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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.
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Dopelord Confederacy Census is a census page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This page is for arrivals to the Dopelord Confederacy

Instructions[edit | edit source]

To add your name to the census, use the following parameters:

  • Include as many of the following items as your civilization requires:
    • your PC/PS/Xbox name
    • your home planet as a link
    • the star system it is located in (and galaxy if non-Euclid) as link(s)
    • your platform (PC/PS/Xbox)
    • your Game mode (bases don't share between game modes)
    • your Reddit username
  • We ask you to enter planet and star system as links to make it clear what the actual name of the system is. If your home planet and/or star doesn't have a wiki page yet, feel free to create one, but it is not required!
  • If you have a base and/or a racetrack that you'd like to share, enter Yes in the racetrack column and create a new base page using the Base infobox
  • If you don't have information for a particular column, leave it blank.
  • If you have multiple saves on the same profile, enter them as separate entries on the Census.

Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.

Census[edit | edit source]

Name PSN/PC Name reddit/FB name Star System Planet Racetrack Game mode PC/PS4 Date
gentlegrendel gentlegrendel Ubiquibot Avalon! Savannah Prime PS4 4 Dec 2018
SirSmokeySativa Avalon! Savannah Prime PS4 4 Dec 2018
Afrodaumus PS4 5 Dec 2018
BONGSKUM38 PS4 5 Dec 2018
Saintly-One PS4 5 Dec 2018
SparkboyPSU PS4 5 Dec 2018
Lord_Jangalloo LaLaPalace PS4 5 Dec 2018
Nixon_86d PS4 5 Dec 2018
Rods_of_12 PS4 5 Dec 2018
lilgreen PC 5 Oct 2020
Vynicus PS4 5 Dec 2018
Blitskrieg94 PS4 5 Dec 2018
INABUSH Avalon! Savannah Prime PS4 5 Dec 2018
KidWisdom420 PS4 8 Dec 2018
FelineGecko PS4 8 Dec 2018
Der_Wissenschaft PS4 4 Apr 2019
AnthonyKxK AnthonyKxK AnthonyKxK Megasey Prime Normal PC 15 May 2020

Additional Information[edit | edit source]