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Emblem for the United Federation of Travelers.
Federation Civilizations in Euclid from the Pathfinder update. Created by Reddit user Acolatio.

The United Federation of Travelers, more often just called the Federation, is a republic of Civilized space zones (communities of players) in the Euclid, Hilbert, and Calypso galaxies. It was formed on April 15, 2017, and went public on April 25, 2017.

The Federation's purpose is to unite civilizations behind universally beneficial goals without hindering any sovereign civilization's customs or practices, and to assist in the founding of new civilizations in the first three galaxies.

While fan-fiction/roleplay elements can be involved, the Federation is mainly concerned only with actual gameplay features related to Civilized space. Federation Civilizations are left to manage their own fan-fiction/roleplaying/lore.

The Federation's main website is the Federation Subreddit.

Here is a list of Civilizations part of the United Federation of Travelers: