Carnivorous Flora

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Carnivorous Flora

Carnivorous Flora, known for its whipping attack, is a plant species that reacts to the presence of the player.

They are scattered abundantly on planet surfaces where flora is present and have an attack range of about two meters. Damage will occur to the player whether they are on foot or inside an Exocraft vehicle. Like other Flora, they do not show up on scans but they can be scanned with your Analysis Visor. They provide carbon when destroyed with a Multi-tool, but remain unharmed if driven over. Destroying them doesn't appear to alert Sentinels. They can be seen easily by their glowing pattern that appears on your display.

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Variations[edit | edit source]

The stem, leaves and growth form change from planet to planet. There is only one species of carnivorous plant per planet. The leaves on the base appear to be always the same.

Stem[edit | edit source]

Leaves[edit | edit source]

Growth Form[edit | edit source]

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