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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

CELAB Galactic Industries
CELAB Galactic Industries
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Fiquencha
System Adurma
Headquarters Adurma Prime Water
Founded by celab99
Type LLC
Specialisation Farming/Manufacturing/Exploration
Services Stasis Device, Circuit Board
UCA member Yes
Platform PC
Release Synthesis

CELAB Galactic Industries is a fictional civilized space corporation.

Summary[edit | edit source]

CELAB Galactic Industries is a Civilized space corporation specializing in the exploration, farming, and manufacturing for use in various industrial, commercial, agricultural, residential, transportation, and security settings.

CELAB Galactic Industries (with its subsidiaries) currently directly employs four individuals (Chief of Farming, Chief of Weapons, Chief of Construction, Chief of Transport), all based in the Adurma system. CELAB Galactic Industries is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned by Celab99 who makes all decisions unilaterally.

Celab Galactic Industries industrial operations are mainly centered in the Fiquencha region of the Euclid galaxy.

As of 10 June 2019, it has supplementary resource collections or liaison/office operations in Cewhea Mass, Cudonok Band, Exhuan, Moccoye, Inakes Nebula, Racenuksmi, Ubcanu, and the Yihelli Quadrant. It is heavily focused on exploration in the Agutissye Quadrant.

Corporate Mission[edit | edit source]

"Exploring the Euclid galaxy...Documenting the Knowledge to live forever."

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Celab Galactic does not support the use of its products or services for violent ends, specifically including but not limited to:

  • Military applications - including rebellions, coups, invasions, espionage, system conflicts, etc.
  • Piracy - in star systems, the space between star systems and/or on planets, moons, asteroids and/or other natural or manufactured inhabitable surfaces
  • Criminal activity - includes hooliganism, thievery, etc.

Documentation Consignment Services[edit | edit source]

CELAB Galactic Industries is available on consignment to provide Wikipedia documentation services for YOUR discovery. Learn more about this service at CELAB Galactic Consignment Services.

Corporate Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • November, 2018: As Celab Galactic Tientl Ammonia Works prospered, it found itself in need of a larger and more complex supply chain of products such as Gamma Root, Coprite, Frost Crystal, etc. As The Tientl system is quite limited in resources, the founder decided to migrate to the neighbouring system of Adurma in Fiquencha which featured a more diverse resource base across its planets. Eventually it was determined to move to Adurma Prime Water, a lush planet that was more suitable for a permanent HQ. It had no storm activity whatsoever, had no toxicity or radiation effects, no hostile predators, and an extensive island chain system dotting large oceans. The new HQ was set up and over the period of several months a very large farm and manufacturing center were constructed to accommodate a high scale farming and production company, which became known as Celab Galactic Adurma Farms.
  • Dec 2018: Celab Galactic and its various subsidiaries proceeded to focus on farming, manufacturing, and amassing great wealth. Freighters were sent constantly several times each day to collect and plunder resources, conduct unscrupulous trade deals, and engage in bounty hunting for hire. The company was solely focused on collecting more units. In a short time it had amassed more wealth than it could ever need.
  • 24 January 2019: The CEO and founder, Celab99 grew bored with the constant demands of work associated with wealth collection and decided to chart the company on a new course. As a first step to a new mission for the company, Celab99 joined the Alliance of Galactic Travellers and had his company build a grandiose liaison office on the capital planet, AGT Embassy in AGT Nexus. Next the CEO decided to dedicate his company's future to advancement of exploration and collection of information and knowledge, in coordination with the AGT. The CEO became not just an explorer himself, but also made efforts to document and share the findings of the explorations with other travellers in the AGT Galactic Archives.
  • 15 April 2019: The company began initiation of a second starfleet, known as Starfleet Division B, based in AGT Cel-Cew Alpha. The intention is this starfleet will eventually lead the company into new galaxies.
  • 22 May 2019: CELAB Galactic announced on its Discord channel that it would provide consignment services for documentation of other company and traveller information on the NMS Gamepedia (Wiki).
  • June 2019: As the company prospered, it expanded across multiple star systems, and eventually amassed a fortune exceeding 3 billion units. It has now built a fleet of two divisions, Division A consisting of 30 frigates and a capital ship, the A-class AGT CA-34/4 Dreadnought capital ship, and division B consisting of a capital ship, 4 frigates and 4 starships as of June 30,2019.
  • July 1-7, 2019: The company actively participated in the Black Hole Suns mapping contest project and contributed 27 Black Hole source and destination pair systems in the Euclid galaxy.
  • July 8, 2019: After 10 months of exploration in Euclid, the company's first starship reached the Euclid galactic center, via the EndOfTheLine XVII star system.
  • Nov 21, 2019: Active exploration of the Hilbert Dimension resumed with the intention of establishing the company's first base outside the Euclid galaxy.
  • Dec 28, 2019: Active participation in Unification Day in the Euclid PC Normal galaxy.

