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This article was catalogued by the Galactic Hub.

There are multiple versions of the Galactic Hub Project census page, based on game release.

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Census - Galactic Hub is a census page.

Summary & Guidelines[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This page is only for arrivals in the Galactic Hub, located in The Arm of Vezitinen and 10 surrounding regions, or Huburb-based citizens.

Please include the following information:

  • Steam / Playstation Network / XBox Live username
  • Reddit username (or other social media name if not on reddit)
  • Platform PC/PS4/Xbox
  • Your base(s). If you have a "main base," list it first & in bold font. If you have not created a page for a base but want to include it, list the system including the Hub tag (ie HUB11-1CD Spirit of the Harvestman) instead of linking the base page. This allows players to navigate to the system.
  • Game Mode. If you play on more than one game mode within the Galactic Hub, it is recommended (but not required) to create a separate census entry for each mode.
  • The date of your arrival, in a Year/Month/Day format (best for sorting purposes).
  • Note that under Date Arrived, you should be using the date you arrived in the Arm of Vezitinen. If you want to also include the date you first reached the Galactic Hub in previous regions (ie Rentocniijik Expanse], Shungka Void), please include it in parentheses after the main date.

Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.

Regions[edit | edit source]

For navigation purposes,

The Galactic Hub officially occupies the following 11 regions, as well as a number of "Huburb" regions in an unofficial capacity.

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

  1. The Arm of Vezitinen (042F:0078:0D55:0000)
  2. Canthian (042F:0078:0D54:0000)
  3. Dexterf Sector (0430:0078:0D54:0000)
  4. The Arm of Katteus (0430:0078:0D55:0000)
  5. Nugsdor Adjunct (0430:0078:0D56:0000)
  6. Uefert Nebula (042F:0078:0D56:0000)
  7. Widraik (042E:0078:0D56:0000)
  8. Airnaka Conflux (042E:0078:0D55:0000)
  9. Sivess Instability (042E:0078:0D54:0000)
  10. Savenix Instability (042F:0079:0D55:0000)
  11. Nonlopsi Instability (042F:0077:0D55:0000)

History[edit | edit source]

Census[edit | edit source]

Please leave the first (example) row as-is so other users can copy & paste it.

  • Add all new entries at the BOTTOM of the list.
  • Note that under Date Arrived, you should be using the date you arrived in the Arm of Vezitinen. If you want to also include the date you first reached the Galactic Hub in previous regions (ie Rentocniijik Expanse], Shungka Void), please include it in parentheses after the main date.
  • If you do not currently have information to enter for a given category, just leave it blank. Do not put "TBD," "N/A," "None," or similar phrases.jkko
Steam/PSN/XBL Name Reddit / Social Media Name Platform Base(s) / Base Location(s) Game Mode Date Arrived
(Year/Month/Day, Numerical Only)
Lvl 3 Enchanted Patatas Discord: Unholy Potato Nightmare Fuel#6230 PC Hub10-6A Icarus Sun, New Lennon (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/06/23
tachoperro2016 (PSN) memoglr PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/06/26
JORDANMURPHY JORDANMURPHY PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/08/14
Dini_at_home_400 Dini_at_home_400 PS4 Hub 4 regions Normal and Permadeath 2019/08/14
Link_at_home_400 Link_at_home_400 PS4 Hub 4 regions Normal 2019/08/14
Auburn09 AUBURN09 Ps4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun NORMAL 2019/06/15
Sugondesnats sobroxpro PC New Lennon Normal 2019/12/02
DannLcus Danny Savage (Facebook) PS4 [Hub10-6A] Normal//Creative 2016/10/18
Jarvis jarvis54 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/18
Boarlock Mar PC Normal 2019/08/14
NBatch NBatch Xbox New Lennon 2019/08/14
Bandit_Koala Bandit_Koala
Discord: Bandit_Koala#4649
PC Akusei-Lak XVII
Ijonak-Nilov IX
Normal 2019/08/13
Funk Thug Xbox Normal 2019/08/14
KingMewKat KingMewKat Xbox [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/14
BlackCatLair BlackCatLair Xbox [HUB7-73] Renestisk IV Normal 2019/01/20
Ervvin Obmodder PC [HUB9-22A] Exejev-Ruo Normal 2019/08/14
HerrTulpe HerrTulpe PC [HUB10-E4] Root

[HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun

Normal 2019/08/14
swampcastle swampcastlenms PS4 Normal 2019/01/01
BoomMicGuy BoomMicGuy PC Leycity Nabe

[HUB1-4] The Mr Slim

Normal 2019/08/14
Verachuta Verachuta PS4 [HUB 1} Verachutian Obscurity Normal 2019/08/14
Solarend Solarend PC [HUB4-130] Paradise Beaks Normal 2019/08/14
Grabby LaToosh Grabby_LaToosh PC Planet Coyllee in the star system Metroyal in the Srbija region, a huburb of Hub 9, Sivess Normal 2019/06/18
Gogoatee Gogoatee PC Normal 2019/08/13
Lothar-viking KilroyOnline PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
DiPLOMiLKER gekprideworldwide PS4 Cecilier (moon) / The Toby Keith Appreciation Station, and the glASS Lube Ranch Normal 2018/08/12
romeo illuminatecho PC Normal 2018/09/05
Vexare envie42 PC [HUB1-16] Karima / Blue Onzo Normal 2018/07/13
Nox Nox_Dragon PC [HUB1-6A] Rome Gamma / Ostium Normal 2018/07/24
robbiekay71 robk71 PS4 [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon

Ashima VII / New Hamar

Normal 2018/07/25
nSynergy nSynergy PS4 Normal 2019/09/07
Newen newen_eby PC [HUB4-130] Totoro - Dorinish Colony Normal 2019/08/12
EdVintage [EdVintage PS4 New Lennon Creative 2018/11/11
EdVintage [EdVintage PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/07/25
Lukrister Lukrister PC Normal 2018/08/05
Churros Churros_ PC Normal 2019/08/15
Evilalthalus 64657374696e79 PS4 [HUB2-11F] Rider Normal 2018/08/05
Ezegnegch g5457s PC HUB10-44 Masaoka-Olney Normal 2018/09/17
Comander_Gan0n CommanderGan0n PS4 New Lennon
Unea Prime
Normal 2018/08/03
jeester27 PS4 [HUBx-6F] Dagumin-Vujen XV Normal 2019/05/18
The_Caregiver44 PS4 [HUBx-6F] Dagumin-Vujen XV Normal 2019/05/18
Comsoul- PS4 Huburbs Normal
Erico Ericojawn PC Normal 2018/07/29
OOGAA BOOGAA Gek_King PC Normal 2019/05/07
Luuk Luuk PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2018/08/03
AndyKrycek AndyKrycek6 PS4 Searching Normal 2018/07/24
Stevenhaab Stevenhaab PC HUB10-B3 Guthrie Normal 2018/09/15
Zhoa Zhoanism PC Normal 2019/08/16
flametwist flametwist PC Still searching Normal 2019/08/16
thisisunderdose underd0se PS4 HUB11-1B7 Hofmann Normal 2018/07/24
Kampfdackel5 Kampfdackel5 PC Normal 2019/08/16
Chakalele chakalele PC HUB+RA Nicarao, [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2018/09/26
Kraziflip Kraziflip PC HUB8-201 Kuchin Normal 2018/08/06
blakespot blakespot PC Mount Loper, [HUB10-181] Fretensis Normal 2019/05/30
Charlie PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/16
RogueVision RogueVision PC Normal 2018/11/18
SelenianRanger SelenianRanger PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/15
dasf206 Vran_ PS4 [HUB10-FD] Meokaz / Roitwood Normal 2019/08/13
Vanowoessa PC Normal 2018/08/20
ardyalligan ardyalligan PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2018/12/01
VampyricAngelx VampyricAngelx PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2018/08/15
Sarton85 Sarton85 PS4 [HUB1-4E] Jasmine's Star // Haunani' s World

[HUB1-79} Hawking's Hope // Nodaysn V

Normal 2018/08/10
Soulryder Soulryder PS4 [HUB1-4E] Jasmine's Star // Haunani' s World Normal 2018/08/10
Shim심 Discord:Shim/수창#8656 PC [HUB10-22]Pegasus// Planet Ilkleybu

