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This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki. Galactic Hub excepted.

There are multiple versions of the Civilized Space page, based on game release.

We Believe in Civilised Space

Civilized Space regions of the No Man's Sky universe are local groupings formed by individual or groups of players.

As the number of civilizations has grown, the politics between nations has also flourished. To maintain civility between communities, please leave suggestions for edits or additions on the Discussion page for consideration.


As limited means of traveler interaction have become possible and pahefu of the Pilgrim Star introduced a navigation app, some zones of space have become loose confederacies and destinations for other travelers. These are known in general as Civilizations or Civilized Space Zones.

While the majority of documented civilizations are in Euclid, the following list also includes civs from other galaxies.


In order to be recognised as a civilization on this index page, the following requirements must be met:

1) an embassy page is present in the wiki
2) a minimum of five star system pages discovered by the civilization are present in the wiki (and in good order)
3) the civilization's founder is involved only with the new civilization (basically one civ or company to a customer)
4) an official request for inclusion from the founder is present on the Discussion page
4a) a civilization will be removed after a major new update if there has been no wiki activity in the last three months


All Civilizations can be categorized based on population size, type, and government. Examples of this include "Hub" or "Rural" civilizations.

These amorphous zones of civilized space also tend to be unified by a general shared purpose. Related gameplay tends to involve a mixture of "Fanfiction" or "Profit" along with actual gameplay elements, with some civilizations focusing more on one or the other. In some rare cases players are connected through accomplishments rather than location and are considered a "Non-localized" community. Given the many updates that No Man's Sky has received since it's release, it is likely that as more updates are introduced, the many possibilities for Civilized Space will increase as their influence grows through the galaxies.


In addition to political organizations, there are also business organisations which are referred to as Companies. The rules are generally the same as for civilised spaces, but the focus and organizations may differ somewhat.


As the number of civilizations has grown, some have banded together behind common goals and purposes. Once a group reaches a minimum membership of five civilized space communities, each of which has documented five star systems, they may apply for recognition as an official alliance. Similar alliances exist for companies - these can be found on the Company page.

Federation Emblem 2.png United Federation of Travelers - UFT is an alliance of multiple civilizations dedicated to the Four Pillars of the Federation, "To document, aid, create, and communicate." First known alliance of multiple civilizations.
AgtOfficialLogo.png Alliance of Galactic Travellers - AGT is a alliance of Travellers or No Man's Sky players and civilizations of players participating in nomadic exploration oriented gameplay within the NMS universe.

Civilized Space Map

Image Map of civilized space zones as of October 27, 2020.
Clicking on a zone in the picture causes the browser to load the appropriate article. Mouseover = Coordinates.
Only civilizations and recognized Companies that have updated their embassy pages since the release of Crossplay are listed on the map. For older versions of the map, vist Civilized Space Maps.

UnknownUnknown0D61 : 0078 : 0C40 : 001A0E44 : 0082 : 04E5 : 01200B2D : 007F : 0FFD : 00CC0E40 : 0083 : 04E8 : 001C0441 : 0082 : 0290 : 021EUnknown043B : 0079 : 0D46 : 012B0928 : 0083 : 06FC : 01730204 : 0078 : 0B3E : 00B10188 : 0083 : 056C : 017C07FD : 0077 : 07F6 : 00640DFB : 0082 : 09D1 : 011301A4 : 007E : 0A7E : 00C902D8 : 0081 : 0977 : 00500805 : 007C : 07F9 : 00C4Unknown0689 : 0083 : 043E :0037042F : 0077 : 0D4B : 00960748 : 0084 : 021E : 0001Unknown018B : 0078 : 03A8 : 018D0E45 : 0078 : 0539 : 01600805 : 007C : 07F90807 : 0081 : 07FE : 00FA0ACA : 007E : 0E5E : 0044013D :0078 : 0901 : 007AOAF3 : 007E : 019F : 00C70FFE : 007F : 0FFE : 000005E2 : 007D : 0E44 : 00340EDA : 007D : 068A : 01E60CB4 : 007B : 032B : 0010Unknown0D3B : 007F : 0C29 :0004UnknownUnknown0800 : 0087 : 07FF : 01D40D13 : 0084 : 0403 : 0186Unknown0661 : 007C : 0E7F : 00EE094B : 007D : 011B : 00EC0A3E : 0088 : 01A6 : 00340806 : 007B : 07F3 : 00900CE8 : 007B : 031D : 00380B15 : 007C : 0AD7 : 002DUnknown0431 : 0077 : 0D4F : 018F0EA9 : 0079 : 0633 : 003D0FE2 : 0004 : 0FFC : 000E0CE8 : 007A : 031D : 002F055E : 007E : 01B2 : 0112Galactic Hub Star League0C5B : 0083 : 0BF5 : 006E07FA : 0081 : 07F9 : 00340C1e : 0082 : 0DA6 : 007307D2 : 0070 : 07D3 : 00140EE9 : 0084 : 087C : 0048042F : 0078 : 0D55 : 00E4042F : 0079 : 0D55 : 01C80426 : 0078 : 0D59 : 015901AC : 00B0 : 0548 : 011F042F : 0078 : 0D55 : 00E40800 : 0078 : 0803 : 01EA042F : 0079 : 0D55 : 006A0804 : 0079 : 07FD : 0152043D : 0072 : 0D44 : 001C064A : 0082 : 01B9 : 009A0430 : 0078 : 0D56 : 011CUnited Federation of Travelers043D : 0072 : 0D44 : 001CAlliance of Galactic TravellersDo not yet meet the minimum wiki requirements for civilization recognition0540 : 0083 : 0E68 : 003BCompaniesHub classificationUnited Nations 42Qitanian EmpireGalactic HubHubble ZoneCivilized space map 22.png
About this image

Civilizations marked with a HUB starburst small.png below are considered HUB civilizations (based on the current HUB requirements).

Navigation zones - Euclid

Only civilizations that meet the above requirements are listed here. Companies are listed on the Companies page.

Alpha Quadrant

  • The Qitanian Empire HUB starburst small.png - a community and a reason-minded, pacific civilization originating from the Qitand-Tus star system in the Oefergia Boundary region near the center of the Euclid galaxy. Qitanians describe their civilization as a “free Empire of the people’s choice” and are an advanced, modern society focused on science, exploration, documentation, architecture and arts.

Beta Quadrant

  • Euclidean Scholar's Society - is a No Man's Sky's organization dedicated to the exploration and study of the universe.
  • Geknip Gang Hub - is a group of gamers from all platforms and locations around the world who all banded together originally through a mutual love of No Man's Sky, but enjoy playing and streaming other games as well.
  • Grand Conjunction - Their mission is to decipher the mysteries of the universe through exploration, research, and documentation.
  • The Enigma Alliance - The main goal of the Alliance is to expand in both size and members, to act as negotiators between other civilizations, and to discover the answer to the Final Question: What is Atlas?
  • Three Sons Syndicate - The main goal is to gain profit from a variety of different sources in a variety of different systems. The TSS will help new members and other new civilizations get the means and information on how to make their own incomes and use their assets wisely.

Gamma Quadrant

  • Alliance of Galactic Travellers HUB starburst small.png - a Civilized space alliance of Travellers or No Man's Sky players and civilizations of players participating in nomadic exploration oriented gameplay within the NMS universe.
  • Antaurean Imperium - Their mission is to study the universe, construct temples that mirror the beauty of the heavens, obliterate any enemy of peace, and make a black hole's worth of units in the process.
  • Arcadian Republic - is the governing body of the Yokoju Fringe, previously known as the Yokojulia Adjunct. They fund and operate The Arcadia Project which seeks to explore and map the region, and find and document all suitable Garden Worlds.
  • Empire of Jatriwil - The civilisation is focused on exploration, documentation, farming, sharing content, and has an excellent community. All Interlopers will be welcome to visit or settle if they wish.
  • Galactic Hub Project HUB starburst small.png - an exploration-focused community with a high population of Interlopers, based in The Arm of Vezitinen and 10 surrounding regions.
  • The Volition Project - recognizes the limits a civilisation subjects itself to by staying put without intrepid expansion. We are curious frontiersmen and -women. We want to explore these worlds out there and drive the frontier ever further by finding new places and by claiming worthy assets for generations of pioneers who may follow in our wake.

