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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.
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There are multiple versions of the AGT Census page based on game release.

Census - Alliance of Galactic Travellers is a census page.

Summary & Guidelines[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This page is intended to provide a legitimate Traveller count for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers.

For purposes of this census, we define an AGT Traveller as someone who complies with the AGT Naming Conventions on all claimed star systems.

Census Instructions[edit | edit source]

  • If you have multiple saves in multiple galaxies, it is appropriate to add each as long as they are active accounts. This allows us to see density per galaxy - however for the purposes of defining overall AGT population we will only count each PSN/Steam ID once regardless of galaxies occupied and game modes utilised.
  • Please do not add creative game mode details unless that is the only mode used for the specific PSN/Steam ID.
  • If you do not currently have information to enter for a given category, just leave it blank. Do not put "TBD," "N/A," "None," or similar phrases.
  • Please do not include coordinates or glyph information. This page is purely a membership count and is not intended to take the place of any specific wikipedia page entries for individual star systems or planets.
  • The 'registered' column is designed to capture the date information was added to this census, not the date an individual first joined the AGT. If you wish to specify the date you joined, please include it in parentheses after the main date.

Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.

Census[edit | edit source]

The AGT currently has members in the Euclid, Hilbert Dimension, Calypso, Hyades, Budullangr, Eissentam, Rerasmutul, Doctinawyra, Xobeurindj, Indjalala and Iousongola galaxies.

PS4/NORMAL[edit | edit source]

PSN/Steam ID reddit name Galaxy Home System Registered Comments
zaz_ariins zazariins Euclid AGT Firstfall 14/08/2019
zazariins zazariins Hilbert AGT Serre SCC 14/08/2019
zazariins zazariins Budullangr HUB1-C8 Sendiherra AGT 14/08/2019
zaz_ariins zazariins Eissentam AGT Ten Hang 14/08/2019
zaz_ariins zazariins Doctinawyra AGT Mosfelts-Eya 14/08/2019
zaz_ariins zazariins Xobeurindj 14/08/2019
zaz_ariins zazariins Iousongola 14/08/2019
Khazidia dudeberg Euclid 21/08/2019
Benjammindica Euclid HUB1-203 Gigantic 21/08/2019
ogre_magi ogre_magi_mutly Eissentam 21/08/2019
Traveller598 Euclid 21/08/2019
Dusk118 Euclid / Elkupalos 22/08/2019
mr_phishead Euclid AGT Fever Cloud 25/08/2019
bionicheart70 Euclid AGT Fever Cloud 25/08/2019
RLS1029 Euclid AGT Okanni Prime 25/08/2019
Agarthan Euclid 25/08/2019
CrashDowning CrashDowning Hilbert AGT Downgaard III 26/08/2019
Naba420 Eissentam 26/08/2019
HoLLoWpOiNt_80 Hilbert AGT Vomiviko 27/08/2019
viv87 Euclid 29/08/2019
lLuKeSkYWaLKeRr Euclid 02/09/2019
Buzzo_08-73 Euclid AGT Oomoro 10/09/2019
Buzzo_08-73 Eissentam AGT Yespadeli 10/09/2019
Patholas86 patholas8 Euclid AGT Asimov (Yihelli) 10/09/2019
Halogengirlie Halogengirlie Euclid AGT Nexus 10/09/2019
Halogengirlie2 Halogengirlie Hilbert Dimension AGT Emuira 10/09/2019
Halogengirlie2 Halogengirlie Eissentam AGT Emuira 10/09/2019
SirDannyMacFinn SirDannyMacFinn Calypso 10/09/2019
Vercana _Vercana_ Euclid AGT Ozawac (Milland) 10/09/2019
Vercana _Vercana_ Euclid AGT Amalthea (Yihelli) 10/09/2019
Vercana_AGT _Vercana_ Euclid TOG(3)-112 Embassy of AGT 10/09/2019
ProjectMayhem598 Euclid AGT Tra La La 10/09/2019
Wolfwithredroses Euclid AGT Firstfall 10/09/2019
Drizzleditch Euclid AGT Nexus 10/09/2019
Zep1976 Euclid AGT Firstfall 10/09/2019
Scoutdabiker Euclid 10/09/2019
KU-JKelley wjkelleyku Euclid AGT Nexus 10/09/2019
RobertN76 Euclid AGT Paradisium II 15/09/2019
mewsguy Euclid 10/11/2019
Slugbugwhite Euclid AGT Mitidadus 12/20/2019

PC/NORMAL[edit | edit source]

PSN/Steam ID reddit name Galaxy Home System Registered Comments
AGT SethX Eissentam AGT SethX Home 08/21/2019
Shuffledog Eissentam Eissentam Traveller Foundation Star 08/31/2019
AGT SethX Euclid AGT Nexus 08/21/2019
Axeldead Euclid AGT Grajoranu Supercluster 02/09/2019
Celab99 celabgalactic Euclid Adurma 08/11/2019
Celab99 celabgalactic Hilbert Dimension AGT Cel-Idjacta 02/20/2020
Ghuyajil SABvdF Euclid AGT Terra Pax Ghuya 10/09/2019
jak_shadwin Jakaal Euclid Urcadia 26/08/2019
Tommy D Kat Euclid AGT Newora 21/08/2019
Zen Amatin ZenAmatin Euclid AGT Muri II 08/21/2019
afwings afwings Hyades 10/09/2019
TeTeSCH Euclid AGT Uklad Jeden 04/01/2020 EU datetime
Torqemada TotalNefariousness7 Eissentam Eissentam Traveller Foundation Star 21/01/2020
Perffiath Perffiath Euclid Ogerfiell 26/03/2020

XBOX[edit | edit source]

XBox Gamertag reddit name Galaxy Home System Registered Comments
Finious Finious_Fingers Euclid AGT Nexus 08/20/2019
DadLuvsGod69 Eissentam 08/21/2019
darkness939 Euclid Keshanion XIII 12/03/2020
Vash T 1 S maya_tech_corp Hyades Mayazki 03/29/2020

OTHER[edit | edit source]

PSN/Steam ID reddit name Galaxy Home System Registered Comments
zazariins zazariins Euclid AGT Vendredi-Saint 08/14/2019 PS4 - Permadeath
Khazid_Blade dudeberg Eissentam 21/08/2019 PS4 - Survival
ogre_magi ogre_magi_mutly Calypso 21/08/2019 PS4 - Survival
AGT SethX Euclid AGT Nexus 21/08/2019 PC - Permadeath
Vercana _Vercana_ Euclid AGT Amalthea (Yihelli) 10/09/2019 PS4 - Permadeath
Zep1976 Euclid 10/09/2019 PS4 - Permadeath
BassLunatic Euclid 08/05/2020 PC - Creative