[HUB10-6A]Omadesala // Planet Eniwa [HUB10-73]Atlantis // Planet Sakku Omega

Normal 2019/07/05
NaosNDC naosndc PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatlus's Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/17
kriega1 Sith-Inquisitor PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatlus's Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/18
wino_lino wino_lino PC Lino's Retreat [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatlus's Sun / New Lennon Normal 2017/12/05
seamonkey420 seamonkey420 PS4 HUB3-59 Rio Alpha Two Normal 2018/05/30
WubWoofWolf1 Xbox Omutsuji XVII Normal 2019/08/18
Phaedrus29 Phaedrus29 PS4 [HUB4-130] Paradise Beaks // Olverha Normal 2019/07/19
Engwar PC [HUB10-14F] Aurora / Himo 92/L8 Normal 2019/08/17
Siriflex Siriflex PC Normal 2019/08/18
CaptainElectron PC Normal 2019/10/02
braylord PC Normal 2019/08/01
Poohty_t Poohty_t PS4 Normal 2019/08/19
TheHermes1234 Hermantor12 Xbox Normal 2019/08/17
Nasci de Tolman JeremyRealms PC [HUB10-6A] Quetzacoatlus's Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/01
Prof McPwnsauce Xbox [HUB1-20A] Arx Primaria Normal
RadioActivecomWonkru FrequentWerewolf1 PC {HUB10-6A} New Lennon Normal 2019/08/16
rwhitby/rodwhitby rwhitby PC/PS4 [HUB2-1A2] Superfluous Abundance Normal, Survival 2018/07/29
zazariins zazariins PS4 Axby Delta
New Lennon
Unea Prime
Mount Loper
Dreamcatcher Estate
Normal 2018/07/24
Defib Defibb PC Normal 2019/08/19
Kihatsu Kihatsu PC Normal 2019/08/20
Mandapoe PC Normal 2019/08/20
Eleos Eleos PC Normal 2019/08/21
g0dmaphia g0dmaphia PC Normal 2019/08/21
boy genius comicsanman PC Normal 2019/08/20
DC | Yuri YR90 PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/08/20
sopholophagus sopholopho PC Normal 2019/08/20
Th3 Sly M0use xEliteTechx Xbox Omutsuji XVII / Sanctuary Normal 2019/08/20
madNoNameGuy madNoNameGuy Xbox GH_Base_mad1 Normal 2019/08/20
Dan dan91 PC [HUB 10-6A] Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/08/21
「RedM00N」 Redmoon PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/20
voxover battlevox Xbox Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/08/20
space_sphere earl_cat_the_grey PC Normal 2019/08/20
Panzergoat Omegacult PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/21
Jovax04 Jovax04 PC Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/08/12
Araziel II Araziel1974 Xbox Hub 2-152 Appalachatopia Normal 2019/08/19
Noah631 Noah621 Xbox Normal 2019/08/21
Bear of The Forest reddit /steam: Bear of The Forest PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon//s. Pacifica in Huburbs (200 ly from Icarus Sun) Normal 2019/06/21
kbitz PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/08/21
MSK zenonproject PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/22
piratewizardking PC Normal 2019/08/22
E K Finnman TheBoom#8249 XBox Normal 2019/08/21
Bloodtooth Spling 1#2357 PC Normal 2019/08/21
dallasbeek dabeek#9301 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/21
mcliveraww2 drewskingdom Xbox New Lennon Survival 2019/08/21
Eskerian TheVoidyThing PC [HUB6-0207] Nabeya Normal 2019/08/21
Bigdcaughman Old_School_rpg PS4 [HUB9-5D] Picard Normal 2018/07/24
Da636Hustla Shattered_persona Xbox Normal 2019/06/19
cheddZy CheddzyTF PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/08/22
Hooshen Hooshen PC Normal 2019/08/22
rainscd PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/08/15
Not a Bot PC Normal 2019/08/22
Keinta15 Keinta15 PS4/PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/08/15
Quw Quwface PC Quwduseld [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/04/21
Cyanity Cyanity PC [HUB1-72] Gouge Away / Icelandale / Ice Lodge Base Normal 2019/04/20
EnroyM. PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2018/08/03
Z Question lurieelcari PC Normal 2019/08/23
XenoPhoenix Xeno_Phoenix PC [HUB8-00C0] New Fierus Normal 2019/08/18
LokIsLoki Discord Loki#0001 PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/08/23
Steam: Just_Kew PS4: Kewino89play Discord: Just_Kew#4747


PC/PS4 [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/14
Big Z Big Z PC Normal 2018/08/23
JesseWhite737 thestakghost PS4 [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/23
quevaciro Cironolasco PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/08/17
blacksmith_94 blacksmith94 PC New Lennon Normal 2019/08/16
Nisses-el 13caizer37 PS4 New Lennon and Duhaka (outside hub) Normal 2019/08/13
sysadrift sysadrift PC Normal 2018/05/05
CapnStankBeard CapnStankBeard PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/09/11
NerdcoreMMA NerdcoreMMA PS4 Normal 2019/08/18
PamplemousseLC PS4 Normal 2019/08/18
KnobberGobbler Bm2407040 PS4 Normal 2019/08/18
Spranktonizer Spranktonizer PS4 Normal 2019/05/05
Jman952 LazarusCoyote84 PS4 Normal 2019/08/13
digayann newen_eby PC HUB4-130 Totoro/Lemuella Normal 2019/08/12
GRENGOBANETO mello__fellow XBOX N/A Normal 2018/08/04
Charstorm 64bitwonder PC HUB1-13B Sol Prime Normal 2019/08/18
Jmoneyswaggins ceynarion PS4 Hub10-1 Kadeth/Tipa L18 Normal 2018/05/20
Thepengwn Alloutpenguinwar XBOX New Lennon Normal 2019/06/01
SM0K3Y_B3AR97 SM0K3Y_B3AR97 PS4 Normal 2018/10/10
Laz Lazrous PC Normal 2019/08/18
Phaoryx Phaoryx PS4 Normal 2019/08/18
CMYKiller Sylvester_Spaceman PC Normal 2019/08/18
HollywoodOKC HollywoodOKC XBOX [HUB1] SGC PX-4305/Idoniumfi Ahiri Normal 2019/05/22
Travis Electrical_Equipment PC Hendrix, New Lennon Normal 2018/01/01
Theonlymilkguy Theonlymilkguy PS4 McCartney Normal 2019/08/18
tompod tompod PC New Lennon Normal 2017/11/15
DHBloodwolf DHBloodwolf PS4 Normal 2019/08/17
lazerdude44 redruby01 PS4 Normal 2019/08/15
skyboss1981 cmtehenriques PC Normal 2019/08/19
3DSax 3DSax PC Normal 2019/08/19
Arcturus Gyr Gyr79D PC Normal 2018/10/25
HighEarl Earlnomore PS4 HUB6-74X Orions Light Normal 2018/10/10
laserbritches laserbritches PC [HUB1-83] Siri / Unea Prime Normal 2019/08/20
The_F_o_o_l The_F_o_o_L PS4 Normal 2019/08/18
Purest_green MarkyDee73 PS4 Normal 2019/08/14
Jack-tye-lad11 Spaghetti_beta PS4 Normal 2019/08/21
Vamporious13 Vamporious PS4 HUB10-38 Gallica/Cetus V Normal 2019/08/12
Marsh49all jmtexplorer PS4 Bootesb Abyaig (HUB11-02 Abyaig) Normal 2019/08/09
Endetta Endetta PC Mt. Loper Normal 2019/03/01
57aN1eY 57aN1eY PC Normal 2019/08/24
nikocorlone nicfuecol PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/07/12
Badrinath Fredrickstein PC New Lennon Normal 2019/08/24
SirTastier Discord: SirTastier .-.#7145


PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/22
tokyr therealtokyr PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/
Barton Ambitious_Neck PC [HUB10-6A]Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/24
chromebison goldenworm PS4 [HUB10-11B] Normal 2019/08/24
Flexo Dorado Xbox Normal 2019/08/24
ImaginaMagica ImaginaMagica PC [HUB10-6A], New Lennon Normal 2018/07/23
Grim_leonhart pc [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/23
Cody2074 CodyC2074 PC Normal 2019/08/24
Sikk Sikk87 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/21
Brain-Dead Horse Cyberpunk PC Normal 2019/08/25
Getedoi PC [HUB10-6A], New Lennon Normal 2019/08/25
LordHighFixxer ozman51 PC [HUB8-16D] Eddie Centauri, Romanus Normal 2019/08/23
Cheekyleesauce1 Cheekyleesauce1 XBOX [Hub9-40] Normal 2019/08/25
Palisar Palisar PC Normal 2019/08/25
TwistedZephyr TrainerZeph PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/08/25
HaHaHyena Ha-Ha-Hyena PS4 Normal 2019/08/25
mewmewvee mewmew5401

Discord: mewmewvee#5401

PC Huburbs Creative 2019/08/25
TheSwampRanger TheSwampRanger

Discord: TheSwampRanger#5200

PC HUB9-40 Normal 2019/08/25
Cam01md Discord:


PS4 Normal 2019/08/25
DoopysDad ButtonsNSticks PS4 Creative 2019/08/25
xXSpartan BamXx Spartan-Beard XBOX Normal 2019/08/26
Skyfire247 Skyfire247 PC [HUB10-6A], New Lennon Normal 2019/08/26
xjoex10 PC Normal 2019/08/19
DaNose DaNose XBOX [Hub10-6A], New Lennon Normal 2019/08/27
Hoonigan DirtyThR33 PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/27
madbuda madbuda PC HUB4-130 Paradise Beaks

Dorinish Colony / Olverha

Normal 2019/08/26/
Pur3G4m3 PureGame (Discord) PC [HUB9-40 Aprely-Matsev II], Galactic Hub Industries Beta - Logra Lake Normal 2019/08/27
DoctorUburian Uburian PC Normal 2019/08/27
pszemoc pszemoc PC New Lennon Normal 2019/08/26
Freeman Rabbit Boody13 PC Normal 2019/08/27
DemonsEncircled_ TheMaffiamaster PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzacoatlus's Sun / New Lennon, looking for new location Normal 2018/8/17
matrix neo 42 XBOX GWARSEA Normal 2019/08/26
Raxteran Raxteran PC [HUB1-10B] Jakobss, Bamagboonum Normal 2019/08/27
Ragnar Reddit-Ragnar-The-Berserker PC [HUBn007A] Olympus -Planet- Fiddlers Green Normal 2019/08/28
tritri301 tritri301 PC Normal 2019/08/28
ptegan ptegan PC Normal 2019/08/29
gmcelite2005 u/bigtamthedestroyer ps4 new Lennon normal 2019/08/26
CodeshiX u/codeshi PS4 [HUB10-6A], New Lennon Normal 2017/12/05
R0LLIND00BIESUP R0LLIND00BIESUP Xbox Omutsuji XVII Normal 2019/08/29
Dr. Memulous PC [HUB10-6A] Eniwa34/L6 Normal 2019/08/30
iamfleeting /u/twofivethreetwo Xbox Normal 2019/08/30
WarriorSabe warriorsabe PC [HUB6-5B] Sanctuary of Light Normal 2019/06/28
DaBird u/xmdb_


PC [HUB10-FD] Meokaz - Roitwood - DaBase II Normal 2019/08/03
Internetpredator Bombtron PC Normal 2019/08/30
Segret12 Segret12 PS4 Normal 2019/08/31
=GT= Glitch u/gauss253 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/31
CanadianBias u/CanadianBias Xbox [HUB1-126] Kanata Normal 2019/06/09
t_allen20 DrTre#3231 discord PC [hub10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/31
JohnTheNarnian Xbox New Lennon Survival 2019/08/26
MediumSyalad u/The-Iron-Clooch Xbox Omutsuji XVII Normal 2019/08/31
Xelphos u/Xelphos PC Atsuyama / Nobeam XVIII Normal 2019/09/01
Drogon PC [HUB3-61] Epsilon / Eridani Normal 2018/11/18
Gomker Gomker PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/09/01
AdamSiewielec90 adams_dv PS4 [HUB1-83] Siri / Unea Prime Normal 2019/09/01
THE PILOT HAZE TPHaze/TPHaze Xbox HUB6-52 Ozangk-Oskoy III/Bases in all Hub regions Survival 2019/09/01
THE PILOT HAZE TPHaze/TPHaze Xbox Bases in all Hub regions Normal 2019/09/01
TPHaze12 TPHaze/TPHaze PS4 Bases in all Hub regions Normal 2020/04/18
Nin3deucemac3 Xbox [HUB11-155] Galileo / [HUB11-125] Luxiao "Lux" Normal 2019/08/28
ObliqueRed ObliqueRed PS4 Normal 2019/09/01
salajander PS4 Normal 2019/09/01
medale PC Normal 2019/09/01
SHUTxxYOxxFACE SHUTxxYOxxFACE Xbox Normal 2018/06/24
therealjkempf JKempf1997 PS4 Normal 2019/09/02
HazardousMedic adventures_in_time Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/02/11
Sandgunslinger PC Normal 2019/09/01
CianMcNuggs Cieben Xbox Omutsuji XVII Normal 2019/08/30
TheParadoxClown TheParadoxClown Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/08/30
TheMilkMan N/A PC New Lennon Normal 2019/08/29
RivalPurple I_Love_Polar_Bears PS4 New Lennon, Unea Prime Normal 2019/08/26
Hangs Loww Hangsloww Xbox HUB1 Normal 2019/08/29
SenseiOnDaBeat SenseiOnDaBeat PC [HUB10} Normal 2019/08/28
Ade PC [HUB11-15F] Ibxi'iako Normal 2019/09/03
GuyMcdude7125 Guy Mcdude Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/09/03
Ga11i13o u/Gallileo9 Xbox [HUB6-9C] Epoloch Normal 2019/09/03
Sillyrabbit566 PS4 Normal 2018/05/04
WarmaN333, Memes Historiographer WarmaN333 PC Normal 2019/09/03
lulu guydoingthings PC TBD Normal 2019/9/04
MatsuseIzuna MatsuseIzuna PC New Lennon Normal 2019/8/27
Remy525 Remy_525 PC [HUB6-107] Delorian Normal 2019/09/04
Confederate BA bpayers97 Xbox [HUB10] Normal 2019/09/04
Hattori Blade DiablolicalBlue PC HUB10-6A Norm/Surv 2019/03/10
Beautiful Beautiful PC Normal 2019/09/05
Grumpyrobin robinsekai PC Normal 2019/09/05
Runewonder Runewonder6 PC HUB10-6, The New Frontier, Unea Normal 2019/09/05
Exitthisway dntExit PS4 Normal 2019/09/04
J-Tek PC Normal 2019/09/06
『Zy★』™ Zypl0x_XD PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon , Nidosian Sector XI Normal 2019/09/06
Geebers_Creepers DustyDen PS4 Normal 2019/09/05
Emtduck Emtduck PC Normal 2019/09/07
Jaqen H'ghar Jaqen H'ghar PC Normal 2019/09/07
L3ONR96 L3ONR96 Xbox Normal 2019/09/03
Rocksteady Rocksteady3194 PC [HUB10-22] Minervia / Ilkleybu Normal 2019/09/09
Naaris Naaris PC Normal 2019/09/08
Mamma Mooi PS4 Region: Uevsky, Bogkamad Galaxy, Planet Liffall V

[Hub10-6A} New Lennon

Normal 2019/09/08
Zerokai123/Zerokai123 SagedaDumbass PC/Xbox Hub10- Normal 2019/05/23
Slayerizer213 Slayerizer213 PS4 Normal 2019/09/09
Jazzmine AkimaPrime PC/PS4 [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/09/09
MattX79 MattX79 PC Normal 2019/09/09
SomeRandomPetey SomeRandomPetey PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/09/09
Sister_Ray85 PS4 Normal 2019/09/07
Gyanroh PC [HUB10] Normal 2019/09/09
Euph3y Euphorian777 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/09/10
Albee12 Albee12 PC

[HUB1-106] Pasteur / Iliciana

[HUB11-1BB] Enetri-Def / Puebli X

Normal 2018/08/05
Victor VictorBlackwood PC Normal 2019/09/10
★☭Niskasha☭★ ★☭Niskasha☭★

