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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.
Disambig.png This article is about the Amino Hub Eissentam census. For the Amino Hub Euclid census, see Census - Amino Hub.
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Census - Amino Hub Eissentam is a census page.

Summary & Guidelines[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This page is only for arrivals in the Amino Hub in the Nuponggien Band region of the Eissentam galaxy. Please include the following information:

  • Steam / Playstation Network / XBox Live username
  • Reddit/Twitter username
  • Your base(s). If you have a "main base," list it first & in bold font.
  • Platform PC/PS4/Xbox
  • Game Mode. If you play on more than one game mode within the AH Eissentam, it is recommended (but not required) to create a separate census entry for each mode.

Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.

  • Add all new entries at the BOTTOM of the list.
  • If you do not currently have information to enter for a given category, just leave it blank. Do not put "TBD," "N/A," "None," or similar phrases.

Census[edit | edit source]

Steam/PSN/XBL Name Reddit / Social Media Name Base(s) / Base Location(s) Platform Game Mode
Niblet2121 Aisenn -AH PS4 Permadeath
BoidGamingYoutub BoidGaming & @BoidGaming (twitter) The Amino Hub Embassy PS4 Normal
mjarka66 Fallout Vault 16 PS4 Normal
Jefuslives Aisenn PC Normal
polo_elpida @Polo_Elpida Nuponggien Band // Cafe 42 PS4 Normal
retska Nuponggien Band PS4 PermaDeath
Niblet2121 Aiseen -AH PC Permadeath
Niblet2121 Aisenn -AHGarak 95/CG PC Normal
Inkō PS4 Creative
dg_squared dg_squared Ps4 Normal
Olympix Nuponggien Band PS4 Creative
snortler Aisenn -AH PS4 Normal
Mjarka66 Nuponggien Band PS4 Creative
Niblet2121 Nuponggien Band PC Creative
McDBigMac Nuponggien Band PC Normal
VaSt Evolve Garak 95/CG PS4 Normal
Zenix Zenix [AH] Legacy Nuponggien Band Xbox Normal
NMS_Survival_Guru NMS_Survival_Guru PS4 Permadeath
sodaconrocks SpaceArtGek Yovoch Orbital -AH PS4 Normal
staticFinale Nuponggien Band PC Normal
Swisher1961 9 different bases in Nuponggien Band PS4 Normal
Swisher1961 PS4 Creative
Kile Juker Nuponggien Band PS4 Normal
Beeblebum Beeblebum on YT Many bases in Nuponggien Band PS4 Normal
Beeblebum Beeblebum on YT The Polar Express PS4 Creative
monkeytoes02 Nuponggien Band PS4 Normal/Creative