Conflict Scanner

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Conflict Scanner
Conflict Scanner
Grants the ability to check a system's Conflict Level
Category Starship - Scanner
Type Long-range Sensor technology
Release Beyond

Conflict Scanner is a starship technology.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Conflict Scanner is a starship technology that allows the player to check a star system's Conflict Level in the Galactic Map without having to warp to that system first.

Without this technology, the player would have to warp to the system, then check the conflict level by using the Discoveries menu.

It allows players to check the system's conflict level, shown below the system's economy status, from the Galactic Map to find peaceful or warring systems without the need to warp there first.

Game description[edit | edit source]

An upgrade to the starship's galactic-scale sensors. This device allows the user to access conflict data in the galaxy map, without having to put themselves in harm's way.

Source[edit | edit source]

The blueprint can be acquired from a Technology Merchant for 200 NANITES.png.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Conflict Scanner can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Conflict Scanner can be repaired using the following resources:

Conflict Scanner returns no resources when dismantled.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

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