Discord is Niskasha#3942

PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun

New Lennon

Normal 2019/09/10
Prodicrux jollaga PS4 Normal 2019/09/11
CoCoForReal NyanCatOfficial PC Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/08/24
sickseptor sickseptor PC N/A Normal 2019/08/26
Gnyrt Gnyrt PC Ginkas System, Coque II Normal 2019/08/26
W00dninja Djwoodninja PC N/A Normal 2019/08/30
CodeBlue PC N/A Normal 2019/09/01
TxingTxong_iputo v2 TxingTxong PC New Lennon Normal 2019/09/26
jasondefaoite PS4 Normal N/A 2019/08/09
Cr1t1cal255 u/Cr1t1cal255 PS4 N/A Normal 2019/04/06
DukeofSussex PC New Lennon Normal 2018/12/30
CrowsOfOblivion Crowsdescend PS4 N/A Normal 2019/08/25
Morganmoon Jedicat121 PS4 N/A Normal 2019/06/01
TASA PC Sigalpha 02 / Tusdaltla XVII Normal 2019/08/30
TechGaming101 u/Technical_Gaming_101 PS4 N/A Normal 2017/04/03
Burning Bubbles PC Eignmouth Yoshi Normal 2019/08/26
atolipenny Awooruffarf PS4 N/a Normal 2019/07/15
Sgt. Barbeque SgtBarbeque PC N/A Normal 2019/08/29
Senseigan charks_ross PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/02
SGT Molotov SGT_Molotov PC N/A Survival 2018/06/04
S1R JAMES II Earthwalker_26 XBOX N/A Normal 2019/08/30
Warmonger21 PS4 n/a Normal 2019/06/22
sooqa PC N/A Normal 2019/07/27
MotherTuckerrrr MotherTuckerrr XBOX N/A Normal 2018/08/20
XAv1enX -av1en- PS4 N/A Normal 2016/10/26
ScrupeyNupers17 brandono17 PS4 N/A Normal 2019/08/22
ThymeForJames ThymeForJames XBOX Jay X / Honey Moon Normal 2019/07/27
Draithos The_Draithos PC N/A Normal 2019/09/02
HalfWingedSnake adamdriver_fanboy PS4 N/A Normal 2019/08/27
Trentonam Trentonam PS4 NA Normal 2019/08/28
Ryan Baker Captainrbaker PS4 N\A Permadeath 2019/08/28
Dea7h5layer Dea7h5layer XBOX N/A Normal 2019/09/03
VoodKing u/VoodKing PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/02
TrueBlueSam tindremene XBOX New Lennon Normal 2019/08/11
oSIIVIPLICITY jordan__tucker XBOX N/A Normal 2019/08/29
Jinger0423 Losttraveler0423 PS4 N/a Normal 2019/08/25
Milk Man Your_Local_Milk_Man PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun/Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/07/05
Sabokai Daranai PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/01
Wander1ngPanda PhobosTheSheepLord PS4 N/A Normal 2019/08/26
Chef milkypete PC Munayma / Jeff Normal 2019/09/29
TxingTxong TxingTxong PC Enua Prime Normal 2019/09/01
Sillyrabbit566 TheMadHatter PS4 N/A Normal 2018/05/04
MattraMachine Supermattendo64 PS4 N/A Normal 2017/08/20
Mixmad44 Mixam444 PC n/a Normal 2018/01/14
NeoZac22 u/NeoZac22 XBOX N/A Normal 2019/02/06
Child u/NonceDonkey PC N/A Normal 2019/09/03
i02_ i02_ PS4 N/A Normal 2016/08/08
etimpa the_timps PC New Lennon Normal 2019/09/04
LettuceMan u/SkiChamp PC Normal 2019/09/04
timtom1 PS4 Hub10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun. New Lennon Normal 2017/09/01
Sorlorn Gnarink PS4 N/A Normal 2019/06/01
SenhorBeer PC n/a Normal 2019/09/04
Ihiri Ihiri PC N/A Normal 2019/09/04
Beredan Beredan PC Roitwood in the Meokaz system Normal 2019/08/07
Ted Tastic Its_lobster PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/08/26
Vaskel u/ImVaskel XBOX Omutsuji XVII / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/09/04
gagekj u/gagekj PS4 Eniwa 68/L3 Normal 2019/09/04
TM28_Tombstoner TM28_Tombstoner PS4 N/A Normal 2019/07/08
Hangrypotato75 XBOX New Lennon Normal 2019/07/07
TrapOfArgalia u/aBraindeadAngel PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/09/04
Sploogedude09 Hapenyo12 XBOX N/A Normal 2019/05/09
purify_by_fire TurbulentRice PS4 [HUB 10-B5] Graygarden / Reapmore Normal 2019/09/04
KhAoTiC x83 PC N/A Normal 2019/09/06
FireShard PC N/A Normal 2019/09/06
eastslidah eastslidah PS4 Eniwa 68/L3 (New Lennon) Normal 2019/09/06
Lum_Pi Lum_Pi PS4 New Lennon Normal 2018/08/29
CMDantes LawPlays XBOX N/A Normal 2019/09/06
tonenbg tonenbg PC N/A Survival 2019/09/07
Moonajuana FraggertheBoss PC Dovsky System/Planet Lilae’Fionnadh Normal 2019/09/06
EODjimmyjoe jaxinator XBOX Anbeacha Normal 2019/09/05
Neutrons1234 Ocramarco PS4 Eniwa 68/L3 (New Lennon) Normal 2019/09/11
LordBrewer89 brewer1600 PS4 Normal 2019/09/11
Snarfquest Trevize Demerzel PC N/A Normal 2019/09/07
Lowk \-Lowk\- PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/09/02
Jack_iller PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/07
Bandicooot244 Bandicooot244 PS4 Na Normal 2019/09/07
asapmyles_ asapmyles PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/07
Nosnibor Nosnibor1020 PC Normal Nosnibor's Home System 2019/09/07
Jjharbs PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/07
all13drumm3r almilano PS4 Cetual Survival 2019/09/07
im87yearsold im87yearsold PC N/A Normal 2019/09/07
ThatAwkwardLlama AwKLlm PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/07
Lairdsy Lairdsy PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/12
TargetBob That_Jay_Money PC Mount Loper Normal 2019/04/01
TheWurstGuy The-Wurst-Guy PS4 HUB 10-E Normal 2019/09/15
danknox1977 danknox1977 PC Normal 2019/09/15
GabetheGote JunoCosmodog PC Normal 2019/09/16
ScrobblotsZ ScrobblottsZ PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2019/09/16
Sunbro Dave darkmessenger84 PC HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun/Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/09/19
SrMcGillicuddy CJB PS4 Normal 2019/09/20
Count_Duckula101 brammers01 PS4 N/A Normal 2019/09/21
Mobiusrick Mobiusrick,Discord: Mobiusrick, Marasambala PC [HUB10-178] Kuwaji-Gimje Normal 2019/09/28
Jefurre McF Jefurre (twitch, discord) Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/09/25
TheSedated TheSedated (everywhere) PS4 Normal 2019/09/27
Vince Biscuit gigarob PC New Lennon Normal 2019/09/28
DooVoo PC Normal 2019/09/28
John Henry Hale John Henry PS4 New Lennon Normal 2017/07/21
caligvla PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2019/10/02
FractalFeather GayBearsWr4th PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/10/02
roger PC HUB10-1E2 Phaeton Normal 2019/10/02
SvYaT SvYaTqq PC Permadeath 2019/10/05
debr5836 m1sterzer0 PC (HUB11-06) Doqenx-Yokha XVII Normal 2019/10/05
dizzruptor Fl0ri4nP PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Survival 2019/10/04
Megaman0702 Discord: @Luna likes spooks#1403 Xbox Author’s Bunker Normal 2019/09/20
jeffbond005 PC Normal 2019/10/03
Dashton PC Normal 2019/10/01
Whimblo DKaho Xbox [HUB4-130] Widget's Shaking Tail Normal 2019/10/08
OozyFlipchart Xbox survival 2019/10/08
LuckyJelly257 InterstellarOctopus PS4 normal 2019/10/08
DarthKannabis2 (PSN) DarthKannabis3 (XB1) SGTerrill XB1, PS4 [HUB-198]Azkaban, Kushtafar (Isosova Alpha) Normal 2019/10/09
Pauly PW416 PC Normal 2019/10/10
sisyphus.rocks jamjambc PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2019/1010
DraydinCrass ObsidianBlk PS4 [HUBx-5D] Eydun Normal 2019/10/06
xyx0826 xyx0826 PC [HUB1-1B4] Ava // Amarr Prime Normal 2018/08/10
Gaspurr PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/10/09
Alavantrya Alavantrya PS4 [Hub4-E] : Halaya (Incorrectly named system before I got here) Normal March 2019
XamX XamX PC Normal 2019/10/16
Sargon The Grape MaraSargon PC Normal 2019/10/16
Mondogrunday Mondogrunday PC [Hub10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/10/16
Palmer Eldritch Visit_Mt_Bekenstein PC [Hub10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/10/5
mvw22 mvwnz PS4 Normal 2019/10/16
Boonedogg88 Boonedogg88 PS4 Normal 2019/10/19
Autocatalyst Discord: @autocatalyst#2109 PS4 [HUB11-F2] Gemini Omega / Solace Prime Normal 2019/10/21
Monkeypony Monkeypony PS4 Orgete Aioik Normal 2019/10/10
Benjy_D_2603 Benjy_D_2603 PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/10/22
YoloStalin YoloStalin ps4 normal 10/22/2019
VoigtKampff376 HapaPapaAF PS4 Normal 10/23/2018
Kitskue Sman_X PS4 Normal 10/26/2019
Suur Oroloa MagnoliaEvergreen PC Normal 2019/11/31
VierSieben Vier_Sieben PS4 HUB10-6A New Lennon Loch Lagartija Normal 2019/10/26
jblev9796 JBlev9796 PS4 HUB10-6A Eniwa 68/L3 Normal 2019/11/02
Fulipes Palecook PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/11/04
Flying_Viking Flying_Viking PC [HUB6-154] Delta Pavonis - New Caledonia Normal 2019/11/04
MegaMecaSaru PC [HUB 10-6A] Portal of Light on Eniwa 68/L3 , The Hive on Orgete Aiok Normal 2019/11/01
Cytokks discord : cytokks#6034 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2019/11/05
bowlingfiretree bowlingfiretree

