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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Calypso Travellers Foundation (CTF)
Calypso Travellers Foundation (CTF)
Galaxy Calypso
Quadrant Alpha
Region CTF Zone
Capital system AGT Foundation Star CTF
Capital planet Capital Foundation
Coordinates 0689:0083:043E:0037
Founded by Bufalo04
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4
Release Atlas Rises
Disambig.png This article is about the Atlas Rises version of the community. For the Pathfinder version, see Calypso Travelers Foundation.

The Calypso Travellers Foundation is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Calypso Travellers Foundation or (CTF) is a Civilized Space community focused on exploring a specific area of the Calypso galaxy with other players.

Known as the Calypso Travelers Foundation prior to the Atlas Rises update, the CTF left their old CTF Sector to found a new zone of the Calypso galaxy called the CTF Zone. As part of that move, they renamed their organization to the "Calypso Travellers Foundation".

(CTF) is the AGT Archival Council representative for AGT Calypso Embassy.

Alliance of Galactic Travellers[edit | edit source]

The CTF is a founding ambassador and current voting member for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers. Having grown in system size and Traveller participation, the AGT nominated the CTF for independent representation to the NMS Federation of Hubs.

Locations[edit | edit source]

CTF Zone[edit | edit source]

The CTF Zone is an area of space in the Calypso galaxy formed by several regions (currently 16) interlaced with each other forming a cluster of spirals around the central region in a radius of approximately 2.000 light years around.

The “CTF Zone” is located in the Alpha quadrant of Calypso. It is in this area that the Calypso Travellers Foundation established its Capital.

CTF Capital[edit | edit source]

The AGT Foundation Star CTF star system is the Capital for the Calypso Travellers Foundation

CTF Embassy[edit | edit source]

The hub for the CTF as an embassy and reference point for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers in the Calypso galaxy is the AGT Calypso embassy CTF star system (PS4 ). This old embassy is still located in the Yashimih Quadrant region, belonging to the Old CTF Sector .

A study is underway in conjunction with the AGT Archival Council to change the location of the embassy.

CTF commander[edit | edit source]

CTF director[edit | edit source]

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

CTF Sector Gateway[edit | edit source]

The CTF Sector Portal is a portal located on the Old CTF Sector.

Eissentam Route[edit | edit source]

The Eissentam Route is a series of portals located in the center of each galaxy, from the Calypso galaxy to the Eissentam galaxy, activated by the CTF commander, marking a fast route on its way to the new foundation in Eissentam. The Eissentam Travellers Foundation

CTF Portals[edit | edit source]

CTF Portals

See the CTF Portals page.

Coordinates[edit | edit source]

Coordinates for the capital star system of the Calypso Travellers Foundation


Lore[edit | edit source]

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

legend says...

In a remote location in the Euclid galaxy, a son of a dissident from the ancient galactic empire spent his days among his quantum physics studies and in his free time in the tavern of an old healer, listening to incredible stories about a distant galaxy beyond the Hilbert Dimension. They were amazing stories about incredible places and an impressive sky bathed in the deep purple of Calypso.

Those stories left a mark on that young adventurer and since then he had only one objective... to travel to the Calypso galaxy and establish there his new home. During these years he managed to equip his ship AGT Alice CTF with a powerful hyperturbo and along with a small fleet embarked on his long trip to the stars.

CTF Divisions[edit | edit source]

Logo Division Director Description
F5BFECC3-E783-49BF-988E-A90CE638FC82.png Capital Bufalo04 CTF Capital division is the division of the CTF commander and works in conjunction with the other divisions. Focuses on the capital of CTF and its entire region.
IMG 0832.PNG Embassy ogre_magi CTF Embassy division is the division of the CTF Director and works in conjunction with the other divisions. Focuses on the AGT Calypso Embassy of CTF and its entire region.
IMG 0785b.png Discoveries DEADMAN444
CTF Discoveries division is focused on all kinds of discoveries ... especially in star systems, planets, notable locations, flora and fauna.
IMG 0834c.png History CTF History division is focused on the history of CTF as fan fiction in relation to the game NMS. A story of fiction parallel to the game from the fantasy vision of the players immersed in the NMS universe with the particular script of CTF
IMG 0851.PNG Scientific CTF Scientific division is focused on all kinds of research... especially in relation to fauna, monoliths, ruins, portals, interstellar travel, notable locations, bases and any special phenomenon that may arise
IMG 0835.PNG Art CTF Art division is focused on the rigorous documentation of photo and video and the capture of curious and interesting images across the galaxy

Notices[edit | edit source]

  • Establishment of the “CTF Zone” (26/09/2017)

NMS Travellers Foundation[edit | edit source]

Calypso Travellers Foundation and Eissentam Travellers Foundation are twinned.

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