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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

This article was catalogued by the Galactic Hub.

There are multiple versions of the Galactic Hub Project census page, based on game release.

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Census - Galactic Hub is a census page.

Summary & Guidelines

NOTE: This page is only for arrivals in the Galactic Hub, located in The Arm of Vezitinen and 10 surrounding regions, or Huburb-based citizens.

Please include the following information:

  • Steam / Playstation Network / XBox Live username
  • Reddit username (or other social media name if not on reddit)
  • Platform (PS4/PC/XBox)
  • Your base(s). If you have a "main base," list it first & in bold font. If you have not created a page for a base but want to include it, list the system including the Hub tag (ie HUB11-1CD Spirit of the Harvestman) instead of linking the base page. This allows players to navigate to the system.
  • Game Mode. If you play on more than one game mode within the Galactic Hub, it is recommended (but not required) to create a separate census entry for each mode.
  • The date of your arrival, in a Year/Month/Day format (best for sorting purposes).

Leave the first row blank so other users can just copy & paste it. Add new rows at the bottom and please use caution while editing this page so previous entries are not inadvertently deleted or overwritten.


For navigation purposes,

The Galactic Hub officially occupies the following 11 regions, as well as a number of "Huburb" regions in an unofficial capacity.

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

  1. The Arm of Vezitinen (042F:0078:0D55:0000)
  2. Canthian (042F:0078:0D54:0000)
  3. Dexterf Sector (0430:0078:0D54:0000)
  4. The Arm of Katteus (0430:0078:0D55:0000)
  5. Nugsdor Adjunct (0430:0078:0D56:0000)
  6. Uefert Nebula (042F:0078:0D56:0000)
  7. Widraik (042E:0078:0D56:0000)
  8. Airnaka Conflux (042E:0078:0D55:0000)
  9. Sivess Instability (042E:0078:0D54:0000)
  10. Savenix Instability (042F:0079:0D55:0000)
  11. Nonlopsi Instability (042F:0077:0D55:0000)