discord: postdawn

XBox [HUB11-22C] Baatarg-Vickl (est. 12-28-19)

[HUB10-6A] Eniwa 34/L6 (est. 1-5-20 @ -19.41, +158.57)

Survival 2019/11/10
Gregasil Discord: jnolopez PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Survival 2019/11/11
wickersty jwickersty PS4 Normal 2019/11/12
RastusSyx Rastus PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2019/09/01
TechieGuy12 TechieGuy12 PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/11/10
Poladnar goat_therandy PC Normal 2019/11/14
Zaen 2002 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/11/16
Idefendor Discord: Idefendor PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/11/17
burgandillo meeplewarrior PS4 Half Moon Bay at New Lennon (-15.08, +11.40) Normal 2019/11/17
Ayanami_Zero_One Ayanami_Zero_One PS4 [HUB10-6A] Hendrix "Fuel 'n go" on Cruces Ubung (Hendrix) Normal 2019/11/18
Isotopo36 Kowalski PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/11/18
Alejandro AlejandroM4gnus PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/10/25
Press14English Shrike Envy Xbox [HUB1-6] Temporary Foothold - Permanent TBD Normal 2019/11/20
BlueStrikerX BlueStrikerX PS4 [HUB10-22] Minervia Normal 2019/11/21
NuclearWinter PC Survival 23/11/21
Voidseeker gausschaos PC [HUB11-58] Lilith's Eden Normal 2019/11/22
Monkey Man hellara PC {HUB10-123} Three Sisters - Decuma Normal 2019/11/22/2019
hshtick MyNumberIs_123 PC Normal 2019/11/20
LMG Slipscream PC Normal 2019/12/03
RavishingTakawi OrionEllis Xbox [HUB4-130] Widget's Shaking Tail Normal 2019/12/03
nighthawktex vishnuvaratharajan PS4 [HUB4-4F] Suriyan / AIS Nehru Normal 2019/12/04
Stormnautilus PS4 Normal 2019/12/04
GrandWaterNibba Hartman619 PC {HUB10-6A} New Lennon, AATP Embassy Normal 2019/12/03
baNteXKaa kAA PC N/A Normal 2019/12/05
steviemch steviemch PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/12/04
Shaackle Shaackle PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2019/12/07
alex.shenouda Shenzou PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2019/12/03
Kyle PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2019/12/09
Freddie Freaker /u/Freddie__Freaker PC New Lennon/Unea Prime Normal 2019/08/10
ThatsMyMi1k MiningCole Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/12/08
BootLegger323 Sheik323 Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/12/08
Grant Hashberry Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/12/08
gunther shizen0 Meeksmunson Xbox New Lennon Normal 2029/22/08
gorveen gorveen PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/12/10
omegaelitegrn omegaelitegrn42 PC New Lennon Normal 2019/12/10
o0o00-fiji o00o0-fiji PS4 [HUB10-6A] Dylan Normal 2019/12/11
SlingShotDragon SlingShotDragon PS4 Normal 2019/12/14
RCXD88 Rcxd88 Ps4 Normal 2019/12/13
Pink-Milk-Guy pinkmilkguy PS4 Normal 2019/12/17
Hans Solo PC New Lennon / HUB11-1A0 / HUB10-BF Normal / Survival 2018/08/21
doodle1942 Doodle_2005 Xbox New Lennon Normal 2019/12/10
leeaky kinashkin PC [HUB2-147] Isengard normal 2019/12/23
bustaheads larryfrombarrie PC normal 2019/12/24
jackar007 jackar007 PC normal 2019/12/25
dgroves1985 PC Normal 2019/12/26
The_SIlver_Numbat PC Normal 2019/12/27
Ilamafia Crutsqit PS4 Normal 2019/12/27
Rathios Discord: Rathios#3334 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2019/12/29
Evpraksiya evaevpraksiya PC Normal 2019/12/31
PVBuk PVBuk PS4 Normal 2019/08/27
Varactor Varactor PC [HUB9-103] - 35T Normal 2019/12/31
shrekt u/infernal420 PC {HUB10-A0] Moontrio Normal 2019/12/28
Obadiah PC New Lennon Normal 2019/12/31
zeshinosha PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/01/02
P4LAD1N P4LAD1N PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun /Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/01/02
Bbgianking bbgianking PS4 Normal 2020/01/02
Selim2302 TheDoc2302 PS4 New Lennon Normal 2020/01/04
peaxekeepxr XxD3V4ST4T0RxX PS4 New Lennon Normal 2020/01/03
CoolsDayness Cool444445 PC New Lennon Normal 2020/01/03
PhotonicTech PhotonicTech PS4 [HUB1-1EA] Survival 2020/01/06
Devo1dHero u/DevoidHero PS4 NA Normal 2020/01/06
Taggy2Step Taggard PS4 HUB10-6A/Orgete Aioik Normal 2020/01/05
jpfrappierfpv jofrappier Xbox Omutsuji XVII (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2019/12/28
Shadowreach0 Shadowreach0 PS4 Normal 2020/1/07
catboat cheetahkayak PS4 Hub1-1 Tepper Normal 2020/1/6
Monetokuzuma Monetokuzuma PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/1/11
TargetPK TargetPK/GamewithTardis PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 New Lennon Normal 2020/1/11
Monetokuzuma Monetokuzuma PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/1/11
chriscoletaylor N/A PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/1/11
remina N/A PC N/A Normal 2020/1/12
diamonddistroyer SadKak PS4 New Lennon Normal 2020/01/10
xBegoodx xBegoodx Xbox New Lennon (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/01/12
ARC-4747 ARC-4747 PS4 Normal 2020/01/13
flapjack flapjack1989 PC [HUB10-73] Hispana, Holos Prime Normal 2020/01/14
Wezzyman555 Wezzyman555 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/01/14
CrashTarkin CrashTarkin (discord) Xbox [HUB10-6A] New Lennon (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/01/15
Mathore gamemasterjustin PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/01/18
Pobjoy Pobjoy PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/01/18
KeyThePony Discord: Key#2454 Xbox Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/01/18
AnunnakiExile Gamertag: AnunnakiExile Xbox Omutsuji XVII Normal 2020/01/19
Flick AlphaOG PC New Lennon (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/01/23
Null-4_Coast PC Normal 2020/01/24
SilverPrism Reddit: AnEveningArpeggio PC [HUB8-1C3] Cetra's Hearth Normal 2020/01/25
dkeem dkeem PC HUB10 Normal 2020/01/26
Ottomaniac Sir-Serendipity PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/01/29
Minnaroth PC Normal/Survivial 2020/01/26
FiddySmonK_ FiddySmonK_ PS4
Normal 2020/29/01
LarryBigDaddy19 PS4 Normal 2020/31/01
Highliner_399 PS4 Normal 2020/31/01
gabe_e12 Discord: Gabe#0843 PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun / Eniwa 68/L3 Normal 2020/31/01
Shanlear Shanlear PS4 [HUB11-209] Shan's (Umbra Enterprise) Normal 2020/02/01 (2017/06/09)
Charian_ PS4 Normal 2020/02/03
danielrojnemark PS4 Normal 2020/02/04
Byozuma Byozuma PS4 [HUB1-1E] Artemis / Mihgo II Normal 2020/02/05
karmadud karmadud PC New Lennon (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/02/05
MagnanimousMeep MagnanimousMeep PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun / Eniwa 68/L3 Normal 2020/02/06
Serendipity Discord: 23 rats#2113 PC N/A Normal 2020/02/08
Kurobuta Sheep#0692 PC Survival 2020/02/09
Dusty.P Dusty.P#6857 PC Normal 2020/02/09
good2k3 mcraimer PC Normal 2020/02/10
ProgramRAM ProgramRAM#3968 PC/XB/PS4 [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa/34/L6 Normal 2020/02/09
Bill Barv86 PC [Hub10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/01/20
Gankenz Discord: gankenz#2287 PC [Hub 10-6A] Icarus Sun / Harrison Normal 2020/02/09
Savalyn Discord: savalyn#7285 PC [Hub 10-6A] Icarus Sun / Harrison Normal 2020/02/09
FritzBox FrietzBox PC Normal 2020/02/10
GreaseMac Xbox Normal 2020/01/27
Bloody_Knife_696 Bloody_Knife_696 PS4 Normal 2020/02/10
Dan Lenson Reddit: TheLoneEnsign PC Normal 2020/02/11
Moosentoby lool52 PC Normal 2020/02/11
Sasscrotch Sasscrotch81 PC [Hub 10-6A] Icarus Sun /New Lennon Normal 2018/08/18
Icyinfernal icyinfernal PC [Hub 10-6A] Icarus Sun /New Lennon Normal 2020/02/11
Shockspartan17 Discord: Coorotaku

