VC) (Jacks) (Loops) Blue PC Construction // Booming Boisterous 6 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F1] Peporoz (SV, AP) Yellow PC Nano-Construction // Medium Stable 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-F0] Usonod Yellow PC Manufacturing // Balanced At War 1 0 LordFrobozz
[HUB10-$!-4PF] Bodin's Star (Loops,Bubbles) Blue PC Construction // Booming Critical 5 0 LordFrobozz / Bodin
HUB10-115 Bokutor F2p PC Experimental / Medium Supply Stable 5 0 Tandordraco

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

Aybess Terminus is the 10th civilized region for the Galactic Hub Project.

Connected Regions[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub officially occupies the following 11 regions, as well as a number of "Huburb" regions in an unofficial capacity.

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

  1. The Arm of Vezitinen (042F:0078:0D55:0000)
  2. Canthian (042F:0078:0D54:0000)
  3. Dexterf Sector (0430:0078:0D54:0000)
  4. The Arm of Katteus (0430:0078:0D55:0000)
  5. Nugsdor Adjunct (0430:0078:0D56:0000)
  6. Uefert Nebula (042F:0078:0D56:0000)
  7. Widraik (042E:0078:0D56:0000)
  8. Airnaka Conflux (042E:0078:0D55:0000)
  9. Sivess Instability (042E:0078:0D54:0000)
  10. Savenix Instability (042F:0079:0D55:0000)
  11. Nonlopsi Instability (042F:0077:0D55:0000)

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