  • Please leave the first (example) row as-is so other users can copy & paste it.
  • Add all new entries at the bottom of the list.
  • If you do not currently have information to enter for a given category, just leave it blank. Do not put "TBD," "N/A," "None," or similar phrases.
Steam/PSN/XBL Name Reddit / Social Media Name System Base(s) / Base Location(s) Game Mode Date Arrived
(Year/Month/Day, Numerical Only)
Example End Example
Syn1334 7101334 PS4 Haze Valley Farm
Euclidean Hallows Pumpkin Patch
Hexagon Peak
GH Aquatic Observatory Alpha
Procedural Universal Studios
Normal 2018/07/24
Dini_at_home_400 Dini_at_home_400 PS4 HUB4 regions Normal & Permadeath 2018/08/03
Link_at_home_400 Link_at_home_400 PS4 HUB4 regions Normal 2018/08/03
rwhitby rwhitby PC [HUB2-1A2] Superfluous Abundance Normal 2018/07/29
Grand Admiral Mellacus GrandAdmiralMellacus PC Normal 2018/08/03
the_toastkid the_toastkid PS4 Frona Minor in HUB11-32 Gaqiong IX Normal 2018/08/03
Anipsy Anipsy PC Succub Sigma in [HUB1-203] Gigantic Normal 2018/08/03
Vexare envie42 PC [HUB1-6A] Rome Gamma Normal 2018/07/13
Kibbles nmskibbles PC / PS4 Ethereal Skies in [HUB2-CB] Diluvium (PC) Normal 2018/07/28
boogup Boogup PC Normal 2018/08/03
alexo1001 alexo1001 PC Niell U22 in HUB1-CA Yajarmurs Normal 2018/08/03
ZenBones NecroBones PC Serenity in HUB2-70 Tranquility Normal 2018/08/03
Domo PC [HUB11-1AA] Anmeng-Gam Normal 2018/08/03
Laser732 Laser732 PS4 Dragons breath in [HUB1-4E] Jasmine’s Star Normal 2018/08/03
NZ Cam NZCamB PC Normal 2018/08/03
BoomMicGuy BoomMicGuy PC [HUB1-4] The Mr Slim Normal 2018/08/03
Eiji_Sama_ Eiji_Sama PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
CrispyChrisu PS4 Normal 2017/08/20
ShinobidoN morgvom_org, donswelt PS4 Normal 2017/08/18
Syval Syval627 PC [HUB5-1A7] AE Prime Normal 2018/08/03
Sparcd2038 Sparcd PS4 Casa in [HUB+] [MC-74] Lush Moon Empire Normal 2018/08/03
seamonkey420 seamonkey420 PS4 HUB3-59 Rio Alpha Two Normal 2018/07/28
UniDestiny UniDestiny PS4 Oyoshiri VII [HUB11-AF] Normal 2018/07/24
JORDANMURPHY MrJordanMurphy PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2018/08/03
Rhomicron rho-micron PC Vorta Prime, HUB3-E6 Kurill Normal 2018/08/03
Luuk AtheosL PC Normal 2018/08/03
AtomicFury At0micFury PC Normal 2018/08/03
problem-kid- SamH_98 PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
DevilMegs madlyrogue PS4 Megobah in HUB10-1A6 Megobah Normal 2018/08/03
FlipFlopOreo FlipFlopOreo PC Goldpine in [HUB11-1C4] Gilneas Normal 2018/08/03
EnroyM. PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Teardrop/New Lennon Normal 2018/08/03
Jawertown Jawertown PS4 [HUB1-FE] Fortitude Normal 2018/08/03
Dyn57__ 57Dynasty PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Minty ####### SpinelessCrow_ PC New Ochlar in [HUB1-17E] Aldrin Prime Normal 2018/08/03
Silence640 Silence64 PS4 Drizcore in HUB1-30 Event Horizon Normal 2018/08/03
jeroendeleeuw AerisPeacecraft PS4 Terra in [HUB1-158] Gaea Normal 2018/08/03
DJLols FetchMeMyLongsword PS4 Autumn's Embrace in [HUB1-1DC] Doslise Normal 2018/08/03
MarzDeWar PS4 Autumn's Embrace in [HUB1-1DC] Doslise Normal 2018/08/03
_NIMJA PC Normal 2018/08/03
worldwarzack worldwarzack PS4 [HUB1-4E] Jasmine's Star Normal 2018/08/03
crazymercer98 PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
themoistback PS4 New Reid in [HUB1-15C] Riley Reid Normal 2018/08/03
Tandordraco Tandordraco PC HUB1-111 Mjolnir Normal 2018/07/29
Iftcko_Gaming Iftcko PC Sentinel HQ in [HUB1-1C0] Sentinel Society Normal 2018/08/03
bp2fl PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Aeytos PC HUB1-215 Normal 2018/08/03
Phineas Rage PC Normal 2018/08/04
Spaceman Swolaire swolaire_of_asstora PC HUB1-121 Normal 2018/08/03
Father_Cameron Clumby99 PS4 Zoohen in [HUB5-45] Genesis Normal 2018/08/03
Scythul Scythul PC HUB4-1BC Normal 2018/08/04
Remsiv Remsiv PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Plusran Plusran PS4 Creative 2018/08/04
walrus* GreetingsOutlander PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Teardrop - New Lennon Normal 2018/08/17
Solid_Luigi SolidLuigi PS4 Lacertae Insulae in [HUB4-125] Lacertae VI Normal 2018/08/03
invenire PS4 Jms Pls in [HUB11-147] Cat's Lunch Normal 2018/08/04
aspidder thebigcig PC Normal 2018/08/04
DCG702 DCG702 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Thenick1000 PS4 TITAN A.E. [HUB1-1E7] Normal 2018/08/04
Orisi Orisi PC HUB11 Orisium Normal 2018/08/03
Gamer_Luna_NLR TheMaffiamaster PS4 Normal 2018/07/21
Pchan424 Pchan424 PS4 [HUB2-C] Survival 2018/08/04
Vekraihr Vincanity91 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
whitewidow_94 omega_94 PS4 HUB1-73 Alexandria- Planet Cleopatra Normal 2018/08/03
Quttu PC Planet Z'ha'Dum System Osampl V no service so cant see hubname Normal 2018/08/04
AccursedImmortal Accursedimmortal PS4 HUB1-203 Gigantic - Planet Gilgul (Planet renamed to Gaia by Coopaxtroopa) Normal 2018/08/03
Jynnroxx PS4 Autumn's Embrace in [HUB1-1DC] Doslise Normal 2018/08/04
Phoenix__Paladin PS4 Autumn's Embrace in [HUB1-1DC] Doslise Normal 2018/08/04
LtBroome PS4 Lulse Tau in [HUB1-19B] Fehrenbach Normal 2018/08/04
Lothar-viking KilroyOnline PS4 [HUB7-25] MST3K Revival - Deep 13 Normal 2018/08/04
tomnorts BangBangKrisLetang PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
SpaceRice02 Spacemanlol PS4 [HUBx-4F Prismarine] Normal 2018/08/03
Lunatic Phase Lunatic Phase PC Normal 2018/08/04
Fullmetal Noeb PC [HUB1-65] New Amestris Normal 2018/08/04
FurysShadow FurysShadow PC Normal 2018/08/04
CitizenCoyote citizencoyote PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
LordAzurio Azitopian PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
biffa biffa72 PC Normal 2018/08/04
squashes420 squashes420 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Magma Hunter PC Normal 2018/08/05
Zakaar HowitzerZak PC [HUB11-1C0] Zak Normal 2018/08/04
Xeroneon Xeroneon PC [HUB1-16] Normal 2018/08/04
Elektro8 Elektro8 PC [HUB1-E0] Normal 2018/08/05
Durum_Dog Durumdog PS4 [HUB1-021F] Roughrider - Waskimo Normal 2018/08/03
thewolphman TheWolphman PC HUB1-8F Phaze Normal 2018/08/04
DJuanez Beautifulderanged PS4 [HUB1-CA] Yajarmurs Normal 2018/08/04
Cultasare Cultasare PC Normal 2018/08/03
Allochthons Allochthons PS4 Normal 2018/08/02
XxKColexX PC Normal 2018/08/04
FruitLukes PC Normal 2018/08/05
radallday oryxonix PS4 [HUB1-205] Palace Ave Normal 2018/08/04
Epicdrwhofan Epicdrwhofan PS4 HUB8-88 New Maine Normal 2018/08/03
Nimarus Nimarus PC Hub2-B5 Forgotten Vale# // Atmora Normal 2018/08/04
LordFrobozz LordFrobozz PC Outside of Hub Normal 2018/08/03
rsdevigo rsdevigo PS4 Hub1-121 Normal 2018/08/04
Savant Skills PC Hub1-121 Normal 2018/08/04
tomatojustice tomatojustice PC HUB1-178 Tesselation and Time Normal 2018/08/04
Spooks Paradoxxiic PC Normal 2018/08/03
Yavin Yavin87 PC Normal 2018/08/03
Swampy KingSwampy69 PC Normal 2018/08/04
Dark-Endzeit azurendzeit PS4 Normal 2018/08/05
redbulldominator PS4 Normal 2018/08/05
bozak67 jenga67 PC [HUB1-101] Sapphire Void // Critical Mass Normal 2018/08/05
Lukrister Lukrister PC Normal 2018/08/05
Kicker_99 Kicker_99 PS4 Hub1-21 Creative 2018/08/03
Voidblazer Voidblazer PS4 HUB2 // 190 // Akuraya-Eyt IX // Akkuruijse Ryug Normal 2018/08/05
Pazetzu Jjowi PC [HUB4-6] Asgard // Asgard Normal 2018/08/05
Meinl20 GeoNick20 PS4 [HUB1-49] Prometheus Normal 2018/08/05
MrTibrum MrTibrum PS4 [HUB1-1B7] Illithid Normal 2018/08/05
MAN StickGin PC [HUB1-D4] Hegugslek // Mynor Normal 2018/08/05
epicdude312 epicdude312 PC Creative 2018/08/05
projectvoidfactor VoidMisubi PC [HUB2-203] Immanity System Normal 2018/08/05
Dartzjuan Dartzjuan PC [HUB1-153] The Gentleman's Duel System // Ascalon Prime Normal 2018/08/05
iHyjinx iHyjinx PC Survival 2018/08/13
flandy2005 flandy2005 PC HUB6-14D LongHorn Normal 2018/08/03
RedGunman05 RedGunman05XB1 XBOX [HUB1-1B6] Soping // Planet- Pientre Normal 2018/08/05
WalkLikeMan PS4 Normal 2018/08/05
Toby_Johansson tobyboy3 PS4 [HUB6-94] Kloss-D / TobyGround Normal 2018/08/06
johnny_is_alive number5 PS4 [HUB+] [MC-3E] Aknirov Normal 2018/08/04
CQR Myles CQRMyles PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Teardrop / New Lennon Normal 2018/08/18
Dreamless Memories shadow_of_a_memory PC HUB1-A Jewel of Vezintinen - Heartwood Prime Normal 2018/08/05
pleb87 pleb87 PC Normal 2018/08/06
ZestyTaint Tico42 PC Normal 2018/08/06
Littleachiever lodwicjc PS4 Normal 2018/08/06
Nishkahale GlenTHale PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Evil Patrick redprince90 PC Normal 2018/08/05
JFO008 Visitabo PS4 [Hub8-53] Uedain//Ulustourpo Normal 2018/08/06
Caranteenser PC [Hub7-188] Zemlyane // Trava U Doma Normal 2018/08/06
JefferyTheShark JefferythesharkPS4 PS4 Normal 2018/08/06
asnjsus420 DavisG96 PC [HUB2-C0] Kessel IV Normal 2018/08/06
mrdocbodin MrDocBodin PC [HUB2-C2] Ojiyak, planet Pilymouth Normal 2018/08/06
venkasia venkasia PC [HUB1-005] venkasia's serene -Arm of Vezitinen Normal 2018/08/06
The Blaqknight RedPanda1802 PC Normal 2018/08/06
Wesleypipes101 Wesleypipes101 PS4 Normal 2018/08/06
FearTheAnarchy Omario- Normal 2018/08/03
Erico Ericojawn PC Normal 2018/07/29
WumpWilliam u/NMS_Wump Normal 2018/08/04
bigdcaughman Old_School_RPG PS4 [HUB9-5D] Picard Normal 2018/07/22
ChallsMcNost ChallsBalldost [Hub1-6A] Rome Gamma/P11 Coruscant Normal 2018/08/03
The Godfather PS4 [HUB1-4E] Jasmine's Star / The Godfather's Home Normal 2018/08/02
mrepicfalcon V0Y463 Ameil In Sivess Instability Normal 2018/08/03
C:\TILIO.EXE Normal 2018/08/03
Long_Nose_Jim Long_Nose_Jim [HUB1-177] Arthas - Planet: New Jamalamadingdong Normal 2018/08/04
TeediousTV Teedious907 Normal 2018/08/04
Caden is God Normal 2018/08/04
Weeb Woob Maduxx33 XBOX Normal 2018/08/04
XPhantomX1999 HesThePhantom PS4 [HUB1-$-52] K6 Normal 2018/07/29
AtomicBiff damon61700 PS4 [HUB2-152] / Kremlin Normal 2018/08/03
