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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
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Census - Louyen Region is a census page.


This is a gathering place for information on the Louyen region.


To add your homebase to the census, please include the following:

  • Your PC/PS4 name
  • The quadrant (and galaxy if non-Euclid)
  • The region
  • The star system
  • The coordinates
  • If your base has a racetrack
  • If your base has a farm
  • Your Game mode (bases don't share between game modes)
  • Your platform (PC/PS4)

If you don't have information for a particular column, leave it blank.

If you have multiple saves on the same profile, enter them as separate entries on the Census.

Population census

A listing of residents within the Louyen region. Details for AGT travellers residing in adjoining regions (such as Ihirakh Boundary or Teuriabal Quadrant) will be added to the appropriate page.

Noting that this details residential bases only - and that Intensive Farming or Special Interest base builds are to be specified separately.

Name Reddit Name (optional) Star System Planet Racetrack Game Mode Farm
matthew71nsw zazariins AGT Serre SCC Verre Matinal II No Normal Circuit Board
Hollowpoint_80 AGT Erlaskoda SCC Konebu No Normal Living Glass
FreddyFresh333 8blacksheep8 AGT Predel Daxam No Normal Living Glass
Halogengirlie2 Halogengirlie AGT Emiura Napugarcolli No Normal Circuit Board
Zozma96 AGT Travelers Zen 1p Travelers Zen No Normal General
Kueball2 AGT Ages of Atris K'veer of D'ni No Normal Liquid Explosive
TechPixie AGT Osteia XVII Quiet Golden Frost No Normal LG/CB/LE
Psyny AGT #sny - Evrosk Ider AGT #sny(aqua) : Area Rubra No Normal General
Beludon AGT Vellos Z AGT Vellos Prime No Normal CB/LE
CrashDowning tkdowning AGT Downgaard III AGT Klaatuvale No Normal Circuit Board
Jonny_diego AGT Diego's Home Diegoworld No Normal Living Glass