PSN: Shockspartan17

PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/02/10
Bert Discord: Bert PC Normal 2020/02/12
Fevereon fevereon

discord: fevereon

PS4 HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/01/30




[HUB7-25] Kuiper System / Orcus

Survival 2020/02/13

Th3D4rkStar Discord: Th3D4rkStar#1284

Reddit: Th3D4rkStar

PC Normal 2020/02/15
verTix Discord: verTix#9343

Reddit: Antiphilis

PC [HUB 10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/02/16
321_puleknow PC [HUB2-1A2] Hakurei Barrier Survival 2020/02/15

Owchez Reddit: Owchez PC Normal 2020/02/17
HumaneCobra Discord: HumaneCobra#7844 Xbox Normal 2020/02/17

Voidaspect63 Reddit: Spector Xbox Omutsuji XVII (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/02/17
Cool Dad PC Normal 2020/02/18
GorettiEruadan GorettiEruadan PC Normal 2020/02/18
kuba_mar kuba_mar PC Normal 2020/02/20
Connor ConnorOtter PC Normal 2020/02/22
Kenny Bear 50 Kennybear100 Xbox Omutsuji XVII Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/02/22
Feral Dan foxtrot-dangerous PC Normal 2020/02/22
ericvh ericvh PC Normal 2020/02/23
Veins79 veins79 PS4 [HUB 10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun Orgete Aiolk Normal 2020/02/23
Atsel Atsel420 PC [HUB 10-6A] Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/02/14
Airom Airom PC Normal 2020/02/24
Rogmc2017 rmc2017 rmc2017 PS4 Pc Myundal Itsuri Normal 2020/02/17
BendikJac BendikJac PC TBD Normal 2020/02/25
WookieeWomble WookieeWomble Xbox Normal 2020/02/25
Mavolli Discord: 얼음#5419 PC Normal 2020/02/25
LieutenantGing LtGing Xbox TBD / Freighter - Icarus 1 Normal 2020/01/27
Salad_Bounty Salad_Bounty PS4 Normal 2020/02/26
Tabbystripes Tabbystripes PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/02/06
AshF0x Discord: AshF0x#4630 PC HUB4-130 Totoro/Lemuella Normal 2020/02/27
Vari0us Artist Various-Artist Xbox Okegaur-Hedoga Normal 2020/02/27
Gargle A Lemon Gargle A Lemon PC [HUB10-44] Masaoka-Olney (EK Embassy) Normal 2020/02/29
ShadowPandah ShadowPandah PC Multiple Bases Normal 2020/02/29
PonsAsinorum PS4 Searching Normal 2020/02/29
Rhykaa Rhykaa PC [HUB2-05D] Rasva I System Normal 2020/02/29
SpaceRice02 Spaceman_lol (Reddit)/SpaceRice Xbox [HUB9-58] New Prismarine Normal 2020/02/29
Ruggum RogueSenpai PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/02/29
Skeeter810 Skeeter-810 PS4 New Lennon,

HUB10-15C (the micro colony)

Normal 2020/02/29
SynapticAlpha SynapticAlpha Xbox Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/03/01
QuiGonJinsNuts WoahLetsJustRelax Xbox None yet Normal 2020/03/01
LooSeMeaT loosemeat Xbox Normal 2020/03/01
xI HighRyze Ix xI-HighRyze-Ix Xbox Omutsuji XVII Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/09/01
Miauku PC Survival 2020/03/02
The Once and Future Krampus GaryTheKrampus PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/03/02
ItzNotaPhase1 _JustMyRealName_ Xbox [HUB10-15C] Micro Colony Normal 2020/03/03
Black Jesus Figuradurso Pc [HUB10-6A] Icaru's Sun - New Lennon

[HUB10-15C] Micro Colony

Normal 2020/02/28
Jakeychanboi Jakeychanboi Xbox Normal 2020/03/05
Kraityn Kraityn PC Normal 2020/03/06
Voodoo PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/03/06
Gnasp gnasp PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 & [HUB1-1F5] Mila / Axby Delta Normal 2019/09/20
Cheetos_2k CrispyPenguin PC Normal 2020/03/08
DraughtKing PS4 New Lennon Normal 2020/02/08
YCuda YSCuda PC Normal 2020/03/08
LunaTheSnake LunaticQuasar/MyDirtySnake Xbox Survival/Permadeath
Supreme Width KujiraShiro PC Normal 2020/03/09
TheSixUtility TheSixUtility PC NA Normal 2020/02/27
Yossarian PC Normal
Desync Ryotian PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/03/08
Trizor3 Trizor3 PC [HUB9-1E2] Normal 2020/03/11
Watanka Watanka PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2020/03/10
Constellaidans @Lampost64


