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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This article was catalogued by Galactic Hub Atlas.

There are multiple versions of the Galactic Hub Project census page, based on game release.

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Census - Galactic Hub (Atlas) is a census page.

Summary & guidelines

NOTE: This page is only for arrivals in the new Galactic Hub, located at 044C:0082:0D55:001D

To add your name to the census, use the following parameters:

  • Include as many of the following items as your civilization requires:
    • your PC/PS4/Xbox name
    • your home planet as a link
    • the star system it is located in (and galaxy if non-Euclid) as link(s)
    • your platform (PC/PS4/Xbox)
    • your Game mode (bases don't share between game modes)
    • your Reddit username
  • We ask you to enter planet and star system as links to make it clear what the actual name of the system is. If your home planet and/or star doesn't have a wiki page yet, feel free to create one, but it is not required!
  • If you have a base and/or a racetrack that you'd like to share, enter Yes in the racetrack column and create a new base page using the Base infobox
  • If you don't have information for a particular column, leave it blank.
  • If you have multiple saves on the same profile, enter them as separate entries on the Census.
  • If you do not currently have information to enter for a given category, just leave it blank. Do not put "TBD," "N/A," "None," or similar phrases.
  • If your star is located in the Shungka Void, please put the star on it's wikipage.

Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.


For navigation purposes,

The Galactic Hub officially occupies the following 11 regions, as well as a number of "Huburb" regions in an unofficial capacity.

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

  1. The Arm of Vezitinen (042F:0078:0D55:0000)
  2. Canthian (042F:0078:0D54:0000)
  3. Dexterf Sector (0430:0078:0D54:0000)
  4. The Arm of Katteus (0430:0078:0D55:0000)
  5. Nugsdor Adjunct (0430:0078:0D56:0000)
  6. Uefert Nebula (042F:0078:0D56:0000)
  7. Widraik (042E:0078:0D56:0000)
  8. Airnaka Conflux (042E:0078:0D55:0000)
  9. Sivess Instability (042E:0078:0D54:0000)
  10. Savenix Instability (042F:0079:0D55:0000)
  11. Nonlopsi Instability (042F:0077:0D55:0000)


PC/PS4/XB Name Reddit Name System Planet Race Track Game Mode PC/PS4/XB Date Arrived
Skipper123426 NA TBH TBH No Normal PC 4/26/2019
TSCHOOT55_ Mrmuffinman3 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun New Lennon No Normal PS4 4/5/2019
drddaydstryr drddaydstryr HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun New Lennon No Normal PS4 8/24/2018
Sirius Aleksander_ellison TBD TBD No Normal PC 8/15/2018
RoyalTaurus-01 NA [AQUA1-76] Foyer Of The Nomads Simul Solum no Normal Ps4 8/9/2018
Stewid ElSeto [HUB4-F0] Aethon System Heliotrax No Permadeath PC 8/11/2018
Freakie FlygonFreak TBD TBD No Normal PC 2/8/2018
BoomMicGuy BoomMicGuy TBD TBD No Normal PC 10/3/2017
manette_ manette_aa [Hub1-44] Ram Lahj (SB) Paradise Sigma No Normal PC 7/30/2018
Morphieus312 Morphieus312 [HUB4-3] Deepholm Vashjir Isles No Normal PS4 8/2/2018
Nimarus Nimarus Hub10-55 Soverngard Lonnum Omega No Normal PC 7/27/2018
Ateliera Panaheim TBD TBD No Normal PS4 7/25/2018
ProvocativeDingo ProvocativeDingo TBD TBD No Normal PS4 7/23/2018
TheGearZZ24 N/A TBD TBD NO CREATIVE PS4 7/23/2018
Chaz_McClaine NA Normal PS4 7/15/2018
Rrrahh-General PaulMuhaDip Hub11-NewStyriaYtani The Golden Path No Normal PS4 7/23/2018
Kyles xKylesx TBD TBD No Normal PC 24/7/2018
ardwill234 arden186 TBD No No Normal PS4 7/23/2018






PS4 7/22/2018
Eskerian TheVoidyThing HUB11-44 Uzoja





Evil Patrick redprince90 N/A N/A No Normal PC 7/22/18
hugoabu94 mythone1021 N/A N/A No Survival PS4 21/07/2018
maurizuc Maurizuc N/A N/A No Normal PS4 7/20/2018
ShockerBoyV ShockerBoyV HUB4-!-8C Exiumv XIII N/A No Normal PS4 7/17/18
Earthquake_2009 Earthquake_2009 No Normal PS4 16/6/18
lordlloydy77 noff04 Normal PS4 19/07/18
the-opas_88 5strings-o-fury No Creatvie PS4 18/07/2018
whitewidow_94 omega_94 no normal ps4 17/7/2018
theconqueror2012 theconqueror2012 HUB9-!-179 Gradim Dead Zone (until NEXT) No Normal PS4 13 July 2018
hsells225 hsells225 TBD TBD No Normal PS4 3/7/17
Syn1334 (Level 2) 7101334 HUB1-X$-201 Hendrix Asgard Yes Normal PS4 August 15, 2017
Dark Overlord DarkDailer No Normal PC 9/4/2017
cmjacobs213 Sidebeard/ Captainsidebeard Whisper's Wormhole Cat-poop Coffee Farm Yes Normal PC 9/5/2017
Lumik95 ChuckChuckChuck_ Normal PS4 12/7/2018
Nishkahale HUB1 - temp No Normal PS4 8/15/17
zaciswack zachsonstacks Normal PS4
FearTheAnarchy Omario- [HUB1-CA] My Void (Barren, Dead, Shards) Anarchia No Normal PS4
Ashy LincsPwnag [HUB2-$X-6C] Nuclear Tundra Winter's Grasp No Normal PC
utliston78 Chet_Chetterfield [HUB4-X-10A] Skye VII Oceanus II No Normal PS4
Rhomicron Rho-micron HUB1-202 Ossiriand Rathloriel Yes Normal PC August 20, 2017
AndyKrycek AndyKrycek6 [HUB6-16A] Sato Ajin Yes Normal PS4
ButterForTheKing ButterForTheKing [HUB1-!X-110] ButterZone Omega Nifelheim X110 No Normal PS4
UniDestiny UniDestiny HUB5-!-185 Azimuth Mercator No Normal PS4
Wargate w4rg8 No Survival PC
Verachuta verachuta [HUB 1-$-E7] Frostwort Keep -VS-(T9,FC) Frostwort Keep Normal PS4
alexo1001 alexo1001 No Normal PC 9/5/2017
TrigAntrax TrigAntrax [HUB7-$X-1B9] IV Milpas Crystal Blue Persuasion No Normal PS4
FireOwneD No Normal PS4
Peafield Peafield Normal PC 9/4/2017
R055Socks c1010010 Normal PC
DoctorXI1 DoctorXI2 [HUB-$-140] April Kugelblitz No Normal PS4
Solid_Luigi SolidLuigi Normal PS4
DesignationG DesignationG [HUB11-$-18C] Baile Des (G.Haulers) Saffronia Haon Yes Normal PS4
Italian Mafia TheItalianMafia909 Sirkkaist HUB-XXX-Awesomeness No Normal PC
Nicky_Tsardust Master_Xeno [HUB1-$-D55] Banks Azad (Fauna-rich, RaMo, Lush) Yes Normal PS4
seamonkey420 seamonkey420 HUB3-X-1F0 Nopa Extreme Ca,Fc,Cu,Loop Lumetyulinog No Normal PS4
hiotewdew Pythva [HUB1-$-208] Pythavia (pHome) Pythava Prime No Normal PS4
neutrons1234 ocramarco HUB1-144 Neutron Base Neutron Base IV Yes Normal PS4
James G. metallicafan [HUB1-17F] Shadow Moses Sahelanthropus No Normal PC
dpow_98 dpow98 [HUB1-90] Odysseus Ogygia No Normal PS4
lustindarkness lustindarkness HUB1-56 Something or Other No Normal PS4
epicdrwhofan epicdrwhofan Creative PS4
laserbritches laserbritches Normal PC
Fomsky Fomsk12 HUB5-!$X-B9 Creative PS4
Orisi Orisi [HUB11-$-14B] Orisinia PC
raketenforschung raketenforschung [HUB8-X-1E7] Rick and Morty (Shards,Loops) Summer No Normal PS4
DJuanez Beautifulderanged [HUB6-3E] Selladore Selladore No Normal PS4
Inphyx nphyx HUB2-!-89 Covalent Bonds Photosynthetic Exponentiation No Survival PS4
Ezegnegch g5457s Otlast-Yom IX Abtrocknen Nugumad Yes Normal PC September 5, 2017
Eiji_Sama_ Eiji_Sama [HUB1-X-192] Musashi (AP,VC,So,Cf,Fm,Vi) Harunobu (AP,Cf,Vi,Ni,Hr) No Normal PS4
ZenBones NecroBones TBD/Moving TBD/Moving No Normal PC March 11, 2017
Piflik Piflik [HUB8-$-1C9] Tannhauser Gate Mün No Normal PS4
thisisunderdose underd0se HUB11-$-EA Koletzki Arrow & Bow No Normal PS4
Errorxf Error_X Normal PS4
A-Man54321 A-Man54321 [HUB1-12D] Lushbaugh Grassy Isles (Fauna) (KsSb) Normal PS4
Reever6six6 Reever6six6 Te Whai Ao Survival PS4
ShinobidoN morgvom_org No Normal PS4 8/20/2017
Venkasia Venkasia [HUB1-124] Venkasia Venkasia Serene No Normal PS4
Littleachiever lodwicjc [HUB6-01E5] Mayrant-2 No Normal PS4
Potato_Steve89 jeri-is-merry No Normal PS4
Batavist [HUB3-$-1c8] Aldebar Lido No Normal PS4
Panzergoat OmegaCult [HUB1-!-FF] Anunna Ninhursag No Normal PC
Gamer_Luna_NLR Themaffiamaster [HUB1-1EF] Primefire I (Rare fauna) Primefire (PuPlZi, Good fauna) No Normal PS4
xbigxchrisx88 Pawnia [HUB11-X-F3] Momster's Maze Ruins of Ages No Normal PS4
WolfehNel Wolfeh#7457 Normal PS4
MockZ1Sil 1MockZ [HUB2 OK Frindelle Plex (Lush, 5m Blobs, Farm) No Normal PS4
Carl Swagan mylesdamullet [HUB2-$-1D9] Noveria (home) Northwind No Normal PC
dan_vadar1 wallt1 No Normal PS4
Sarton85 sarton85 [HUB1-15B] Hirk's Tomb Kaidori 667 No Survival PS4
kinmar_x Kinmar HUB1-1D Phiosis Rokungasitu No Normal PS4 August 21, 2017
Ember TheREALSprynter [HUB1 - 4] Hephaistos (VC) Euthenia No Permadeath PC 8/14/2017
Kharnhe netherous No Survival PC
nbairen nbairen HUB6-!$-A8 Tyrant Delta (G.Ships,VC) Shiemeizhasa (VC,Geo,Lush) Yes Normal PC 8/20/2017
Kosta12345678 Pre-Fixation [HUB1-$-52] K6 Prefixation No Normal PS4
oneuglyfatogre oneuglyfatogre HUB1-7D (Cf,Em,Cu,Hr,XHot) Yutysyv II Mizelaumasciia No Normal PS4
HFocus77 HFocus77 [HUBDC-92] Ribreida XI Ichmeshku No Normal PC 8/25/2017
BP2FL [HUB2-117] Shangri-La Exhale VI No Normal PS4
Dac_-tom115 Dactom357 [HUB1-K-113] New Dawn (SB,Go,Ni,CF,Lush) System Eden II No Normal PS4
Kibbles nmskibbles TBD No Normal PC 8/20/2017
Subtraktshun ABZR [HUBx-!$/BH-79] Prooma Black Hole (SvKs) Apielto (moon) No Normal PS4
DalekEric Dalek_Eric [HUB1-X-118] Research-2 Point of Study - Heavy Containment No Creative PC
flametwist CZ flametwist [HUB-6-!] Flaming Aurora Terra Novum No Creative PC
genesis_siege nomadic_no_man's_sky [HUB 1-!-6E] Framfi IV System (F. Ships) New Terra No Creative PS4
InfiniteLlamas InfiniteLlamas [HUB1-DB] Terra Caerula Caeli Comata Silva No Normal PC
Comander_Gan0n CommanderGan0n [HUB5-6F] Dagumin-Vujen XV Ribetsu Gasbetal No Normal PS4 August 20, 2017
Kildynn Kildynn TBD TBD No Normal PS4 8/27/2017
Thimbler1gg3r NelsonMinar [HUB4-$-186] Waxen Wings (AP) Ica No Normal PS4
x_Whyse x_Wyse [HUB5-3D] Vammot Joyonezakisawa No Normal PS4
CitizenCoyote citizencoyote [HUB10-1A] Iguchi IV Portmarnock Yes Normal PS4 8/27/2017
Toby_Johansson tobyboy3 [HUB2-164] Gimo] Saibot No Normal PS4
rodwhitby rwhitby HUB1-!-C7 King's Landing Olyazinosobi-Dign No Normal PS4
SithRevelius legendarytommy HUB-!X-0F6 Tarkir No Normal PS4
Mark4945 Mark4945 HUB1-61 Stanislaw Lem The Cyberiad No Normal PS4
alavantrya alavantrya Hub7-$X-18D Oolacile X No Creative PS4
Keshian_Rade Keshian_Rade HUB1-!-68 Eidolon Prime Eidolon Hub No Normal PS4
Bmansje Bmansje [HUB4-X$-23] Tortuga Fountain of Youth No Survival PS4
Thaymed Thaymed [HUB1-144] Zhoanism (AP) Zhoa Prime No Normal PC
jbharrison josephbharrison [HUB] North Pole Litonmeestee No Normal PS4
robbiezoom [HUB8-F1] Sunnyvale Bubbles' Shack No Normal PS4
Hhall08 MrQuickDraw [HUB8-00CC] Ekstora-Poner Frigatamk DW876 No Normal PS4
bobmanguy334 bobmanguy334 [HUB2-$!X-16F] Ikushim-Cie (Aq) TBD No Normal PC
nSynergy nsynergy [HUB3-G-57] (Living Glass Farm) Gammaradix No Normal PS4
Shootem553 sinisterpopcorn Midakai-Etere XIV - (Atlas Station, Waolab Anomaly) The Living Seas No Normal PS4
nikocorleone Alexander Beliki Larkun No Normal PS4
nikos nikos_r35 [HUB2-X-125] Dareleth Valley (AqAPGB,Shards Brilanta Akvo (Aq) No Survival PC 8/30/2017
Vyangelis Vyangelis Normal PS4
Cringe Attack Cringablity [HUB8-$] Creamius meda Star Platinum No Normal PC
Alixzandre Survival PC
Disturber Theyo23 / / No Normal PC
Matai mattpc95 [HUB4-DA] Gateway TBD No Normal PC
HotRodSkater TBD TBD No Normal PC
yafeshan yafeshan TBD TBD No Survival PC
Sunaru2 Binoscope HUB-X-8B Trantor Gaal No Normal PS4
CMYKiller Sylvester_Spaceman [HUB11-X-13] Volca Argonaut No Normal PC
bombchu66 bombchu_ [HUB2-1A2] Aperture Laboratories Test Chamber 17 No Normal PS4
Remsiv Remsiv No Normal PS4
Jicka jicka [HUB1-1AB] Swan-624 No Normal PC
Westin westinerwin [HUB1+G+}Sailue-Henut.wes(Base) Sprivisirk Singpul -Wes.(Home Base) No Normal PC 9/3/2017
yeshuajohin RedClamz HUB1-!X-Helena Novum Edenus No Normal PS4
arkgully bewarethedinosaurs [HUB1-X-1DA] Ferngully (CyIrCuNiFrGa) Gamma Spear Base No Normal PC
ozzyboy97 [HUB]-$!-127] Lennon_II System // F3pf Zadarkwoop SQ534 No Normal PS4
Decimating DJ [HUB5-$-0146] Rubinia (GB, G.Ships) Truskalia Yes Normal PC 9/4/2017
UrbanCrisis daniel_is_ready Survival PC 9/4/2017
N1MMERS4TT [HUB8-!-1F4] N1MMERS4TT Rises Moony Meadows No Normal PS4 Sept 13th, 2017
merydrexhage99 carlangas4 [Hub7-1ED] Dessiderium Arendelle Forests No Creative PS4 Sept 4th 2017
Kaitsja Kaitsja [HUB10-1CA] Kaitsja Vihmasadu madalmik No Normal PS4 Sept 5th 2017
Space_Gamer02 Space_Gamer02 No Normal PS4 9/2/17
EnroyM. [HUB5-A1] Rentaiko Cerulean Fields No Normal PC 9/3/17
webgambit webgambit TBD TBD No Normal PS4 Sep 4, 2017
CrispyChrisu No Normal PS4 8/18/2017
Buckie_Buckster Buckie_Buckster [HUB1-!-A6] An Siostam Beag (GB) Planaid Geal Beag No Normal PS4 Sept 4th 2017
theuncj gothea No Normal PS4 9/4/2017
Hobbie reich_behind_you [HUB4-107] Hatikvah No Normal PC 5th Sept 2017
ayuforever ayuforever [HUB1-V-62] Refriitt-Katiw Niseppu Uojiu No Normal PC 9/5/2017
Thrandisher Thrandisher TBD TBD No Survival PC 9/5/2017
misserybw Sirkkaist Uiutsimor-5 Disend No Normal PC 9/5/2017
FoxTrotMike No Normal PC 9/7/2017
Samulander1 [HUB10-!$-112] Gavel (Megafauna, AP) Nova Samuland No Normal PS4 9/6/2017
fraz935 No Normal PS4 9/8/2017
Ditherington Frogenstein [HUB4-20B] Qajorr Dithcorp Regional HQ No Normal PS4 Sept 10th 2017
Escatelar Escatelar No Normal PS4 9/10/2017
andrewsharp1 hilbertdimension Palma Upsilon 2 (Shungka) England No Normal PC 9/11/2017
Chris Ageassia Ageassia TBD TBD No Normal PC 9/11/2017
The Burning Ginger TheBurningGinger [HUB1-$X-12A] Hlaalu New Vvardenfell No Survival PC
GTNW lonestarr [HUB9-!$-A1] Tychon Dhankhet No Normal PS4 9/14/2017
Samadhi [HUB2-208] Anubis Prime Praxis No Normal PC 9/15/2017
petr1014 petr1014 HUB1-1BF Gamenn ND261

The Cantina

Yes Normal

Survival Perma

PC 9/15/2017
mickeypegleg [HUB1-!-182] Ramsla VIII Zamarin Normal PS4 xTYPUS
LettuceMan SkiChamp [HUB2-1C] Henosis Oikos Enomanos No Normal PC 9/17/2017
NatredX [HUB4-!X-9F] Doinbu Normal PS4 9/16/2017
Dreamless Memories shadow_of_a_memory [HUB2-$X-FC] Fractured Keepsake Verdant Journey No Normal PC 9/16/2017
Masamune_v07 Masamune No Normal PS4 08/31/17
devsw1 devsw1 No Normal PS4 9/15/2017
jeroendeleeuw jeroendeleeuw HUB4-X-1DC Through the Looking Glass Wonderland No Normal PS4 September 14, 2017
FurysShadow FurysShadow [HUB8-X-B6] Tionemu Tomitaa Adwarge

(Base claimed - haven't decided on the new name yet)

No Normal PC 9/17/2017
SilfenPaths / Ilia-Volyova Iris No Normal PS4 20 August 2017
MADe_IN_IYALY80 mad_in_Italy [HUB1-154] Dante Drylands Yes Normal PS4
boardsofandross westfallian [HUB3-!$-63] Usagi-Omega Smol Choragon No Normal PS4 9/14/2017
VanCorc VanCorc [HUB2] VanCorc's Liquid Explosive Plant System Vancorcia No Normal PS4
MyBigDumbFace TheSwigz HUB7-177 Le Casse Roi Russe Can'Ka No Rey (SbKe) No Normal PS4 Aug.25, 2017
ShadowStefan Thiophen [HUB10-!X-186] Shadowverse Shadowbase No Normal PS4 September 1, 2017
Knottypine HUB1-19D State Juncture (KeVC) Eissentam Hunamai-Xago Tinonito No Normal PC 17 September 2017
TheShenk djbadname1 HUB1-?-4A ShenkStar OldShenktonia No Creative PS4 19 September 17
DarkSkyWatch DarkSkyWatch (HUB1-V-93) Freedom Haven Yes Normal PS4 25 Aug 17
stavros_meow Listeningtomyself [HUB11-FF] Siouxsie (Diplo) Studio 1011011 No Normal PS4
Kiluke_Z tutrtlec93ejo [HUB9-!$-1DC] Rigoprud-Azaw(MuAP) Azure-land(Lush,Fauna present,AP,Homebase) No Normal PC 21st,September,2017
Taylor_Bourque mashedapples HUB8-!-1B9 Alpha Draconis Aeia (Alpha Draconis) Yes Normal PS4 September 15, 2017
Snowflake2 snowflake_sb No Normal PC September 20, 2017
Brogo83 [HUB8-$-4F] Hoverboard Hill Valley No Normal PS4 09/22/2017
Albee12 Albee12 [HUB1-!X-10B] Hexomia (Hexagon Biome) Hexus Nexus (Fractal Planet) No Normal PC September 24, 2017
zerovalence zerovalence No Normal PC September 25, 2017
heightsnjdc heightsnjdc No Normal PS4 September 22, 2017
gammaton32 gammaton32 HUB3-92 Whittaker Monotephys No Normal PC Sept. 25, 2017
TimTheEnchanter No Normal PS4 9/28/2017
Ramethzer0 Ramethzer0 [Hub1]-!$K- Serenity /Eissentam/ Fillion no normal PC 10/1/2017
Aakse000 Retska HUB9 / Zachte Landing Glooi No Normal PS4 15 sept 2017
acesMelancholy ChallsBalldo [Hub1-205] Zampano Clara English No Normal PS4 Sept. 20th, 2017
FlashMedallion flashmedallion [HUBx Serapis II No Normal PS4 22 Sep 2017
Cobaltp07 [1] No Normal PC 18/Sept/2017
Gamer_Chase Gamer_Chase [HUB4-$-107] Wrexham Crofton Fields (XTox Storms) No Normal PS4 Sept 16, 2017
tragedyfish tragedyfish [HUB2-C-137] Ukuton-Bettk A Beautiful Lover Yes Normal PS4
JBL839 JBL839 [HUB6-V-333] Rigo-Beauty-Moon Steamy Rigo- Paradise No Normal PS4 10/8/2017
Matthew91188 Matthew911 [HUB1-76] En-Kau Tojialfven Negzhu No Normal PC 09/20/2017
BadwolfAsylum N/A N/A No Normal PS4 1/10/2017
Lollygreen Lollygreen [HUB6-1E9] Squirrelfriends Gamma Sigma (AP) No Normal PS4 October 1, 2017
Omicron7 omicron7 N/A N/A No Normal / Permadeath PS4 1 Oct 2017
RedEyedMan2 MistorKAKA No Normal PS4 30/9/17
TheLastKenny_98 schirrudan [HUB5-$-1D9] Voyager Irradiated Wasteland No Normal PS4 2 Sept. 2017
the_toastkid the_toastkid HUB11-!$-11 Ombanbei Tonoggwachon Yes Normal PS4 05 Oct 2017
Deadspacetrooper DeadSpaceTrooper Hub5-!-C1 Magat No Normal PS4 07 Oct 2017
dancarletti No Normal PS4 07 Oct 2017
mmmm wOLFman4987 [HUB1-!-39] Solana Delta IV Pokitaru No Normal PC 30 Sep 2017
4hemispheres [HUB8-V-78] Nuovo Cetia Miranda Nuovo II Normal PC 10/1/2017
Zach Cross (ZX PRIME) ChristCompelsYou [HUB4-$!-37] ZX PRIME Frosty No Normal PS4 Unknown
TheZapp44 No Normal PS4 14 Oct 2017
[] [2] [] Shamballah Normal PS4 October 10, 2017
Dark Overlord DarkDailer No Normal PC 9/4/2017
bbgianking bbgianking [HUB11-!-1D] Hailey Baldwin (Tropical) Augusto (Nofauna flourish coastal)CreaBase No Normal


PS4 17/12/2017
meatpigeon captainaudio normal PS4 10/16/2017
Voco_the_Volpe [HUB-!$-1D] TopOfTheTree2 First Contact Yes Normal Ps4 October 18, 2017
CaptPausert CaptPausert [HUB1-!-B1] Alpine Grace No Normal PS4 8/20/2017
mckayro Pagan-IkozeXVIII [HUB7$!-V-17E] Scots End (Toxic heavy flora/fauna, Mold) No Normal PS4 October 18, 2017
HiperViper hiperviper88 HUB-G-20F Antoseigel SnowGlobe Glass Farm No Normal PC October 21, 2017
DormantCrayon DormantCrayon {HUB-BURBS-MM-@dormantcrayon-018A] Oyleodoverd No Normal PS4 October 19, 2017
Malorn44 malorn44 No Normal PC
Cultasare Cultasare No Normal PC October 19, 2017
GoldenStatesman GoldenStatesman No Normal PC
bowzerific bowzerific [HUB4-X-7D] Sophocles Antigone No Normal PC
hollyvalero hollyvalero [HUB10-1D] Castaway  Aquaspherical No Normal PS4 August 30, 2017
TokinTardis axmking Anoyamag-Evar III Biothonuympi No Normal PS4 September 22, 2017
cjohnson demonmarin [HUB4-F9pf] Mariner-Orm Demon's Paradise No Normal PC October 23, 2017
xcharzardx charmandeross7 Lutlansv Euijeongx FZ715 No Normal PS4 September 2017
ddusty ddusty53 HUB53 -! - Base/Farm Ddusty Home Ddusty's Lush Base Planet Yes Normal PS4 October 29, 2017
JazekSeven HUB-G-79 Yoarsoja IX -Warp,Portal,X.Ship (PC) Outpost Saitahira Islands - Portal No Normal PC 10/25/2017
felixthegolden toomuchtooold Normal PS4 October 27, 2017
DarkenDracco DarkenDracco No Survival PS4 11/1/2017
nebulae03 -Nebulae- Creative PC November 5, 2017
Micron005 ""Hub-G-"" (in Dizele Void) Xtina Prime II No Normal PS4 10/5/2017
counterpunch 1990 [HUB10-!-psychedelic, Xship] Vomit-Verse Neonvomit ( Yes Normal PS4 10/5/2017
Vercanna [HUB10-XXXX] New Scotland Glasgow No Normal PS4 21 Oct 2017
the_toastkid the_toastkid HUB3-6A Rigerfil-Bry VI Base Camp Crouton No Survival PS4 Oct 2017
BaronUilliam Hnefatafl [HUB1-14] Ukopas Jiacholik No Normal PC 2017-11-08
Perre Normal PC November 6, 2017
hshtick Normal PC November 6, 2017
Killuah [3] [HUB3-Raccon-Kingdom Racoon City No Normal PS4 November 5, 2017
toastys_dog the_toastkid HUB10-202 Hakone VIII Temp base only No Normal PS4 November 11, 2017
skultch skultch No Normal PC November 12, 2017
x40AcresAndaXbox SomeDudeUsingReddit [Hub1-18E] Fierfel Circuit Board Farm Here! No Normal PS4 November 12, 2017
mandersmeatsauce mandersmeatsauce Nikkolas-Noky IX Hidden Valley (Behind Green Planet) No Normal PS4 November 15, 2017
Cam [HUB6-$-1D4] System of a Doom No Normal PC November 16, 2017
ObsidianMinor ObsidianMinor [HUB1-!X-16D] Sidean Minor Vychse No Normal PC November 18, 2017
WI_Dark Wi_Dark [HUB11- No Normal PS4 November 2017
Maknoz MrSkarvoey No Normal PC November 20, 2017
manster_ _manster_ No Normal PS4 September,2017
Bhaab70 coyotemax_66 [PQF] Shopkeep Emporium

(outside hub)

PQ Forge Chapterhouse Prime Yes Normal PS4 November 20, 2017
Seiferslash Seiferslash OZMA-$X-E3 Rivia Forever

Portal Code 40E304556C49

Ciri No Normal PS4 November 18, 2017
Anthony Ackerman AnthonyAckerman [HUB6-9D] Illaoi Paradis III No Normal PC November 22, 2017
ArdentTristan No Normal PS4 October 29, 2017
Galaxy_HB harrisbn Litenuw V Beitun-Beytz Shuronqu No Normal PS4 November 21, 2017
SmoothMove85 Korean_pathfinder Ejongyaig Broken Pillar City No Normal PS4 November 27, 2017
MadBeef MadBeef7 [HUB7-!-56] Jayjon Teykopyev No Normal PS4 November 25, 2017
im bad FromDeepestFathom No Normal PC December 4, 2017
BrianMcstar SolidBoss07 Survival PS4 December 5, 2017
juliocesar22224 Juliomip Normal December 4, 2017
jeester27 [HUB5-BB] Serenity Luna Termina No Normal PS4 December 10, 2017
Pchan424 Pchan424 [Hub11-$-10D] Pchan’s Gammabama [Fau/Flo-Rich, Gw] Radiated Southern Farm No Survival PS4 December 16, 2017
Poofin ThePoffin Liknafir-Cuss III Haven No Normal PC December 20, 2017
William-Chadwick No Normal PS4 December 26, 2017
Hephaestus_92 Hephaestus_92 No Normal PS4 December 27, 2017
RitzKwonDo [HUB11-$-] (H Ships, X Ships, G Ships) Living Glassapalooza No Normal PS4 December 27, 2017
Razgriz-12 Razgriz126 [HUB8-B6] Tionemu {!} Red Elysium (lakes, fauna, GB, Ae) No Survival PS4 December 30, 2017
LtRegBarclay AtlasPassV2 [HUB1-1CD]Loparre (Alien MT,Sk) Dikompofice No Normal PS4 Januar 2, 2018
Bodin MrDocBodin [HUB9-8E] Bospace (Base) Bag End No Normal PC January 3, 2018
Marsh49all jmtvoyager [HUB8-18A] Mibinck XIII Marshall's Base No Normal PS4 January 3, 2018
SHasan119 SilvetSky1 [HUB10-150] Oichim (LG Farm, Traveler) Yuram ( No Normal PS4 January 7, 2018
bowtoween zgmh Normal PS4 January 14, 2018
BadCollin badcollin HUB[1-30] Grismann Boreo No Survival PS4 January 14, 2018
Autumn-lily11 LilithGame Normal Ps4 January 15, 2018
stolle25 StollarS86 [HUB5-X-1A8] Eos (Bubble Planet) Holy Telamon (X, Bubbles,Tropical) No Normal Ps4 January 15, 2018
SirLoinsteak10 [HUB-!$-1D] TopOfTheTree2 Flower Parade (flowers) Yes Creative PS4 January 22, 2018
erictheface erictheface Normal PC January 23, 2018
Tomtom96 No Normal PC January 23, 2018
Lord Frobozz LordFrobozz [HUB10-F9] Westlands Largoneth No Normal PC 15 January 2018
Tyrant-o-saurus No Normal PS4 8 January 2018
Johnny-Rockett Normal PS4 5 January 2018
Tmon222 Taymon101 [HUB1-15] Griqueselor Yes Normal Pc 31 December 2017
cuiraecen cuiraecen no Normal pc 8 December 2017
jamesrodkey jamesrodkey [HUB2-G-B] Ovidius (Ra) TERRA IACOBI no Normal PC 10 December 2017
Bearded Lizard BeardedLizardman Normal PC 12/2/2017
MrJellyTurtle MrJellyTurtle No Normal Ps4 2Dec2017
Zino_Phage kg4nxw Normal PS4 11-26-2017
Jordan Murphy MrJordanMurphy [HUB2-50] Cubeogrlie-Meint Stlant No Normal PS4 25 January 2018
Cytofusion Dunsparce1776 HUB-X-83 (Located in Gavrad Terminus) Installation 16-A-02724 No Normal PC January 25, 2018
mxln792 mxln792 [HUB11-!$] Mxln (GrCf) Gammaland II No Normal PS4
foamy6305 Foamy6305 No Normal PS4 January 25, 2018
dj0samaspinIaden dj0samaspinIaden [HUB10-079] Tartarus Relay Elysium No Normal PS4
Freaknottt Uossil-Gur Gocheotinife No Normal PC January 27, 2018
Nelius Nelius87 No Normal PC February 2, 2018
DynamiteLuv Icculus13 Normal PS4 February 5, 2018
MWarrior7 itsmikepoirier No Normal PS4 February 6, 2018
Elizner No Normal PS4 7/02/2018
Vexare Envie42 [HUB5 - 2F] Ingata Vex Gallica No Normal PC February 14, 2018
Lum_Pi Lum_Pi [HUB3-!-51] Lum_Pi`s sustem "Parnas" Earth_3 No Normal PS4 February 18, 2018
dallasbeek Ekolpashy XVII (The Arm of Zofeliamo) Nohovenwegga No Normal PS4 February 25, 2018
bad_radio_ bad_radio No Normal PS4 February 25, 2018
OldGregg91 Dabullfrog1991 HUB9-36 "Farside" Triassica (Moon of Castaway) No Normal PC March 2, 2018
「VΞNOM」 Venom1787 Axios-Omega Agria No Normal PC March 9, 2018
Erico Ericojawn [HUB1-$X-12A]Hlaalu Bombtastic (M.fauna) No Normal PC March 10, 2018
Matthew71NSW zazariins HUB10-!-49 AGT Galactic Hub Embassy Arbol Invierno No Normal PS4 20 February 2018
Eyonimus Eyonimus [HUB11-12] Katalpa (exotic ship,100%) Eyo's Microwave No Normal PS4 March 16. 2018
zhunt69 zhunt69 Zhunty McHome (Yooman District) Zhunt Prime Yes Normal PC March 16. 2018
Bcnuby Bcnuby [Hub-11ish]Bcnuby's Liquid Explosive Farm! Bcnuby's Liquid Explosive Farm! No Normal PS4 April 1. 2018
Durum_dog Durumdog No Normal PS4 April 2, 2018
TheBigNorbowski thebignorbowski No Normal PC 03/30/2018
Turbodog [HUB7-$X-18D] Beta Libre (F.Ship) Caythovgo Xihewi No Normal PC 04/03/2018
JFO008 Visitabo Superdank Kushtopia No Normal PS4 04/08/2018
Chowning_of_Note NO Normal PS4 04/08/2018
JimtheFishes NO Normal PS4 01/08/2018
David_94UK [HUB9-X-17B] Hades Elysium No Normal PS4 12.04.18
Hyfrydle32 Hyfrydle No Creative PC 14 April 2018
WobblyBanana [Hub9-!-163} WobblyHome (Beam Fc3, Cool 2&3) Mostly Harmless (HiPop) No Normal PS4 16 April 2018
JakeTimberlake97 rewengey Normal PS4 17 April 2018
EthanRDoesMC EthanRDoesMC [HUB2-17F] Aiwatebas Nuclear Beauty No Creative PC April 23, 2018
Voidblazer Voidblazer Ijmege Itningagn Tegeme No Normal PS4 April 25, 2018
Longermire goldpeaktea314 [HUB8-!-23] Prathis Mobius No Normal PS4 April 28, 2018
GreenTedizursa12 Tedizstalker Ijdenn Doon Pearls (Moon of Oshiryugawa) No Normal PS4 April 26, 2018
Colormind [HUB4-ED] Zoongn Colormind Home No Normal PS4 2018/04/29
Wookieschnitzel Wookieschnitzel [HUB1-!-88] The Twins No Survival PC April 29, 2018
Kinium Infected36 Kroninth No Normal PC May 2, 2018
IAmNobody IAmNobody4 [HUB1-C0] Invidia Persephone (Crater Lakes) No Normal PC May 11, 2018
father_cameron Clumby18 [HUB8]-!-8E] Kwazulu Natal No Normal PS4 May 12, 2018
solodragonrider No Normal PS4 May 12, 2018
Scribbles1134 JARF01 Normal PS4 May 15, 2018
UrickHunt101 Urickhunt101 Normal PS4
Nixon Weston Nixon_86d Hub Olmasky(Nixon LG Farm) Lucyon VII No Normal PS4 May 18, 2018
Theboomer1224 mrboomer12 Ysgrum (VC) Ayganovai Ayeru No Normal PS4 May 18, 2018
Charstorm 64BitWonder [HUB9-!X-149] Yusotsk-Gus {!} Karipsys No Normal PC May 18, 2018
stromther stromther [HUB9-!X-FD] Ourays Parakron (Exotic) No Normal PC May 18, 2018
Hemlock09 jb009/ jb009 Anebeken 20 Circuit board farm No PS4 Normal May 19, 2018
cedthered CedTheRed Normal PC May 19, 2018
Ragnar131281 Ragnar131281 Nazents-Ihins HUB10 No PS4 Normal May 20, 2018
PragmaticWizard PragmaticWizard [HUB2-!-C7] Swamptown Rainbow Fields No Normal PS4 May 20, 2018
Ryder_E-E JetstarEE Isjoutu-Niaod Loptethkehat No Normal PS4 5/21/2018
Pahefu Pahefu _ _ No Normal PS4 August 17, 2017
Hiker2112 Jamestown Traveler's Respite No Normal PS4 5/22/2018
SkyyMiller TheBroticus42 Uningl Nupowen Zinyama No Normal PS4 May 24, 2018
baycod9 mtntech Akyushi-yila mtntech's base No Survival PS4/PC May 26, 2018
I_Am_Gassy I_Am_Gassy No Normal PS4 May 29, 2018
Ghost_Leader-3 LegitN00bM00ves Helomnarneileoa-6 Wudzana No Normal PS4 May 30, 2018
KiddKazenoken Ulrich-Wolfking [Hub1 Skapariginei-Tru No Normal PS4 May 31, 2018 (3:41pm EST)
Rhylith Ukuleledg Normal PC June 4, 2018
Terminus Normal PC June 4, 2018
SpecVengeance SpecVengeance Hub1-5 Awsongye-bog No Normal PC June 6, 2018
JERM0519 JERM0519 Normal PS4/PC June 5, 2018
Magicman_11 salvaggiod11 Uolinj-Ulaki Ojuewa Cucushki No Normal PS4 5/27/2018
Lugalegand Lugalegand Creative PS4 6/1/2018
PVBuk PVBuk HUB10x-$-40 Lehtim Eirsvenivae (TiCh, De) Normal PS4 5/27/2018
Slayerizer213 Slayerizer213 [HU No Normal PS4 5/25/2018
Arachni pyrozew Normal PC 5/24/2018
Kew89_Play KewTheGek Normal PS4 5/23/2018
Gainsdalf Glute_Thighwalker PS4 5/23/2018
Carpocalypto Carpocalypto Dadurgh Normal PS4 5/21/2018
Domo No Normal PC 5/20/2018
SmokingSober SmokingSober [HUB11 - | - 87] Dank Rotation Alpha No Normal PS4 5/16/2018
RidesTheTiger Path_of_Change [HUB11-AB] Nogxardo lasi Eluklaas No Normal PC 5/21/2018
wino_lino wino_lino El Paso (Flora & Fire) Nebadon 553 No Normal PC 5/18/2018
Dark_fusion42 darkfusion42 Eqenxo-Nulant Balamb Prime yes Normal PS4 4/27/2018
SHWilKey SHWilKey Saskia dragonslayer Fafnir Yes Normal PS4 2018-05-01
Thomas PCA_Gamer [HUB3-!$X-DB] Thomas' Star Thomas' World no Normal PC 04/23/2018
zjiyre zjiyre [Eissentam] Normal PS4 04/04/18
8feet.org BadlyBehaved [HUB9 - 13D] - Stateless Sativum 1 No Normal PC 27/03/18
Zipzippa Zipzippa Oyiijia No Normal PS4 04/29/18
Big Boss 0804 spacetruckin16 No Normal PS4 04/13/2018
UncleSheo UncleSheoNMS Normal PC 04/04/2018
JeffJJackson JeffJJackson [HUB-11] Jeff J Jackson's LE Base Mushroom Kingdom No Normal PS4 3/12/2018
jamesb112345084 Jimthefishes Normal PS4 24/03/18
gerryatrix68 gerryatrix68 HUB9-14C Omlyazhm-Sas VII EdenOrange No Normal PS4 02/25/2018
GenBra Space Corp
intothedoor HUB11-!-99 (GenBra Outpost) Ijangn-Vushi Egation MW504 No Normal PS4 3-10-2018
LF970 LF970 Caravella No Normal PC 3/06/2018
Syval Syval627 [HUBBURB-$-E1] Wasaka Prime] Syvalandia No Normal PC 2/26/2018
AYQ physicalConstant Eridian Local System Cukforn No Normal PC 5/6/2018
Grand Admiral Mellacus GrandAdmiralMellacus [HUB11-V-D8] GAM15hp No Normal PC Jan 20, 2017
davejp87 crusoejp Bebend-Num


Malstrom 9 No Normal PS4 June 5, 2018
MiracleWhiff MiracleWhiff Omakiryu-Paul Oyanovobods No Normal PC June 7, 2018
Dark-Endzeit Azurendzeit Normal PS4 June 9, 2018
By-Tor bytor1484 [HUB2-!$-17E] Kiyushun Cygnus X-1 No Normal PC June 9, 2018
DrGoomonkey Dr_Goomonkey (not settled, yet) (refer to the system) No Noraml PS4 June 9, 2018 (busy day)
iSHOTbambisMOMha nodudesky Trumps Tax Return Alpine No Normal PS4 June 10, 2018
II-I-Hulk-I-II II-I-Hulk-I-II Hulk System Planet Hulk No Normal PS4 June 10, 2018
AntiousG Antious [PS4] No Normal PS4 June 12, 2018
Lobstar91 Lobstar_91 [HUB9-K-2-!$] Dozhai System // F9 Lima Oscar Bravo XIII No Normal PS4 June 12, 2018
Sardoron No Normal PC June 13, 2018
Shrekt Infernal420 [HUB11-$-260] Shrekt's Swamp m'swamp No Normal PC June 13, 2018
MintE PainfullyMinty [HUB9-E5] MintE's Home (Golden Superlush) Mintethra No Normal PC June 12, 2018
Prefect4me Prefect4me [HUB11-!$-8B] Volta Sogucohr No Normal PS4 June 14, 2018
brianasagi [HUB11-161] Hirphyst 17 Circuit Board Farm 15min from portal(116102556C4D or 2-2-7-2-1-3-6-6-7-13-5-14) Saugendr Jeri No Normal PS4 June 14, 2018
projectcartwheel projectcartwheel No Creative PC 05-25-2018
DopeyLo420 DopeyLo420 The Hub TBD Normal PS4 10 June 2018
Ajarmageddon304 Ajarmageddon304 Normal PS4 June 15, 2018
FireWire400 FireWire400 Hexaclid 7-X Uokayuruaicul-Haowi No Normal PC 16 June 2018
WALEX Super_Blank No Normal PC 16 June 201
owen_moriarty Normal PS4
Octopus96 Gamester997 Normal PC 6/18/18
MrSllim89 MrSllim89 [HUB5-076] [A+] Uureyrr Planet of the Mills No Normal PS4 June 19, 2018
squashes420 squashes420 TBD TBS No Normal PS4 6/20/18
8bagels 8bagels [HUB8-210] Sesame Bagels Nuxio No Normal PC 6/22/18
ECR-85 GeraldRiva [HUB6-58] Huweyfajum OH869 No Normal PS4 6/24/18
Xaine XainesWorld [HUB9-!$-49] System Of Time (Xaine's Base) Entropic Core No Normal PC 6/25/18
Vjsantos VjsantosPT No Normal PC 6/25/18
Nick25Smith Nick25Smith No Normal PC 6/25/18
WumpWilliam NMS_Wump Hub11-1A Grey Goo Autumnal Paradise No Normal PS4 6/25/18
Crum013 Crum013 Galactic Vagabond TBD No Normal PS4 6/25/18
TREX [HUB2-$-E1] Tyrant's Treasure System Pirate's Cove No Normal PC 6/26/18
orochiserge OrochiSerge [HUB1] System//F3 Desert Vortex No Normal PS4 6/26/18
BIGMC02 u/Bigjmc02 No Normal PS4 6/26/18
Arkane2552 andynelson2552 [HUB1-16A] Sato Kei -Living Glass/CB farm- No Normal PS4 6/26/18
bigdcaughman u/Old_school_rpg Enhota-Kost New arrival No Normal PS4 6/27/18
SpaceRice02 Spacemanlol No Normal PS4 6/27/18
CooterTom u/HammondsAmmonds [HUB4-144] Far Out No Normal PS4 6/27/18
Jragzilla140 Jragzilla160 No Normal PS4 6/27/18
GurtTheFrog [HUB6-!-D56] Cervine Mollusk Sentinel In Stasis (Living glass farm) No Normal PC 6/28/18
Cyroc2k No Normal PS4 6/28/18
Rods_of_12 SkullLeader1 HUB 11-!-44D Jennblade1 12 Alpha No Normal PS4 29Jun2018
Lothar-viking KilroyOnline No Normal PS4
nimjem No Normal PC 6/29/2018
Tolabalo Baloria [Hub1-24] Baloria Paradiso 2 No Normal PS4 June 30, 2018
fractalform fractalform Ahiran Order [AO] Capital System Ascendancy Homeworld (Tundra, Fauna-rich) No Normal PS4 6/29/18
AtheosL AtheosL No Normal PC 6/30/18
Gul_Skrain-Dukat u/Gul-Skrain-Dukat No Normal PS4 6/30/18
DioMuerto MarmotRanger Hub4-1A0 Bokkerp Glufi No Normal PS4 July 3, 2018
Hipponugz No Normal PS4 July 3, 2018
VeierKroetian GoldenLagann [RUNEx-$-80] No Normal PS4 July 5, 2018
Bittergrin Bittergrin [HUBDS-!$X-182] Stregoicavar Monolith No Normal PC July 5, 2018
TheFang1212 TheCosmicFang [HUB10-11D] Zaxoisa-Zart XVI Rovoyemmara No Normal PS4 July 6, 2018
ad_astra_inc ad_astra_inc waiting for new hub location Arcturus Prime (abandoned) No Normal PS4 July, 2017
Lkook Lkook Lurayam Guidetasjoun No Normal PC 07/07/2018
Tandordraco No Normal PC July 9, 2018
Artinaaz Artinaaz Euclid Relyaliyns-Nestv Tobo No Permadeath PS4 05July2018
Divinatus HUB12-!$-54 Stella Divinata (5p 1m) Divinium Prime No Normal PC 07/09/2018
Andresp2018 [hub3-16c] Affisc Poqoma-5 Mobettot No Normal PS4 03/07/2018
Kommissar Klose Kommissar_K No Normal PC 7/7/2018
king pirate blackshaft pro-paganda [hub11-!-3f] space pirate hideout /f5 -pirate king home base- No Normal PC 7/4/2018
oOManu974Oo [HUBx-10B] Azatezhy Gayama (Home) NO Normal PS4 7/01/2018
Clemx2000 No Normal PS4 6/29/2018
BrkfstE4tr Rembihn Abaraka No Normal PS4 6/29/2018
Faraday No Normal PC 6/28/2018
NZCam Loemla-Vinte New Norway No Normal PC 6/27/2018
derangedcountry derangedcountry No Normal PC 6/26/18
Silvenmyst Silvenmyst No Normal PC 6/26/2018
Vjsantos Vjs Normal PC 6/25/2018
Papa Bless [HUB11-!-E9] Bastille (F.Ships) Ionia No Normal PC 6/25/2018
HollyWorks hollyvalero HUB-$-145 Double Diplo Gangdu No Normal PS4 6/25/18
ChromeDistrict ChromeDistrict No Normal PS4 6/25/18
Tursonaki Tursonaki No Normal PC 6/22/18
Gogoatee Gogoatee No Normal PC 6/22/18
DarkSculptor RegalMuffin No Normal PS4 6/21/18
daoehli No Normal PS4 6/17/18
Pygasm SnivyDroid HUB1-X-197 Kallus-Orion Aliax-7 No Normal PC 6/17/18
SM0K3Y_B3AR97 SM0K3Y_B3AR97 No Normal PS4 6/16/2018
TheFRoZen_FoXx TheFrozenFoXx Hirish System//F1P Vasquyres EH930 No Normal PS4 6/16/18
Dark_Grim00 Unknown_Breach {AmmarckiS-$X-79} Centripetally XXVI Alpha Centuri (Sb, Al, Ir) No Normal PS4 07/10/18
coffeepostal coffeepostal Normal PS4 July 10, 2018
xWOOLY_PLATYPUSx W00LY_PLATYPUS Gawanis-Lopta Neptunium 3 No Normal PS4 07/11/18
Pankhandro ktpanks No Normal PS4 July 10, 2018
Laser732 Laser732 HUB11-X-4c No Normal PS4 10July2018
M_Andrew1024 No Normal PS4 07/14/2018
KILLERKNIGHT856 HUB856-$-LiquidExplosiveFarm-TropicalFarm LiquidFarm No Normal PC 7/14/2018
PARAGON Normal PC 7/14/2018
bcatrek bcatrek No Normal PC 17/07/2018
cadage Pistolpete1983 Sixplan Glassfarmia no normal ps4 17/07/2018
The_Taterman The_Taterman [HUB8-!X-1B4] Niseppuscarp No Creative PS4 7/17/2018
fahlynn [https://www.reddit.com/user/x_scion_x tbd tbd No Normal PS4
Aroes TheUnknownVoid No Normal PS4 7/16/2018
hwont hwont [HUB3-B0] Tol Ma'an No Creative PC 7/20/2018
Delta110 Botorock0 [HUB10-38] Suitak-Hil Botorock No Normal PS4 7/20/2018
mudflap999 rd2ruin Auwpoor XVI Gregville No Normal PS4 7/20/18
GKroeff No Normal PS$ 7/20/2018
MRS_NOMER Cat_Poots Gosenna-Salf System Kehematsogond No Normal PS4 7/20/2018
nicjohn2000 Kardecus Ufentin-Lui II (Eissentam Galaxy) Yakeshiqin Unnan No Normal PS4 21/7/2018
fireballs00 Fireballs44 No Normal PC 21/7/2018
Dini_at_home_400 Dini_at_home_400


Normal & Permadeath PS4 21/7/2018
Link_at_home_400 Link_at_home_400


Normal PS4 21/7/2018
JoeyWalker62 DaRoo62


Uiutsimor-5 Disend





Hoodoo_Lord Hoodoo_Lord No Normal PS4 7/22/2018

NikB322 Desinator [HUB4-$-001D] Extreme Rad No Normal PS4 1/8/2018
Kuyani No Normal PC 7/22/2018
Cit74 CitInterloper No Normal PC 7/23/2018
esb2005 esb8 Normal PS4 7/23/2018
NostallgiaK Nostalllgia TBA TBA TBA Survival PC
♛ kirrbs N/A TBD TBD No Normal PC 8/2/2018
DCG702 Dcg702 No Normal PS4 7/29/2018
sparcd2038 sparcd Normal PS4 7/27/2018
daniel_oliveira_ daniel_oliveira_ No Normal PS4 24/9/2017
hachor guerrajr [HUB1-!FF] Anunna (AIEmAulr-AB) Ninhursag No Normal PC 6/15/2018
godzofwar123 Verecs No Normal PS4 August 3, 2018
Lari lifeoflari [HUB1-49] Demeter Beul No Normal PC 8/08/2018
meenawah phillipset TBD No Normal Ps4 08/15/2018
BRUINBOYS Amnyai-Duyu Bathroni M33 No Normal PS4 08/16/18
chaosking2557 chaosking2552 [HUB2-9C] Atlas Industrial Contracters Autumn Rain is Insane no Normal PS4 08/12/2018
LeafyGreens97 LeafyGreens97 [HUB11-1A3] Sephr-III Sephr-III Major No Normal PS4 8/20/2018