HavocsCall HavocsCall PC Normal 2018/08/04
lolBST1 lolBST PS4 HUB11 Normal 2018/08/04
Dark_fusion42 darkfusion42 PS4 HUB11 Normal 2018/08/03
TwoHundo eli5foreal PC Lirrhe-Arq II System / Esdem XI Normal 2018/08/03
RonBuca ronbucher PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Nappa ChancellorNappa PC Normal 2018/08/04
MattraMachine Supermattendo64 PS4 Normal 2018/08/01
sarton85 sarton85 PS4 [HUB1-4E] Jasmine’s Star / Haunani' s World Normal 2018/08/04
Forrest904 libidinousgoat PS4 Zynulia Normal 2018/08/03
ButterForTheKing ButterForTheKing PS4 [HUB1-230] Hydrox // [HUB1-D8] ButterZone Omega Normal 2018/07/28
Brayo BrayoP PC [HUB8-194] Guarida Normal 2018/08/03
Charlie ___DOUBLETROUBLE___ PC Normal 2018/08/04
Ardwill234 Arden186 PS4 HUB7-21/Kingston Normal 2018/08/03
Fr3nky_one Fr3nky_one PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
SeanFizt1970 PS4 Creative 2018/08/04
Tsume-s Supicioso PS4 HUB1-5 / Planet Vegeta Normal 2018/08/02
Rrrahh-General PalMuhadip PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
felixthegolden felixthegolden PS4 HUB11-1A2 Normal 2018/08/04
Kraziflip Kraziflip PC HUB8-201 Kuchin Normal 2018/08/06
Vikingstad Cyrking PS4 [HUB1-6A] Rome Gamma (P11 Coruscant) Normal 2018/08/07
SithRevelius legendarytommy PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
FatalAssassin585 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
guardian06up PS4 Normal 2018/08/05
Tyr'ahnee PC [HUB1-CA] Yajamurs Normal 2018/08/05
jpjthunder jpjthunder PC [HUB1-17E] Aldrin Prime // [Planet]: New Ochlor Normal 2018/08/03
ImGandalfTehGray PS4 |HUB7-1EF| Doom of Man Normal 2018/08/05
Novadarkness novadarkness PC [HUB1-206] Hubble // Prime Node Normal 2018/08/07
Ateliera Panaheim PS4 Normal 2018/08/07
Woodsen Moosen WoodsenMoosen PC Normal 2018/08/05
Freaky FlygonFreak PC Normal 2018/08/03
DeadParrot_ PietroDMG PS4 Normal 2018/08/07
ad_astra_inc ad_astra_inc PS4 Normal 2018/08/05
Rainbow Rainbow PC [HUB1-1A8] Lingor | Planet : End of the Rainbow Normal 2018/08/08
Cpt Tripps117 tripps117 XBOX Normal 2018/08/07
FratZac ItsGreenArrow XBOX Normal 2018/08/09
LtDansRightFoot LtDansRightFoot [HUB2-70] Bellus Optimus Normal 2018/08/07
sebaxe07 Sebaxe07 PS4 [HUB1-9C] Folkvangr // Planet - New Glass Normal 2018/08/02
Rexdraconis111 PS4 Eordur // Planet - Ulumpuru Creative 2018/08/07
biggdaddy_79 PS4 [HUB1-5C] Baroness // Planet: Dathomir Normal 2018/08/07
thepatco thepatco PS4 [HUB11-62] GSL II // Planet: Nicotine Stain Normal 2018/08/05
anethera OmegaCult PC [HUB1-49] Demeter // Beul Normal 2018/08/06
LordSpirit jmercado808 PC [HUB2-130] House of Rebelz // Planet: Rebellion Survival 2018/08/08
Soniic808 XBOX [HUB1-4] Dovok // Planet- Eden Prime Normal 2018/08/08
Painty PC [HUB1-142] Utkambs // Korona Survival 2018/08/08
4th HCIER PC [HUB1-185] Hope // Ouranos Normal 2018/08/08
rockies31 akick31 PS4 [HUB6-3A] LaVerkin Void // Planet: Zion Normal 2018/08/08
petr1014 petr1014 PC Perma
Mercury PC [HUB11-156] - Mercury's Sector Normal 2018/08/08
Roostallion Roostallion313 PC Normal 2018/08/06
BallasaurusFlex BallasaurusFlex PC Normal 2018/08/01
Harurot DR_Speedster PC [HUB1-37] Mojo Rising System // Planet Rhein XI Normal 2018/08/04
manette_ manette_aa PC Amarone in [HUB1-6A] Rome Gamma Normal 2018/08/03
Fysalk Fysalk PS4 Survival 2018/08/05
Ironis PC [HUB+] [MC-149] Gekvikorva Normal 2018/08/09
Dages PC [HUB4] Normal 2018/08/04
Deathomatic9000 cbusalex PS4 Normal 2018/08/08
Killion Killion79 PC [HUB5-215] Skylake Normal 2018/08/07
irish-ramb0 irish ramb0 XBOX [HUB1-TBA] ICIIIIII Normal 2018/08/08
!MèFi! kaaylim PC Normal 2018/08/07
Vahkiti Vahkiti PC [HUB1-21 Heracles] Planet: Azum 32/E7 Normal 2018/08/09
DeadSpaceTrooper DeadSpaceTrooper PS4 [HUB1-186] Twilight // Planet: Vegeta Normal 2018/08/10
TwoInchPunish3r TwoInchPunish3r PC Omicron Persei // Omicron Persei VIII Normal 2018/08/10
thetruezephos The_True_Zephos PC Crimson Prime in [HUB1-1F9] Gratiae Normal 2018/08/10
Jesus luvs you5 Jakethegreat14 XBOX [HUB1-22C] Apollo // Planet: Aldren Normal 2018/08/10
xyx0826 xyx0826 PC [HUB1-1B4] Ava // Amarr Prime Normal 2018/08/10
MrNovembre MrNovembre PS4 Normal 2018/08/11
icarus falseparadise_ PC [HUB10-15C] - Atlantis // New Hanckel Normal 2018/08/11
Skeex PC Normal 2018/08/10
FireBros FireBros_ PC [HUB1-70]California //Limeroy Normal 2018/08/10
Croomsy croomsy PS4 Moondance in [HUB1-E2] Normal
Deidewalker Deideiwalker PC [HUB1-152]Bragi, Planet Soka 67 Normal 2018/08/11
DesignationG DesignationG PS4 [HUB1-13] New Opportunity Normal 2018/07/24
Hekl PC Normal 2018/08/11
zesentinel zesentinel PC [HUB1-61] Nal's Ascent, Vokopin-Abk XIX Normal 2018/08/11
Eingeborenen Eingeborenen XBOX Normal 2018/08/11
NuCLeAr_ELiTe PC Normal 2018/08/12
aurynsremorse schmausten PS4 Hub1-57 Critical - Planet Catharsity (formerly known as Oxvilnium Gawag) Normal 2018/08/05
The_Dogg The_Dogg PC Normal 2018/08/11
Ilusionz iLuSioNz PC Normal 2018/08/12
Belial84 PC [HUB1-61] Nal's Ascent, Nobay U19 Normal 2018/08/12
FoolishOwl FoolishOwl PC [HUB7-10F] Bogdanov VIII / LeGuin Normal 2018/08/12
vjsantos vjsantosPT PC Hub1-22A Normal 2018/08/13
Chewbakka Khan ChewbakkaKhan PC Normal 2018/08/12
Ambesek VinnyAmbesek PC HUB1-21 Ambesek's Lair // New Amwor Survival 2018/08/10
Taurt Xelcreep PC Normal 2018/08/13
Daft_Skunk PC Normal 2018/08/13
darthdev unai77 PC Normal 2018/08/13
Stewid ElSeto PC [HUB4-F0] Aethon System | Heliotrax Permadeath 2018/08/11
Knetoen catolh PC [HUB1-61] Nal's Ascent System | Nobay U19 Normal 2018/08/13
Gage PC Normal 2018/08/13
TheRealDamienR Groenekracht XBOX [HUB1-69] A Dawn of a New Age, Island Paradise Normal 2018/08/13
Siriflex Siriflex PC Rabi 89/L4 Normal 2018/08/10
Gar1t Eli2t Pc New Lennon Normal 2018/08/13
Stormbreaker53 brett__denton PS4 Normal 2018/08/14
Kew89Play Kew89Play PS4 Normal 2018/08/01
Crip_Vorlund_III PS4 [HUB6-3F] Atanom Normal 2018/08/03
DaryllJackson ItsJustDaryll XBOX Normal 2018/08/03
pj4533 pj4533 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Garuriru Garuriru PC [HUB1-102] Cipher Normal 2018/08/04
CooterTom HammondsAmmonds PC [HUB1-FA] Knowhere / The Glue Normal 2018/08/03
TriplexXxTricky TriplexXxTricky XBOX [HUB1-2] Pandora Normal 2018/08/04
Kurinido Kurinido PS4 [HUB2-C] Suzuk / Tranquil Fjords Survival 2018/08/04
GoD_Its_Tristen Omanitztristen PS4 Normal 2018/08/08
DormantCrayon DormantCrayon PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
KodeMann KodeManGuy PC Normal 2018/08/04
Snickfalls Snickfalls PC Normal 2018/08/04
Kyrie Kyrie_ PC Normal 2018/08/04
DDTR_Karl DDTR_Karl PS4 HUB4-F1 Isles of Solace Normal 2018/08/03
Alrosha starnavigate PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
VanCorc VanCorc PS4 HUB1-E0 Ixtlar Normal 2018/08/03
Kein-Engel Pm_me_story_time PS4 Hub9-12b montanus Normal 2018/08/03
Jord1627 PS4 HUB1-4/Earth, with rings Normal 2018/08/04
Master_Exponet Master_Exponet PC Normal 2018/08/03
「 V Ξ N O M 」 u/Venom1787 PC Normal 2018/08/09
ElComostada PC [HUB2-70] Survival 2018/08/03
TrueDarxide PC [HUB1-1E4] Uforce Normal 2018/08/03
tragedyfish tragedyfish PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Jawertown Jawertown PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
MrTitans9 MrTitans9 PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Epicdrwhofan Epicdrwhofan PS4 [Hub8-88] New Maine Normal 2018/08/03
Zenathano u/zenathano PC Birashins Normal 2018/08/03
Targma Targma PC Birashins Normal 2018/08/04
Nicky_Tsardust Master_Xeno PS4 [HUB4-214] Aesop, Planet Fable Normal 2018/08/03
xELITExSKILZx xELITExSKILZx PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
bhegerman bhegerman PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Thelotuseater725 GalacticEmperorChad PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Isanomaly At321fakest PS4 Bia Normal 2018/08/04
GRENGOBANDETO mello__fellow XBOX Bia Normal 2018/08/04
WitchingRose SuicidalRamen PS4 Bandou/Aeont D12 Normal 2018/08/04
Morgan_freewoman Pygmyrhino990 PC Normal 2018/08/04
Jragzilla140 Jragzilla140 PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
SmnLpscmb SmnLpscmb PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
SP3EDY78 SP3EDY78 PC Silvergalde /[HUB1-6C] Hephaestus Normal 2018/08/05
MalevolentFork ImportantToaster PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
jimmyjoneser jimmyjoneser PS4 [HUB4-1BA] Gygannika Normal 2018/08/03
Buffalo_Bandit CCWhite13 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Bibliophile999 Gully_Foyle_Of_Terra PS4 [HUB1-21B] Nexus / Seas Of Leviathan Normal 2018/08/03
Redskinsman0127 Gavin0127 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Mandelhart Mandelhart PC Normal 2018/08/04
MFoosic17 yung_clor0x PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
TKE377 TKE377 XBOX Normal 2018/08/04
HomelessBri HomelessBriAN PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
HRafaadm_ba Rafa_adm PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
the_skweegee the_skweegee PS4 Normal 2018/08/09
Keshian_Rade Keshian_Rade PS4 Normal 2018/08/05
xgmrx xgmrx PS4 [HUB1-10B] Jakobss / Rudhak Prime Normal 2018/08/04
Clutchy Clutchy42 PC Normal 2018/08/04
Zora291 Therealzora291 XBOX Normal 2018/08/04
Brogo83 PS4 [HUB1-1E3] Peagel Normal 2018/08/14
Tear of Tyranny XBOX [HUB2-CF] Lucidius Normal 2018/08/15
Lolth acastells PC Normal 2018/08/15
Falcone00 Falcone00 XBOX Far Away in Potelmy Normal 2018/08/15
kiprsnx hallandstoat PC Normal 2018/06/15
YODA Coconutz justyn-a1 XBOX Hub1-75 - Gargantuous b53 Normal 2018/08/15
Styre Styre PC [HUB1-6A] Rome Gamma Planet: Amarone Normal 2018/08/16
Morphieus312 Morphieus312 PS4 [HUB1-181] Deepholm Planet: Vash'jir Normal 2018/08/02
Dudeofet ADudeCalledDude PS4 Normal 2018/08/15
wino_lino wino_lino PC Normal 2018/08/01
CroatoanCurse CroatoanCurse PS4 [HUB10-6A]Quetzalcoatl’s Sun

