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Cungr Vanck Network

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This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized Space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Cungr Vanck Network
Cungr Vanck Network
Galaxy Euclid
Founded by Cungr Vanck
Platform PC
Release Synthesis

The Cungr Vanck Network, aka the 'Network', is a nation within the civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The 'Network' runs from multiple systems in some regions to single, back water moons in others. We have colonies and outposts within all four quadrants, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta, of the Euclid galaxy.

Our diplomatic and explorer teams work non-stop to add more worlds and species into 'The Network' with each passing day.

The 'Network' gladly trades with our fellow galactic civilizations and allows free travel throughout its territory, but mostly remains politically neutral in galactic affairs. This has led many to think the 'Network' is not that large, but with our scattered settlements connected via the portals, we are larger than many expect.

Mission[edit | edit source]

Our mission is to connect our member worlds and species via the galactic Portal network. With each world who joins, we add their location glyphs into the "Codex", a collection of coordinates to all colonies within the 'Network'. The 'Codex' is used to allow our citizens travel among the stars as well as to give them access to the materials they need to forge a better life for themselves, their fellow citizens and the 'Network'.

Due to the sensitive nature of the locations listed in the 'Codex', all portal information is considered top secret and is not shared with others unless they have a long, positive history with the 'Network'. However, there have been times when an exchange of an equal number of portal codes has occurred. The 'Network' is not isolationist, merely protective of its citizens and nation.

Background[edit | edit source]

The nation first started with an Ursine based species along the outer rim of the Euclid Galaxy in the Vanck Ironhold and Vanck Hector systems. A local cosmic cataclysm forced them to migrate to a new home across the depths of space. Upon finding their new home, they began to spread out through the galaxy while also returning to the ancestral worlds. Their explorations brought them in contact with other species and new worlds. From these connections, the 'Network' was born. Its simple, and impossible, task is to peacefully connect all of the worlds and species in the universe into an confederation linked via the Portals found on each world.

The 'Network' grants their citizens the freedom to lead their own lives so is accepting of all species, races and beliefs. It merely asks that each citizen also devotes time and energy to help the 'Network' survive and grow in a dangerous universe.

Joining[edit | edit source]

Currently, the 'Network' is not accepting new members, but may be open to the idea in the future.

Members[edit | edit source]

Cungr Vanck PC

Systems With a Network Presence[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered and colonized by the 'Network' (more forthcoming):

Systems 1-50[edit | edit source]

  • CVS-001 York
  • CVS-002 Colleen
  • CVS-003 Honor
  • CVS-004 Haven
  • CVS-005 Rocinante
  • CVS-006 The Blooding
  • CVS-007 Blood Reavers
  • CVS-008 Retribution
  • CVS-009 Stooping Kite
  • CVS-010 Blood Fury
  • CVS-011 Exsanguine
  • CVS-012 Carmine Justice
  • CVS-013 Albion
  • CVS-014 Tremor
  • CVS-015 Admiral Russell Nga
  • CVS-016 Rebirth
  • CVS-017 Hetherington
  • CVS-018 Stone Crab
  • CVS-019 Second Coming
  • CVS-020 The Burning Acid
  • CVS-021 The Blood Hunters
  • CVS-022 Harvesters of Sorrow
  • CVS-023 Tanis
  • CVS-024 Homer
  • CVS-025 The Keystone
  • CVS-026 Scourge of the Pentagon
  • CVS-027 Pharoah's Sentries
  • CVS-028 Olympus Head
  • CVS-029 Prophets of Babylon
  • CVS-030 Incense
  • CVS-031 Atlas Alpha
  • CVS-032 Brimstone
  • CVS-033 Blind Faith
  • CVS-034 Perdition's Flame
  • CVS-035 Consequence
  • CVS-036 Inquisitor
  • CVS-037 Tamaron
  • CVS-038 Atlas Beta
  • CVS-039 Spirit of the Coyote
  • CVS-040 Ancestral Home
  • CVS-041 Steel Fang
  • CVS-042 Howling
  • CVS-043 Spirit in the Sky
  • CVS-044 Honor of Ages
  • CVS-044 The Redeemers
  • CVS-045 Vinton
  • CVS-046 Courage
  • CVS-047 Broken Sea
  • CVS-048 Death Strike
  • CVS-049 Snapping Jaws
  • CVS-050 Starstrike

Systems 51-100[edit | edit source]

  • CVS-051 Bloodscent
  • CVS-052 Steelsoul
  • CVS-053 Star Swimmer
  • CVS-054 Red Tide
  • CVS-055 Swift Strike
  • CVS-056 Bold Venture
  • CVS-057 Bloodletter
  • CVS-058 Speculator
  • CVS-059 Bearclaw
  • CVS-060 Space Hunter
  • CVS-061 Devourer
  • CVS-062 Sea Fox
  • CVS-063 Shadow
  • CVS-064 Kindraa Sainze
  • CVS-065 Kindraa Smythe-Jewell
  • CVS-066 Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga
  • CVS-067 Kindraa Payne
  • CVS-068 Kindraa Mattila-Carrol
  • CVS-06.9 Kindraa Beyl-Grant
  • CVS-070 Kindraa Kline
  • CVS-071 Kindraa Mick-Kreese
  • CVS-072 Fire Eater
  • CVS-073 Reaver
  • CVS-074 Anathma
  • CVS-075 The Golden Bears
  • CVS-076 Dieron's Run
  • CVS-077 Night Howlers
  • CVS-078 The Blitzkrieg
  • CVS-079 The Raging Bears
  • CVS-080 White Claw
  • CVS-081 Icepick
  • CVS-082 Claws of the Ghost
  • CVS-083 Bear Essentials
  • CVS-084 Bear's Den
  • CVS-085 Fire Fang
  • CVS-086 Roche
  • CVS-087 The Rock Minders
  • CVS-088 The Sand Runners
  • CVS-089 The Eternal Quest
  • CVS-090 The Cave Dwellers
  • CVS-091 Serket
  • CVS-092 Orpheus
  • CVS-093 Sagitta
  • Vanck Ironhold
  • Vanck Hector
  • CVS-094 Niles
  • CVS-095 Might Before Metal
  • CVS-096 Stampede of Steel
  • CVS-097 The Lightning Riders
  • CVS-098 The Bloodriders
  • CVS-099 Wrath From Heaven
  • CVS-100 Sleipnir

