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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 24 July, 2018.

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Disambig.png This article is about the NEXT version of Civilized Space. For the Atlas Rises version, see Civilized space (Atlas).
We Believe in Civilised Space

Civilized Space regions of the No Man's Sky universe are local groupings formed by individual or groups of players.

As the number of civilizations has grown, the politics between nations has also flourished. To increase civility between communities, please refrain from making changes directly to this page.

If you have suggestions for edits or additions, simply add them to the Discussion page for consideration.


As limited means of traveler interaction have become possible and pahefu of the Pilgrim Star introduced a navigation app, some zones of space have become loose confederacies and destinations for other travelers. These are known in general as Civilizations or Civilized Space Zones.

While the majority of documented civilizations are in Euclid, the following list also includes civs from the Hilbert Dimension, Calypso, Budullangr, Eissentam, and Rerasmutul galaxies.


All civilizations on this page meet the following requirements:

1) an embassy page is present in the wiki
2) a minimum of five star system pages discovered by the civilization are present in the wiki (and in good order)
3) the civilization's founder is involved only with the new civilization (basically one civ to a customer)
4) an official request for inclusion from the founder is present on the Discussion page
4a) this request must be renewed whenever a major new update is released (such as from Atlas Rises to NEXT)


All Civilizations can be categorized based on population size. Examples of this include "Hub" or "Rural" civilizations.

These amorphous zones of civilized space also tend to be unified by a general shared purpose. Related gameplay tends to involve a mixture of "Fanfiction" or "Profit" along with actual gameplay elements, with some civilizations focusing more on one or the other. In some rare cases, such as the Robber Barons Club, players are connected through accomplishments rather than location and are considered a "Non-localized" community. Given the many updates that No Man's Sky has received since it's release, it is likely that as more updates are introduced, the many possibilities for Civilized Space will increase as their influence grows through the galaxies.


NMS Hubs are larger and more organized areas of civilized space, often governed by guidelines or customs such as naming guidelines. There will be one major Hub per Quadrant per galaxy, with community recognition of their standing being the primary factor for consideration.

For example, the following are the four Hubs for the Euclid galaxy:


As the number of civilizations has grown, some have banded together behind common goals and purposes. Once a group reaches a minimum membership of five civilized space communities, each of which has documented five star systems, they may apply for recognition as an official alliance.

  • United Federation of Travelers - The Federation is an alliance of multiple civilizations dedicated to the Four Pillars of the Federation, "To document, aid, create, and communicate." First known alliance of multiple civilizations.
  • Alliance of Galactic Travellers - AGT is a real world unincorporated association of Nomadic No Man's Sky players and multiple player civilizations that establish one embassy hub per galaxy and multiple outposts per galaxy to serve as navigational aids to Travellers. The Alliance currently has active members making discoveries and colonizing in every system between Euclid and the Hyades galaxy.
  • Galactic Consortium - The Galactic Consortium is an independent corporation across multiple galaxies. Our main goal is to increase the wealth of all Travelers, regardless of any Alliance Status, affiliated Civilizations or galaxy they call home.

Civilized Space Map

Image Map of all known civilizations as of August 14, 2018.

  • Clicking on a civilization in the picture causes the browser to load the appropriate article / Mouseover = Coordinates.
  • Civilizations which do not fulfill the requirements are listed on the map under Construction. Federation members which do not meet the requirements will not be marked separately.
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Navigation zones - Euclid

Alpha Quadrant

Beta Quadrant

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In-game references to the Galactic Hub and Alliance of Galactic Travellers