Planet: New Lennon

Normal 2018/08/16
OfficerGreen OfficerGreen552 PC [Hub3-BC] Damoria: Endor Normal 2018/08/15
viperesque viperesque PC New Lennon Normal 2018/08/15
Holar HolarCAB PC [HUB 10-0162] Lucky Punch Normal 2018/08/04
Lolzfool u/Lolzfool PC Normal 2018/08/16
Wren22701 PS4 [HUB4-A3] Kennedy's Prospect/Planet: Halaya Normal 2018/08/16
Staccatodrone petros-poun PS4 Normal 2018/08/16
DaThornz DaThornz PS4 [HUB5-118] Sword of Truth / Planet: Hades XXI Normal 2018/08/17
Sooxzay Sooxzay PC Normal 2018/08/17
TheValiantOwl EidosHowl PS4 HUB1-21 Omaava Normal 2018/08/17
tacotek tacotek PS4 Normal 2018/08/18
P3ngwyn56 P3ngwyn56 PS4 [HUB11-50] Boom Normal 2018/08/16
Goldenseek PC Normal 2018/08/18
stromther stromther PC Normal 2018/08/18
X Novia X Archie09 XBOX Normal 2018/08/18
Catchy The_Oxymora PC Survival 2018/08/18
I'm Only Human PC Survival 2018/08/17
flashkube flashkube XBOX Normal 2018/08/18
CombustiblSquid CombustiblSquid PS4 Vaputo-Rityor//Welissos Prime Normal 2018/08/17
FunHorror FunHorror PS4 Survival 2018/08/19


Hub7 - F7pf Galactic Nerd System / Planet: Nerd HQ Normal 2018/08/19
walterkovacks444 Discord: cinccino is satan#9087 PS4 Freighter Normal 2018/08/19
KurganSPK KurganSPK PS4/PC Normal 2018/12/01
hereistrev hereistrev PS4 Un-decided Normal 2018/08/19
Jaremaru Jaremaru PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun (New Lennon) Normal 2018/08/17
davejp87 crusoejp PS4 HUB8-4D Gallium Forest Normal 2018/08/20
jamoosman jamoosman PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Teardrop (New Lennon) Normal 2018/08/20
brianasagi brianasagi PC HUB9-154 The Great Pyramid Normal 2018/08/09
SHasan119 SilvetSky1 PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun (New Lennon) Normal 2018/08/17
FlyWorks FlyWorksLA XBOX Freighter Normal 2018/08/22
yafeshan yafeshan PC Freighter Survival 2018/08/08
Inphyx nphyx PS4 [HUB1-1EE] The Leibniz Recursion Normal/Survival 2017/08/21
Zenityst Zenityst PC [HUB10-6A0 New Lennon Creative 2018/08/11
Blade-Runner305 PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2018/08/19
zoitspider PC [HUB5-61] Kalandor Normal 2018/08/17
camhelam camhelam XBOX New Lennon Normal 2018/08/22
BatteriesAlex AGMcCarron XBOX [HUB10-6A0] Normal 2018/08/22
JANIS1289 JANIS1289 PS4 Normal 2018/08/21
Ike0909 PS4 TOPO:0125:0080:07C9:0102 Normal 2018/08/23
TheDirtyFresh TheDirtyFresh PC Normal 2018/08/23
The_Real_Floto The_Real_Floto PS4 Normal 2018/08/20
Dread MrWilson325 PC Normal 2018/08/23
zazariins zazariins PS4 HUB10-1E7 AGT Galactic Hub Embassy Normal 2018/07/24
Lkook Lkook PC HUB10-6A Icarus Sun (Starr) Normal 2018/08/24
SirLoinsteak10 PS4 Creative 2018/08/24
Ser Scottfredd PC Ohara in the [HUB11-111]Grepman System Normal 2018/08/23
HowDoISt3am RicharddHat PC Normal 2018/08/24
Samulander1 PS4 [HUB6-C] Batalyaws Normal 2018/08/24
Sargon 55 Sargon 55 PC [HUB11-116] KISH // AKKAD Normal 2018/08/12
GrinWithoutaKat Grin83 PS4 Normal 2018/08/24
Jojo / Alter TheAlteraze PC [HUB4-19E] Alter Ladinyug System Normal 2018/08/26
Wheatception Wheatception PC Freighter // Hyades Normal 2018/08/24
Johnuwine johnuwine PS4 Normal 2018/08/26
ConnerPowers XBOX Normal 2018/08/26
TheVicar7045 TheVicar045 PC Normal 2018/08/27
Broken_Exodus Broken_Exodus PS4 TBA Normal 2018/08/27
westinerwin westinerwin PC [HUB1-1D5] Galatica Normal 2018/08/17
DisturbedOrange Disturbedorange PC HUB1-119 Clegane // Sandor Normal 2018/08/26
Elvonis Elvonis XBOX 2018/08/27
Evilalthalus 64657374696e79 PS4 Normal 2018/08/05
YofNebula ShinBenobi PS4 Normal 2018/08/28
gattopaxx PS4 Rastand-Ink // Planet - Mordor Creative
One_Zani errorcantbeshown PS4 Normal 2018/08/27
Mishimotsu Mishimotsu PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2018/08/22
Kingsegg Kingsegg PC Amirgulyan // Babojan System Eissentam Galaxy Normal 2018/08/23
Kingsman_Zenaku jmercado808 PS4 HUB1-1A3 The Old Republic // Planet-Haunani's Heavenly Haven Normal 2018/07/31
theconqueror2012 theconqueror2012 PS4 HUB1-141 , Italian Alps Normal 2018/08/03
Tsume-s Supicioso PS4 Planet Vegeta in [HUB1-5] Normal 2018/08/03
orochiserge OrochiSerge PS4 Hub7-0019 Hydaelyn Prime// Planet- Eorzea Normal 2018/08/04
utliston78 Chet_Chetterfield PS4 Rhiannon in [HUB2-11] Panthera Normal 2018/07/24
AtomicWinter01 AtomicWinter01 ps4 Normal 2018/08/03
C17RH Selidner PS4 HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2018/08/30
Boxers41 Boxers41 PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2018/08/29
Squidtsuyu Squidthulhu PC HUb1-136 Raven's Rest Normal 2018/08/27
wolvesofpirates ragecancer PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun (New Lennon) Normal 2018/08/20
hotdiggitydoggo PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun (New Lennon) Normal 2018/08/30
hinderem leKiller PS4 Normal 2018/08/31
dangerdorian dorxian PS4 Ruby Rhod, Korben of [HUB10-B2] Leeloo Normal 2018/07/24
TWC_KILLER White_Rosa PS4 [HUB10-11B Gael's Mercy] (Oolacile) Normal 2018/08/20
UKNavyDiver UKNavyDiver PS4 HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2018/08/31
CaptainDumac CaptainDumac PC [HUB7-AC] Akulakhan Normal 2018/09/01
DivaK03A DivaK03A PS4 [HUB10-6A] Hendrix Normal 2018/09/01
Wanderer HoobyloobyYoobn PC - Creative 2018/09/01
Dave Hedgehog PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2018/09/01
dpow_98 dpow98 PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoatl's Sun (New Lennon) Normal 2018/09/02
Taros10 WiseOldGiraffe PS4 Normal 2018/09/02
Warcrown Warcr0wn PC HUB6-BB Warcrown's Rest Normal 2018/08/31
frank9rizzo frank9rizzo ps4 Normal 2018/09/02
SpaceC00kie SpaceC00kie PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2018/09/02
room roomist PC Normal 2018/09/03
Bendo snen27jfncjsbd PC [HUB9-4E] Sysverdek XIII Normal 2018/09/02
Octopus96 Gamester997 PC HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2018/08/16
RayStormX raystormx PC HUB11-131 Global Cortex Survival 2018/09/03
BitterOath BitterOath PC Normal 2018/09/03
LLander_ LLander__ PS4 [HUB6-124] Normal 2018/04/09
Spewkwagen Spewkwagen PC Normal 2018/09/05
bauvdel bauvdel XBOX Dozo in [HUB10-189]Agostina Normal 2018/08/28
TomatoMan TomatoManTM PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Teardrop/New Lennon Normal 2018/09/05
Zarimach Quantumerical PC New Lennon in [HUB10-6A] Icarus Teardrop Normal 2018/09/06
Whackanole Whackanole PC Normal 2018/09/06
Subtotal PC Normal 2018/09/07
d4RtH_P4d Roland_the_Gunslinger PS4 [Hub5-227] Xireeph Aciko Permadeath 2018/09/09
gonzalezrb79 El_Gusanillo PS4 [Hub10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2018/09/12
Keithsko Keithsko PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzalcoaltl's Sun Normal 2018/09/12
ZC0570N zykos XBOX Creative 2018/09/13
ludespeedny ludespeedny PC Normal 2018/09/14
Fingers Mahoney Fingers Mahoney XBOX HUB10-14F] Ureshiw-Sushi XIX Planet: Himo 92/L8 Normal 2018/09/15
Skplunkerin Skplunkerin PC Normal 2018/09/15
Equic Equic PC Normal 2018/09/16
thisisunderdose underd0se PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun, HUB11-1B7 Hofmann Normal 2018/07/24
Sinexs sinexs_7 Xbox survival 2018/09/16
kduzera_ Poc4e PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzacoatl's Sun Normal 2018/09/16
jman925 LazarusCoyotes84 PS4 [HUB2-17E] Sesukun-Lazarus Colony Normal 2018/09/16
DecoherentGhost DecoherentGhost PS4 Normal 2018/09/16
Ezegnegch g5457s PC Secen XIX [HUB9-147] Moblemyo Normal 2018/09/17
Splincir Splincir PC Normal 2018/09/17
Toasty2023 Toasty2006 XBOX [HUB1-133] Gruene Sintflut Normal 2018/09/15
Solaceuk Solaceuk PC [Hub10-219] - Rubi-ka Normal 2018/09/18
Helediron Helediron PC Normal 2018/09/20
Logic_OverFaith Logic_OverFaith PS4 HUB1-A / [HUB1-000A] Eidolon Normal 2018/08/03
SIC4R1O SIC4R1O XBOX Normal 2018/08/04
Morning Glory Alpha Vander PC Normal 2018/08/24
BootJohnston BootJohnston XBOX Normal 2018/08/04
CMYKiller Sylvester_Spaceman PC [HUB11-1D] Marigold Normal 2018/08/04
Kid Cisco SMegalocathcer XBOX Normal 2018/07/24
ArsenaLC ArsenaLC PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Penta-dunk Penta-dunk PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Penta-dunk Penta-dunk PS4 [HUB1-102] Iðunn / Yonez 67/K6 Normal 2018/08/04
FlashMedallion FlashMedallion PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
Philzor90 Phikzor99 PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
thepatco thepatco PS4 [HUB11-62] GSL II/Lubielsas Normal 2018/08/04
Anjelus2 Zulander2 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
Xellos77 Xellos77 PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
D3vil_Dragoon D3vilspawn PS4 Normal 2018/08/03
MessiahMushroom MessiahMushroom PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
FutureCoghost OnyxTech PS4 Normal 2018/08/04
garbfink garbfink PC Permadeath 2018/09/20
dabeek ArturoMancini PS4 Normal 2018/09/21
Halbatroll Halbatroll9 Xbox [HUB4-06] Good Looks Normal 2018/09/23
intothedoor intothedoor PS4 HUB1-151 Hoder aka HUB1-151 Gervins (GenBra Duo) Normal & Creative 2018/07/29
gg9392 Levi380 PS4 Normal 2018/09/24
Dimensionology Dimensionology Xbox Normal 2018/09/24
Boba Storm Boba_Storm PC Normal 2018/09/24
exixx exixx PC Esennum located at [HUB10-66] Normal 2018/09/24
Pillar_of_Autumn zPillar_of_Autumn PC Normal 2018/09/24
S1R JAMES II Xbox Normal 2018/09/27
zian42 z911442 PS4 Normal 2018/08/24
Jchysteria jchysteria PS4 Normal 2019/01/04
Habuba Shoe_boo PC HUB4-B1 Jainto Normal 2018/09/26
Lizann PC Normal 2018/09/29
Binary Blood Multicoring PC [HUB7-14A] Healeeus Kluster/Ayah Normal 2018/09/30
chaosking2557 chaosking2552 PS4 [HUB2---}Project Mayhem / The Oasis Of Booty (Moon) Normal 2018/09/11
CaptainElectron PC Normal 2018/10/02
Ralyon76 Ralyon PC Hilbert Normal 2018/10/01
Chakalele chakalele PC Normal 2018/09/26
InfinityDrags InfinityDrags PS4 [HUB10-149] Twisting Nether // Helen's Plain (IC Embassy*) Normal

Creative Survival


2018/10/03 2018/10/24

tro2789 ohmahgawd PC [HUB 10-6A] Icarus Sun System // New Lennon Normal 2018/10/03
NotANorseGod thorbeck15 XBONE [HUB1-4] Dovok // Eden Prime Normal 2018/10/04
BotFodder2 BotFodder PS4 [HUB1-207] Figaro V // Itwickhil Zamai - "SkyFarm II"
[HUB4-147] Manhattan District // Oppenheimer - "UnderFarm"
[HUB10-1B1] Old Republic Core Worlds 2A // Tython - "Abandoned SkyFarm"
Normal 2018/09/20
QSKSw QSKSw PC Normal 2018/10/07
Lucien2to1 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2018/10/07
Gnash Skybiter Timeslayer PC Normal 2018/10/13
HighEarl Earlnomore Ps4 [HUB10-74X] Orion's Light Normal 2018/10/14
Lord Inkerz u/trumpvestite PC Resmano System, Pisall Region Normal 2018/10/14
Kil041lme u/Kil041lme PS4 [HUB2-19D] Kaidorib XV Normal 2018/10/09
Doougal007 Doougal007 PS4 {HUB11-A8} New Devon Normal 2018/10/18
XIEIRO XIEIRO PC [HUB5-11C] Hesperides System // G7pf Eissentam Galaxy Normal 2018/10/10
Firilock Firilock PC Normal 2018/10/18
voidwalkr voidwalkr007 PC HUB003 Normal 2018/09/15
2Dash PC Babitisb Nukih in Taakiri System // G4pf Normal 2018/09/30
Psuedotsuga Guermantesway PC Normal 2018/10/22
Hans Solo PC [HUB11-1A0] Delta Draconis // Draconis II Noorma 2018/10/11
asnhot PC Normal 2018/10/24
kkrulez64 kroolz64 PS4 [HUB11-162] Kairimi Normal 2018/10/26
Voodoo Snoot Voodoo_Snoot PC [HUB2-$!-1F1] Erimanta (AP) // Eri Normal 2018/10/28
Imotep Dragoon Imotepchief PC Aetheria //Aetheria Prime Normal 2018/11/03
tfitz PC HUB9-B9 // Dodecahedron Permadeath 2018/11/05
Vaross Vaross PC [HUB6-D6] Clara Tenebrae Normal 2018/11/05
Drunkugly FluffSuit PC Normal 2018/11/5
nickbailey_co_uk yeliabSalohcin PS4 Normal 2018/11/11
EdVintage EdVintage PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Creative 2018/11/11
Drogon PC [HUB3-61] Epsilon / Planets: Eridani - Digno Normal 2018/11/18
wlemammoth wlemammoth PC [HUB2-13A] I Kantor Normal 2018/10/10
Icy IcyFinds PC [HUB10-6A] Nogapo Farms // New Lennon Normal 2018/11/18
RogueVision RogueVision PC [HUB10-6A] // McCartney Normal 2018/11/18
Klein2308 PC Oceanview Base in [HUB1-1C4}] Huraynton Normal
IAmNobody u/iamnobody4 PC New Agjyoti in Airatsu-Ahok XV Normal 2018/11/29
RDogg64 u/BlockAndAwe PS4 [HUB10-6A] Motel 16 / 16 / 16 / 16 // New Lennon (partially complete) Normal 2018/12/02
laserbritches laserbritches PC Normal 2018/12/01
RicoGameO laserbritches PS4 Normal 2018/08/20
gr390r479 istethrowaway PS4 HUB10-6A Normal 2018/11./12
kiannaxue kiannaxue PC Stinson Beach in HUB9-14D Etarusty System Normal 2018/12/07
DarkwolfAU u/DarkwolfAU PC [HUB4-CB] Cribbledorp Normal 2018/12/10
ispadros ispadros PC Normal 2018/12/11
KepplerRange76 PS4 Normal 2018/12/12
Hanzyl Hanzyl PC [HUB10-6a Icarus] New Lennon & [HUB1-1F5 Mila] Axby Delta Normal 2018/12/15
ardyalligan ardyalligan PC Strawberry Fields [HUB10-6A] New Lennon (Stasis/Fusion Farm) Normal 2018/12/19
ardyalligan ardyalligan PC Alberta Peak [HUB5-216]* The San Juan Mountains

