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This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Black Star Order
Black Star Order
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Region Tejeti Cloud
Capital system Rerkungan
Capital planet Gortle Sigma
Coordinates 0B15:007C:0AD7:002D
Portal Glyphs 502DFD2D8316
Government Theocracy
Size Standard-R
Type Fanfiction
Founded by Juseppe001
Federation member No
Platform PS4/Xbox/PC
Release Desolation

The Black Star Order is a civilized space community.


The official flag of the BSO.
Official in-game flag and banner of the BSO registered with the Federation Vexillology Department

The Black Star Order is a Civilized space community, located in the Tejeti Cloud region of the Euclid galaxy.


A religious and military order; the BSO exists to bring civilization in the unknown regions of the Euclid galaxy and to spread the Cult of the Black Star, an agnostic religion that do not believe in good or evil, but considers everything "relative". Despite this controversial belief, the Order is not a criminal organization, but promotes exploration, the search of knowledge, and peace among civilizations.

The BSO History

The most significant events in the history of the Order are documented on a dedicated page. All these events are classified as canonical:


The Cult of the Black Star

The Cult is the founding ideology of the Order. It's based on the idea of the "Relative Reality": everything is purely relative, there's no good or evil, but just interpretations of reality based on our education and culture. Maybe someone sees something as "negative" and another one as "positive", but those are all artificial constructs of our mind that, in order to maintain our primitive concepts of "safe for your life" and "not safe", creates the Good and the Evil, Familiar and Alien. The Cult promotes the secession from these prehistoric constructs, accepting the reality as "Nothing and the Opposite of Nothing", all equal and all unequal, and encourages its disciples to live their life as they think it should be lived, without judging other's life or ideas. Otherwise, nobody knows the truth behind the universe or reality, so the Cult accepts the perspectivistic way of thinking.

The Cult adopted the Black Star as its main symbol to represent this paradoxical conception since it is a Star that does not emit light but absorbs it.

Festivities Calendar

The main religious, civil and military festivities of the Order, a true cultural heritage of the BSO, are listed below. These make up the Black Star Order Festivities Calendar:

  • February 1st: Foundation Day, anniversary of the BSO birth and birthday of the Chancellor
  • April 5th: Navy Day, anniversary of the Black Star Navy foundation
  • August 9th: Birthday of No Man's Sky, anniversary of the release of No Man's Sky
  • October 20th: Day of Enlightenment, anniversary of the creation of the Black Star Cult


"Sparrowhawk of Destruction", the official uniformed starship of the Black Star Navy
BSO Botanical Society emblem.

The BSO Constitution

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the Order, which regulates the organization and functioning of the BSO:

The Black Star Navy Codex

The Codex is the specific law that regulates the functioning and organization of the Black Star Navy, one of the two branches of the BSO Armed Forces:

Scientific Research Branches

In order to promote scientific progress, research and exploration, the BSO founded the following non-profit Scientific Research Branches:

  • BSO Botanical Society - deals with studying and documenting strange or unique scannable flora, cooperating with multiple organizations across the Universe.

Naming Guidelines

After the approval of a reform project of the Order, every naming guideline is abolished. Members are now encouraged to not modify the Star system's original name. This will help avoid any discrepancy between different platforms or server problems. The systems renamed using the old naming guidelines are classified as The Founding Stars. Anyway, members are free to rename star systems and planets if they wish.


All official and honorary members of the Order are listed in the Census - Black Star Order page.

Documented Systems

System Region Color Distance Faction Planets Moons Platform
BSO Nedab Ladjuk Spur Yellow 585,609 Korvax 2 0 PS4
Goliah Laerdr Sector Yellow 489,778 Gek 1 0 PS4
BSO Ahkas Myophosg Cloud Yellow 586,906 Korvax 5 0 PS4
BSO Obostamm Neyamann Band Green 585,063 Korvax 2 2 PS4
BSO Batuu Pohmiay Yellow 552,044 Vy'keen 4 0 PS4
Elpis Pohmiay Gek 4 2 Xbox
Rerkungan Tejeti Cloud Yellow 430,027 Korvax 5 1 PS4
BSO Yukaloa Tethipa Spur Yellow 584,221 Korvax 3 0 PS4
Poseph The Arm of Foharpu Yellow 2,959 Vy'keen 3 1 PS4

The Founding Stars

  • BSO Batuu
  • BSO Ahkas
  • BSO Nedab
  • BSO Obostamm
  • BSO Yukaloa

International Relations

The Black Star Order maintains alliances with the following organizations:

The BSO also cooperates and maintains peaceful diplomatic relations with The Indominus Legion.

Additional Information


The Black Star Order is active on the following social networks: