Cactus Flesh

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Cactus Flesh
Cactus Flesh
Category Flora
Type Harvested Agricultural Substance
Rarity Rare
Total Value 28.0 Units.png
Used for Building, Crafting
Symbol Cc
Release Beyond

Cactus Flesh is a resource.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Cactus Flesh (Cc) is a resource and one of the Harvested Agricultural Substance flora elements.

Game description[edit | edit source]

Succulent, edible cactus flesh from the Echinocactus plant. As well as being juicy on the tongue, the flesh has many industrial uses.

The Echinocactus thrives only on desert planets, but can be farmed in all environments with the aid of a Hydroponics Tray..

Sources[edit | edit source]

As described in the Game description, this element can be recovered from specific Echinocactus plants in desert/barren biomes.

It can also be found mixed with carbon in carbon-based plants or trees. For easy discovery, scan these flora with your visor and see what elements are in them. 

It should be noted that the spawn rate for the "classic" Echinocactus plants is really low and is easier to find the element mixed with other flora found on barren planets

With assistance from a Farmer, Cactus Flesh can also be grown as a product of the Echinocactus plant, with a harvest time of 16 hours and a yield of 156.

Refining[edit | edit source]

Cactus Flesh can be refined using a Refiner with the following (combinations of) ingredients:

Cactus Flesh is used as an ingredient for refining the following products:

Crafting[edit source]

Cactus Flesh is used as a blueprint ingredient when crafting the following products:

Beyond[edit source]

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      Crafting (previous releases)[edit source]

      Note: the following items/recipes using Cactus Flesh are obsolete:

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            Additional information[edit | edit source]

            • The "Cc" symbol for this material is probably short for "Cucrassula," the name for the edible substance which comes from this plant, baked and eaten by Gek (and possibly other races).
            • In Latin, the original name of this element means eunuch or castrated.

            Release history[edit | edit source]

            • Foundation - Added as a resource.
            • Atlas Rises - Renamed from Spadonium (Sp) to Cactus Flesh. Value changed, previously it was worth 178.8 Units.png each.
            • NEXT - It can be refined.
            • Visions - Hidden changes: The information panel has an additional icon indicating its purpose.
            • Beyond - yield changed from 100

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