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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.

This article was catalogued by the Cosmic Cooperative.

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Cosmic Cooperative Census is a census page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This page is for arrivals to the Cosmic Cooperative.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

The data entered into the Census is taken from user-submitted applications via AppBot in the Cosmic Cooperative Discord

The application asks the following questions:

  • Your PC/PS4/Xbox name
  • Discord name with #xxxx
  • Reddit/Twitter name, if any
  • Home Location (Base does not need to be present) — can be Star system, Planet, and/or Colony
  • Game mode(s)
  • Platform(s)
  • Date of arrival at region

In addition, players with multiple saves/platforms can be listed more than once.

However, if you are not in the NMS Cosmic Cooperative Discord, you can enter in the Census manually. Leave the last row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.

Census[edit | edit source]

Nickname PSN/PC/XBL Name Discord Username Reddit / Twitter Username Home Location Game Mode Platform Date
Moon Cookies M00N-C00K1ES M00N-C00K1ES#1218 M00N-C00KIES Ankara (CC)

Sunny Shores Oldato (CC)

Normal PS4 8/1/19
IM_KAT IM_KAT Yovkin-Bilda Normal PS4 8/1/19
Mercurius Mercurius129 @Mercurius129 Videterp Normal PS4 8/1/19
Slastin Slastin Iamitic (CC) Survival PS4 Unknown
GuessWhoGames GuessWhoGames Icroml PS4 8/1/2019
TapeGhosts tapeghosts TapeGhosts#6324 Emyach VI Normal PS4 8/8/19
Paraguin Paraguin Paraguin#9617 EJA_Paraguin Paraguin’s Home Normal PC 8/9/2019
Lilith MrPlinky Lilith#6024 Beef-Boys Porky Paradise Normal PC 8/10/19
The Majestic Sleeping Bag Mateon The Majestic Sleeping Bag#7528 Normal PC 8/11/19
Cablecabe Cablecabe Cablecabe#1936 Mascosk Sunny Shores Normal PS4 8/11/19
Alex Ninjaduck14 alex.#6488 Myrese (CC) Survival PS4 8/11/19
Soldato Eterno Soldato Eterno0 Ankara (CC) (Xbox) Xbox 8/10/19
Lucy ShapeKiwi101 LooseSea6#0325 u/LooseSea6 Reyan (CC)

Sunny Shores

Normal PS4 8/11/19
Halfabattle360 FilalDevotion1 Halfabattle#5662 Bone Junction (CC) Normal Xbox 8/11/2019
Mickey TetricideXM Mickey Wit Da Blicky#1797 SHINEnotSHADE Moonla (CC) Normal PS4 8/11/2019
TruthSpiderX TruthSpiderX TruthSpiderX#3316 OrbitalXGames Ankara (CC) Normal PS4 8/12/19
Cablecabe Cablecabe Cablecabe#1936 Mascosk Ankara (CC) (Xbox) Normal Xbox 8/12/19
Cablecabe Cablecabe Cablecabe#1936 Mascosk PC
Alpha AIphaQu Λlpha#7256 yanchu0612 @TrixOfficia1 Ankara (CC) Normal PS4 8/12/19
TruthSpiderX TruthSpiderX TruthSpiderX#3316 OrbitalXGames Sandy Shores Normal PC 8/12/19
the guys Nmi1969 the guys#7691 Jedidog052 Desoto (CC) Normal PS4 8/13/19
Tstach Tstach14 Tstach14#4915 Tay0124 Anu (CC) Normal PS4 8/13/19
Miku miku_mikuuuuu Miku#6917 unknown Myrese (CC)

