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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
Category Fuel
Type Unrefined Organic Element
Rarity Common
Total Value 12.0 Units.png
Used for Building, Crafting, Charging, Upgrading
Symbol C
Release Visions

Carbon is a resource.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Carbon (C) is a resource and one of the fuel elements.

Game description[edit | edit source]

The building block of all organic life. Of critical importance to space travellers, as Carbon is used to recharge mining equipment.

The Mining Laser will harvest Carbon from trees, plants, and all other forms of vegetable.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Carbon mining in action (Atlas Rises)
  • It can be mined from flora.
  • It can be found as a secondary element in some minerals.

Exploit[edit | edit source]

Once the player has Portable Refiner and Medium Refiner/Large Refiner, they can produce Carbon and Condensed Carbon for free.

  1. Refine 100 Carbon in Medium Refiner/Large Refiner to produce 50 Condensed Carbon.
  2. Place down the Portable Refiner and recharge its Fuel Inverter with the 50 Condensed Carbon.
  3. Pick up the Portable Refiner to receive 150 Carbon.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3, to produce 50 Carbon per cycle.

Refining[edit | edit source]

Carbon can be refined using a Refiner with the following (combinations of) ingredients:

Carbon is used as an ingredient for refining the following products:

Crafting[edit source]

Carbon is used as a blueprint ingredient when crafting the following products:

Beyond[edit source]

Visions[edit source]

Abyss[edit source]

NEXT[edit source]

Crafting (previous releases)[edit source]

Note: the following items/recipes using Carbon are obsolete:

Atlas Rises[edit source]

Pathfinder[edit source]

Foundation[edit source]

    Release[edit source]

      Additional information[edit | edit source]

      Release history[edit | edit source]

      • Release - Added as a resource.
      • Pathfinder - It can no longer be used to recharge exosuit life support.
      • Atlas Rises - Value changed, previously it was worth 6.9 Units.png each.
      • Visions - Hidden changes: The information panel has an additional icon indicating its purpose.

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