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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.

The Civilization Architecture Project is a user initiative.


The Civilization Architecture Project is an initiative to help Travelers in need of a more useful / stylish Base, and does so via PS4's Share Play Feature.

Share Play allows a member of your party to take control over your Gameplay, which means the Architect can build your base regardless of Location.

The Civilian Architecture Project is now affiliated with the Galactic Hub Project.

How it Works

  • You, the Traveler, choose a Verified Architect from the Verified Architects section below.
  • Browse the Architect's portfolio and choose a design that is right for you.
  • Remember that Color and Material are variable. This means you can choose your own Color Scheme and finish.
  • Contact the Verified Architect via the provided Contact Info in the Verified Architects section below.
  • Collect the necessary resources for the build.
  • Take note of the Architect's Communication Preference.
  • Invite the Architect to your PS4 Party.
  • Start Share Play.
  • Once connected, make sure you're at the desired Location, and Pass the Controller to the Verified Architect.

Verified Architects

Verified Architects are Travelers who are guaranteed to build you a base of the highest quality, at no cost to you.

To learn more about the Architects, view their Portfolios! To learn more about becoming a Verified Architect, view the Associate Architect's Program Section below,

JAS90125 / Devoid666

Builds Architectural Style Add-Ons Limit Reached Limit Available Estimated Build Time Architect Signature
Post-Modern Post-Modern Y 32.6% (42.9%) 67.4% (57.1%) >1hr Not Required
Discovery Fortress Eclecticism // Fort N 75.05% 24.95% 1-2hrs Not Required
Architect Rating Text Chat Voice Chat Extreme Hazards Extreme Sentinels Mode Preferred Build Environment
- Y N Y Y Any Desert // Snow
  • Builds are Pages containing information and images of the base.
  • The Architectural Style is the style in which the base was built.
  • Add-Ons are pieces you can choose to personalize your base.
  • The Limit Reached is the Build Limit Percentage Reached when the base is built. The parentheses is the maximum reached percentage with Add-Ons.
  • The Limit Available is the Build Limit Percentage Remaining after the base is built. The parentheses is the maximum remaining percentage with Add-Ons.
  • The Architect Signature is a 1-3 Letter Tag added to the base's Name by the building Architect.
  • The Architect Rating is based on the Amount of bases the Architect has built. Each base attributes 1 point.

Associate Architects Program

The Associate Architect's Program is a guide to becoming a Verified Architect.


A simple Google Search will do. Search "Architectural Styles" and find a style you are comfortable attempting.

The Infrastructure Cubes / Wedges make many different styles possible! Blend them with various structure / Cuboid Rooms to create hazard-free structures.

Planning your Build

There are many important steps in the planning process:

  • Build in Creative.
  • Make the most out of your build. Infrastructure Items use much less Percentage Value than cuboid / structure items. A helpful tip is to use Cuboid Rooms as a foundation, then build Infrastructure Items around it.
  • Remember each method you use to align your structures. You may end up replicating your build many times; this ensures consistent quality.
  • Remember if a part of your build is obscured from view. You will have to know the exact number of items you place; this ensures that you do not forget them in your count.
  • Continue referencing images of the architectural style in which you decided to attempt.

Gathering Data

Throughout the build process you will need to keep track of two important values:

  • Build Percentage Limit (The percentage of each individual item placed)
  • Resource Count (The total sum of each resource used)

Use the Base Complexity / Resource Reference to help as you build!

Alternatively, you can use 7101334's suggested method for gathering your resource count:

  1. - Build your base
  2. - Turn off Base Sharing
  3. - Save your game
  4. - Ensure you have no resources in your inventory
  5. - Deconstruct your base
  6. - View and note the amounts of each individual resource from the pieces you deconstructed
  7. - Load your save
  8. - Turn on Base Sharing

Presenting your Build

Once you have two builds from varying Architectural Styles (with or without Add-Ons), present them with images and data to TheDiscoveryCoalition under the Associate Architect's Program Stickied Post.

From there, a Verified Architect will contact you to ask any other necessary questions used for filling out information here.