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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for the Cosmic Cooperative Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization hub that is a creative addition to the game.

Cosmic Cooperative
Cosmic Cooperative
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Alpha
Region Aizeta
Capital system Oldato (CC)
Capital planet Nuhamauri
Coordinates 0188:0083:056C:01BA
Portal Glyphs 41BA04D6D989
Government Direct Democracy
Size Abandoned (Formerly Hub-R)
Type Casual, Documentation, Construction
Founded by M00N-C00K1ES
Platform All
Release ExoMech

Cosmic Cooperative is a civilized space community.


Abandoned.png This page and civilization has been vandalized, abandoned, and locked down. Some members of the Cosmic Cooperative were also involved in vandalism. Abandoned.png

Official in-game flag of the Cosmic Cooperative, registered in the Federation Vexillology Department.

At one time, the Cosmic Cooperative (often shorted to CC or Cosmic Coop) was one of the largest civilizations in No Man's Sky. The Cosmic Cooperative offers extensive multiplayer features, including Base building, community discovery, Colonies, and Democratic voting. The Cosmic Cooperative also focuses on exploring and documenting within the civilization. With 150+ players registered as citizens, the Cosmic Cooperative is home to one of the largest confirmed population of players in the NMS universe.

The Cosmic Cooperative occupies two primary regions: Aizeta and Laportruj Shallows. The Arfistrz Quadrant region is also occupied by the Cosmic Cooperative, but is rarely used, and is more a "territory" rather than an official region.

The following coordinates lead to the Cosmic Cooperative's capital system Oldato (CC) system in the Aizeta region:


The following Portal Glyphs lead to capital planet Nuhamauri in the Oldato (CC) system: 41BA04D6D989

The Cosmic Cooperative'’s main website is the NMS Cosmic Cooperative Server. See the CC Resources section for more official Cosmic Cooperative websites.

Traveller Census

After arriving at the Cosmic Cooperative, you should sign up on the Traveller Census. You can do this in two ways:

  • Manually signing yourself up on the Traveller Census


  • Filling out the Application for Citizenship in the Cosmic Cooperative discord server, by typing /apply in the #bot-commands🤖 channel.


The Cosmic Cooperative is a Democratic civilization, specifically a Direct Democracy.

Citizens of the Cosmic Cooperative get an opportunity to vote on decisions. This is usually done in a manner of voting in the Cosmic Cooperative discord server. Citizens can submit a poll in the #referendums channel, and it will be created as a poll in one of the polls channels in the server.

All citizens have equal power, including the Server Staff of the Cosmic Cooperative discord. Community Representatives also receive equal power; please read the Community Representative section to learn more.

Community Representative

A Community Representative is an elected candidate that becomes an international ambassador to other civilizations, and within Alliances. The Community Representative is the voice of the community. The Community Representative is responsible for delivering Cosmic Cooperative poll results to the United Federation of Travelers. The poll results will be cast as the Cosmic Cooperative’s vote in a poll in the Federation. In short, the Community Representative manages external affairs.


As of April 2020, the Cosmic Cooperative has been disbanded due to many issues with trolls. Trolls would use alternate accounts to sway voting.

How to Join

The first way to reach the Cosmic Cooperative is by warping/black holes, using the Pilgrim Star Path tool. Select Destinations, and enter in the Cosmic Cooperative’s coordinates. Then go to first tab and enter in your Galactic Coordinates. See Pilgrim Star Process for more information.

The second way to reach the Cosmic Cooperative is by receiving a taxi. Players who are "taxied" join a user current at the Cosmic Cooperative, and place a Base Computer. Taxis are easily accessible in the Cosmic Cooperative Discord server.

Joining the NMS Cosmic Cooperative will help citizens participate in voting and day-to-day charting and discussion.

Naming Guidelines

All systems in Cosmic Cooperative space should follow the Cosmic Cooperative naming guidelines. Systems should be named with (CC) at the end. Planets do not have a naming guideline except that they should be appropriate. Systems should be named like:

  • Default Name (CC)
  • Custom Name (CC)


  • Ankara (CC)
  • Poyorsk (CC)


A Colony is a cluster of Player-Built Bases in a star system, planet, or area of a planet.

Image Name Platform Status/Restriction
Haciendaview.jpeg Sunny Shores All Private
Notes: Archipelago Colony

One of the biggest colonies of the Cosmic Cooperative, Sunny Shores boasts many players bases on the many islands of the beautiful desert world.
Players use Spindle Trees along shores to give a beach-like feel.
The colony is located on a glitched area of the planet that has no nights or storms, hence the name, Sunny Shores.

NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Holiday Village PC Archived
Notes: Festive Colony
A small colony of bases on the Winter Wonderland planet, dedicated to the Holiday season.
NuhamauriPlanet.jpeg Capital Colony All Public
Notes: Capital Colony
The capital of the Cosmic Cooperative, Oldato (CC), is home to many players bases.

While most players choose to reside on Nuhamauri, the verdant, earth-like capital planet, there are bases elsewhere in the system.

CCFootballStadium.jpeg Game Center PS4 Public
Notes: Game & Sport Colony
Originally an unofficial colony, this colony in the GameCenter (CC) system contains many fun bases, such as a football stadium and Tic-Tac-Toe.
SkyCOLONY Promotional Transparent.png skyCOlONY All Developing
Notes: Sub Orbital Colony
A colony with bases built high in the sky. Currently being developed.
Minor Unofficial Colonies All Public
Notes: Various small Colonies scattered throughout the CC

CC Resources

Cosmic Cooperative