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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
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There are multiple versions of the AGT Census page based on game release.

Census - Alliance of Galactic Travellers is a census page.

Summary & Guidelines

NOTE: This page is intended to provide a legitimate Traveller count for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers.

For purposes of this census, we define an AGT Traveller as someone who complies with the AGT Naming Conventions on all claimed star systems.

Census Instructions

  • If you have multiple saves in multiple galaxies, it is appropriate to add each as long as they are active accounts. This allows us to see density per galaxy - however for the purposes of defining overall AGT population we will only count each PSN/Steam ID once regardless of galaxies occupied and game modes utilised.
  • Please do not add creative game mode details unless that is the only mode used for the specific PSN/Steam ID.
  • If you do not currently have information to enter for a given category, just leave it blank. Do not put "TBD," "N/A," "None," or similar phrases.
  • Please do not include coordinates or glyph information. This page is purely a membership count and is not intended to take the place of any specific wikipedia page entries for individual star systems or planets.

Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.


The AGT currently has members in the Euclid, Hilbert Dimension, Calypso, Hyades, Budullangr, Eissentam, Rerasmutul, Doctinawyra, Xobeurindj, Indjalala and Iousongola galaxies.


PSN/Steam ID reddit name Galaxy Home System Comments
crush40rocks Eissentam Eissentam Travellers Foundation Star
zaz_ariins zazariins Euclid AGT Firstfall
zaz_ariins zazariins Doctinawyra AGT Mosfelts-Eya
zaz_ariins zazariins Hilbert Dimension AGT Serre SCC
Zozma916 Hilbert Dimension AGT Travelers Zen
Zozma916 Euclid Freighter based
Jon_Dragon Doctinawyra AGT Ventress
Jakegar5 Euclid AGT Generosity
TK-2069 Euclid AGT Zayvaye
Buzzo_08-73 Euclid AGT Oomoro
Buzzo_08-73 Eissentam AGT Yespadeli
Red-Til-I-Die Eissentam Alpha Majoris
mochemonz aKugelblitz Euclid AGT Spherus Magnus
Dusk118 Eissentam AGT-CETC Eventide
ogre_magi ogre_magi_mutly Eissentam Eissentam Travellers Foundation Star
ogre_magi ogre_magi_mutly Euclid Freighter based
zeff013 zeff013 Euclid Freighter based
crashdowning tkdowning Hilbert Dimension AGT Klaatuvale
Patholas86 patholas Euclid AGT Dunroamin' (Milland)
Patholas86 patholas Euclid AGT Asimov (Yihelli)
viv87 viv_87 Euclid AGT Gadigal
oELTOROo Euclid AGT Prime 1
JacenKas Eissentam AGT Atlantia EFT
MisterElbows72 Euclid AGT Delphic Expanse
Halogengirlie Halogengirlie Euclid AGT Nexus
Halogengirlie2 Halogengirlie Hilbert Dimension AGT Emuira
Halogengirlie2 Halogengirlie Eissentam AGT Emuira
SirDannyMacFinn SirDannyMacFinn Euclid AGT Voyager's Rest
Poppop3208 Euclid AGT Iotsuu-Orki
Vercana _Vercana_ Euclid AGT Ozawac (Milland)
Vercana _Vercana_ Euclid AGT Amalthea (Yihelli)
Vercana_AGT _Vercana_ Euclid TOG(3)-112 Embassy of AGT
Sergiossj3 Euclid AGT Andromeda's Black Eye
Sovsigryden Euclid AGT Gravy
ProjectMayhem598 Euclid AGT Thundera
Antearieo Euclid AGT - BFE
Wolfwithredroses Euclid AGT Wazakita-lots
tigershark0052 Euclid Zukagaha-Ouch IX
OZZ'IFLYS Euclid AGT Smurf Village
Drizzleditch Euclid AGT Atzenna
Lord_Drhakke Euclid
Jauhncley Euclid
TimTheGreat1125 Euclid AGT Illuminati
TechPixie Euclid
HoLLoWpOiNt_80 SirLoinClaymore Hilbert Dimension AGT Erlaskoda SCC
FreddyFresh333 8blacksheep8 Hilbert Dimension AGT Predel
Kueball2 Hilbert Dimension AGT Ages of Atris
Psyny Hilbert Dimension AGT #sny - Evrosk Ider
Beludon Hilbert Dimension AGT Vellos Z
Jonny_diego Hilbert Dimension AGT Diego's Home
Reaper0323836 Euclid
Bufalo04 Bufalo04 Eissentam Eissentam Travellers Foundation Star
Bcnuby Bcnuby Euclid AGT Fidelio
Bcnuby Bcnuby Eissentam AGT New Nassau
d0mIINus4o4 dominus4 Eissentam AGT Dominius Alpha
mr_phishead Euclid Bionicheart Xanadu Love
HoLLoWpOiNt_80 SirLoinClaymore Eissentam AGT Adelphous
Brutal_Doomguy Eissentam AGT Uzi Low-Blow
Deadman444 Eissentam AGT Discoveries Division ETF
mzpb Iousongola AGT Chvalis
NBTsnoman Euclid AGT Olympus
JohanMarin92 Euclid AGT Mordor
Scylax_in_Elysiu I-am-Scylax Eissentam
himshieland Doctinawyra AGT Area 51
IvillisGrant Euclid Freighter based
Zep1976 Euclid AGT Tatoo
Scoutdabiker Euclid AGT System
paladin_butterz Euclid
TheHAJJ724 Euclid Hacang
PunisHER_Holes Euclid AGT Kurtopia Empire Alpha
TheSebax-11 AnxSnow Euclid Onyria
fan_boy_420 Euclid
Pictmatrix Euclid Inpu-Gozhy
Pictmatrix Eissentam
Benjammindica Euclid HUB1-203 Gigantic
Deanf420 Euclid HUB1-203 Gigantic
zazariins zazariins Euclid AGT Eras Of Entropy
zazariins zazariins Budullangr HUB1-C8 Sendiherra AGT
eiruurushi eiruuru Hilbert Dimension Freighter Based
legendery_liam95 Legendaryliam95 Hilbert Dimension AGT Laggers inc
N0SenseG4ming N0SenseGaming Euclid AGT Ewan McGregor
Unfeeling_Ninja Euclid Freighter based
WaldoDaBigBomb Hilbert Dimension Freighter based
tiller323 Hilbert Dimension Freighter based
Ziljheim TheRealZiljheim Euclid Freighter
Morphieus312 Morphieus312 Euclid HUB10-6A Queztacoatl's Sun
lollmckj Euclid Freighter based
SpellzNSht SpellzNSht Euclid
Khazid_Blade Dudeberg Hilbert Dimension Freighter Based
OOooeeww Euclid Freighter Based
PushLogic Euclid
Temple182 Euclid AGT-Forever
DarkKnight-NJD Euclid AGT Delphic Expanse
KU-JKelley wjkelleyku Euclid Freighter-Based
Slugbugwhite Hilbert Dimension Freighter-Based
VaporDevice Euclid AGT Firstfall