*System misnamed as Eccleo by discoverer

Normal 2018/12/19
Zergling924 Zergling924 PC [HUB10-6a Icarus] New Lennon Normal 2018/12/19
Jeelh Jeelh PC [HUB10-6A Icarus] New Lennon Normal 2018/12/20
bolz90 blz90 PS4 Normal 2018/12/26
Roborat Roborat1st PC HUB1-1F5 Mila Axby Delta Normal 2018/12/27
WooptyDo1 WooptyDo PC UB-WD [HUB10-6A] - New Lennon

Fizz Ahnger System - Nabross

Normal 2018/12/27
ZoeSuzuya PS4 Normal 2018/12/26
Darth Vader u/Darth__Vader_ PC Normal 2018/12/30
BikingViking dallasfletcher PC Normal 2018/12/30
neXus TomR24 PC Succub Sigma in [HUB1-203] Gigantic Normal 2018/12/31
swampcastle swampcastlenms PS4 Normal 2019/01/01
johban Johban63 PS4 Nonlopsi Instability - Litong System Normal 2019/01/01
TheSpaceViking Vikingcat75 PC Normal 2019/01/02
TheSpaceViking Vikingcat75 PC Creative 2019/01/03
Avaslash Avaslash PC Normal 2019/01/04
YUNG_RANDD u/danlazer PC [HUB7-40] Socrates Victorium System Normal 2019/01/05
Vlandarr u/vlandarr PS4 Normal 2019/01/07
Arnoutem PS4 Normal 2019/01/07
MarineNutria04 u/ObPuppy12 PS4 Creative 2019/07/01
Gamerkid88 PC HUB1-21 TopOfTheTree3 Creative 2019/01/08
Megaman0702 Authora Xbox One Normal 2019/01/10
Korkman u/Korkman PC Normal 2019/01/12
Zato Covgamer PC [HUB10-6a Icarus] New Lennon - Zato's Space Trading Normal 2019/01/12
playingwithevil playingwithevil PC [HUB9-1ED] (System misnamed as Metroyal by discoverer) Srbija Region. Coyllee Bed and Breakfast Normal 2019/01/13
Karlfeldt Karlfeldt PC Normal 2018/12/30
ardyalligan ardyalligan PC [HUB9-1ED] (System misnamed as Metroyal by discoverer). Coyllee - Coyllee Caverns Spelunker's Refuge Normal 2018/12/31
ardyalligan ardyalligan PC [System Not Yet Public] Mount Loper National Park & Youth Hostel Normal 2019/01/06
Peter Capaldi coutorafa PC Normal 2019/01/16
Piydpiper Piydpiper PC Normal 2019/01/12
nikolyst nikolyst PC Normal 2019/01/16
johnson_je67 u/F4rg0_ PC Normal 2019/01/14
Ilmeury83 Ilmeury83 PS4 Normal 2019/01/17
Pocopotek PC Mushroomhouse [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/01/18
Meraxes05 Meraxes05 PC Normal 2019/01/20
Felipejoker felipejoker PC Normal 2019/01/21
Awesomus Maximus Timosaurus PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/01/26
Tas01019 PC Normal 2019/01/26
Spazsapien Spazsapien PC [HUB1-FE] Fortitude Sytem - Ryang-Sans Outpost region of New Galapagos (farm) Normal 2019/01/30
Nova6842 Volziinos_Zahkrii Xbox [HUB1-203] Rydrago's Dream Normal 2018/08/22
Andrew_Kennedy PC Succu Primary Outpost on Succu in [HUB5-99] Normal 2019/02/03
Flexicution croxfordc03 PC Croxford House // [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/02/10
Neflhiem neflhiem PC Normal 2019/02/08
Lordwinter15 N/A PS4 Hub10-1 Hidden Coasts System Normal 2019/02/08
lettuce_wizard lettuce_wizard ps4 HUB10-6A - New Lennon Normal 2019/02/10
Jalda PC [HUB5-1D3] (soon...) Normal 2019/02/13
Liamstor Parallax_11 Xbox Toinelia // [HUB1-E3} Twin Gardens Normal 2018/09/02
FSHerrante PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon - Remote Tracking Station Normal 2019/02/17
G0T YA 4 L1FE Red_Vector Xbox Normal 2019/02/21
goose87 cptgoodvibez PC N/A Normal 2019/02/21
aqualungXIV Aqualung PS4 Freighter Normal 2019/02/20
D3L-R1O PS4 [HUB6-2B] Libran Normal 2019/02/23
Anthonymuerte13 Antdgaf421 PS4 [Antaurus Epsilon]A.I.M. Citadel Subterra(Abandoned)

[Antaurus Xi]A.I.M. Capital Romanovæ

Normal 2019/02/24
Alavantrya Alavantrya PS4 [Hub4-E] -Halaya

[Hub4-12F] Hemolar-Shadevale
[Hub4-9F] Antrus- New Ouxfalmid
[SEFS] S.I.A. Listening Post J-224- HÜBBEX
New Lennon

Normal 2019/02/25
Hattori Blade DiabolicalBlue PC Normal/Survival 2019/02/25
Gnostalgia Se7en717 PC Normal/Survival 2019/03/02
Avery Dion averydion999 PC Creative 2019/03/02
BlackCatLair BlackCatLair Xbox HUB11-1B (Farm) Normal 2019/01/20
Count Bekula Count_Bekula PC Normal 2019/03/12
bonz™ BonzTM PC Normal 2019/03/17
KU-JKelley wjkelleyku PS4 [Hub2-52] Diplo Winter Resort/Mt. Loper Normal 2019/03/24
mudflap999 rd2ruin PS4 currently 112 bases in hub 1, main outside hub Normal 2018/08/03
Aten_Ra Aten_Ra_Forever PC Normal 2019/01/12
Ro1bkny ro1b PS4 Normal 2019/03/18
Kaboom443 Kaboom443 PS4 HUB10-1E1 Normal 2019/03/26
zhunt69 zhunt69 PC Normal 2019/03/26
jmtexplorer jmtexplorer PS4 Normal 2019/03/26
rtechsmith rtechsmith PC Normal 2019/03/29
NEXYGAMER NEXY_GAMER PS4 TBD Creative 2019/03/30
Josh3701 Brit / Casualredditer13 PS4 TBD Normal 2019/03/30
Baines baines47 PC TBD Normal 2019/03/30
SourSam_28 2sour8 PS4 Normal 2019/03/31
Stevenhaab stevenhaab PC HUB10-B3 Guthrie Normal 2019/03/31
ZippyX819 ZippyX819 PS4 TBD Normal 2019/01/01
bcbud119 PS4 HUB (sorry y'all, messed up my first system rename) Normal 2019/04/02
jimikokio84 jimikokio84 XBOX Normal 2019/04/01
Chaosifer Chaosifer23 PS4 HUB8-123 Irsagotr Normal 2019/03/27
Mr Grizz SirGrizz82 PC Normal 2019/04/04
Bulgogi Bub BulgogiBub PC Normal 2019/03/08
Alwrok Alwrok PC Normal 2019/03/08
Elusive Elusive_1 PC Normal 2019/04/06
Srđana CroatianRed PC Normal 2019/04/07
The Danger Dwarf Danger_Dwarf17 XBOX TBD Normal 2019/04/06
CMDRWolfe04 CMDRWolfe04 XBOX New Lennon Normal 2019/04/07
CitizenErased-42 @NMSPrometheus / sylar4815 PS4 Normal 2019/04/09
Rusynlancer Rusyn#9295 XBox Normal 2019/04/09
y u no zeiro99 PC Creative 2019/04/10
Sl0th88 PC TBD Normal 2019/04/10
Sakshale Sakshale PC [HUB18-1D3] Haag Normal 2019/04/01
Redder_Genova RedderGenova PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/03/03
Cpt-Von_Braun BioticKeen PS4 Normal 2019/04/13
Mitlof Mitlof PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun - Tuveukonsstirloreill Normal 2019/04/10
MintE PainfullyMinty PC [HUB7 - F3F] Maisere - Ormint Normal 2019/04/15
corey575757 corey575757 ps4 Normal 2019/04/17
Blade-Runner94 Blade-Runner94 PS4 Normal 2019/04/17
Lordlukas7 anomaly_16 PS4 Normal
Ciekawy ciekawypl PS4 Normal 2019/04/24
Maples4722 the_maples PS4 Normal 2019/04/24
TSCHOOT55_ Mrmuffinman3 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun Normal 2019/04/05
drddaydstryr drddaydstryr PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun Normal 2018/08/24
Garrett4 PC HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun Survival 2019/04/25
JBL_839 JBL839 PS4 Morigus (Canthian), Kaysuhamil Eiyo, close to Portal Normal 2019/04/28
marcovhv TheMarco PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun, planet Dylan / Tavis Normal 2017/03/11
ASSASSINinWH1TE austintn Xbox Huburbs Normal 2019/04/23
Chase Quinnell Quinnell PC HUB10-6A Icarus' Sun (New Lennon) and a base just outside Hub space Normal 2019/04/28
Remember PC [HUBx-209] Bioshock, Zaeinn region Normal 2019/05/01
Fipor Fipor PC Lastreadi XI Normal 2019/05/02
HerrTulpe PC [HUB10-E4] Root

