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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.

Civilization Categories are a classification method.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Civilization Categories, also referred to as "civilization tags" or just "tags," are a method of classifying civilizations by their size and focus.

They are divided into several sub-categories, specifically size, type, and government.

Size[edit | edit source]

Size tags classify a civilization by its population.

  • Hub - (see below)
  • Standard - 6-19 players (or more if Hub requirements not met)
  • Rural - 2-5 players
  • Solo - 1 player
  • Secret - player numbers not disclosed, will be considered as 1 player for official purposes
  • Abandoned - 0 players (Abandoned civs may still have old bases, discovery info, etc, making them worth recording at least temporarily.)

Census[edit | edit source]

Size categories are further specified as:

  • Estimated (E) - the tag is essentially a guess based on varying amounts of evidence
  • Registered (R) - the tag is based on an actual census available in the wiki. For a player to count towards the R number, their row on the census must provide at least two types of ID.
    • ID types: game tag as used in No Man's Sky, plus a wiki user tag, reddit, facebook etc.)

This page can be used as a template when creating a stand-alone census page: Template:Census

Example: a final size tag might look like Standard (R), meaning this civilization has a list confirming at least six people reside in (or have recently resided in) their space. Standard (E) would mean that, based on some evidence, whoever created that edit believed that the civilization had at least six members, but didn't have concrete proof.

It is not necessary to specify Solo / Abandoned tags as Registered or Estimated, but it may be done regardless, for format consistency.

This category is applicable to civilizations, but not alliances, as the individual members of an alliance will have their own size indicators (and possibly a census).

HUB classification[edit | edit source]

The HUB classification is one of special recognition, and has been achieved by only a small fraction of registered civs. To be recognized as a HUB, the following requirements are required:

  • an official census page is available for use in the wiki
  • a total of at least 20 members are on the census, each with two types of ID as indicated above
  • 20 star systems pages documented in the wiki in good form
  • an official request to be recognized as a HUB has been made on the Civilized Space talk page

When this level is reached, a gold HUB starburst will be placed on their embassy page as well as with their entry on the Civilized Space page. Due to the census requirements, all HUB-rated civs will be HUB (R).

Type[edit | edit source]

Type tags, or focus tags, classify a civilization by how the civilization directs its players' efforts.

  • Casual - A gathering of players without any particularly specific goals or guidelines, generally oriented just towards having fun. (Ie Geknip Gang Hub, No Man's Sky Love)
  • Construction - A civilization of any size with a specific focus on player base-related gameplay elements. (Ie Spacing Guild)
  • Fanfiction - A civilization with a particular focus on creative writing elements. Such civilizations will generally also include some degree of in-game content. (Ie Eyfert Khannate)
  • Gameplay/Documentation - A civilization with a particular focus on the default in-game elements like starships, multitools, fauna, freighters, etc. Such civilizations will usually document their discoveries out-of-game. (Ie Galactic Hub)
  • Militant - A civilization with militant tendencies. Practices often include classified locations, "propaganda" creation, and limited PVP tactics. (Ie Galactic Empire of HOVA)
  • Non-localized - A group of players which coordinates their efforts strictly out-of-game, such as on Reddit, Facebook, or another app/website. A non-localized civilization doesn't gather all its players in a single area (or handful of areas) of space, as most civilizations do. Non-localized civilizations are sometimes united through completing certain accomplishments. (Ie The Grand Conjunction. The Alliance of Galactic Travellers are semi-localized.)
  • Profit - A civilization focused on economically profitable practices, which generally means creating multiple high-end crafting product farms, but may also include other practices. (Ie Galactic Hub)
  • Modded - A civilization that uses mods and/or creates them.

Many civilizations are hybrids, and would probably be best listed under a few of these "tags," for example, "Militant" and "Fanfiction" for the Empire of Hova. Try to apply as few tags as possible to each civilization, to keep them specific. For example, the Galactic Hub could probably fit all categories except Militant, but only the three most relevant (Construction, Documentation, & Profit) are applied.

Government[edit | edit source]

Government type tags classify a civilized space zone by how the civilization is governed. There are also other types and subtypes of each type listed below. See Forms of government for more information.

  • Anarchy - government by none; a society without a publicly enforced government or political authority. (Ie Anarchic Alliance)
    • Some subtypes include, but not limited to; Free Association, Stateless Society.
  • Anocracy - mixed government; a system of government by a small number of people with limited power and control over a civilization, as well as some democratic voting participation by eligible members of a civilization. (Ie Galactic Hub)
    • Some subtypes include, but not limited to; Democratic Socialism.
  • Autocracy - government by one individual; a system of government by one person with absolute power and control over a civilization. (Ie Black Star Order)
    • Some subtypes include, but not limited to; Monarchy, Dictatorship, Theocracy, Military Dictatorship.
  • Democracy - government by the people; a system of governing by the whole population or all the eligible members of a civilization, usually through direct votes from citizens.
    • Some subtypes include, but not limited to; Direct Democracy, Sortition, Representative Democracy.
  • Meritocracy - rule by the meritorious; a system of governance where groups are selected on the basis of people's ability, knowledge in a given area, and contributions to society. (Ie Wild Space)]
  • Oligarchy - government by a few; a system of government by a small number of people with absolute power and control over a civilization or their respective districts/zones. (Ie Deep Thought Collective)
    • Some subtypes include, but not limited to; Socialism, Stratocracy, Geniocracy.
  • Republic - government by the elected; a system of governing by the elected representatives of a civilization. (Ie Helios Confederation of Independent Systems)
    • Some subtypes include, but not limited to; Presidential Republic, Parliamentary Republic.

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • ExoMech - HUB requirements changed, formerly required nothing more than 15 members.