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Screenshot of a Crashed Ship
Disambig.png This article is about the NEXT version for Crashed Ships. For the Atlas Rises version, see Crashed Ship (Atlas).

Crashed Ships are one of various planetary Points of Interest.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A Empty Location

Crashed Ships spawn randomly on planets, and can be of several sizes and classes, check out the starship page for the different types and how to spot the best. The player can choose to claim and repair it, or use it to exchange for a better one at a Space Station or an Outpost. The crashed ship can be exchanged for one of the ships already owned, or if fewer than six ships are already owned it can be added to the collection. The ship not in use will be stored on the freighter. Players that don't own a freighter can still own more than one ship, they will just stay on the ground where they where found. Warping the freighter one time after accepting the crashed ship will move the other ship to the hangar.

Interacting with the Distress Beacon will give the player a random reward dependent on the player's choice of two possible actions, including units, Nanite Clusters, standing with a race, and maybe a module. There is always a Damaged Machinery nearby as well, providing some Nanite Clusters.

The site can be empty, with a red orb in the distress beacon, broadcasting a message that the Crashed Ship was removed. (Added in NEXT).

Locating[edit | edit source]

Crashed Ships can be located in a variety of ways:

  • Using a Signal Booster, with a Navigation Data and scanning for Distress Frequencies, looking for a Distress Signal. There are several types of Distress Frequencies, so more than one scan may be needed to find a Distress Signal, just clear any signals found before scanning again.
  • Using Transmission Towers. After correctly solving a number sequence at a Transmission Tower, a Distress Signal will be found, in some rare instances the location of a Crashed Freighter will be found instead. Transmission Towers are part of the Habitable Outposts signals when using a Navigation Data in the Signal Booster.
  • Crashed Ships appear as white dots on a Starship scope when flying across a planetary surface, just like other ships.
Need confirmation on this as I have never gotten a Distress Signal in a station : 
* Giving the top-tier influence gift for a faction (Korvax Casing, Gek Relic, or Vy'keen Effigy) to an NPC in the local Space station when the dialog indicates a distress signal will be offered in exchange.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Distress Signal Detected
  • Finish any Distress Frequencies you may have on the planet. That is any of these : Observatory, Abandoned Building or Crashed Freighter.
  • Do a scan for Distress Frequencies, using the Signal Booster with a Navigation Data, fly to and clear any result of the three types above.
  • If the signal found was not a Distress Signal and the previous result was cleared, scan again using another Navigation Data, repeat the procedure above until the first Distress Signal is found. Be aware that some planet may not have a Crashed Ship. This can be identified if you get the same sites again.
  • After finding and clearing the first Distress Signal on that planet, don't fly away! Deploy the Signal Booster again, and choose Locate Nearby Structures (it will not use a Navigation Data), this will find another Distress signal on that planet, if there is any. Will only work if close to the current Distress Signal. Repeat until you get the same Signal again, or one that you have already visited.
  • Important to interact with the Distress Beacon at the site, that will mark it as found for the next scan(s).
  • Claim any ship that is better then one of the ships already owned, just beware the current active ship will be lost forever when the exchange button is pressed (Transfer cargo and destroy any mods on it). Any ships from the freighter can be summoned down to be used for the exchange.

Edit: Above information about losing a ship forever is incorrect. The crashed ship will just be added to your collection unless you already have six ships. If you claim a crashed ship, you will still be able to summon any other ship you own by using the summon ship option.

  • Instead of scanning for Distress Frequencies, it's possible to scan for Habitable Outposts. Searching for a Transmission Tower, to get the first Distress Signal.
  • One known bug is a Crashed Freighter signal staying active after running it, this can block scanning for Distress Signal. Easily identified with the scan failing just after pushing the Scan for Distress Frequencies. One way to clear off that stuck Crashed Freighter signal is to scan for a Drop Pod using Decipher and a Drop Pod Coordinate Data, but beware this will also remove any other signals currently tracked.
  • A good source for Navigation Data is the Ancient Data Structure, it is the yellow I on Scanner Visor on some planets.

Repairing[edit | edit source]

In order to fly the crashed ship after claiming it, key technologies on the ship need repair. To launch, these two systems need to be repaired, and the Launch Thruster fueled with a Starship Launch Fuel cell or some Uranium:

After repairing these two systems and add this ship to the collection, either it or the previously flown ship may be left there. The next time the freighter jumps or is summoned, the ship left behind will be transferred to the hangar.

To take the ship into space also repair shield and guns, never know who is out there.

Multiple Damaged Components are limiting storage and technology installation, but each of these can be repaired to free up the slots.

Scavenging[edit | edit source]

This can no longer be done, if you choose to not claim it you can not gain anything from it. (NEXT). In an exchange, remember to transfer cargo and destroy any modules on the ship being scrapped.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

You can bring that ship back to a Space Station, Trade Post or an Outpost (any place with a Landing Pad) and trade it for any of the ships landing there. There currently is no difference in exchange value whether the crashed ship is repaired or still damaged, so do minimal repairs if the ship is intended to be used to trade in for another.

  • From patch notes from latest Experimental branch (12/9-18) : Fixed an issue that caused the value of repaired ships + weapons to be too low when trading in. so this may come to a end.
    • On 9/21/2018 I confirmed that fixing -regular- inventory slots is increasing the apparent trade-in value of a previously crashed ship.
      • I was looking at the value while checking another crashed ship; someone should confirm that a repair also applies to NPC ships (no reason I can think of that it wouldn't).
      • "Technology Slots" (dedicated ones, on their own screen) did NOT appear to change the apparent trade-in value. This makes sense because the "purchase price" of a ship also does not appear to change based on Tech Slots (just class and regular inventory slot count).
      • Repairing "existing technology" (Shields, weapons, etc) did not change the apparent trade-in value. (Not sure if deconstructing technology will lower the value; someone should test that)
      • The ship I was fixing was an A-class Hauler 39+6. The one main inventory slot I tested increased the apparent trade-in value 850,000 Units. Based on that, the overall apparent trade-in value should go from the initial ~12,650,000 units to ~33,050,000 units. The "visor price" is ~47,000,000 units; this means a crashed ship with "all normal inventory slots repaired" should trade at the same rate as a normal player/NPC ship when being traded to NPCs for a replacement.

Gallery[edit | edit source]