CELAB Galactic continues to farm and manufacture products, but mainly in the support of the new charter mission of exploration for documentation.

Joining CELAB Galactic Industries[edit | edit source]

CELAB Galactic Industries is a Self-Envisioned Corporate Entity now focused mainly on exploration in the Euclid galaxy in PC Normal mode.

All systems and research are open to all Travellers. Any traveller is welcome to apply to join the CELAB Galactic Industries by joining player games on steam with user Celab99.

Recruits are advised that if they exhibit signs of violence, hostility, profanity, or damage a Company entity base then the traveller will be immediately and forcefully ejected from the company and banned from participating in future sessions.

If you own a company and wish to join the winning team, you must meet the following to qualify:

  • Be a NMS PC steam player
  • Open (if you don't have one already) an ID on the Gamepedia wiki for NMS (this site)
  • Agreed to document your explorations on this site
  • Join the AGT as first step to apply to join Celab Galactic

Contact the user Celab99 on steam to join in a Celab Galactic exploration session.

If you prefer to play in your own session, it is requested that you follow the naming convention rules for star systems names when you rename it and upload it to the galactic database.

CELAB Galactic Industries does not discriminate against potential employees, partners, allies, or customers based on race, sex, religious beliefs, age, or past affiliations. HOWEVER, if you are, or were, affiliated with certain organizations that have shown, or could show, aggression towards CELAB Galactic, you will be rejected. Current flagged organizations that shall warrant ejection include:

  • TBD

Corporate Conventions[edit | edit source]

See CELAB Galactic Naming Guidelines.

Administration Information[edit | edit source]

celab99 CEO & Chairman Celab Galactic PC/Normal Adurma Prime Water Noiru
Vacant COO & CIO PC/Normal vacant vacant
Vacant VP of Research & Development PC/Normal Vacant Vacant
Vacant Director of Personnel Department PC/Normal Vacant Vacant
Vacant Director of Propaganda PC/Normal Vacant Vacant
Vacant Director of Armed Security Services PC/Normal Vacant Vacant
'celab99 (acting) Chief Librarian for Gamepedia NMS PC/Normal Adurma Prime Water Noiru

Corporate Locations[edit | edit source]

See CELAB Galactic Corporate Locations.

Starfleet[edit | edit source]

See CELAB Galactic Starfleet

Explored Systems[edit | edit source]

See CELAB Galactic Explorations.

Fauna Records[edit | edit source]

Celab Galactic Industries maintains its own record of notable and largest fauna. The company archive record is can be found here.

Multi-Tool Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Celab Galactic Industries maintains its own record of Multi-tool discoveries. The company archive record can be found here.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Memberships[edit | edit source]

Organization Logo Notes
Alliance of Galactic Travellers AgtOfficialLogo.png None
Galactic Voyager Initiative Galactic Voyager Initiative.jpg None
United Corporate Alliance 1544407258385-01-01.jpg None

CELAB Galactic Info Channels[edit | edit source]

CELAB Galactic Industries can be contacted a number of ways:

On Steam: Using steamID celab99

On Twitter: @CelabGalactic

On Atlas Codex: Celab Galactic Industries

On Instagram: celabgalactic

On Discord:

a. Find our rep office on the Third Floor, Office 2 of the United Corporate Alliance discord group or click here for instant invite.

b. Our own discord server: here for instant invite

On Reddit: u/celabgalactic

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