PSN/Steam ID reddit name Galaxy Home System Comments
Wheatception u/wheatception Hyades Freighter based Joined 18/8/24
EruckJaymz u/eofa Euclid
afwings u/afwings Hyades
Ghuyajil u/SABvdF Euclid AGT Terra Pax Ghuya
zeff013 u/zeff013 Euclid ETARC Ropolet Dark Energy
[AGT] Gnarly Tango u/GnarlyTango Euclid AGT Davern
SethX Euclid AGT Sembokuc
SethX Eissentam AGT Grizzly Hills
SethX Indjala Freighter based
SugaikinoviExplorer u/g5457s Euclid AGT Tuoheko 2 regions away from Yihelli
AGT Ellen Stardust u/Sterretraan Euclid Many bases + freighter
kliktrak u/kliktrak Euclid Robentham VIII
Tommy-D-Kat Euclid AGT Bowen III,
Scott Fischer Euclid AGT Asudorma-Hogaw
YukiSensei Euclid AGT Ujiyosh VIII
Chirpy Bear Euclid AGT Yiijint
Mad_Irishman Euclid
Hari_Seldon Ekwatore Freighter based,
Eudiamon Budullangr Freighter based,
ViktorKrugar Euclid Aixuno
Greendroid Eissentam HQ Greendroids Enterprises
Greendroid Euclid Tevuetu XIX
Greendroid Calypso Greendroid
Akluzak Euclid Don't have one
IanM32 u/TridentWielder Eissentam Freighter/Nomadic
Colonel_Mustard u/tiloubrunet Euclid Freighter Based
Zen Amatin Zen Amatin Euclid AGT Muri II
NewpieBox (Xeriah) Euclid Freighter Based.
DevonSun Euclid Freighter based
[47LG] Dralzen Euclid AGT Forest
Benvillelandia Budullangr AGT Hirphy-Hab
Eric The Viking Euclid
rythos42 u/rythos42 Euclid Fahngel-Tayn
lwolfe Euclid AGT:LW24 - Tukinsky
talin.wind u/Talinwind Euclid
Shuffledog u/KingOfAllBacon Eissentam
celab99 u/celabgalactic Euclid Adurma Prime Water CELAB Galactic Industries
AGT PonyMayo Euclid Nomad / Freighter Base
Jefuslives Euclid AGT Nexus Main base on Embassy planet
JamTarty u/JamTarty Euclid
Axeldead Hesperius AGT Axeldead Starsystem
Whoopy u/user9mill Euclid Freighter/Nomadic


Xbox Gamer Tag reddit name Galaxy Home System Comments
Saltypandah Euclid Kagill
Mars Descending Euclid Freighter based
Malphas Bael Euclid Freighter based
Leo056 Euclid AGT Lion
ModernDragoon73 Euclid Freighter based
SubtleEel4 Euclid Kitsune
Cookin84 Euclid Freighter based
Finious Euclid Freighter based
darkness939 Euclid Keshanion XIII
ColeFnLedet elocfntedel Euclid AGT Umensa VII
Griffinred17 Euclid Freighter based


PSN/Steam ID reddit name Galaxy Home System Game Mode PC/PS4 Comments
ogre_magi ogre_magi_mutly Hilbert Dimension Freighter based Permadeath PS4
ogre_magi ogre_magi_mutly Calypso Freighter based Survival PS4
SugaikinoviExplorer g5457s Rerasmutul Egionetsk Survival PC
AzraelGhost Euclid Klookwob Survival PS4
Vercana _Vercana_ Euclid Freighter based Survival PS4
Vercana _Vercana_ Euclid AGT Amalthea (Yihelli) Permadeath PS4
Eudiamon Euclid Freighter based Survival PC
Joshbell783 Ziana123 Survival PC
Pictmatrix Eissentam Survival PS4
M'vy mvyonline Euclid Kokoll Survival PC
zazariins zazariins Euclid AGT Vendredi-Jean Permadeath PS4
Whoopy user9mill Euclid AGT Bashvi-Cotic Permadeath PC
Yuuta1094 patotoy1094 Eissentam AGT Tizensky Creative PC Joined 6/29/2019, Exclusively On Creative for Account to Travel, Explore, and Document