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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.
Two genders of the same unknown subterranean Bos species, one in the foreground and one in the background.

Bos is a genus.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Bos is a genus of fauna in No Man's Sky. They are referred to by the game code as Spiders or Float Spiders. However, this genus is generally related to creatures that appear similar to: spiders, beetles or crabs. While terms like Beetle and Sun Beetle are used strictly by the game code to reference Conokinis and Crab to reference Bosaquatica, each of these three related genera can have identical body forms and parts with species of each being able to appear spider-like, beetle-like, or crab-like. This genus is very similar to the Conokinis genus which results in a common misclassification between the two genera.

Bos have the possibility to spawn as either (hostile) predators or (friendly) herbivores. Carnivorous Bos are one of the more dangerous genera in No Man's Sky, due to their fast speed and quiet steps. They can be very hard to defeat in combat without receiving some personal damage.

Major Variants & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Bos species, mouth agape.

Similar to the Conokinis genus, Bos have two major variants: sun beetles and spider-crabs. Characteristics such as extremities and tails are mostly shared between species. However, other characteristics will be unable to spawn when combined with certain body variants such as the mantis head/neck. Most species will have their eyes or other primary sensory organs, like antennae, attached directly to the thorax (large middle section of the body). The mantis is an exception. The mantis style head has a mantis (or cobra-like) neck rising out of its thorax and will have the head at the top of the neck.

There are two subcategories that have been observed:

  • Terrestrial: By far the most common, this variety includes both above-ground and underground (cave) species. These range in size from 0.4m to 8.4m and can be found in both the sun beetle and spider-crab variants.
  • Floating types: They hover and float across the ground, and range in size from 0.4m to 8.4m. (Examples: X. Esoxoxyae and V. Heloorrum) They can be found in both the sun beetle and spider-crab variants.

Shared characteristics include:

  • Insectoid characteristics - often segmented legs or bodies, antennae
  • Four, six, or eight legs, sometimes hairs visible on legs
  • Some have crab/scorpion-like claws
  • Subterranean variants are always relatively small (generally around 1.5m or less)
  • All subcategories have a chance to be hostile, with subterranean variants being hostile most of the time

Conokinis comparison[edit | edit source]

According to 1.77 game code:

  • Conokinis creatures will always be small (around 1m in height) and spawn only in a swarm of around 10. They cannot spawn as a floating type.
  • Bos creatures can be big or small and do not spawn in large swarms.

Bosaquatica comparison[edit | edit source]

  • Bosaquatica only spawn underwater, while Bos spawn on land and in caves.
  • Bosaquatica share most of the same appearances and body parts as Bos and Conokinis, except for the following notes.
    • Bosaquatica will never spawn as a floating type.
    • Bosaquatica have not been found with beetle-like features.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • Visually, Conokinis, Bos, and Bosaquatica can be indistinguishable from each other. It is important to keep in mind that Bos can spawn: above ground, underground, or as a floating type. On the other hand, Conokinis can only spawn as an above ground, non floating type. Bosaquatica only spawn underwater. The only way to properly classify the two genera for an above-ground (and non-floating) species is to look at the creatures height and observe if they spawn in swarms or not.
  • While the term sun beetle can be found in NMS game code, it is used in reference to Conokinis meshes and textures. Instead, it is used here as a descriptive term to describe the visual appearance of one of the two major body variations observed in Bos (and Conokins) creatures.
  • The term spider-crab is a player-defined descriptive term that combines spider and crab, which together will generally represent the visual appearance of that subtype. Alone, the terms spider and crab can both be found in NMS game code. Spider is one of the subtypes found in the Bos genus code while crab is the subtype used to describe aquatic crabs which have an unknown genus according to 1.77 game code
  • Bosaquatica were once classified as a subtype of Bos, but were moved to being categorized as a separate genus after discovery of the game code treating them as a unique genus.

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NOTE: Most of the images here depict both potential Conokinis and Bos genera. Please keep in mind that the Conokinis genus cannot spawn underground, underwater, or as a floating type. However, from a visual aspect, the different "parts" of a species are interchangeable between the two genera.

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