Gamma Quadrant

  • Æther Mercenary Corps - Group of freelance Mercenaries based out of the Ekastry Prime System which is in the Sea of Ekastry, a region down and to the right of the new PS4 Euclid HUB region Shungka Void.
  • Arcadian Republic - is the governing body of the Yokoju Fringe, previously known as the Yokojulia Adjunct. They fund and operate The Arcadia Project which seeks to explore and map the region, and find and document all suitable Garden Worlds.
  • Galactic Hub Project - an exploration-focused community with a high population of Interlopers, based in the Shungka Void and 10 surrounding regions.
  • Galactic Pathfinders - is a alliance of Travellers or No Man's Sky players (PS4) participating in exploration, farming and trading activities within the NMS universe.
  • Galactic Republic - is a civilization dedicated to construction,agriculture,trade and exploration.
  • New Aquarius - located in the Kuungn Conflux / Notwertja regions in the Gamma quadrant of the Euclid galaxy. New Aquarius borders several regions of the Galactic Hub Project.
  • Seht Research Group - is a civilization dedicated to finding the wild and weird of the universe. This can range from impressive ships to planets containing amazing sights and creatures.
  • Stream of P0ne - a non-localized type of civilization, open to any travelers who want to explore the Euclid Core and beyond. Our mission is to together not only travel and discover but with expertise also add our discoveries to the NMS Wiki. Helping each other out as a true civilization and enjoy the exploring together.
  • Tau Empire Au'ra Sept - They seek to expand their territory and influence for the Greater good. During any conflict against other intelligent species, Tau Commanders often urge the enemy leaders to stop resisting the Tau Empire since they will be allowed to retain their own individual faiths and philosophical beliefs as long as they are compatible with the Greater Good.
  • United Colonies of Kobol - is comprised as a single state inspired and based on the Battlestar Galactica lore. The purpose of the United Colonies of Kobol is to colonize, industrialize, and prosper. We aim to rebuild our civilization with grandiose structures that depicted the society and ecosystem before the Fall of the Colonies.

Delta Quadrant

In game reference to Unification Day.
  • Empire of Pirates and Independent Cartels (EPIC) - This community's goal is a very localized community mix of roleplay combined with in-game events and activities. The search for those of a like-minded cause: throwing off the shackles of tyrannical government in favor of a New Law - that of Self-Governance.
  • Forgotten Colonies - Is a story and roleplay hub on the fringe of civilized space in No Man's Sky. It represents the distant settlements and factions striving for dominance along the outer border of the Euclid galaxy, the Fade. After the cataclysmic temporal anomaly, the rebuild remnants of the Outer Rim Expedition regrouped in Alpha Polaris and Delta Polaris to renew the discovery and study of the fringe and help the Atlas recover from its fatal circle of decay. This renewed mission is the Euclidian Restoration.
  • The Galactic Frontier - is a new civilization that revolves around three pillars. Peace, power and prosperity. We hope to keep peace with neighboring civilizations and boost the galactic economy.
  • Lanny Poo Empire - An empire near the Forgotten Colonies with advanced technology and lush planets. The empire is very peaceful and has its own culture not seen in any other part of the galaxy or universe as a whole. It is also speculated by many and claimed by the empire that they control a system with a Black hole allowing travel to different systems at any time.


  • Deep Thought Collective - is a civilization in the Euclid Galaxy focused on "NMS science" (mainly Portal Research).
  • Galactic Empire of HOVA - A massive Empire spanning the entirety of the Euclid Galaxy with over 500 systems falling under the crown of Hov. The history of the Empire is shrouded in mystery but many Scholars across the galaxy are hard at work recovering the lost history of the Empire.

Navigation zones - Hilbert Dimension (G2)

  • Galactic Hub Hilbert - this organization is an extension of the Galactic Hub Project into the Hilbert galaxy
  • Louyen - This region is the home of the Alliance of Galactic Travellers and serves as their capital territory in the Hilbert Dimension.
  • Vareryforba - also known as The Vareryforba Expanse, is a Civilized space community, located in the Varriyfo Fringe region of the Hilbert Dimension. Vareryforba is heavily Fan Fiction focused.

Navigation zones - Calypso (G3)

  • Calypso Travellers Foundation - known as CTF for short, this community is focused on exploring a specific area of the Calypso galaxy with other players.
  • Galactic Hub Calypso - this organization is an extension of the Galactic Hub Project into the Calypso galaxy.
  • NMS Mexico - A casual community of players focused on a chill exploration experience located in the Mexico region. The full name of this nation is “Galactic Republic of Mexico”.

Navigation zones - Budullangr (G7)

  • Galactic Hub Budullangr - this organization is an extension of the Galactic Hub Project into the Budullangr galaxy
  • New Hub Order - Located at the Core on the Border of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants, this organization is dedicated to helping fellow Travelers and exploring the depths of the Galaxy. All are welcome.

Navigation zones - Eissentam (G10)

Navigation zones - Rerasmutul (G18)

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