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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.

Blackhole Destinations is a transportation page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This page allows travelers to input coordinates for the source and destination of Black Hole routes for further investigation. Notice that there are non-working black holes near the centre (which are still black hole systems but you cannot use them to travel anywhere. If that's the case, mark them as not working with a "No".

This information may appear later in a further update to the Pspath website Pilgrim Star Path app by pahefu.

To find your coordinates, build a signal scanner by pressing up on the D-Pad (or PC equivalent), then "hover" over or interact with the scanner. It will have coordinates in the form "ABCD:1234:5678:9876:5432". For black hole systems, the last part will always be "0079", so that part is optional but recommended when listing the coords.

Don't change the format of the table in any way, just add new rows to include your info.

Changes with NEXT[edit | edit source]

Note: The following tables are for pre-NEXT routing.

For NEXT Update, Visions , refer to the | Black Hole Suns Database and Route Calculator, run by Black Hole Suns for more effective use of black holes are a transport tool.

Euclid[edit | edit source]

Source coordinates Destination coordinates Working Status Explorer Name Notes
000:07F:000:079 12D:07E:000:06D Yes Thamalandis Hyper Black Hole with 81992 ly towards the centre and 120401 ly away.
Vedulay Cloud->The Arm of Agnientge
000:07F:FFE:079 CC7:07C:000:06D Yes Thamalandis Hyper Black Hole with 203.689 ly towards the centre and 2.096.103 ly away.
Sea of Siwain->Mojole
0E7B:0083:071A:0079 0E0B:0081:0A58:003F Yes Hung_Like_A_Tick 6018 ly towards the center and 664,353 away.
016A:0076:0652:0079 0AAC:007F:0E2F:000D Yes Bhocis 5211 LY towards center, 1,244,100 LY away Lutlagi-Aezak XII in Whagin Cloud -> Arodny-Lei in Airray Instability
016A:0077:0652:0079 0504:007C:0E08:004F Yes Bhocis 6176 LY towards Center, 971,198LY away, Suzawa-Alu in Loeilag Nebula-> Aojiay in Redanbaa Band
16F:7F:8EF:79 199:7D:67F:2C Yes rabbitgripper Enhuroth -> Lilatigu Boundary
199:7D:67F:79 CD9:7C:C57:50 Yes rabbitgripper Lilatigu Boundary -> Etantze
246:82:A91:79 822:7B:E36:2E Yes rabbitgripper Hiwabbo Fringe -> Piyangl
2DD:7D:B95:79 3E6:80:356:36 Yes ShamusMcCrary Ucince Band -> Muxalki
336:7B:C56:79 CA0:7E:394:59 Yes rabbitgripper Fiftzodny Nebula -> Ovskils Sector
3D0:7C:C71:79 889:7E:E03:64 Yes ShamusMcCrary Sea of Rukholli -> Pawirinia Fringe
3E9:80:35B:79 3CB:7D:C75:17 Yes ShamusMcCrary Espuchn Expanse -> Bizyae Sector
42F:79:D55:79 779:7F:185:54 No jmillgraphics tested from same BH as in Eissentam with different destination result
480:7D:24B:79 16F:7F:8EF:4E Yes rabbitgripper Orzach Cloud -> Enhuroth
50A:7D:DFF:79 699:7F:E79:6D Yes ShamusMcCrary Euhamp Band -> Deyomildr Cloud
699:7F:E76:79 6FF:80:184:3C Yes ShamusMcCrary Ikhome Cluster -> Uepeta Adjunct
6E8:88:EA2:79 1C1:80:5A9:0052 Yes Fae_Dragon Kanzaki-Iopol IV -> Westeud-Dustvar
6FE:7F:186:79 8E4:83:E6C:5C Yes ShamusMcCrary The Arm of Erguli -> Renfelm Cloud
783:7D:199:79 CAB:80:C4E:51 Yes ShamusMcCrary Ulbeno Clluster -> Iorenp Conflux