[HUB10-6A] Icarus

Normal 2019/05/05
Lena Oxton PC Axby Delta Normal 2019/04/20
JuhKayRay816 Jordan K Ray HUB10-6A Quenzalcoatl's Sun, "Rorikstead" Starr (Orgete Aioik) Normal 2019/05/07
donalshoe Atticus53 PC Normal 2019/05/08
NoochWizard western_shipps PS4 Quertzalcoatl's Sun Normal 2019/05/08
Deadsyl Sly_Star PC Normal 2019/05/08
JP @vectorpoem PC Pilgrim Star Visitor Center Normal 2017/05/08
technoweenie PC Normal 2019/05/10
Brems Brems_ PC TBD Normal 2019/05/10
Taylor__Rose PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun Normal 2019/05/10
Ferritt1975 PS4 HUB11-1bc Sara Prime Normal 2019/05/11
Captain_A-BEAR Captain_A-BEAR PS4 Normal 2019/05/12
Mulletpullet Mulletpullet PS4 [HUB8-EE] Lorentz Normal 2019/05/12
portlygentlemen ben_is_second PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon - Milo's Normal 2019/05/13
ComradeCorgi (formerly Greasebeard 37) alasestrellas PS4 Normal 2019/05/16
zer0cat6 smashedcupcake Xbox Lost Isles in [HUB2-87] Wolves Bane Normal 2019/05/16
mistereme arabrazilianguy PC HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl’s Sun Normal 2019/05/19
NeoN INeoNI PC Normal 2019/05/20
Piece0pie Feministgamer89 PS4 TBD Normal 2019/05/19
New pR0sPecT New pR0sPecT Xbox [HUB10-148] Dobar Trgovac - Lullus Normal 2019/05/18
boop_noodle TheNutt PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/05/24
tiny_stinger robbiefromramona PC Normal 2019/05/24
Kleiner Mimus Kleiner Mimus PC Normal 2019/05/25
Vii666 Vii666 PS4 [HUB10-6A] Quetzecoatl's Sun Normal 2019/05/25
Moop515/Sp00k515 Moop515/Dr_Epicsquidness/Protozoaguy PC N/A Normal 2019/05/26
JimothyFrenzy ElvenBoy67 (Reddit) PS4 [HUB10-6A] Crescent Moon - New Lennon Normal 2019/05/27
Comander_Gan0n CommanderGan0n PS4 New Lennon
Mount Loper
Normal 2018/08/03
jeester27 PS4 [HUBx-6F] Dagumin-Vujen XV Normal 2019/05/18
The_Caregiver44 PS4 [HUBx-6F] Dagumin-Vujen XV Normal 2019/05/18
wepwr PC [HUB9-22A] Exejev-Ruo Normal 2019/05/27
RobbyHop robkik PS4 Normal 2019/05/27
Stipanich69 Stipanich69 PS4 Normal 2019/05/27
Comsoul- PS4 Huburbs Normal 2019/05/28
GoFor0 PS4 Normal 2019/05/27
Death-KingCrow PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/03/26
Jampako PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/03/27
Baird Baird BairdxBaird PC / Xbox HUB10-6A Savenix Instability (PC) Normal 2019/05/24
greenmancm greenmancm PC Normal 2019/05/28
sebijack sebijack PC [Hub10-135] Arwan SJ Normal 2019/05/26
Darthnodo Darthnodo PC Normal 2019/05/29
Wineoneone Papa tonto xbox normal 2019/05/28
Funk Thug Xbox [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/05/29
Ouroboros_torus Ouroboros_torus PS4 [HUB1-1F5 Mila] Axby Delta Normal 2019/05/29
tuvitor (Lord Tuvitor) lord_dunkelzahn PC New Lennon - Cobrasaur Island Resort Normal 2019/05/17
blakespot blakespot PC HUB11-79 (PC) Normal 2019/05/30
TheHorza TheHorza PS4 Normal 2019/05/31
David_spidey Mimenda PC [HUB10-6A]New Lennon (PC) Normal 2019/05/20
ajaxe_26 ajaxe_26 PS4 TBD Normal 2019/06/01
Lancer's Bucket thelastbucket PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/05/06
HarleyTJ PS4 Normal 2019/06/02
RedOrDead3 RedOrDead3 PS4 Normal 2019/06/02
HangryPotato75 Xbox Normal 2019/06/03
spacesweedkid27 spaceweed27 PC Normal 2019/06/04
redmeyr redmeyr PC Normal 2019/06/01
Nova UnendingLights PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/06/05
PugnareAutMori NMSLordsofFS (Reddit) Xbox one [HUB1-4] Dovak/Hub City Normal 2019/06/06
BecauseLogic BecauseLogic99(Reddit) PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon
Normal 2019/06/05
Crazydwolf97 crazydwolf77 PS4 Normal 2019/06/06
CivilProtection7535 Atlas-16-16 PC [HUB1-E7] Hamilton Void System Normal 2019/06/06
samuelrobbins01 samuelrobbins01 PS4 Uefuki (system in Hub2) Normal 2019/06/06
Anrhaa Anrhaa (Reddit) PS4 Normal 2019/06/06
CanadianBias Xbox [HUB1-126] Kanata Normal 2019/06/05
Pfutzman Pfutzman PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/06/08
Epheavy Shipyard grieftain PC [HUB10-1B5] Deiotariana Normal 2019/01/15
SuperDogBoo SuperDogBoo Xbox Normal 2019/06/09
Woukie1 Woukie PC Normal 2019/06/10
Bhacker1175 Gsb0249 PS4/PC [HUB1-1E7] Solaria Normal 2019/06/10
SadConfusedBoi Silus_Venn PS4 Normal 2019/06/12
assassinduke ionuel(Reddit) PC Normal 2019/06/13
Dovahkiin2189 Dovahkiin1298 PS4 Normal 2019/06/13
wgavinrobb storm_breaker PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Creative 2019/06/13
ibanez950 ibanez950 PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/06/15
Liltay8184 PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/06/08
Da636Hustla shattered_persona Xbox Urrkun (not properly HUB tagged [HUB1-205]) Normal 2019/06/15
Maccorkle Maccorkle PS4 [HUB10-1B Macriana Normal 2019/06/10
xxADAMxxVEGAxx xxADAMxxVEGAxx (reddit) PC Big Willy ; [HUB1-21] TopOfTheTree3 Normal 2019/06/10
djmedakev djmedakev PC Hispania Normal 2019/06/01
Last On Mars Last On Mars PC Normal 2019/06/18
Grabby LaToosh Grabby_LaToosh PC Planet Coyllee in the star system Metroyal in the Srbija region, a huburb of Hub 9, Sivess Normal 2019/06/18
Kashutu Kashutu PC [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/06/18
Jzabeth Jzabeth (discord and twitter) PS4 Normal 2019/06/19
wasim13dark Xegatron PS4 Normal 2019/06/19
Gman_OO PC Normal 2019/06/19
CorruptedxFaith Mr_ghostpants PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/06/18
jragzilla160 jragzilla160 PS4 HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2019/06/20
Qstone420 SmolBirb04 PS4 Normal 2019/06/21
Bear of The Forest reddit: Bear_of_The_Forest

discord: Bear of The Forest

PC/steam Normal 2019/06/21
ismaezsilva ismaelsilva XBOX HUB10-6A New Lennon Normal 2019/06/23
DearChase SpicyCelery PS4 Egraysahm I system in HUB9 Normal 2019/06/23
_Kanpeko_ Kanpeko PS4 [HUB10-6A] New Lennon Normal 2019/06/18
immortalBiZKuT JonRisengerIsBae PS4 [HUB10-6A] Normal 2019/06/25
MrCantinfla BlueHipster40 PS4 Normal 2019/06/26
reauthored PC Normal 2019/06/28
jag2911 jag2911 PS4 [HUB6-110] Aldaberan Normal 2019/06/28
AnthonyAp95 ElonsHusk PS4 [HUB9 - $ - 229] The Hermit's Retreat Normal 2019/06/29
warriorsabe warriorsabe PC [HUB6-5B] Sanctuary of Light Normal 2019/06/28
TZ565655 Spectre12 PS4 Normal 2019/07/01
SHUTxxYOxxFACE SHUTxxYOxxFACE XBOX [HUB10-6A] Gek Trading Federation Bank of New Lennon and PORTUM PERDITA on Tavis/Dylan