Sunny Shores

Normal PS4 8/13/2019
Randy THATCRAZYNIG Randy#9440 Sunny Shores Survival PC 8/13/2019
Centurese centurese centurese#1130 centurese Keyar (CC) Normal PC 8/13/19
TruthSpiderX TruthSpiderX TruthSpiderX#3316 OrbitalXGames Sukia (CC) Normal PS4 (PSVR Save) 8/14/19
SeriousQuesadilla Chrispiest SeriousQuesadilla#7121 SeriousQuesadilla Pugan (CC) Normal PS4 8/15/19
Sam Xerxes Amairca02 Sam Xerxes#6687 Amairca Anu (CC) Normal PS4 8/16/19
Finn Craaky Finn#8070 Aresisis Craaky Star Normal PS4 8/16/19
Fresh Fresh Fresh#3301 Searching Survival PC 8/16/19
PrinceOfSnarkness PrinceOfSnarkness PrinceOfSnarkness#3183 Normal PC 8/17/2019
SlyVaticTom SlyvacticAtom29 Slyvatictom#5888 CC regions Normal PC 8/19/19
Moon Cookies M00N-C00K1ES M00N-C00K1ES#1218 M00N-C00KIES Permadeath PS4 8/20/19
Marc Marc Marc#0452 MarcOrtego Sunny Shores colony PC Normal PC 8/21/19
Kazoobie Kazoobie Kazoobie#3675 sunny shores normal pc 8/25/19
Cheeze OOF_CheezeNugget Cheeze#4629 OOF_CheezeNugget Dozhna-Tee Normal PS4 8/25/19
Sheo Sheo Sheo#7601 Normal PC 8/19/19
CapnStankBeard CapnStankBeard CapnStankBeard#8056 CapnStankBeard Sunny Shores Normal PS4
EduHPrado Exlain EduHPrado#7097 EduHPrado Deyzen (CC) Normal PC 8/30/19
Radd_Blaster Radd_Blaster.TTV Radd_Blaster#0817 SS Normal PC 8/30/19
derfedzarecomin derfedzarecoming2 derfedzarecomin#3498 Survival PC 08/17/19
GlowingOne GlowingOne GlowingOne#0453 Hariba V Normal PC 8/31/2019
Vlad MisticBasalisk Vlad Lad#6118 Survival PC 8/30//2019
zephyrr zephyrr/dumpsterbaby zephyrr Gionez (CC) Creative Xbox
Lobos TheEonsTorn Lobos#6409 TheEonsTorn90 Poyorsk (CC) Survival Xbox 8/28/2019
InfinityTraveler RYANspencer457 InfinityTraveler#3741 Normal PS4 9/9/2019
Mr.PureOfHeart Mr.PureOfHeart Mr.PureOfHeart#6372 Nisepp (CC) Normal PC 9/3/2019
Extreme Brock EXTREMEBROCK EXTREMEBROCK#6411 Heulia (CC) Normal PS4 8/31/2019
Joao Joao Joao Bosta#4539 kuao Aizeta Normal PC 9/1/2019
ElectricCloud ElectricCloud55 ElectricCloud#7893 ElectricCloud55 Sunny Shores colony


Normal PS4 9/1/2019
Independable Independable independable#5932 independableps4 GameStation (CC) Normal PS4 9/1/2019
DopeAF BaptisteGuillory ÐöpëÂF#6561 readyandvrable Normal PS4 8/22/2019
LiamJoe great-day-for-joe LiamJoe#9520 liamjoe1 ? Normal PS4 9/1/2019
PowerPop PowerPop1234 PowerPop#5085 Sukia (CC) Normal PS4 9/1/2019
Sweet🌼 Multisweet Sweet#9151 Multisweet