Systems 101-150[edit | edit source]

  • Blaine Lee Pardoe
  • CVS-101 Steel Shield
  • CVS-102 Bucephalus
  • CVS-103 Red Knight
  • CVS-104 The Blinding Keshik
  • CVS-105 The Lithe Kill
  • CVS-106 Dauntless Hunters
  • CVS-107 Guardians of the Lair
  • CVS-108 Cage's Pride
  • CVS-109 Chaos Sailor
  • CVS-110 Cold Hunter
  • CVS-111 Pack Leader
  • CVS-112 Impaler
  • CVS-113 Hector
  • CVS-114 Swift Bait
  • CVS-115 Ironhold
  • CVS-116 Turkina's Beak
  • CVS-117 Robert Thurston
  • CVS-118 Turkina's Eyes
  • CVS-119 Emerald Talon
  • CVS-120 Gold Talon
  • CVS-121 Blue Aerie
  • CVS-122 White Talon
  • CVS-123 Emerald Tornado
  • CVS-124 Falcon's Nest
  • CVS-125 Quicksilver Mongoose
  • CVS-126 Gei-fu
  • CVS-127 Emerald Kingdom
  • CVS-128 Mongrel Mob
  • CVS-129 Tara
  • CVS-130 Concord
  • CVS-131 Brotherhood of Fianna
  • CVS-132 Telegonus
  • CVS-133 Aega
  • CVS-134 Victory Over Delusion
  • CVS-135 Ways of Seeing
  • CVS-136 A New Path
  • CVS-137 Rossei's Faithful Followers
  • CVS-138 Spiritual Vision
  • CVS-139 Seishin-no Nekoryu
  • CVS-140 True Vision
  • CVS-141 Faithful
  • CVS-142 Spirit Sigh
  • CVS-143 True Path
  • CVS-144 Blood Oath
  • CVS-145 Huntress
  • CVS-146 Obsidian
  • CVS-147 Veiled Huntress
  • CVS-148 Streaking Mist
  • CVS-149 Queen Lynx
  • CVS-150 Firecrest

Systems 151-200[edit | edit source]

  • CVS-151 Dark Claw
  • CVS-152 Pouncing Fury
  • CVS-153 Snow Leopard
  • CVS-154 Lum
  • CVS-155 Swift Wing
  • CVS-156 Hawkshead
  • CVS-157 Mountbatton
  • CVS-158 White Cloud
  • CVS-159 Scabbard
  • CVS-160 Eternity
  • CVS-161 Tenacity
  • CVS-162 Scavenger
  • CVS-163 Snow Raven
  • CVS-164 Sheridan
  • CVS-165 The Light of Command
  • CVS-166 Blood Feud
  • CVS-167 Old Blood & Guts
  • CVS-168 Thunderstrike
  • CVS-169 Night Terrors
  • CVS-170 Stellar Serpent
  • CVS-171 Black Adder
  • CVS-172 Arcadian Asp
  • CVS-173 Star Adder
  • CVS-174 New Kent
  • CVS-175 Steel Fangs
  • CVS-176 Snake in the Grass
  • CVS-177 Steel Python
  • CVS-178 Dark Asp
  • CVS-179 Ophidian
  • CVS-180 Serpentes
  • CVS-181 Constrictor
  • CVS-182 Anaconda
  • CVS-183 Spiderholm
  • CVS-184 Folke
  • CVS-185 Moorfields
  • CVS-186 Sunflower
  • CVS-187 Gressen
  • CVS-188 Oriente Dominion
  • CVS-189 Mariel
  • CVS-190 San Biago
  • CVS-191 Michael A. Stackpole
  • CVS-192 The Dire Wolves

Colony systems[edit | edit source]

The following systems are not totally controlled by the 'Network', but have affiliated colonies in them (more forthcoming):

  • Aggnin-Rehem
  • Ajardi
  • Amisem XVIII
  • AtlasFredkopf
  • Awanak-Kizaw III
  • Blakespot; BKWB384
  • BrocksParodiseMoon
  • Datyirny
  • Dehuix-Zai XIV
  • Donner
  • Egezhe-Utur
  • Eguror-Eunar
  • Einstein Alpha
  • Einstein Delta
  • Grozhnog
  • Home Base Jester World
  • Ixiezh
  • Kirsk [Capital]
  • Kuresh
  • Ladigke/Lemery-Kus
  • Nantop-Okyo XIII
  • Opolyo
  • Orknir
  • Pagateia XIX
  • Rofredom
  • Royala
  • Saitoy-Wabur
  • Solsace
  • Subamak-Ivv XVI
  • Webrixh II
  • 15th Glyph

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Navigators[edit | edit source]