Normal 2019/06/24
The_Darkness473- 010 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun, Harrison Creative 2019/07/02
UrbanThunder5 SammyLammy XBOX Hub 1 (is that what I put?) Normal 2019/07/04
SergeantCrabGuy SergeantCrabGuy Xbox Normal 2019/07/05
HarlemHookups BluerLucian PS4 GETHOS PRIME, Star Gate 2, Aemout-Tiloc Base, Meroco-Habo Base, Gethos, Easborou-Sysut Colony, Hourous, Iverto-Cred Base, Jubarsia Outpost, Obabi Outpost, Suanr-Emo Colony, Daundre-Tege Outpost, Mamanna-Ochi Colony, Judah-Ladu Outpost, Star Gate 1, Kepplr, Candl Outpost, Letonici Colony, Plefo Base, Babil Colony, Ionous, Esfiel Outpost, Pyros Island, Aeros Prime, Lecombert-Zebu Base, Kepplr B, Doodle-Nasto Base, Athen, Cryos, Eapol-Feli Colony, Ackwa-Nomp, Colony, Hefiel-Cator Outpost, Esidne Base, Foweller-Abol Outpost, Alexander, Attis Normal 2019/07/05
Mr_PeaCH pchartwell PC Normal 2019/07/06
GreatEmuWarVeteran GEWV PC Normal 2019/07/06
Kane Kane PC Normal 2019/07/06
mrdannemann TheFrickadelle XBox Normal 2019/07/07
N'wah N'wah PC Normal 2019/07/07
kristisbeach kristisbeach PC Normal 2019/06/28
Antdalf Antdalf Xbox Iashim Normal 2019/07/09
Bandit PC Normal 2019/07/09
Nikocorleone1987 nicfuecol PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun - New Lennon Normal 2019/07/12
Mr Polymorph Mr Polymorph PC Survival 2018/08/08
superepikfase Xbox Normal 2019/07/13
Elephantghost Discord: Elephantghost | ∆™#4192
PC Normal 2019/07/14
Reovyn shadowman9908 PS4 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun - New Lennon Normal 2019/07/14
Welshlightning AlmostAlys PS4 New Lennon Normal 2019/07/17
Djinni0024 Djinni0024 PS4 Normal 2019/07/16
Shim심 Discord:Shim/수창#8656 PC [HUB10-22]Pegasus// Planet Ilkleybu

[HUB10-6A]Omadesala // Planet Eniwa [HUB10-73]Atlantis // Planet Sakku Omega

Normal 2019/07/05
SigAlph SAUgrin PS4 Normal 2019/07/09
sonicwizard1 SonimagePrime XBOX Vault

Fort Gabe Stardia Capital

Normal 2019/07/09
LawofPain15 LawOfPain15 PS4 Normal 2019/07/20
even_and_auds / CraftyAce Shomai PC / PS4 Normal 2019/06/29
greatnessmeetsclass u/greatnessmeetsclass PC New Lennon


Normal 2019/07/21
Phaedrus29 Phaedrus29 PS4 [HUB4-F7] Phaedra // Planet: Eureka Normal 2019/07/19
partcyborg partcyborg PC TBD Normal 2019/07/22
Infestedpotatoe Infestedpotatoe Xbox [HUB1-C7] Phalanx Normal 2019/07/22
fd_df PS4 [HUB 10-A] Quetzalcoastls Sun Normal 2019/01/10
greywolf tacticoolgamer PC [HUB10-6A] Eniwa 34/L6 (PC) Normal 2019/07/26
Gnarly Tango GnarlyTango PC [HUB11-34] Porusnova // Planet: Porusnova Donkerheid Normal 2019/07/26
brockles brockles47 PC Farpoint Station

Eniwa 34/L6 (PC) "New Lennon"

[Hub10-6A] Icarus Sun

Normal 2019/07/27
Mobius AD Defibb Xbox Normal 2019/07/27
punkrocker5152 u/punkrocker5152 PC [Hub10-6A] Icarus Sun

Taeker (Hub11)

Normal 2019/07/22
StanTan-An StanTan-An PS4 Normal 2019/07/30
adamtear adamtear PS4 Normal
OOGAA BOOGAA Gek_King PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun - The Upside Down Nip Nip Farm - The Gek King's Hydroponics - Big Circle. [HUB4-130 Totoro] - The Gek Kings Coastal Resort Normal 2019/06/15
Dezodro Dezodro PC Normal 2019/07/31
TMS_Leaf TMS_Leaf aka Leaf PS4 Hub10-6A New Armorw Normal 2019/07/31
DaBird u/xmdb_


PC [HUB10-FD] Meokaz - Roitwood - DaBase II Normal 2019/08/03
FrickingGayFrogs PS4 Normal 2019/08/03
DarkEternal darketernalsr25 PC Jurassic Park - New Lennon - [HUB10-6A] Icarus Tear Normal 2019/08/04
Captain Moroni Captain-Moroni PC New Lennon - [HUB10-6A} Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/04
Deathtank PC New Lennon - [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/04
Arcturus Gyr Gyr79D PC Normal 2018/10/25
The Lord Of Spuds The_Lord_Of_Spuds PC [HUB4-130] Totoro - Lamuella Normal 2019/02/03
drago479 drago479 PC New Lennon - [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/06
rafaadm Rafa_adm Xbox Normal 2019/07/31
Beredan the Interloper Beredan PC [HUB10-FD] Meokaz - Roitwood Normal 2019/08/07
Kalvak u/DouglasCummins Xbox Normal 2019/08/08
SukiYaki55555 u/DouglasCummins Xbox Normal 2019/08/08
elviswasacat aka7heDude PC [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun - Eniwa 34/L6 Normal 2019/07/30
agwagTV twitch.tv/agwagTV PC TBA Normal 2019/08/08
Joshinspired100 joshinspired100 PS4 HUB4-143 Whare Tangaroa Survival 2019/08/01
Pokeyjoe69 Joe "Jiyuu-Jin) McClean PC Hub10-6a Normal 2019/08/09
xSenzeii xSenzeii PS4 Normal 2019/08/10
God Lenin TravisK666 PC HUB10-6A Normal 2019/08/10
Bialy Chomik BialyCHomik PC New Lennon in {HUB10-6A} Icarus Sun Normal 2019/08/11
BigBoss_McD BigBoss_McD PS4 Normal 2019/08/11
Esteno Estenoo90 PC Normal 2019/08/11
Silvermistshadow silvermistshadow PC Where Pilgrim Star used to be Normal 2019/08/11
Titter2 Titter2 Xbox [HUB10-6a] Normal 2019/07/10
Jovax04 Jovax04 PC Normal 2019/07/11
Cauckasaurusrex PS4 hub 10-6a normal 2019/08/11
Atraphoinix PS4 New Lennon All Modes 2019/07/24
briansbabydick69 theammobox PC [HUB10-6a] Normal 2019/08/11
J. throwagiveaway PC Olverha Normal 2019/08/11
ThePunderdome ThePunderdome PS4 Normal 2019/08/10
Frihed1007 Frihed1007 PC Normal 2019/08/12
scbjoaosousa scbjoaosousa PS4 Normal 2019/08/12
8bagels 8bagels PC [HUB8] systems Normal 2018/08/12
Katskill skillzee PS4 [HUB10-6a] New Lennon Normal 2018/09/20
dasf206 Vran_ PS4 (HUB10 Regions) TBD Normal 2019/08/13
digayann newen_eby PC Dorinish Colony in HUB4-130 Totoro Normal 2019/08/13
SeaSideCecil Dimacari/SeaSaltCecil PS4 {HUB10-1FE] Ashi 72/S9 Normal 2019/08/13
Bandit_Koala Bandit_Koala PC Star systems: Uninalm-Kara, Kokoel-Nekonf VI Normal 2019/08/13