Sunny Shores

Creative & Normal PS4 9/2/2019
Orange yarmon62 Orange#7502 Searching Normal PC 9/5/2019
burgerlord24 burgerlord24 burgerlord24 burgerlord24 cosmic cooprative creative PS4 13/13/19
Vern Vern1059 Vernon1059#1549 Vern1059 Normal Xbox 9/3/2019
Flo exlain Nambia (CC) Normal PC 9/4/19
BlindedGoat xGhostParisitex Blindəd_Goæt#9241 Lucario (CC) Creative Xbox 9/2/2019
Enigma Enigma Enigma#8664 Enigma1798 hoppalil (cc) Normal PS4 9/4/2019
Infinite Curse InfinateCurse Infinite Curse#2008 searching PS4 9/5/2019
SirLoin0fBeef46 SirLoin0fBeef46 SirLoin0fBeef46#2011 Ulia (CC) Normal Xbox 8/28/2019
Mr. Mailbox Mr_Mailbox Mr_Mailbox#1785 LieutenantDanTheMan Normal PC 9/1/2019
theEND theEND235 theEND#5720 CC Nanite Industry Normal PS4 9/6/2019
Buck Buck Buck#1808 Gr8_Buns Buck's System Normal 9/4/2019
Agraewyth none 9/7/2019
Deitus Deitus666 Deitus#3879 Searching Normal Xbox
TasteeOohs TasteeOohs TasteeOohs#0283 TasteeOohs Ooogle Normal PS4 9/8/2019
Starfighter CaptainAqua3249 Starfighter#1426 Looking for a good Dead World Normal Xbox
Maria🐬Delfin MariaDelfines Maria🐬Delfin#2207 @MaryDolphins4 Mundo de los Delfines Normal Xbox 9/9/2019
JShanks Shanks JShanks#8338 jshanksgraphics Normal PC 9/8/2019
KingLoneWolf96 CST kinglonewolf96 Ḱᓰﬡᘐᒪ ᗢﬡᙓᙡᗢᒪℱ96 CST Euclid Normal PS4 9/12/2019
game2.rilwan game2.rilwan game2.rilwan#???? @___rilwan none Normal none
MrPinkFloyd878 MrPinkFloyd878 gah! to discord Random Precision (CC) Normal PS4 9/19/19
Musha GoldenPlushie Musha#8769 N/A Prusha (CC) Normal PS4 9/20/19
ToroidalAtlas ToroidalAtlas TorodialAtlas#2297 FlatEarthLLC searching Normal PS4 9/18/19
cm_nms cm_nms cm_nms#7007 Ankara (CC) Normal and Creative PS4 8/20/19
Fire Strong 🔥 devtester32 firestrong#5394 Nambia (CC) Normal PC unknown
pipboy300 UpstateTurnip95 pipboy300#6734 u/leviathan73 Normal Xbox one unsure
kyoushiro25 kyoushiro25 Kyoushiro25#6486 Sea of Irling normal psn
Manuel Manuel00091 Entenfarm 2 PS4
Pirate_King_555 Triple Threat (CC) system PS4
Maniacal Toaster. HandsyGrandpa Maniacal Toaster#7214 Normal PS4 10/13/19
bambino Worldkiller91 Bambino#8212 CarlosAVM517 Sunny Shores Private Access Colony Normal PS4 10/20/2019
Gryphon Gryphon Gryphon#1995 GryphonRampart Normal & Survival PS4 11/20/19
MG36 Anihalator YT MG36#6553 Normal PC 11/8/19
synthigek knoemoore Synthigek#1189 Aturyu Normal PS4 11/29/19
Maffy226 Maffy226 Maffy226#0301 none Maffy266 Maffy226#0301 PC Maffy226
kiyote23 kiyote23 kiyote23#1745 kiyote23


Normal PS4 12/5/19
Ram Ram524 Ramheader#6075 Ramheader Aizeta region Normal PC 12/6/18
moonbanger moonbanger moonbanger#5442 floatingspacerocks Looking for one Normal PC 12/6/19
DarthKannibis DarthKannibis2 DarthKannibis#9299 SGTerrill Normal PS4 XB1 12/5/19
mbarber mbarber13 Tmac2nd#5098 tmac2nd Ankara (CC) Normal Ps4 12/6/19
StopYou'veViolatedTheLaw ThickerObject9 StopYou'veViolatedtheLaw#3258 LegendIncarnate101 Laportruj Shallows Normal Xbox 11/10/19
Alexander [PS4] Caution1979 Alexander#7679 Lilyent (CC)