PC Survival 2020/03/09

Doosharm Doosharm PS4 Normal 2020/03/12
Sackboy LBPBOX TWITTER/ TSFRJ PS4/ TSFRJ/ XBOX/ Sackboy LBPBOX [HUB10-16A] Uenoha/ Planet Marko Ramius/ Euclid galaxy Xbox PS4 2020/03/14
The_Radge The_Radge PC Normal 2020/03/01
ScarClaw72 TheLastWarriorSC72 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2020/03/13
mordicaicaeli mordicai (Twitter), mcaeli (Reddit) PS4 Normal 2020/03/17
Killgore_Trout1 PS4 Normal 2020/03/17
[TRU3] Waflu PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/03/14
queenprotea pastdivision (Reddit), 48hourlockdown (Twitter) PS4 Normal 2020/03/18
Lemunde Lemunde PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Orgete Aioik Survival 2020/03/18
FoolishOwl FoolishOwl PC [HUB7-9] Jakshof / Torvinds Mant Normal 2018/08/12
DeathEagle117 DeathEagle117 Xbox One TBD Normal 2020/03/20
jedi-noel NoX_3007 PS4 Normal 2020/03/21
Klasie101 Klaas PS4 Normal 2020/03/22
Adri_c12 BlueArizona PS4 Survival 2020/03/22
Sheltorok74 turokthedinosaur PS4 TBD Normal 2020/03/22
Mike31co Mike31co (steam) PC Normal 2020/03/22
OscarGG_04 unsuspicious_salmon PS4 Normal 2020/03/23
Alloraaa Athdrivar PC HUB5-11C Hesperides Normal 2020/03/22
Another_Gnome Eruliste PS4 [HUB10-15C] Centra II Normal 2020/03/23
Roca Marcosrj86 PC Normal 2020/03/25
Richtofen1-_- Richtofen101 PS4 Normal 2020/03/25
Red_Orca_ red_orca_ PS4 The Duch Tower Normal 2020/03/25
Davion Davion_32 PC Normal 2020/03/26
K1NGP1N2584 K1N6P1N007 XBOX CLOUD 9 / G-HUB Castle

[HUB4-130] Widget's Shaking Tail

Normal 2020/03/22
Copesauce Copesauce PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Survival 2020/01/01
Sigimus RedSigi Ps4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/03/16
zer0cat6 smashedcupcake XBOX [HUB8-16] Aris Normal 2019/05/16
ItzYaBoiTomo Can_U_Here_Me? Xbox Normal 2020/03/26 (U.K. date)
tomcoolcam tomcoolcam1 PS4 [HUB10-15C] Cetra III Normal 2020/03/26
OwenQuillion OwenQuillion PS4 Normal 2020/03/29
Nebulouswheels51 flaming-taco xbox Normal
TankedMajestik PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/03/28
FlynnerMcgee FlynnerMcGee PS4 [HUB7-37] Euthyphro / Sunset's Grace Normal 2020/03/12
CrazyN8 n8eoh

Discord: CrazyN8

Xbox Normal 2020/03/30
Cruzer526 Cruzer526 (Reddit & Discord) Xbox [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/03/31
Zenreon Aerzon PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/04/01
shadowgaming846 pixel_gaming579

discord: pixel_gamer579#8897

Xbox Omutsuji XVII Normal 2020/04/02
phthalix Phthalix PS4 Normal 2020/04/02
jpjthunder jpjthunder PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2018/08/03
Spctre https://www.reddit.com/user/zSpctre Spctre] PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Creative 2020/04/02
Uther_Doul Wacklet

Discord: Uther_Doul

PS4 Normal 2020/03/20
Tylernolololol Tylernololol Xbox 1 [HUB4-0CA] Widget Stuck Under The Sofa Normal 2020/04/02
_polemarch_ Discord: Polemarch

Reddit: _polemarch_

PC HUB4-130 Paradise Beaks Normal 2020/03/22
Southamerican Korvax tematareramirez PC Normal 2020/04/05
Zebo PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/04/05
corcs20 Mister_Murnley PS4 Twrigosl Band in the system Nobeok-Ofilm VII Normal 2020/04/04
FrozenSatsuma FrozenSatsuma PS4 Normal 2020/04/06
Jaster3001 @Jaster Chief#1241-discord PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun normal 2020/04/04
RWFusiliers VeronalPasta PS4 Creative 2020/04/09
S0XFAN72 Discord: bradenmig#5633 Xbox Normal 2020/04/09
the000spartan Discord: the00spartan#8886 PC Normal
Dragon u/rsmith69 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 / Dragon Base [GH] Normal 2020/04/10
Jycah u/Jycartha PC Ryeoju II Normal 2020/04/11
SlothGodJeff u/SlothGodJeff PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/ Eniwa 34/L6 / Casa de Jeff MK III Normal 2020/04/11
Agrivar u/carpenteer PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 / GDC Hub Regional Headquarters Normal 2020/03/17
CrimsonAnomaly u/ansgarxenon PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun/Eniwa 34 Normal 2020/04/07
Pl4yerTen PC Yengoib/Gapond XV Normal 2020/04/13
Sneeuwplank Discord: Blue#9769 PC Normal 2020/04/14
Spark SPARK PC HUB10-6A Normal 2020/04/14
Aeshek NmScreenies PS4 HUB10-15C Normal 2020/03/09
yabBu u/yabbbu PC Atsuyama Normal 2020/04/15
Blaargh Reddit : Blaargh001 / Discord : Blaargh PC Auto Alpha, Euclid/[HUB10-6A] Icarus sun Normal 2020/04/17
Lyi Discord: Vecio (Lyi)#7331 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2020/04/15
Nosferath Nosferath PC Normal 2020/04/16
NoblestOfSteeds ngreenspan Xbox Creative 2020/04/16
afields187 Okie_Chimpo PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun, Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/04/15
ziovec ziovec PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2020/04/15
SpongeBill05 u/SpngBll PS4 [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2020/04/16
RedReclaimer650 Reddit: VerySpicyLocusts
Discord: I_need_no_name
Xbox Normal 2020/04/18
MarkOfVi PS4 Normal 2020/04/18
Creeparium u/Creeparium Xbox Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/04/19
SynapticAlpha SynapticAlpha Xbox N/A Survival 2020/04/19
Fast Fluffin soFluffin PC Normal 2020/04/20
vicc datpenguin101 Xbox HUB4-130 Widget's Shaking Tail Normal 2019/12/17
cats catsontuesday Xbox Rastand-Ink Normal 2020/04/20
BrutalFrost Discord: BrutalFrost#7386 PC N/A Normal 2020/04/22
CryoFreezie Reddit and Discord: CryoFreezie PS4 N/A Normal 2020/04/21
Phatdutchman N/A PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Normal 2020/04/17
Soundstrike1 Soundstrike1, discord: Soundstrike1#7735 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun Normal 2020/04/20
heheXD Discord: Hehexd#2955 PC Normal 2020/04/22
Jay PC Normal 2020/04/23
Docper Reddit: u/_TheDoctorPotter

Discord: docper#4747

PC-VR HUB2-A2 Palendir

Adamaid Alpha

Normal 2020/04/23
edk0623 PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/04/24
Mellun PC Normal 2020/04/25
KirovReporting chastrength PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/04/27
bruno_bfr bruno_bfr PS4 Normal 2020/04/28
flynnblaw PC New Lennon Normal 2020/04/29
Skovboa N/A Pc N/A Normal 2020/04/30
silvermistshadow silvermistshadow PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/04/30
Asteroid Terrorist castroboy

Discord: Monoeye Sensor#5292

PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon / A Neo Zeon Swimming Pool Creative 2020/04/28
noahshark2 PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon / Herald of Wind Normal 2020/05/02
Slazhammer PS4 [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun / New Lennon Normal 2020/05/02
Travfella Discord: pata PC [HUB6-04A] Xainacu-Atsum Normal / Survival 2020/05/01
Arts-Live- artsg-gaming PS4 [HUB-10-153] Gemina Normal 2020/05/03
SynapticAlpha SynapticAlpha Xbox [HUB10-208] Isatotaka Permadeath 2020/05/03
xlueixef xlueixef PS4 New Lennon Normal
justinc187 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/05/03
DIMA PC HUB10-6A Normal 2020/05/03
Thumper U/politicsbgone PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 01-02-20
mikey_cooper425 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/05/02
Reham_ad PC Normal 2020/05/04
x0nx u/wannabevirgil
PC HUB10-6A Icarus sun, Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2020/05/01
zipzapx2002 Zipzapx2002 ps4 N/A Survival 2020/05/03
omnomdebomnom u/frozenmeatball01 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun normal 2020/05/05
Auotcrat777 u/Autocrat777 PC HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/05/05
nineinchwhalez u/Vitalncerta666 Xbox Omutsuji XVII