783:83:E22:79 C34:7B:397:56 Yes rabbitgripper Husbaco Conflux -> Deywoth Conflux
7B4:80:EC2:79 509:7E:E02:74 Yes ShamusMcCrary Oferth Sector -> Kosainn Expanse
7F8:81:7FA:79 N/A No Codver Prime Destination sector for black hole 804:85:801:79
7FA:7E:806:79 N/A No Codver Prime Destination sector for black hole 806:83:7FE:79
803:86:800:79 N/A No kr8ght Near the Ottiiq Fringe
804:80:806:79 N/A No Codver Primer Destination sector for black hole 806:84:800:79
804:85:801:79 7F8:81:7FA:2D Yes Codver Prime
805:85:7FF:79 N/A No Codver Prime
805:85:800:79 N/A No Codver Prime
805:86:7FF:79 N/A No Codver Prime
805:86:800:79 N/A No Codver Prime
806:83:7FE:79 7FA:7E:806:76 Yes Codver Prime
806:84:7FF:79 N/A No Codver Prime
806:84:800:79 804:80:806:76 Yes Codver Prime
822:7B:E36:79 783:83:E22:56 Yes rabbitgripper Piyangl -> Husbaco Conflux
8BB:80:EB4:79 480:7D:24B:35 Yes rabbitgripper Yokusub -> Orzach Cloud
BDB:82:253:79 D5E:80:3D0:13 Yes rabbitgripper Saevesa Spur -> Tazinskim
8E3:83:E69:79 784:7E:197:02 Yes ShamusMcCrary Enradzist Boundary -> Oucats
C6C:7E:D4C:79 D81:7E:C13:17 Yes ShamusMcCrary Asukij Conflux -> Auhetabl Instability
CA0:7E:394:79 E32:82:6AF:4F Yes rabbitgripper Ovskils Sector -> Qianmi Terminus
CA8:80:C4B:79 2D8:7D:B98:1A Yes ShamusMcCrary Bewgcole Cloud -> Youdego Adjunct
CD9:7C:C57:79 336:7B:C56:09 Yes rabbitgripper Etantze -> Fiftzodny Nebula
D5E:80:3D0:79 8BB:80:EB4:42 Yes rabbitgripper Tazinskim -> Yokusub
D7F:7E:C11:79 7B3:80:EC5:61 Yes ShamusMcCrary Negxians Instability -> Newheri Adjunct
D92:82:3E8:79 BDB:82:253:0A Yes rabbitgripper Ofiliab Conflux -> Saevesa Spur
E32:82:6AF:79 246:82:A91:64 Yes rabbitgripper Qianmi Terminus -> Hiwabbo Fringe
E3F:83:4E7:79 C6D:7E:D4D:65 Yes ShamusMcCrary Nenebesh Anomaly -> Fiuccl Quadrant
E3F:83:4E8:79 EDE:82:736:28 Yes ShamusMcCrary Atzind Cluster -> The Arm of Ogosag
E40:83:4E7:79 7A6:7F:116:17 Yes rabbitgripper Kiberthuss -> Jisinas
E40:83:4E8:79 D92:82:3E8:53 Yes rabbitgripper Eveenskai Shallows -> Ofiliab Conflux
E40:83:4E9:79 E7C:7E:A68:17 Yes rabbitgripper Auheth Fringe -> Iolahu Sector
FFE:07F:000:079 FFE:081:B46:017 Yes Thamalandis Hyper Black Hole with 272847 ly towards the centre and 1154243 ly away.
Ongyimid Shallows->Eunitoa Boundary
FFE:07F:FFE:079 000:07F:6B0:018 Yes Thamalandis Hyper Black Hole with 328334 ly towards the centre and 1894818 ly away.
Sea of Onhakitc->Ukbaks

Eissentam[edit | edit source]

Source coordinates Destination coordinates Working Status Explorer Name Notes
42F:79:D55:79 32C:7B:3A6:54 Yes jmillgraphics
42F:77:D55:79 248:7C:4E7:3C Yes jmillgraphics
42E:78:D54:79 E1C:7F:A36:2D Yes jmillgraphics
E1B:7F:A35:79 6F8:7F:E59:53 Yes jmillgraphics
6F9:7F:E59:79 1F2:81:603:75 Yes jmillgraphics
1F4:81:604:79 588:7D:DCE:2 Yes jmillgraphics
58A:7D:DCE:79 45F:7E:D14:67 Yes jmillgraphics
BCB:81:D9C:79 D24:81:3AE:47 Yes Vidaar Moves around the middle spiral counterclockwise

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • NEXT - there is a non-mentioned change applied to blackholes in the game. Instead of allowing random travels around a certain radius within the galaxy (known as Black Hole Roulette), now they work as a static wormhole with a specific and repeatable travel from point A to point B in the galaxy.

Videos[edit | edit source]