Normal PS4 12/1/2019
MrJackDaniel jumpinJackSlash MrJackDaniel#4286 JackSoDak Searching Normal PCVR
Potato Gameknight319 greato_potato_97#4058 Rogoffit (CC) Normal PS4 12/7/19
SerHofi SerHofi SerHofi none
i5ook i5ook i5ook#2978 i5ook Samonto (planet) Normal PS4 12/8/2019
Brandon amatersu431 Bean666 (Brandon)#8530 Beanie_666 Gionez (CC) Normal Xbox 12/05/19
Shark SegFault Shark#1010 Normal PC 12/9/2019
Aeon Fox AeonFox5011 Aeon Fox5011#1406 Mikeya-Ovro Survival Xbox 12/9/2019
Primed Legend DukeDwarfYT PrimedLegend27#8336 Andopo (CC) Normal Steam 12-1-2019
UzDa4cE UzDa4cE 17 UzDa4cE#0570 None Don't have one Normal Xbox One 11/15/2019
Cudoodles Fluffy Flood Cudoodles#1643 Searching Normal PC 12/12/19
Ray General Reform Ray#5153 XGNReformed Sunny Shores Normal Xbox 12/16/19
Sarge Army.Ronin Sarge#6963 Army-Robin Normal PC
Tobi RadiusSkittle_YT Tobi#5442 Sunny Shores Normal PS4 12/15/2019
Evanesce Frightmare (Evanesce) Evanesce#6140 @frightmare_wow Sunny Shores Normal PC 17/12/2019
Kyodai Kyodai429 Kyodai#2759 Normal PS4
Ankorar AnKoRaR AnKoRaR#8196 Sunny shores Normal PS4 12/16/19
Bruhmazing Bruhmazing Bruhmazing#2361 Bruhmazing94 Minisce Normal Xbox One Dec 22 2019
Perffiath Perffiath cwterp Perffiath#2523 Perffiath near Aizeta 4 PC normal 12-21-19
Nyght87 Nyght87 Nyght87 Nyght87 i already said Normal Xbox Nyght87!!!!
Talmek jpb1981 Talmek#6675 Sunny Shores Normal PC 12/24/2019
🎮Tiagux84🎮 TiaguX_84 🎮Tiagux84🎮 Tiagux84 wdym base location? pc normal pc normal pc normal
jesusrobbo SerJohnnyRobbo Jesusrobbo#9898 @JesusRobbo New Mancunia (CC) Normal PS4 12/28/19
Caligmors Caligmors Caligmors#0589 Sunny Shores Normal Xbox 1 12/30/2019
jimmyd1750 jimmyd1750 jimmyd1750#7296 Sunny Shores Normal Xbox 1/3/2020
Gothichamy Gothichamy Gothichamy#2086 N/A Permadeath Xbox 1/5/2020
Macnova Macnova_Clawscar Macnova Wadaline (CC) Normal PS4 1/3/2020
Seanofthedead Seanofthedead Seanofthedead#0524 Seanofthedead0


Nuhamauri Normal PC 01/09/2020
Kairunne Enter The Gooby Kairunne#8721 Normal PC 01/12/2020
Dimondcore1327 Dimondcore1326 Dimondcore1327#5446 Vespuci (CC) Normal XBOX1 1/15/2020
Metal Auger Potleaf_assassin MetalAuger#1568 None AUGER INDUSTRIES Normal PS4 1/11/20
CBMuze CBMuze CBMuze Normal PS4 1/5/2020
SonicBullet534 Sonicbullet534 SonicBullet534#0534 Mekking1 Aizeta (Freighter Base) Normal PC 01/16/20
deecoy77 deecoy77 deecoy77#1380 N/A Normal PS4 1/12/2020
cupcake cupcake_brat čüpçåkë#0033 Oldato (CC) Normal PS4 01/16/2020
Licht Desryn_Telvanni Licht#6282 PS4
Cable FlyLowtis Cable#8036 Byfail Nuhamauri Normal Ps4 1/23/2020
Robotllama Robollama Robotllama#4403 None Vaishej Normal Xbox 1/23/2020
Random Guy RandomGuy RandomGuy#0420 Oldato (CC) Normal PC 01/23/2020
jmeza25 zCxyote jmeza25 N/A N/A Normal Xbox N/A
CheesusChrist15 CheesusChrist15 CheesusChrist15 CheesusChrist15 N/A Normal PC 1/29/2020
Snarrlord Snarrdaddy Snarrlord#9250 Nuhamauri Normal PS4 1/30/20
Lord Hammer Lordhammer11 Lordhammer#6742 Lordhammer11 (Amino) Aizeta Normal PS4 12/8/2019
Kyodai Kyodai429 Kyodai#2759 Oldato (CC) Normal PS4 2/3/20