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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.

CELAB Corporate Locations is an index page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The CELAB Galactic Industries corporation has numerous locations throughout the Euclid galaxy. This page provides an index to those locations.

Corporate Locations[edit | edit source]

The following corporate locations are being used by CELAB Galactic Industries as of 10-Feb-2020:

02 Celab Galactic Adurma Farms Adurma Adurma Prime Water Stasis device, Circuit Board, All farmable plants, mining, R&D, etc. Corporate Headquarters
03 Celab Galactic Adurma Phosphorus Sulphurine Industries Adurma Adurma II Phosphorus, Sulphurine collection
07 Celab Galactic AGT Liaison Office AGT Nexus AGT Embassy Propaganda, Scientific research sharing
12 CELAB Galactic Agutissye Trade Port AGT Celab Zeta Celab Zeta III Trading resources, R&R
B01 CELAB Galactic Brewski Cel-Cew AGT Cel-Cew Alpha Cel-Cew Alpha II R&R
09 Celab Galactic Dinopark AGT Nazaifus Cel-Nazaifus I Rangifae/diplos sightseeing
06 Celab Galactic Emeril Radon Production Umenod Umenod I Emeril, Radon collection
16 CELAB Galactic Euclid Center Ershoy-Sod XV Cel-Ershoy I
11 CELAB Galactic Goldcaddy Okinna Okinna I-GoldCaddy Gold, Cadmium, Magnetised Ferrite collection
13 CELAB Galactic KA Liaison Office Korvaxu KAscendancy Sol Propaganda, Scientific research sharing
15 CELAB Galactic Midway Skybase Cel-Midway III AGT Cel-Midway Orbital supplies, R&R
04 Celab Galactic Retho Pyrite Sulphur Industries Retho Celab Prime Retho Celab IV Pyrite, Sulphurine, Copper, Echinocactus collection
01 Celab Galactic Tientl Ammonia Works Tientl Noiru Ammonia, Salt, Fungal Mould collection
10 CELAB Galactic Vy'kea Liaison Office Mariner-Urtraali Daysnodle Beta Capilliary Shell collection. Business liaison with Vy'Kea Furniture Company
xx CELAB Galactic Unity 2019 Unification Day 2019 (PC) Unity XIX Alpha Representative to Unification Day 2019 event
05 CELAB Radiation Industries Edratf Edratf Celab II Radon, Uranium, Gamma Root collection
08 CELAB Galactic Omvarv Trading Post Omvarv New Rakian Traveller trading focused

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