Delta Quadrant

  • Black Star Order HUB starburst small.png - a religious and military order, the BSO exists to bring civilization in the unknown regions of the Euclid galaxy and to spread the cult of the Black Star.
  • Cafe 42 - is proud to announce its first ever in-game civilization. Come share your creativity, skills, farm, discover and document stuff - or just hang out co-op style and have fun!
  • Domus Stellaris Confederation - is a Civilized space community, created with the intent of providing order and stability throughout the galaxy.
  • Forgotten Colonies - is a story and roleplay hub on the fringe of civilized space in No Man's Sky. It represents the distant settlements and factions striving for dominance along the outer border of the Euclid galaxy, the Fade. After the cataclysmic temporal anomaly, the rebuild remnants of the Outer Rim Expedition regrouped in Alpha Polaris and Delta Polaris to renew the discovery and study of the fringe and help the Atlas recover from its fatal circle of decay. This renewed mission is the Euclidian Restoration.
  • Lanny Poo Empire - An empire near the Forgotten Colonies with advanced technology and lush planets. The empire is very peaceful and has its own culture not seen in any other part of the galaxy or universe as a whole. It is also speculated by many and claimed by the empire that they control a system with a Black Hole allowing travel to different systems at any time.
  • The Elmhurst Hermitage - has the goal of documenting all systems and major bodies in the Lozunoz Cloud and to establish a home planet and capital for the Hermitage. The Hermitage seeks to explore, create, and assist.
  • Sepros Alliance - has a mission is to defend and keep galactic peace by protecting those who cannot defend themselves, provide aid to allies in need, and eliminate galactic threats across Euclid and beyond.
  • Seventh Fleet - their mission is to build up civilizations in the Ajauri region, forge alliances, and get home (?).

Navigation zones - Budullangr (G7)

  • Galactic Hub Budullangr - this organization is an extension of the Galactic Hub Project into the Budullangr galaxy.

Navigation zones - Eissentam (G10)

  • Darkk Sector Syndicate - is a technological society that aims to find a way to preserve our existence after the "death" of the ATLAS. Located in the Tegoci region of Eissentam, we are constantly on the search for Glitch planets which we believe may be a way to understand how the ATLAS works
  • Eissentam Travellers Foundation - is a Civilized space community focused on exploring a specific area of the Eissentam galaxy with other players.
  • The Eissentam Qitanian Empire - is a Civilized space community and a reason-minded, pacific civilization originating near the center of the Eissentam galaxy. It was founded for the will of the explorers from the Euclid main branch of the Empire to establish themselves in this lush galaxy.
  • Galactic Hub Eissentam HUB starburst small.png - an expansion of the Galactic Hub Project community into the 10th galaxy, Eissentam. After the Atlas Rises update, Eissentam has many Lush planets.
  • Galactic Republic of Eissentam - The republic does not interfere with any pre-existing Galactic Organizations, Empires, Governments, HUBs, Clans, Confederacies,or any other civilized region of space.
  • The Viridian Assembly of Eissentam - Founded with the goal of furthering the agricultural and hospitality knowledge, and reach, in all galaxies. The VAE slogan is "A Lush Life For All".

Navigation zones - Rerasmutul (G18)

Navigation zones - Twerbetek (G25)

  • The Crimson Arc - Their mission is to create a prosperous and welcoming Civilized space where members of all platforms can gather to trade, protect the galaxy against malicious threats, and explore together with the same goal in mind while making sure every member feels safe and welcomed among the ranks of The Crimson Arc.

Navigation zones - Husalvangewi (G70)

Navigation zones - Meximicka (G131)

  • Oxalis - is a civilized space zone located near the centre of Meximicka.

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