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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Beta Polaris
Beta Polaris
Galaxy Euclid
Region Ongyimid Shallows
Color Yellow
Distance to centre 1158133 light‑years
Planet(s) 3
Moon(s) 0
Faction Vy'keen
Economy Research
Wealth Satisfactory (2)
Conflict level Untroubled (1)
Claimed by Forgotten Colonies
Discovered by Thamalandis
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

There are multiple game-release versions of the Beta Polaris system.

Beta Polaris is a star system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Beta Polaris is a scientific star system at the end of the Beta meridian in the Euclid galaxy. It is the extreme coordinate for the Beta Spiral and one of the cornerstones of Euclid. It lies directly at The Fade and is situated right inside its own region.

The system is under supervision of Enforcer Wei. To the pride of the Enforcer, all criminal activity at the Beta Pole is mercilessly persecuted and 'judged' on the spot. Piracy is at an all time low and the security is HIGH! This also helps to boost the system's economy despite its isolated position. People can feel safe.

Aboard the space station the Vy'keen offer their supply depot and their botanic garden for nourishment to visitors. A good supply of nanites has been stored for emergency use by interlopers, but those taking them are seen as weak.

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

  • Beta Polaris Prime is a scorched world with dense infrastructure.
  • Beta Polaris 2 is an irradiated pangean world under control of rogue sentinels.
  • Tryol is a continental caustic world with huge acidic oceans.

Lifeforms[edit | edit source]


Starships[edit | edit source]

  • Overall: 7 Shuttles, 7 Fighter, 3 Explorer, 3 Hauler, 1 Exotic, 3 Freighter, 1 Capital Freighter
  • Left: 7 Shuttles, 7 Fighter, 3 Explorer, 3 Hauler, 1 Exotic, 3 Freighter

Space Station


  • Okyotosa Sentinel-Class Capital Freighter

Trade[edit | edit source]

General: Sell 79.7% / Buy -16.3%

Exports[edit | edit source]

Demands[edit | edit source]

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