Savenix Instability

Normal 2020/05/05
Planet U/planetzeta Pc Hub10-6A Normal 2020/04/25
theDG dgentz PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2020/05/07
DChem U/rahn2 PC Normal 2020/05/08
Mouryom93 u/Moury0m Xbox Omutsuji XVII / Eniwa 34/L6 ( -32.57,-159.07 ) Survival 2020/05/06
Chmeee3D Chmeee3D PS4 Normal 2020/05/09
ricco-gonzao ricco-gonzalo PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl´s Sun, New Lennon / HUB1-1F5 Mila, Axby Delta Normal 2020/05/08
Saint Parallelogram Saint Parallelogram PC Purple Haze
[Hub 10-6A] New Lennon
Normal 2020/05/10
Angth01 PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/05/10
DuelFX PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/05/11
Jaymzee PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/05/11
jackmorts123 Reddit + Discord: STINGZGAMING PS4 Normal 12/05/20
CrowSpider PonderWild PS4 Normal 12/05/20
Azzinoth Asherslade PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/05/12
3th4np4rkr 3th4np4rkr PS4 Normal 14/05/2020
PfINN1887 PfINN1887 Xbox TBD Normal 2020/05/09
Oxen1981 Samuel_wilkins PS4 Hub10-49 flavia Normal 2020/05/13
xSx Blouses xBx u/Jonathan_Torres

Discord- Astr0waX

Xbox Normal 2020/05/15
Aelfeine Aelfeine PC Normal 2020/05/19
alluma2012 alluma2012 ps4 normal 2020/5/19
antbite11 Reddit: clockwork_energy

Discord: C11J

PC Normal 2020/05/17
Chafinz Reddit: WadderSquirell

Discord: Chafinz

PS4 HUB 10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/05/20
asymar reddit: m33rqat

discord: asymar

PC HUB10-6A- Icarus Sun Normal 2020/05/20
Butcher Discord: Butcher [PC:Euclid] PC HUB 10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal & Permadeath 2020/05/23
SatansLilHelper Discord: TheArtOfMeh#6361 PC [HUB1-11E] Ilum / Aoedenve Y45 Normal 2020/05/16
The_BLT Reddit:the_BL23

Discord: TheBLT (pc:euclid)

PC {HUB10-8A} Virtues Normal 2020/05/22
Zaphthegreat Reddit: zaphthegreat PC Normal 2020/05/25
Backatudos Reddit: backatub

Discord: backatudos#4301 twitter: Backatudos

PS4 [HUB 10-6A]

(Omutsuji XVII) / Yennet Tau

Normal 2020/05/15
Gawge N/A PC New Lennon Normal 2020/04/26
Macman1960 Xbox Normal 2020/05/19
SirD0nut Discord: SirD0nut#1853 PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 (PC) Normal 2020/05/26
PINC_MAN69 Reddit: PINC_MAN99 PS4 HUB 10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun (New Lennon) Normal 2020/05/28
aBagOfChipz Reddit: aBagOfChipz

Discord: aBagOfChipz#0930

PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 (PC) Normal 2020/05/28
DC Neuggs cA Reddit: Neuggs Xbox Hub 2 Region / Fuchuo-Tadyukh XVI Normal 2020/05/25
awsomegamer311 Reddit: axekiller311 PS4 Hub 10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun (New Lennon) Normal 2020/05/30
UrickHunt101 Reddit: Urickhunt101 PS4 Normal 2020/05/30
VarryFattyTuna VarryFattyTuna PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/05/28
rabnabbit Xbox HUBx-83 Wimberley (Dihews Spur) Normal 2020/05/30
rattledread Reddit: Rattlehead71 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/04/01
CinicoSenzaNome CinicalMonkey PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/05/30
milothatch97 Reddit: u/Preacherdude1 Xbox Eniwa 68/L3 (New Lennon) Normal 2020/06/01
Xhylia Heat4212 Xbox Omutsuji XVII / Yennet Tau Normal 2020/05/27
Glovie ThrustMaster12 PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun / Eniwa 34/L6 (PC) Normal 2020/06/04
Dreyburn IG: dreyburn_ PS4 HUB10-22 Minervia Normal 2020/04/21
Hangar401 Reddit: No_fear_my_dear PS4 HUB10-22 Minervia Normal 2020/04/21
PsychoNaut_XV Reddit: quietguy365 PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/05/04
Slaggerzzzzzz Reddit: TheWhiteShin PS4 Affordin Minor Normal 2020/06/06
Onii-Chan Reddit: Pangez PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/06/08
CorvusCorax_668 CorvusCorax_668 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2019/03/03
RicottaCheese1 Ig: itsricsss PS4 Normal 2020/06/08
Magos Phi-Ant Reddit: phantam PC Normal 2020/06/09
omniee omknie PC Normal 2020/06/09
Shmett Reddit: u/Shmettboi PC-VR HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/06/11
Stringbean Reddit: u/Stringbean33 PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun Normal 2020/06/04
Rai-ah/Ravenari Reddit: u/PM-ME-YOUR-HUNTERS or


Discord: Rai-ah#8755

PC and PC-VR Weiharen

HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun

Normal / Permadeath 2016/09/06

(I've been here)

Elliot-tricity Reddit: u/Elliot-tricity PC Normal 2020/06/06
Solace FirstSolace PC [HUB4-130] Totoro / Lamuella (PC) Normal 2020/06/13
YimboSlyce PC [Hub10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2020/06/14
Smorex Reddit: u/SmorePSX PC Normal
-K- Reddit: u/lisztomaniak PC Normal 2020/06/17
Littleninja06 Reddit: u/littleninja06 Xbox Hub4-130 Paradise Beaks Olverha Normal 6/15/20
Xander47459 Captain_Maga#3637 (discord) / Xander47459 (reddit) PC Galactic hub 10-6A New Lennon Normal 6/17/20

Malo maxima Malomaxima PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 6/18/20
glyder Glyder1984 PC HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 6/18/20
Kot6 | Ezri Tigris Reddit: u/EzriTigris PC Hub10-6A New Lennon Normal 6/20/20
XAPHM Uno Reddit: u/XAPHMuno PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon (Starbulb Lagoon) Normal 2020/06/21
XAPHM Cien PC Normal 2020/06/22
NIKADUR1404 Reddit: NIKADUR1404 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2020/06/22
Crazzylemon77 Reddit: u/Crazzylemon77

Discord: CrazzyLemon77

PS4 HUB10-6A

Quetzalcoatl's Sun

Normal 22/06/2020
Pr0f1l3Alpha Reddit: u/wolfidroid PC/XBL Normal 2020/06/21
chaching812 chaching812 PC Normal 2020/06/22
kalisz26 Xbox Normal 2020/06/22
Dinful Xbox 2020/06/22
Dom ItsDomHD PC Normal 2020/06/25
jellocup88 Discord: jellocup88 PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 06/27/2020
space mushrooms Reddit: exoticmushrooms PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 06/27/2020
gobenji_34 reddit:u/bigshaq-legit ps4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s sun normal 27/06/2020
stacy_19201325 Liakhara PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun, New Lennon (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/06/27
Sedmeister PC Hub10-6A Icarus Sun, New Lennon (Eniwa 34/L6) Normal 2020/06/28
B0t_LeXa1 gendalff999 ps4 HUB10-6a Quetzalcoatl’s sun normal 2020/06/29
RainStormRA Ryxek Xbox Eniwa 24/L6 Normal 2020/6/29
insert_username6 insert_username_5 PS4 HUB10-6a Quetzalcoatl’s sun Normal 2020/03/03
BadnalGaming PS4 HUB10-6a Quetzalcoatl’s sun Normal 2020/07/01
AgentBlac Reddit: u/BacAgent1

Discord: AgentBlac

PC Normal 2020/07/01
Tierbomb PS4 Normal 2020/07/03
The Unnoob Small Corn#3840 PC (XBL) HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2020/07/03
Fxzero666 Reddit:fxzero666


PC (XBL) HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2020/07/04
Dagenhart Reddit: u/FalkenDagenhart

Discord: Dagenhart#1775

PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 05/07/2020
Adblock420 Discord: Spearo101 PS4 HUB5-11C Hespirades Normal 2020/07/05