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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
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Census - Galactic Agriculture Society is a census page for the Galactic Agriculture Society.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The following is a Census for the Galactic Agriculture Society. It determines the population count and Civilization size.

Census[edit | edit source]

To add your name to the census, use the following parameters:

  • Include as many of the following items as your civilization requires:
    • your PC/PS4/Xbox name
    • your home planet as a link
    • the star system it is located in (and galaxy if non-Euclid) as link(s)
    • your platform (PC/PS4/Xbox)
    • your Game mode (bases don't share between game modes)
    • your Reddit username
  • We ask you to enter planet and star system as links to make it clear what the actual name of the system is. If your home planet and/or star doesn't have a wiki page yet, feel free to create one, but it is not required!
  • If you have a base and/or a racetrack that you'd like to share, enter Yes in the racetrack column and create a new base page using the Base infobox
  • If you don't have information for a particular column, leave it blank.
  • If you have multiple saves on the same profile, enter them as separate entries on the Census.
  • Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.
  • Add any additional notes in the Notes column.
Name Social Name (optional) Star System Planet Base Name Game Mode PS4/PC/Xbox Notes (optional)
ColorThrowers_3 ColorThrowers Ogliedanke (GAS) Impyro Fiber Fields Normal PS4 Galactic Agriculture Society founder, leader, and emissary.
TheMightyF0x TheMightyF0x Minna (GAS) Lynnex Prime Lynnex Circuit Board Farm Normal PS4 GAS Security Officer
TrinityCloud TrinityCloud Normal, Creative PS4
pjranjha PS4
PlacidGaming Placid_Gamer Urgas (GAS) Placid's Fuel Stop Normal PS4 Citizenship removed due to treason
DanteKyon666 DanteKyon GAS creative Creative PS4
xxDerp_Duckxx XxDerp_DuckxX Ratsuie (GAS) Normal PS4
JJEpic-1998 Yagawa (GAS) Adeleni Black Hole Glassworks Survival PS4 Celeno89 Ogliedanke (GAS) Impyro PS4 suspect of the Impyro Terrorism Crisis
HithertoHippo Galactic_Glory Ogliedanke (GAS) Impyro PS4 Terrorist of the Impyro Terrorism Crisis.
townavery The Commissar Ogliedanke (GAS) Impyro PS4 Citizen
OnePunchChicken UltraZecor12006 Ogliedanke (GAS) Impyro PS4 Terrorist of the Impyro Terrorism Crisis
D3athsBr0th3er Ogliedanke (GAS) Blackford's home planet Normal PS4 Galactic Empire Scout
Rex_Dont_Care Rex_DC Normal PS4 Regular farmer
darkstan0721 Ogliedanke (GAS) Blackford's home planet Normal PS4 Scout of the Galactic Empire
TheImperialElk The-Imperial-Elk Normal PS4 Farms GAS farms regularly
TheGodfather69 TheGodfather69 Ogliedanke (GAS) Impyro Normal PS4 Intergalactic Terrorist
Azopar Azopar Normal PC Roaming the stars
Solid_Solution Samuel_PewPewDie Hinamizawa (GAS) Slavland Normal PS4